Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 8, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1952
Page 8
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tefojving Next Week At yjeiyetteville Theatres Academy Awird winner of "BORN" YESTERDAY" ^ . *nw. ··»·«»·» »·····-- R.JHI* · *· · ftM*-:"l do", io "Drop Dwd" 5: - i Judy Holliday, who got two I mink rolls and »n Oscar in "Born I y«t*rd»y," tHIs time gels a wed- j dlrii rlni--ind your heirt, too-- · "THE .MARRYING KIND," let) opens Sunday at the MK. theatre, . IE MARRYING KIND" wai jn by Ruth Gordon and Gar- · Wn-Kihin, of "Born Yer- i terdi} 1 ," who again furnishes Judy · with Plenty of laugh loaded lines 1 But more Important, "THE MAR \ EYING KIND" Is a glowing story ( of real people with their, worries, . Uufhs, ecstasies.and misfortunes · The film Is joyously'rich In inci- ·--· : " u welt is in humor; It is as human ns any couple in love. 'ME MARRYING KIND" starts with a pickup in Central Park and fpim there lo a wedding, to a. married'life which, includes ,,._,# the most .uninhibited quarrels' in ween · History, and some of'tti inert joyous reunions, "THE MAR!' ""NO KIND," the thor- BtttWy dfllihtfuli. heartwarming story o f ; * iriarriige opens at.the 5aAHK.Su.raiy for a fn'ir day run. ' . . . ' '. · ' ' "BUGLES N THE AFTGRNOON" . . . Action Picktd Adrtnlun Because of the popularity of movie situations In which soldier characters are seen a s . rivals, "BUGLES IN THE AFTERNOON" now · comes upon. the scene 'with two of the bitterest opponents ever matched in a film play. They are Cavalry. Sgt. Shatter, played by Ray Milund, ind Captain Garnett, li»nortriyed by Hugh Marlowe. 'BUGLES IN THE AF^ TERNOON," a technicolor outdoor epic which also stars Helena Carter and Forrest Tucker, opens locally it the OZARK theitre Thuri- .y Follo lowlng a duel In which he has severely Injured Girnett, Shifter is stripped of. his rink ind dishonorably discharged. rriv*Uni'*wtwird, hi cnllitr ttjanothcr. outpost, only to learn thit jirnut Ml be«n mtde IU compiny comminder. Shifter becomes . RnbroDcd In many dangerous escipades climaxed by a death battle between two soldiers imldst »n Indian attack on their encampment. "BUGLES ; IN THE AFTERNOON" opens it the OZARK Thursday, . IB THIS 0ECT BOUTH" Tea. Mm 1» Orir - Stop ft Much lo Iht Sti , Aflinw'-with the romince'ind adventure thit characterized the 3*11 'War.- "DRUMS IN THE DEEP SOUTH" opens it the [IARK Siturday. , Crilg, Barbara Paytbn ind Guy ,Midtso.i. are stirred in he picture, which deals with a . oriotten trifment of the struggle it th» : time -when Sherman's irmiej were driving on Atlinta. f»«r theCeoriit plintition where. aiH'Fiyton urn, i little bind of. Coqtedtrites Htcretly fortify '· irtcipltouc mountain peak com- ninainf th« rillroad, and thereby rAinile to blast Union supply r*liu off the tracks ind hold Up Ihttrnin's idvince. . . . : - . · ' . , . ,' , - . - . . · ; : · ; Crilg, ii^the officer'In chirie of the-daring band, and Midis'on, i Northern officer isilgned to wipe out the enemy group at my cost, oth turn In notible performinc*s ·« does Miss Payton as th« heroine. DRUMS IN THE DEEP SOUTH" begins «t the UARK Saturday, "0.1 THE LOOSE" . . . Tee Bold for Her Aj«l ' "There arc no delinquent children; there are only delinquent parents." That quotation of a famous juvenile court judge might well be the theme of "O'N THE 'LOOSE" 'which opens at the U..ARK ' Wednesday, with Joan Evans, -Melvyn Douglas and Lynn B a r l l n the stellar roles. Miss. Evans portrays the lonely ind . neglected teen-age daughter of Douglas and Lynn Bar), who are much more Interested'In their social activities and in themselves than they are Ih their child. So the voungsler,. determined to get the recognition among her high- school associates that she can't Ret at, home, launches .an Ill-ad- j»l?ed career, ot her own. with highly dramatic results. You will find {yourselves In the picture. And try to remember that a quarter of a (century his 1 past -- nnd that you should have grown up during the Interim;'"ON THE LOOSE" opens at the. UARK Wednesday. |At The 71 Drive-In Theatre JTONIGHT: When'her head said no -- her heart said yes. "MY J FOOLISH HEART" starring Dana Andrews Susan Hay ward. {FRIDAY · SATURDAY: A sweeping saga nj savagery when men Splinted the west with blood and glory. "COPPER CANYON" starring ·fliy Milland and Hedy Lamarr. 3 SUN-MON-TUE: In your wildest dream you have never pictured jinythlng as funny as "THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES"-starring Budd JAbbott and Lou CoEtello.' 