Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 7, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1952
Page 11
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NCMTHWMT AIKANIM T1MH, AitmtM W«!mi*y, M«y f, IMt -II i .-ja 1 * 1 ·Any.- Makes Com»back 'SUITS* Myriam Pctacci will soon return to the I t a l i a n screen. Known in film circles as Myriam Cl San Servolb, she had planned ·lo make a comeback under that name, bill decided to use her real name from now on. Myriam is the ^sister of Claretta Petacci, sweetheart of Benito Mussolini, who was killed by a mob alone with the dictator in the closing days of World War II. dnfcrimtional. 1 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES I LtOAt NOTICES SITUATION WANTED FOR SALf-MlSCM.I.ANEOtlS CLASSIFIED ADS LEGAL NOTICES Notice NOTICE is hereby given that ihe un- derailed hns f i l e d w i t h the Department of Alcoholic ncvriYRp Control of the Stale of Arkansas for a p f r m i l io sell and rthpcnFc beer at retail on the premises: described as Junction U. S. Highway* 71 nnd B2. Fayctte- villc. Washington County. / The undersigned states t h a t he it a citlZttn of Arkansas, of good mnnl character, t h n t he has never been convicted of a f r l o n y r.r other crimp involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell hccr hy the undersigned has been revoked within five years last pasi; nnd t h a t the undersigned has nfivpr been' convicted of violating iho laws of this stfltt. or any other stale, relative lo the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application K for oerniit fo he In- filed tor operation beginning on the 1st day of J u l y , 1952, and lo expire on the nn;h (Jay of June. 1953. Mark H f n r y Evnns Applicant of Ordinance* i n " conflict h«r«with J EXPERIENCED butcher. Phon«JlNJ. are herrhy repealed; and it appearing that fixing nf faff* in immcdin'rly required, an emergency i« hereby declared' to exiit .and this Ordinance nhall be in full force nnd effect frorn and a f t e r its passage and approval. PfiaBed and approved this 5th day of May, 1952. Atteif J. W. McGehev City Clerk Powell M Rht« Mayor 7-lt-c Suhr,cnbcd an* sM-orn to before me this 6th day of May. 1352. U. D. Blankenship Notary Public (SEAL) My Commission expires: August . . . 1DM. '. 7-lt-x i WARNING OftDEM In Thi Chtnwry Cvurt Of W«hlngt*n Ctunty, ArhantM Ruby Johnson Flail Plaintiff Wllhurn Dean Flott Defendant The Defcndnnt Wilburn Denn F f a t t IK warned to appear in thin Court within t h i r t y days and answer the Complaint of ihe .Plaintiff In the above entitled CHIIIC. Witness my hand and seal of thin Court this 29th day of April. 1D52. CHINCILLAS RAINBOW TROUT flold dally Phon* Sprintfcialt 320" " ' " Ncir Johniort NOW avBlUblfi. limited suppl quality | KEVfiTONK duality i,-fd In bulk (SEAL) Richard B. Grocr Chancery Clerk 30 May 7-14-21-c NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the un dersigned has filed with the Depart ment of Alcoholic Beverage Control of thi State of Arkansas for a permit to sell nnd dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 1 401 West Dlck- Fon Street, Fayettevilje, Washington 3 County. Chinchilla*. Postered N. C. B. A. Visitors welcome. Free H ternturf. _Sf c a t Clyde Tim brook. 518 Gunter. NOTICE MOVED to new locution on 71 highway, 'i mile Smll! nf W«t Fork road. Dciiton'i Kenncli ANNOUNCEMENTS fcEW SHOnTHAND AND TYPING CLASSES op'jn Momln.v. May 12. Prp- pnre for a secretarial posltjon. Good job* arc cormnnily npcninB--C|vil Service flnJ commercial. HAYETTt- VILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE. Phone BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY CONGRATULATIONS W a n t H Rood job? Enroll lor jur combined, secretarial, or stenographic course. Good ponitinns arc rnn- atantly opening for nur students. Write today! FAYETTEV1LLE BUSINESS COLI.F.GE^ LOST AND FOUND trwl* Btoi