Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 8, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1952
Page 5
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MMTHWBT AWANIAS T1MB, ArfmfMt, T»iufW«f, Mn 1, Column B]r HAL BOYLE New York-(jp)-Sevfn years ago thii wefk the guns ceased .fire in Europe and a way of life they never wanted ended for millions of Americans. It was the way of war.'' . ' The news had been expected along the front.for days! Linkup of the American and Russian forces along the Elbe River had made a German surrender only a formality. But when word of the A N N O U N C E M E N T Mr. Earl Stonecipher j has purchased the [ W a i t Beach Watch Shop ' (With Brewer,'Cleonerij Guaranteed Repairing on Watches, Clocks, Spectacles and Jewelry. Also carries Nice Line of Watches and bands. Will Appreciate Any and All Business and Will Look Forward to Meeting You. final turreridfc, id come it raeMl threat* tk* him* UBM Ilk* « turf of joy. Yet in Uit hour of victory there was a strange lick of wild elation amont the combat troops. They had fought ton long and too hlrd for this moment, and they were! overtired. I And In most noldiers' hearts! there was this worry; "Hitler Is down, but Hirohlto is still to go. Will t have to. go to ·Tapan nowt" It is no criticism of the courage of these troops io say that most of them had no enthusiasm for a long journey to the tir .East and more fighting these. Thiy felt Europe had hem their war and they had won it. They had lost many friends along the march from Normandy to the Elbe. AH they wanted was to »o back home and pick up the life they had left behind--to be again as they had been befoi-. It was this feeling--the doubt as to whether thy would be ticketed to the U. S. A. or Japan--that accounted for. the little general jubiliation over the end of the European War. Some soldiers wiped their eyes et the newt. Some fired their carbines into the air--and immedi- IS SPRING HERE, OR ISN'T IT? Howdy, U.C.T. Folks! Th* WELCOME mat's out at frttttu QyirHMt **· It's nice to have you in town! . . .and frankly, folks, we think you exercised grand judgment in holding your convention here . . . for, after all, there's only one place better . . . and that, of course, is your own home town. . . * ' * * While you're here, we at Campbell-Bell will be anxious to see you, to help you in any we can. Please drop in. THI e/KAli May lie green and dry when you are, but at the 8,000-foot highest «uit eo tat Lincoln highway, In Wyoming, the mow is Kill in j mountaiaeut drifti. Playiult-clM Shirley O'Otll looks anything but; chilly, atrwcvtr, or. that b»tt«r»d anow tone*. '(International) ately got bawled out for wasting ammo. Some went absent without leave. Some dug out hidden bottles of French brandy and got roaring tight. Some went off and sal by themselves and thought of buddies who hadn't nude it all the way. iut most of the men just gathered in small groups and talked it over--and there really wasn't too much to say. rem*mb*r Tracer bullets that nl lofting night lightly up hlstory. "What did you do In the last war, daddy?" asks a small son of on^ of these combat .veterans. And today--seven · years later--daddy looks a t - t h e puzzling picture In Europe, scratches his head, and wonders' himself. "Well, I whipped Hitler," 'he finally ventures. "Who's HlllerJ" demands his ·small son. through the darkness'as someone irowltd "th»r«'f another trigger happy 'fool ce!»br»tlng" . . . Cig- arett* hutta flowing and dying like fireflin 'In the llpl of men stretched flat on their becks and sUrlnr up at the sky and thinking long, long thoughts ot those away. Already this mifhty Army, Its task dorip. was btglhnlti;: to disintegrate. The m;n rn lon.^pr were thinking of the commpn goal ahead--a river to be crossed, a en. They we're being pulled iiprt| c 'f a i'uSte"i'he")rood"an'ii"badi"qu«i- by the tugs nf oeace. the possibility of join's back to t)ielr own pri- Is the kind of man the will mtrry! { Much more likely to be nlvarctdj court mtterii! is the girl who, lacking all appreciation of f i n e r ) masculine qualities or any hasls; of comparison, marries thf first man who proposes simply because he's male! These are the women \vhn become dissatisfied with their hasiy choices and are easy prey for every roving Unmeo. I am certainly not .'uguestlnj lhat a zirt's dating should be Indiscriminate, but ntithcr should it be nurnerlcfilly restricted. Quality, not quantity, should be the first object always. There is no insincerity Involved j in a girl making her "date" feel| Important. In the vast majority o f : case*, he U important to her, a n d j for the moment,' ut least, very much the "only one." Learning to make the older half of a two- way conversation feel important Is one nf the social graces we f l l hove to learn. Whether It's a first date, a business associate or a el- low club-woman, at the moment of contact he or she Is.entitled to, our entire attention and Interest i Group activity should, as y o u j suggcat, b? given