1 - · · ' · ·WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: Beautiful Bay-Best dnglng, dancing :tnd romancing In the moonlight, "MOONLIGHT BAY" starring Doris ;04y and Gordon MacRca. . '", --·--____________ ____________--» i Adds Insult To Injury :ln This Robbery ; Silina, Kan.-W)-Claude W. 'jter» told police a prowler enter- ed his garage and stole two fishing poles and reels valued at $20. But that's not all--the thief also took a spade from the garage and dug for worms In Peters' back yard. WASHINGTON COUNTY YOUTH FOR CHRIST Saturday, May 10 8:00 P.M. S P E A K E R ; j J. HAROLD SMITH " O f Fart Smith, Arkoniai R*v. tmllh IB pnUr *f «m tff IM lirftMt church** In Arh«n- hiwwn rMU tp*ak* iHKflllili Hi hM P*. Ill* Htlr L*f*4 «ntf mtny Mhtr WMfe M U«|. -- A L S O -TOM GRAHAM IM kMiMN IMH «·* ' ' ' ' ' I VMOLO ·KITH IVIRYONI WILCOMI TIKO AT THE ·AFTIST CHURCH Battle Fought For Delegates In Wyoming Toft Forces Claim Advantage; No Edge By Any Democrat Casper, Wyo.-W")-The battle for Wyoming's delegates to both national political conventions reaches the. final decision next Monday with Taft forces claiming' a distinct advantage among the Republicans and no clear trend established among Democrats. Republicans name 12 delegates to the Chicsgo convention. An Associated Press survey in 20 ot 23 Wyoming counties indicates supporters of Senator Taft (It-Ohio) will hold a majority of the 796 delegates in the state convention. It would be a major departure from Wyoming tradition, ho'vever. If the GOP delegation to Chicago is instructed. After county results were 1 tabulated, Frank Mockler, speaker in the state House of Representatives and leader of the Taft movement In'Wyoming, said; "Taft forces in Wyoming have won a clear majority of the delegates to the state convention. It Is a clear Indication that the sentiment in Wyoming Is very strong In favor of Bob Taft." There was no immediate counter claim from Elsenhower backers, Elsenhower forces are fighting for statedelegates still un- pledged. By Monday they may have enough strength to win .a split delegation to Chicago, or at. least to prevent »ny Instruction. Democrats have chosen 83 of the delegates to their state convention, which' will flame 10 delegates' to Chicago, No count; 1 Instructed ind no party presidential aspirant appeared favored. Pre-conventlon caucuses, set for Sunday, could alter the pattern in both parties. Irrigation Projects By Students Reported Lynn Smith, Institutions! on- tht-farm instructor/ reported today that three students are using portable Irrigation systems on their crops to good advantage. James and Billy Joe Short have 3.1 .acres of strawberries 11 miles northwest 'of FayettevH'.o on Clear Greek'which they are Irrigating with water pumped from the creek, and Jock Reed, .Jr., has .three acres' of sweet potatoes which he is irrigating with water from the same creek. Keep ap with U» Ike Tlmu dally. FAREWELL TO ADENAUER SIN. OWI6H1 0. IIHNHOWW ihaku'hands with German Chancellor; Konria Adenauer following an Dour-long talk during Ut general's; lareweil vlrtt to the We«t German government In Bonn. Elsenhower: '.aid tie Bad not ducu»»cd my mlliUry »lli»nces, but had talked over ' how peace «nd fecurlty may b« cremtefl. (InternationalSou.ulpliotol, Administration May Have To Choose Between Building Own Or Allied Armed Forces Washington-;*)- The adminis-| tration was faced with the possi-j biltty today that It will have to I choose between building up American forces or those of its allies when it ships arms overseas. This developed yesterday when the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a $6,889,100,000 foreign aid program for the year ending June 30,. 1952--slightly over one' trillion less than the 57,900,000,000 asked by President Truman. Most of the cut was In proposed military assistanca to ; Europe. This was flashed 829 million dollars despite protests of military leaders that the full sum was vital. However, the House group amended ti'e measure ih such a way that If shipment of all the arms requested actually is vital, military leaders could go' ahead and provide the arms--from their ; own stocks.. The Senate Armed Services Committee today begins its hearings on the mutual security bill. Defense Secretary Robert A. Lovett and Secretary of State 'Dean Achecon are to be the witnesses at a cjoscd-door'isessidn. Declare Compromise Chairman Hicnards (D-SC) said it was a compromise between