Co, Inc. The undersigned slates t h a t he is a . NOTICE Notice-1* hereby given that Ihe undersigned-has filed with the Dcpart- ! ment of Alcoholic Beverage Control '. nf the State of Arkansas for R permit I lo sell and dispense beer at retail I o n the premises described al Vernon's I Wine S'and. Springdalc, Arkansas. Washington County. The unclersignori states that he 1« a citizen of Arkansas, ol K«otl iiioral character, t h a t he has never been convicted or a felon.v or other cnin. 1 involving moral lurphude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has boon revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned tins nevpr been convicted of violating the laws ot this state, or any other rctale, iclative to the xale ol alcoholic liquors. Application is for p e r m i t - t o be is- ·;uea for operation ^rjjinninf on the , 1st day of July. Ifl.'i?. and to expire i o n the 30lh clay nf June, 1953, i Edna M. Vernon i Applicant Subscribed and swotn 'o before ma this 7th day of May, 1932. ' Ethel M. Smith Notary Public I (SEAL) ^ My Commission expires: Marrh 20. 1354. J.-U-* I O R D I N A N C E NO. 1022 AN ORDINANCE REGULATING AND FIXING FARES OR TARIFFS TO BE CHARGED BY UNIVERSITY CITY TRANSIT COMPANY. INC., A PUBLIC CARRIER OF PASSENGERS IN j THE CITY OF FAYETTKV1LLE. ARKANSAS. AND WITHIN A FIVE (») MILE RADIUS BEYOND THE CORI l O H A T E LIMITS. PRESCRIBING PENALTIES AND FOR OTHER PUR- 1 . I t ire n of ! rharacter. ArkanPat,. of fnnd t h a t he convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer hy the undersigned has been revoked within five yean last pant; and that the under- sinned has never been convicted of violating ihe laws of this slate, or any other stale, relative to the calu of alcoholic liquor*. Application in for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the list day of July. K52. and to expire on the :Kith day of June, 1953. · Guy W.. Pinkcrlon Applicant . Subscribed and sworn lo before me this 6th dny of May, 1952. Ethel M Smith Notary Public (SEAL) My Commission expires: March 20. 1954. 7-lt-x POSES. WHEREAS. Transit Com bus compan ot Fayctlev Ihe University City any. Inc.-. is the only engaged in the trans- passengers in the City Arkansas and within · the . ,, five (,V mile r a d i u s beyond ' corporate limits of said city. ! WHEREAS. Increased co»t* of oper- i ation of bus lines In the City of Fay"i cttoville. ^Arkansas, as' compared to i rider voWmc. has not jiven Ihe own! crs of the University City Transit . Company. Inc., a f a i r return on their ' investment. | WHEREAS, the City Council of ihe I City ot Fayctttjvill*. Arkania*. has I marie a careful study of rates and · !nrcs to be charged by bus lines in LAURENCE f, IEC, president of the j ;nc city 0 { Faycttrville. Arkansas, and Peninsular Life Insurance com- ! f i n d s that the rates and, t a r i f f s hcro- rany of Jacksonville, Fla., is nrw reasonable "ares^with president of the United States j lo the hui line owners. Chamber of Commerce. He is i ^^ 7h?cF:y°Coum: 'shown at the C. of C. convention ' nf Foyottcville.' Ark Notic* or riUnR of Application Far Liquor Permit Notice is hcrr-hy plVen th«t thf un- dorsignrd ha« filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell nnd dispense vinous or 5plrituous liquors f o r b e v e r a g e al r e t a i l on the premises described: Junction U. S. Hijjhways 71 and 62, Fnyetie- ville. Ark. Application is for a permit lo he tK3iicrI for operation hcEinninz on the 1st day of July. 193^. and to expire on the .10)h day .of June, 1953. Mack Henry Evans Siffnod by_AppHcanl 7-jMt Nplirp Of rilIng"eTf Applic«t ! «n For Liquor Permit Kotico is h r r n h y given that ihp un- rier.iicncd has filed w i l h the D r p a r t - ment of Alcoholic Beverage Control nf the S*alc of Ark-insan for a permit to fell and dispense vinous or spirituous) liquors for · b e v e r a g e «t n*ail on !he premise* doncrihed: 404 West Dickson SI.. Fayetteville. Application ii for a permit to bs iriMiert for operntion bcgmninc on the 1st day of July. 1957. and to expire on the -10th day of June, 1953. Guy W. Plnhcrtnn LOST: Paris for tractor cultivator plow nenr stadium road or California Drive. Please call L. L- Hil- jnn. ]023-W. . WILL party who picked up clauses by mistake. Please return to Times office 01 J. C. Penney LnrtlPs Ready FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK JERSEY cdw^Phone_329-_\V-I. GOob~Jt'rscy cow. Just fresh, flen Porter. Phone 174M.T.