more promotion' by schools and churches. In this instance, 1 think the church has an even greater part to 'piny and one that is .Inn often neglected. However, ''dating" will ultimate- ly be an outgrowth of such activ- to guide your childr**) v, Ity anyway, at Itaat unlit the through the dating y**n. I realm of human emotion changei arf, I mifht icM, a ««!igM iek* considerably. i youngsters but in awful k* If you are a parent, A. T,, lrarn|lo parents! Mothers Day Special heart RoMi-ln-Jnow Cake A Betty Cracker Special 99 buy one for the FIRST LADY of YOUR HIAIT DOROTHY DIX -CONTINUED fROM i'AOB FOUR be most unfortunate if, st that age, they felt Impelled to pick out, . once and forever, a future mate. I "Dating" is an Inescapable step in' the process' of wowing up, and whether we oldsters approve of it or. not, It's'here to stay I For the belter interests of all concerned, it's best that dating in the tender years should be as varied as possible. This does not mnke for a "merry-go-round,'.' fls you call H, hut for. a well-balanced social life, which a girl can Jcnrn to vate lives. Once, its goal Is gone, an army ities of her friends. You might raise the objection that marriage is not fundamentally a question of evaluation; it is is gone. Th* breakup of \h-, vas'.j usually purely and simply the re- American flphtlng trrichlne bsftan .that night of victory seven years ago in Europe. The Army came home, disbanded, and built more homes and had suit of "falling in love." True, but if a rtlrl has learned to appreciate and c*;:ncct courtesy, consideration and reliability in a boy, that If the kind pi man she wl!l in all more children then any Army iniprnbnbllity fall in love with. That NOW! Gift Wrapped · For Summer, there's real comfort and beauty in a Batiste Shortie GOWN , Cool, washable batiste in soft pisel colors of Pink, Aqua. Maize and White. Daintily trimmed with lace and smocking, available In sizes 31 to 38. $O98 LJ · But if Mother likes traditional lengths, we have truly beautiful Batiste Gowns Long' length i!own« in the same fine quality batiite. Six flatterinc piste] shades and White available in slzm 31 to 3» or 42 to 4«. Only $9.19. · and Just Lovely $098 \J Batiste Pajamas Mother \yill enjoy these popular shorty pajamas of cool, easy-t»-c*re for Plisse Crepe. They're trimmed with dainty lace and nylon in pastel colors of Pink and Maize. For summer comfort, these can't be beat. Mow Is a good time Io lupport a loco! industry in · big way. Eat all th* thicken you canl ' Qirt wrapped of course. Your Mother 1 * Day gift will b* at neatly and appropriately wrapped as our Expert wrapper! ·know how to do it. · For Mother, there's nothing nicer oaiD ALL NYLON SATIN "EXCELLE ' $598 ·White ' · Sizes 10-20 Shadow proof, light weight and cool, Barblzan's all nylon satin that n»ver needt Ironing, weari and washei beautifully, itraight cut style. Mother will love it. · Or a Barbizon Slip in Barbizon's. New Miracle Crepe $3.50 Barbizon'i ilip that fill Ilk* a dresi; on* thai really is juit right in size. "TRU-CHIC" in rig- ulor and toll, ilzti 10-20 in White, Barblzon'i own Miracle Rayon Crepe. "Lazy Gal" $5.98 Barblton'i tmart looking two- lere pa|6rrsa» In r«ydn crefM Ihfft pre|Mrtltn**1 to fit YOU, W«iK«ble, CM! and temf*rt»kli In light .llu* with Dark llu* Trim; Mali* with Ifakj MacMn' with Llfhl llu* or All Whit«, Urn 10, 12, U, U, ani II. I I J i $098 Mother Loves Nice Things She will really go for Van Raalte Lingerie When you give Van Raalte, you give one of thft truly nice thlnjs made in America. Mother has bought Van Raalte for hfrstMf f«r years and she just loves them because they're so nice. ·A Heavenly Gown ·Tricot Knit Slip · An Extremely Nice Way to Say "Mother, You're Nice" is the Phoenix Way Sheer but servlctable 51 (luge 1.1 denier Phoenix are always welcome. Summer shad** of Froity Beige, Nude S(!ge, Rose Pelge and Knee Tatiae. All sizes and Juit And fof tho*4 dr«*«y · oeca- lloru,, Ph*Mlx hai t »**u- fiful *lrk-i««m IS gluge IS 4anl*r puiikar, H**» Ttui* with Klark iMmi; nw» Tnupe with Nivy and ftlond* »*lg» with Brown. Only $1.50 pair pair In Tricot Knit Nylon In ilue Horizon, Dawn Glow and sizes 32 to 40. This Tricot Knit Nylon gown Is one that Mother will treasure and wear for her very best. Priced very, very low for such a fine garment. (Pictured at left.i $8.95 of Precious Nylon Van Raalte's Tricot Knit Slip (pictured juit to the rlfhti it one of the prettiest things we have ever hari. Alluringly trimmed in Nylon Lace, tailored to fit as only V$n Rallte knows how. Sizes 32 io 40. $S.»5. $8.95 · Briefs Pink, Malt*, Seafnam and White IB ilz« i, .1, 6 and t Of lovely DuPont nylon, of courso, and oaly $1.95 · Panties ·ink |nd Whltf In niiei A and 7. By Van Rfiltt of precious Nylon Tricot: (fictu ' Petti-Coat Van Rialte's Petti-cost beautifully trimmed with nylon lace (shown lust below i In Whltt. Siz« Small, Medium and Lirtt. $3.95 Nylon btlow) ficturtd just SIMS 8 and 9, 13.30 $3.00

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