congressional demands for economy and (he administration's description of global danger. Th* clause would authorize military authorities to transfer up to one billion dollars' worth of war equipment to foreign allies from American stocks. It would be in addition to the equipment which composes authorized for military assistance under the bill. "Military leaders have testified," Richards told newsmen, "that they needed all the military equipment they asked for to'help our allies defend themselves and us. They said it was vital. "Well, now they can supply that equipment but it will have to come from their own stocks (financed by defense appropriations and not foreign aid funds)." Richards indicated the purpose of the transfer clause was to make the administration decide whether American · or foreign rearmament was more urgent. Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away K«filn» btekiehe, IMB of r«P indcnerrr. heidKhea and dittineii m»y b« due to slowdown of kidney function. Docton 117 iwd kidney function li very Important to gooA health. When gome everyday condition, such aa itre» «Rd strain, causes thit important (unction to slow down.nnny Tolkt auffor melting backnche-fet1 miserable. Minor bladder irritations d»« to atd or wroni diet may cauie getting up nlchtB or treqiicntptasaf«. Don't nselect ?our kidney* if thcie condition! bolhsr you. Try Dosn's Pillc-* mild, dlu.r#lic. lined euec«sfully br million* for over 60 years. It'8 amaiins: how many times Doan'fl stive h»ppy rollef from these dbcom- fortB-hHpUiHi:mHe«oflfflri?ytiibp!ian(Ifil. torn flush out waste. Get Dean'a Fifls lodayl Middle East Mont Arms Or Men Supplies By United Stales «M · M* rans Cairo-Wl-The American policy of creating "situations of strength" to meet Communist aggression 1 is conspicuous by its absence in the Middle East. - ' A cfiligent six-week search in Labanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Siii- di Arabia and the oil-rich Persian Gulf states for American "situations of strength" was a failure. There nre' no modern American tanks, planes, guns or ammunition in this strategic million square miles. There is not a single American military mission attached to any of the Arab forces. Not one Arab state will openly support a Middle East Defense Command with the United States in charge. Nor will the Arabs at present accept any other Western country to head such a command. Everywhere Arab leaders said: "Give us arms and we'll defend ourselves." / ^ No a r m s f h a v e been sent from the United States. So far as it is known none have been committed. One of the reasons the Arabs will not accept a Middle East Command under the United States or any other western power is the fear that Israel would be included. Not a single Arab, high or low, was found who did' not declare that the creation of Israel was the work of American Zionists supported by the linited^ States government. One of.the reasons the United States will not send arms to the Arab states, a hifth diplomatic source said, is the fear that they will,attack Israel. And an Arab leader interviewed said "we might." The diplomat reported the United States .is not sufficiently convinced the Arabs would stand up and fight once they had the arms, "and we don't want to supply our enemy with arms through capture." Keep op with MM BBIM--«id lh« TIME 1 ? «ili». C*M h iri to Us Abort Our Easy Payment Plan on Rfl-Modtling Your Home, Building Ntw Garage, Chicken HOUM or Milk Barns, «ftc. ' Clifton Lumber Cd. . Wtrtfork, Ark. CHICK SPECIAL ·oeh HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS , Broiler Hatchtry Welcome, Folks We are gldd that -United Commercial Travelers chose Fayettevilie for their State Convention Come to See Us While in Town We give One-Day Service on Cleaning and Pressing for your convenience; and Press while you wait OZARK CLEANERS 101 North Block '^Where Cleaning Is An Art" Cy Carney extends a big to fellow members of United Commercial Travelers I DROP BY AND,SEE THESE FAMOUS APPLIANCES ON OUR SALES FLOOR · Stnrcl Rtfrigtratora ·Admiral Radios, TV ·Crano Plumbing ·Maytag Rangts · Younyitown Kitchtni ·Hardwick* Rangii ·Fairbank$-Mort« Pumps ·Carrier Air Conditioners · DttpfrMM vJbrot FrMxtrs ·Tappan Ranges · Maytag Washers · Kelvinator Refrigerators · Coleman Floor Furnaces ·Coleman Wafer Heaters ·Maytag ironers _ ·Sunbeam Appliances CY CARNEY APPLIANCE COMPANY SOUTH SIDE SQUARE .;,." "Depend on Us for Service" » PHONE 1728

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