___j WHIfirTeshorn"hi-ns. 1 year old am! roosters Also Golden ScbrlRht roosters. L I; Rowley. Phone nRtMKJ.^ GUEHNSEY~cnw.""6""yMTa'"oril.""F'rc»li middle o£ May. C. C. Ash. Phons FOR SALE.-AUTOMOTIVR PLY ft 1 hy owner. 2 door id hcnlor. tailored sent covers. Shcwjnd Green Exceptionally clean. S773 M. Ser at 711 Dickt.on. Phune 121. Joe iws"""CHEVROLET"Two ' actual milcs.^Pham*' aiS3-R-3._ j"9iO'YDOOR rtriuxe Chevrolet. $1,259. Phone 2S85-J. . IDEAL MAHRESS CO, Quality new mattresi and rnat!r«st renovalinQ. Phone .3034 ' 401 WEST DICKSON WANTED TO BITt _____ OOTSIUE j h u t t e n . Ph»n.?_l*??-J. US"ED KnrrtciV trncTor' wiVh iittachmcnis. - __ __ _ " Cnuniy ch«pler ' R e d CrosT u-nn's to tiity 1 I r g n l ilff 4 rirflwrr mptnl Illfi r f t h i n f t nnri 1 viaffrt typewriter In Rood condition. Phont 322. WAKTKD PINK ROOT ii.IS nur I.b. S N A K E nOOT $!(»! per I.b KANSAS nLACK SNAKE ROOT 55c p:r Lb. Dsllvrrcd SI. Louis 1 Urv ^nd Clean G U A R A N T E E D u n t i l May !0 I05Z or longrr \Vr:tP lor Frop Price List ol ollwr noon. Herlw. Bnrki. M I N N r H - DONXKLOT CO. rrpl. ·;. 12^ Soulh Thjrtl_SI.. T.l l,oiii». Mo. CLEAN cotton rags. lOc per pounds Brlnt to TIMES o f f l r e . "No, «!r, I wanMn'1 h«T» · horn* without a Urge lot." fSr° (International) in Washington. Solo Again SECTION 1. That the follow! --chedulr nf hu* fnrrs in the City Pavcttevitle. Arkansas, and w i t h i n a five (S) mile radius beyond the cor- ·atc limits nf said City are hereby ixrd as follows: . A d u l t fire, f i f t e e n cfnts UScl. with ·rod.ictlon of fare lo 12 ! ,jc per ride for those wishing to purchase ticket* Riving them twelve nde* for $1 "n. it used w i t h i n t h i r t y davs from dale of purchase. Fn'rr for children under Iwolve vcnra of fl?e ten cfnts iidcl. or twelve rides for St.Of), if they pur- , chnsc no-dry tickets. H j c h school n t i i d c n t n shall ride for the same fare At children under 1? vrars of a*e between the hours of 7:00 n. m. and 3:(W p. m. Mon- dny throuch Friday during the FChool year. Riders above thf »Re M 12 in the holu-pcn Purdy's Market and the town of Greenland on H'gh- wav 71 South shall be charged Me: which will bs in addition lo ihfl l.i-cent fare charfied for ridts between Purdy's store and sections of the City of Fayettcville. Children under twelve years of a*c rldin* in the Greenland zonf shall be charged ten cents, but shsll not be charged an extra fnre wh«n riliins into or out of the ci'y this same rule applying to high school students only on rchool diiys heiwecn the hours 7'00 a m and 5:00 P- m. No charge sh=ili bo made for transfers altliouRh the University Ctty Transit .Company. Inc.. is ""OW granted the right to refuse them in caRCf where riders may be served by more direct routes, or where two separate routes cover ipproxlmatelx. the jaffle territory for -i conMderable portion of their IcnKth. SECTION II. The 7-It-x FRATERNAL NOTICE FAR WEST CHAPTER NO. 1 RAM Meets Thursday Night, 7:30 PM and MEM Degrees above fares shall .trips. Round trip f o r one-way . . .. fares shall So double the "mount of ^ ', onp-wav fare*. No fare books or lick - - ; j cTs shall be sold at reduced rates. 1 cept (II provided in Section On. ml if any unused book ... .m n u t s t n n d i n e afl the lime ·. they STAGE AND SCREEN actress Celeste Holm, 33, smiles in Los Angeles as she receives divorce from ; siVa^noT'cntm^ the »"')'[, ^ ***' A. Echuylcr Dunning, airlines publicist. She said lie told h e r . hi* lovo had disappeared a f t e r si' rR\ P . (International,! .SECTION jn hy the isi unused portion hut shall be re- ninR company for at the single fare 5'ears of marriage. ' ;'of faros shall The above schedule ome effective «t fi:^0 MONEV TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long urms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. rhone 3203 WANTEI) ] ?12TOOO TO S17.000, long term, low Interest rate. Well secured. Wrlle Box K-81, "rTimcs. t!EI,P WANTED GOOD f a r m Job. Salary with modern house furnished. References requlr- ed. Phone 187-1. _ DISHWA'sriiH. Apply in person. Hef- HELl- WANTED-- MALE DELTVERV bf,y to work H a. m. to 4 p. m. Must furnish own bicycle or motor. Apply In person. Fnycttevllle Drug Store. EXPERIENCED dozer operator. Phone 1416. NEW opening. Boy or man with car. For Arkansas Gazette, dealership. Phone 507H3. ^^^ HELP WANTED--FEMALE WOMAN to live on place, look afle~r two small children snd do lighl housekeeping work. Pleasant livma conditions. State age and references. P. O. Box 2301. Tulsa, Ok 1 ahornfL_ WHITE lady for part time gfnerai house work. Apply in person. 3 E Hock. HOUSEWIVES--Earn In your spare time. AVON needs two represents- tiv« In Fayetteville. Write today Miss Garnrr. Box 471, Fort Smith FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS USED MERCHANDISE BOOS--CATS--PETS :SHUITO. DACHSHUND. ChihuahuT P h o n e 13F11. Dcaton'a Kennel^. \Vml Fork. HfiMES'for thrctTcute klltenB'.' Phone 853. I THREE*." nnrt Pcrslnn kUtens. Wa"nl i to p!acp in home. Frcn. 456 Flrtch- I J^.Phone 1JMR. ! QUAIL~drg,"maIe BftttPr. Y years ol3. Excellent training. Phone 2516-^ OR TRADE BEXimfUL~42 DeSoto sedan. JSSiW.^ FOR SALE OR RENT POWER Jau-n mowers. SUttlfr T.ntn Station. Cnrnrr Wr*t Mntintiiln «nd School SlrcctB. P h o n g j Z ^ ^-^^^ WANT TO RENT on te»se. 3 betiroom arid den or 4 bedroom modern. With sood groundi. _Rc!fsrcjic53.jyrH('_Box K-*2,_r^Timr». L.\HGE unfurninhcd house immed- ifltfcly Rcnaon.ahlft r*ni. 4H7 South filh 51. Bogrrs or phon*r ItW-T. " " UNIVERSITY f a c u l t y member mndcm 3 hsrlrnom house by June 15. OilJ_ Mlfi-M. ,,_. , .V BEDROOM fibiitc. Si* June 1st. Ref- | ercncea. Phon? "'^'"·^^^^_ . n , vvi ,' FOR RENT-- MISCF.U.AVEOim 2 SobM«t) ailment. 313 "w'.'Sfountifln, 16,000 miles $1595 nxc'ELLE^T "three romri fTiTnTsHed nparimcnt in cxr'uiive neighhor- hond. Kitchen. Jftrgp l i v i n g rnora w i t h d l n ' n n nook, hfdroom, a n n tllfid b?th. Sepflrnte wing ot house. Ground Tloor. separate ijtllMir«i. A d u l t i only. W a n t lone-time tenant. Phone 2340 or c»tl at 202 Orark. _. MODF.RN 4 ro"om house- fii Phone 2371 W. _ 8~nOOM hou»e," 'sasToO. 1402 S, _Jngton THREE "bedroom houFP. New Jar, house. LarKC !o1. Trees. All Headphone ^SBSt^. THREE ro'om downVtaifs flpurtmcnv Just rff campuf. Nicely dccoratffd; BUICK TRADE-INS 1950 Plymouth Suburban. Has radio and heater. Only 1950 FORD (8) Custom 2-door. Radio and hoater. 25,000- mile car. Very clean $1545 1947 Buick Super 4-door. Nice one $945 1947 Pontiac (6) 2-rJoor. Extra clean. 37,000-mile car $965 Liberal Trades Easty Terms .. Arthur B, Davidson SALESMAN H A T L E Y BUICK CO. 30 East Mountain St. Phones 213 and 182 1950 Tj TON Chevrolet pickup. C; 740 Woolsey between 8 a. m. s Wash- larie ntm- glassed in porch. Call '2324J before 7__p._m. :our room modern apartments. Two efficiency apartments, fisracof". hnrriwood floors, Venetian hllndH, unrhago dispoirtls. m J t o m a t i c washer, private b s t h . Occupfincy Juno 3. No rings. Price S«- to m U t i H t i e n oairi. Evertt E. Campbell. Phono ino. · NEWLY" decorate'rt urTfurnished !) room epftrtmeni^ Phpne_271o-L-l. 3 llb^M~iuTftrrtirshcd'"np"artrnent near V.njygrtUy. Pliop"! 3 ?31. MODKRN~ri~fbani""house, n milts tuni on Hiffhway «. Phone noi-w. TOR UNFURNISHED 3 roomi"*nrt bith, $25. neir campujL^JPhoji*^3142-W«2 _^ ""OFFICES" FOR RENT · Tiled Floors % Automatic Elevator ·janitor Service · Automatic Steam Heat · Utilities Paid Excellent location 6 Good Reasons for moving your office to the THEATRE BUILDING Call 470 or see LORIS STANTON, Mgr, . _ _ _ s nnoM"furnish»rt Koune. L^fie h yard. A v n l l a b l e June .-.0. Thonc Adnini, pj^nc 3ZO 3 R O O M ~ n p a r t m r h t cinss _ ____ . furnished." iiilH- in. ?SR.OO. Phone 1B19 OLDSMQBILE tudor sedan. Reasonable. Sen 809 N. CollflRe or phone SRB-W. aflcr 6 p, m. 1947 HARLEY-'Davirison. 45. Perfect cgnd i Hgn ._Bro w n._ ph o n c nflf;J. · PACKAREf-WlLLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. " 208 North Block fQR SALE--MISCELl.ANKIlim EVEHBEARING rod rnsphtrry pollcrl plnnls cnch SaturdR.v u n t i l May 3Ist. Near rarmcr'.s M a r k e t . Faycllfvilli-. - * " ~ ~ " ~ FOR good quality ""60k floorini tics paid 2221 : W hntnrr_j_p._m. 4 ROOM modern unfurnished hoi near University, Larse back yard and ^ ~^_" ^ "BEDn6bM~riouTe near Univfrslfy. S^nob M~JmR r 1 rn en|7 RTflTonin hi* .~Nrar County Hospital._JS30.I. MODERN rooms, day or ^vsck. "fi08 _N. College. 2 BEAUt'lFm, npartments on N! irigton Avenue. 1 u n f u r n i s h e d with 2 bedroom*. 1 f u r n f l h f d with 1 heel- ro(?m. Hflt-dwood floors, tile hathi 3"HOOM"iurni8hctl apariment, private luth. Refriferator, private entrance $40.01 month. Bllln paid. 221 South University. See or cull anytime between 1 p. m. and S p. m. Phone lUJT-J. 6 ROOMS and 3 rooms. Phone _Bi|l_Portcr. __^ 4 ROOMS," modern. Phone 7WJ2. "BIT Porter. .l"hooSf'furniched a n n r t m - n t Includes u t i l l t f c * . except electricity. J40 20S N. church, a f t e r 6 p. m. Phone _JJJ32-W_. i iTHOb'ft furnished a'pa'rtme'nf. Ji" 1 Available June fith. West Dlckson · - I K ERVICES OFTEIBP YPlisfO done""frTlny" home. L». ..., In ihorl node* orders, expert service. Rf»aona_ble ra^ci. Phon* 7H1-W TniSTF.HKD OIC hoar, tionarr fifanherry. Phone MIRIt. I'ILL do b a b y " i l t f l n f T i n my horn* a f t e r « p. m. every any except Sun- _.*J^»r.n5!. n JLr55Uf^3 "'''LJ 1 !!? H^-P 1 lE-WEAVING7 drrjiim^klnf. ' JilfSrV- t f o n n . Mn. H. J. Swaim Jinrt Mri C^. C. Brink, 214 N- Block, phone OR, painter or paper hanyer, call J01-J. -I CAHPENTRY, Additions and r»' JJ^iJ^Ji^!lcPanlel._Phone 2U1-J. AWN mower grinding and oveVhiiul- Jn«. W. W. Swaney, soulh Stadium, EXCAVATING , ONDS - HOADS - CLEAHINQ LIN KAFtNES AND ELLIS WILSON MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton M»tir««n Built Into Guaranteed Inneriinrlnfi Local Money Support ·For Schools Way Up . term, of »"· Little Rock-W)-Tho statft Board ! nr £' of Education snys local f i n a n c i a l cnrnorniion · c e r t i f i c a t e support for Arkansas schools-has increased nearly 100 per cont since 19J8. Adoption of AmcndnVnt 40 · In the 1948 conoral election rc- movrd t t m I B - m i l l c o n s t i t u t i n n a l limit on taxes which local school districts could vote for school pur- - poses. Firestone Announces New Type Battery CIcvcland-rvP)-Tho F i r e s t o n e Tiro nnd Rubber Company inday announced ft new mitomnhilo stor- ng« bnttery which i? kept without fluid u n t i l it is placed in n cnr. This means, the company snid, thut the life of the b:itlcry docs not actually start u n t i l t h n t morn out. V. If nny prrson. f i r m or now oprratine under a or under G r a n d f a t h e r Rights in" lieu of n c r r t i f i r a t P . iMiiort .m SSOOfl! lllcni 5 3.0U USED Company I . aived hy the Arknnsas, P^ the ,.,, of F n y e t t o v l l l cuff m*y be. shall nv 'eniploy^p lo vlO j I ratt^the* term'i'nMnls Ordiiiftncr: such ! operator shall be- (tuilty nf a mlRde: meanor and shall be punched hy fl fine of not l^ss th=m f i f t y "W* r * IJ50) nor morn t h a n five hundred rtni- 1 lar« (SSOOnOi- and parh violation nf nn i nmploycp of which Ihf employer ! knows shall ho n K r p a r n t r o f f e n « r ; I and in addition t h r r r t o the City Coun- f r i l of the City of Fa.vcitpville, Ar' knnsftn, may rovokr the p p r m i t u n d n r j which (inch paincndpr rarrirr i^ oper- j p t i n f i ftnd may \t\hc nurh step* an | nerpsnary to -prohibit f u r t h e r opera- i lions. SECTION V f . All Ordinance or p n r t s Gas ranges from Ice boxes from Used rcfrjjjiTatori from Used sewing machines fr L'sed fam f r o m Jnhn Rhodes Appliance. .11 N o r t h Block _ __ _^hone 2021 SIMPLEX cnblnnt " rnortc~ironcr. ' 4 years old. Excellent condition. 251fAV. P*R7LC"'fIc A'LL Y~ n e w~Lcoria rd ~ r r f r i p - or»tor. One Rood used rufi. See at ^109 South School. WE "HAVE" GLAMORENE the Now Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO, Inc. We Deliver. Phone "246 pjANoT Jl*i°ji(Q2M2-j.^~ IZZ1I--I "USED BASEMENT BARGAINS 10-pc bedroom sroiip--bed, vanity w i t h triplr mirror, chest. i n M l r m n , uprinK, pr pillow*, bodsprf ad. pr. houdoir himp* S7't ,1(1 fl-pr d l n l n f f room iiilto. w n l n u t J8H Sn Vpr . . . MOTHER'S Day "plants." corsiiR cut flowers. Phone 2933. Flnwrrs. -in S. Grecg OAK ""Jiimher." H e n r y "Sy'hran:. F °rk 11 miles Southwcr.t i THREE room HouKr, scrccnrd In bacl porch. Chlldrpn und/-r s accepted vcrnon Prrlman. 3 milfi* *a«t on apartment. Phone ________ lawn mower, hoys "»!s bicycle FUHNiKHED and *uniurnl«hcd apart m*n!". Onr half block of Unlvcrsitj Phnni 21ft. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Pkon Celtart MM Aikimw Joy (in R«nd«rln9 Co. CHICK SPECIAL 8c ·ach HtKVT MIXED ARKANSAS ·railtr Hatchery f. ·. ««i in *r ttidlrt . l' rhntr, plntform rockrr XR9.M1 Slip covered «offt . . S12SO 5-pc white cnnmcl d i n t ' t t r . $14 fli) The Stump F u r n i t u r e Co. wn_W,__nickyn Phone 3112 LA ROE \vnVdrobii rhpnt"" S2R ^fi, "jnu n mowrr SB.fin; 2 plrcr l i v i n g room unite S35 (Id; bed riivnn -- n e w l v up- holntered S2* .10; p o r f n h t c u r ;nhm« mftchlne $)2.Mt: r l r r t r i r I n n i sri.fifi to $».M). Unyd'5 Tntdinft Pout. Hi- wny 7J:_ South. N f i i r Purdy'n .Store. LARGE wood wnrdrobc. i.lko new, " IM-W«72.__ I)lVAN"'and"rhnlr f o r " ritHtirrn " Nrw plMflc. $25.00, 213 K. Center. Phone PHILCO REFRIGERATORS AT HAI1CAIN THICKS Onr II ffr*/tt am Rrlrlc-nilnr Bptpil Qnrrn W«nhlnf MocMnfi KASY TMIMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phnn/ n_ · WMI rnrk. Ark DEBUTANTE COSMETICS') IFUUER BHUSHES. PHONE IMS TELEVISION. Philco c-tnsolc w i t h linn.Mtr a n d M foot a n t c n n n . Trle- _p_hp_nr ?R:r-l,-?._ ANNOUNCEMENT T l ' l " 1JAGGETT fc RamBdcll conmchc* now sold .cxclmivotv by Fuller Bruih Company, under ncv/ trarfft name "/ rJcbutantc Copjnclics. Kullcr Brush Di-aler, Boyd Mills, 520 Llndcll. Phono_ IMS. SPECIAL ALL m r t a l Inwn chair?, M IS, whil* 1 thoy last. Open ovcninfii u n t i l 3.0't. H i l t o n BroJi. Drive-In F u r n i t u r e Storp. KURN1.SHKD Phnn-? ?A* d u p l e x NKWI.Y drroratrd 2 room n p s r t m r n pn^ block from^r nmpup. Phon P 34! U n i v r r s i t y of A r k a n n n N . 4 room» f u r n i s h r d . Red Bui Apart m*n(s Phono 2M2-W or Mfl-ft. ^ondttion. Phone BOY'S bicycle. Good niop-w. ORDERS f o r chi 7fon a n d"~ A n gc\ food cahos for Mothr-r'n Day. t a k r n throudh Thur^riny rvc-nmc. ny Mrs. H n n d n l l . Farm Women's MnrktM G U I T A R nnd n n i p h f i c r . 117 W. Spring "in ; ot. phone 138. 22 FOOT honw IrnUcrV RWjinn'niilc Si-ff at G n b b s r d « GnritRf. H i g h w a y fi2 W(-5t_or CAR 2371W, LATE li»SO 2fi-(oot American t r a i K ' r pnrfcci cfntlitfon, rnortcrn. C";m hn financed. 2 rnilci '.MINI of SprmR* F.XCKLI.KNT pair nt ' h i n n c i t l n r a ~.cnV 12 p o w r r am tin. :nM M n r x h a l t T r i f h - rr. .S20 W b i l h n m 2i:«W. CbRSAGKS~for M|P." Phone V.'.O-W. K FOOT K l e r l r l r rf/rlRcrator", Rood condition. Phone 0-15 n f t c r 3 mVs AC trnctor, Two \Z" plrwa itnd r u l t i v d i n r , ir ( n New H/imp^hirc 7.V/ p r o d u c t i o n loyinr; hen-,, ;i Hume now* nnd 2.'» plff:i. Srv.'fuul houir n o r i h of Onklnnd H a p t U l Church. H o l l l n ^i) r * ron. GltAVKL." 4 Va"rrl"lontl dellvcrpd.""S») (K). Phone M i l l f l r f - n t l i n i i K r . 3l7fi-J-l BHAW cnrflrn t r n f t o r , it hor^c mo'tor. T u r n t n s plow, hflrrnw. c u l t i v a t o r , d i f r nnd I n y l n x off plow Roy Sluugl trr. K i i z a b r t h Uo«pital, P r · i r i Grovr. Rcrr vp *lth Ihft the IVME8 -- ffirt Who's Who For Service Consult You r Classified Service Directory^ BKAUTY SHOPS ARTISTIC nr.ADTY SHOP " I V r m n n c n l \v«vc« « SpcclAlly Ph_rmcjr^ (or appointment (J6LVAriD~S liEAUTV SHOP 201 W. Mendoui-Phnnn .'OM M.TL-h M M-up Cold wnve ti. up ' Urj\U' Klorenct SUp)«un iM W CXCHKM __ _ HHIUKJE'ITS UtAUTV SHOP Rtl.IABI.I WOHK ;o: N Block fhoni 191 CORSKTIRRF. SCKNCF.n f(timdntlon«r "i"urVl'c»V"lii portB. VIvJftn Clrfpft. 2? yean UT. I'honf 73^-J. 21R N K»*t. iiirr J ~\(r7 to'Sfefiri Spencpr Cor^(*'ler^ la? Soulh l J n [ v r » l l y S I ^ ^_ c:!IAT~J'l5"iSl loml. or "nTSTlT lintillnf. lont or )oml. rhnnq IIOMK nfou'TVuoME i... . AUTOMATIC »m! u r l n | M Wft wfuh »m rirvlni 71 Norl near C r y i r h l f i n » Drivr-In ·. m. 14 7 t* noon Drlvr-ln rult fiittirdiy. s a. m orrrtrn DITCH olaaWa FOOTINGS--w 11 e r. can inrt uwtr ditch*!, Bfptlc tiinll holti Dlflml ·nil bjck (illlnl Oil !!!( Brrct D.vll . 24-HOUR SERVICE ON Coycrid Bulionv Bullon Holes, Tailored Belli and Bucklet, Special Attention given Moil Orderv Satisfaction or Money lack. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. n SB. st.. r«jtiitviii» " IXCAVlTITG B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, FIN Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N PhoneJ!4° J . W . H I L L ~~ Eienwc co. Quality Initolleri ·PUMPS ·POWER Phone 24, Wen Fork FOR (IAIJE--«Mt ... \ lAsf mtjttw, · from WMkinfflM fche«j, n * I d pivinir. TffflEZ BtDROOM HOME, l»rf« Jlvini room. dinln« tncm, k i t c h e n wtin plenty 9t h'i*iv }m «r,ri bre«K(Mt nook, otlltry pnrrh. H A W D W O O D flXX*S TliBOUG.ifCVT ?!#nty of clottt : spar*. ALSO. THUEB ROOM ErTIC- j IEMCY APARTMENT with brlvat* ty rntranrf on irounrl floor with 1ft- f t i j rr»mr of «0.0n p«r sopath, cfn'r»I V : hr.mP.5 p l a n t . lirf« attic (an. REA- '-J ; SOMAftLY PRtCED AT 11I.*».M. ^ i A. L. SHAMBLIN i REALTOR I ,I1M HOLDER Tclcphnn? 241 2454 or IMS ji5l'^"Grft;:fTy. With ItvlaV quimri, tr» houiie. fnqulrt it itorr l mile i4u»h of sprmfdiis tt E«t 81 ·» S. 71 interaction. I BY "own*r~'Modern hfl.m*. »m«fl · RUN-TIM Venetian blind* unrt aluminum window scr«-ni ant 1 ·wninK*. Fres MMniBlM Gabe cct per. 4 i i South LIT ml Phgiif 1018 ^ Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H, JONES, Contractor 537 E. L u f f c y e l t e , Box 4 3 L'. Stn. Phone MM. f _ a y c i t c v l l l p FOR YOUR ROOHNC NEED* Call H. L Strwan Roollnc Cnnirflcior Also, Asb?itoi Siding. Hni * 1f L_l e JZi!n i -;_i 1 !\Il n ' ! --I"" 1 * fRXtri'OR fJtrtlen 'plowing Phone lor infnrmitlon. . FOR RA!,r,- r Rf:AL ESTATE 6 ROoKT ffSmV"KowwTbstTJTTwnlwood MH. ItnrnRc. I-ot MxlOG. MS Doug- B Strffftl. __ __ _ QUIET AiND J»JEACBFOtr"SecmVon in locution «ml in prlrr. 81 fltrcs I~r il.Mn. Family ' m i l t . 2 lares -rtwm houBf. (utr bflrn. ^moUe house. Borne ·nod lind. In fact, nulte A bit for ANOTHER! «l xcrr* for SI .60n !S »cr« lor r n l t l v a U o n . 1! room hrtinr. 2 h«rns, aevemt o « t l u t W i n m A Ml of loftUH !*n'V YOU CAN BUY IT for JfifK) down. , ,, , A N D A PRETTY GOOD .STOCK FARM ior S2.4IX). MO nerw w i t h «o A. isll- ·Me Quit*! n nil of crass and w«ter. 12fl A. u n d r r i r n c f . « fl room homfr. harrt unrt rmall chlekrn hou«. Half down will handle. WORKING IN TOWN? AND WITH $700 You ran r.ult r o n t l n a mil nav« your own home w i t h 11 Acres v a l l e y Innd. 4 rooms nrMtj 1 l(*lr, recently rctlficornifd. A ( t r t t i s tract of Isnd for J1.703. Mnll fliid echool bui """NEWLIN REALTY _ ~ ACB E mouni « In f* nrnv*m«nt*. ^isrrllent wtll E l p r t n d i y avtui»t). Phone 73^ _ 6 ACRES improved, food road. In crop Pn MB i n on, 7 mll«« wwi Fty- *ttpviile. I,. A. Cooptr, Bt 1, furm- ^ _ i "ROOM hou«* _ W . Mountain. Close in. fS.MO. 3M ^ ; ^_ iS ; ( f.nrf iixtunf for »iie. -^ N f C E 4 rinm house nd! YoT^fo*»t*i it ^^ Vinfy Grovp. A jood buy. S«« H|y- U '· ninnd ShJlfrr. Wilfd Icff . Cr*m CO. j^. .. Small Down Payment ; LARGE new flv« room hftmt on !10x2Wl lot. Excellent locntton F*T :, lew th*n rrnt.wiui inf*f«it « only ;. NEW t h r r p he?*ffiom homt vtth" Sl ; " Innn In forr*. Very-ittrictiv*. P«i*- t;*. m-rntp Is.ia i l u n iSO,00 per montn. ..LOVELY n^w :hr«s btdrflom home- t Firtplarf, Cflntrtl hmt, p'.n* »*fttlfl*TMww ·tin room, Jov«ly ihldett lot. Only Ii4,r.nfi.oo. RITTER AGENCY ^ 1«_ E _inl«r Ph lKt^inV^f--4^93 .^ Modern Living"Deluxe!! * r THIS n (hi- unit word In mMtrn livlnf. A l l . of lh (f«lur«l o( ton- Irmonr.iry dfilfr. bt tmtnMM :» (h)» Jnvcty new hom« In. «ritr, to rm^t-.a;lu nil ol tn» ItUit con- vrnl*ncr? »nd comfort in hem«. rr«m» rolMlrtlcIInn . of CtUMrni* rt/iwcoi), row irt»tun_Mt yttt lust wMh »ny «' tham. Tht riw 1» iri*iil(t!tfl *nr1 vtntiuteti. w5v«ly llv. mi room with * wtutlwrn «i« ·*' nr."ur», wood h u r n l n j llr«plic«. UM ilnors. bullt.lni «nd cloi«fi in · hunrtinct. hum with bom tu» tnd hiu'mt'nl. «ir«|f. lirtt corutr lot · romm s' m'Wiar'Sss 1 »'"" '*· '.- 4^ ' t 1 ['. TwertHOUSAND' DOLLARS WILL nut you · mbinly. h rtquircrt lo rotd o fminctil thil'» ftll ' pumhiiRft rock vcnMrtd roperty. Proporty l* in - tq ! twti unit prou ..,,.... . «nod rtpHtr nnri In well located, in wftlklnx · rilnianc* of all BChoalit, churches, hiulne»«c* .and etc. Own- era don't nred the monr.v and will carry thn balanci- al six prr cent in- tcrfit. for In* f l f h t ptrxori. THREE BEDROOM BUNGALOW IT'S new. on larne lot. nn?J hai Infat oVtAchrd tnHTHgf.. All latf features Burn AK hard wood flnorlni, li«hie(3 Dorrli. k i t r h f n t i u l l t i n v Bcndlx connection* end ptc, Spiling at only S*;.V)O.W) and generous fcrnn can SUBURBAN TWO ACRES Ar?RF.CIATf, IT. Tilt trbt « M U1LEY. COMPANY, INC. H. I.. uti»» jam. Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO, *2Q Somh RUM si. on 71 Hlghwny, It's nil modern two bedroom home nnd hmi n a t u r a l «« nnd city water. : fully plastered interior nnd cftn- I v r n f e n t nulltln* And clonctt. ft LI y ' Ihii equity and pay btlsnce M !?*! tlinn t r i l l -- O n l y S3(W pr:r month. Lot us dhow you. Phon* 78H. HAMMOND REALTY CO. Eve. PhonR H. D. JliinHiinhd 1371 J. A. J n r v U I390W AUTOMATIC AmiAKCE CO. A BtlUt Plact to Bur : *ttot|i0iiit 200 i Ytori of S«rv!tli '', 20,000,000 Polieyholdtrt . . 20% V ^,^. *« vln «* · · ! MUTUAL flRE AND AUTOj INSURANCE ·-! "Savlngi for preftrrtd rliki". Get I fit Faeti · The Ritter Agency! loons ASSUME G. I. LOAN WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTINCT 1. NEW 3-bertroom trumt, nice kitchen; plenty of bullt-ln'i: r o m l i l n u t i f n I f v i n R - r i i n i n n room; A laria clowts; tile b a t h ; car porf; n u t o n i n t l c hunt. I Conv^nlsnt to (r«nnport«tio,i. Nic* ! *h«d.v lot $2. ISO to handle. Price ! Sin.onA.oa. 2. QUALITY n-bffdronm frame on well-lmurovtffl lot. Just, like beautifully decor^ert. Exirn k!ts.h*n; central heat; large clo «tt«rhed gtrnst Ovner tr«nfifc loin Price in.7Ao.Qo. 16 Eost Center M '- « . nice . KINCAID COMPANY FAYETTEVILLE -j PLUMBING HEATINQ CO. 1 S1Q. N. Wert Phon«Hj LOOK -- LOOK -- LOOK Over Stocked on USED CARS Have Models From 1936's to 1950's Come in and Swap for a Better Used Car · - : c ·Csi C · o Price on Straight Sales Come !n Now -- And Take Your Pick .'!' v Modern Motors \ -·% 1 25 ' V S t MOUNTAIN

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