Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 7, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1952
Page 10
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WHY D0 WE TO EAT WE DON'T (.IKE THEM? BECAUSE CARI7OTS TS ARE ALWAYS TELUMS THEIR KIDS THAT KIND OF STUFF-Wg WANT PROOF ^ THAT CARTOTB ARE GOOD J- FOR OUR EVES IlltH WELL.VOU'VE NEVER ' PUT .HIM ON THE GROSS AND. DRIVE TVIrfr MOT CAR INTO THE BUSHES. OOK'T \ / w»v,..vts, '10U tVB V OF COUMI! 'turn 'A i-i-YUMA? MY $TA»! It TOUR NAME YUMW RY TlWt RJt WAKU WMA'S THERS, KCH.OINS HIS HAND. iSOOD ESEMNG, ) IliirTXtZ- UitMlly Hi* University High jMirnelitm Club Plans are underway for a party after the Junior-Senior banquet. Those;,who arc on the committees are urged to attend the planning meetings as they are very important for a successful party. A unit of Softball has been taken up by the junior-senior physical education class. The Spring Frolic was a great success and..we wish to thank all those teachers and supervisors who helped to make it just that. unit of oral work is being ;^J taught in the fourth year English class. The students have written topic outlines on stones and then giving oral reports on them. Their reports were made on a wire recorder and played back to speakers for self-criticism. the ·The physics class saw a film on electrical appliances Tuesday, April 29, in the science room. The film explained the operation of several of the home appliances. The Razorback Band has invited University High School Band to send two representatives to their Annual Award-s Banquet which If You Ask M e . . . f %aa, We often wonder if the high you who he is! Travelers Tracks The teachers in the 3rd and 4th year Phys. Ed. class no doubt have been wondering why D o n n a Weathers has been hlttln; the Softball so hard lately. Could it be because Ihe girls have nicknamed her "Donnie?" She acquir- school students of today have f o r - J e d this name from a very good gotten that they are the builders frit , nd ,', would be bc5t jf she , old of America s future. Some do not realize that a proper .education is a "must" for each a/id every person to gain success in this day and age. Many say that they are merely being sent to school and have never, or never will, become tne least bit interested in an education. To those students we would like to ask this question, "Do you think you should be ignorant 1 of your own America and the tilings that go on within hers borders?" ''No" would b^ the answer, cf course, and-'any ssnsibb person should if at all possible, attain the highest education ho is able, to suit whatever chosen field of work he has decided upon.' Furthermore, I think we would want our homes to be a place where love,' f a i t h , hope, and security would, in answer to many prayers and dreams, become realities. While spring buds forth with It seems something has struck Bobbie Lee Eldredge and David Emmons, We have come to the conclusion that it's just a touch of spring. But, on second thought, it could be something else couldn't it? The 4th year English class had 'quite a laugh the other day when Miss Adcox, one of ihe practice teachers asked, "Have- any of you ever worked ?" Of course she meant "Have any of you ever had a - j o b ? " OverheErd during the frantic rush to meet the deadline for the paper; "Okay, okay, 'keep your diapers on! I'm hurrying as fast as I can." Betty Brewer is now happy af- bcauty, many of us are forgetting! ( C r rccnivinj? the 15 cents .which 22 Mike Honor Roll Junion Led Wild Eight Twenty-two students are named on the honor roll for the second six-weeks grading period of ..the second semester. ·/ 01 this number eight were juniors, as follows: Billy Barr, Don- Barrett, Bobbie Lee Eldredge, Marva Kircch, Cliffie McCurley, Lee Ward, and Donna Weathers. Six sophomores made the grade: Elmer Boyrt, Warren Hughes' Paula Kro.nehberg, Kema Rankin, Lennis Schultz, and oJ Ann Webb,, The freshmen and seniors came out with four each. The seniors were Ola Mae Hayes, Sylvia Shu-: Icr, Darliene Steele, and Georgie Worley; the freshmen, Margaret Boyd, Jane Ledbetter, . Phillip Mace, and Rita Phillips. The six-pointers (all 'A's) were Paula Kronnberg, a sophomore; Phillip Macs, a freshman; Hema ' Rankin, a sophomore; and Donna Weathers, a jjunior. Four students made five point and above: Mar- - garet. Boyd, Cliffie McCurley, Rita Phillips, and Jo Ann Webb. Primary Department Presenfs Program A safety ed-ucation program was presented receently by the prim- iry department of University Training School, at the Concert riall in the Fine Arts Center. The program opened with the children of the Training School ' :inj?ing The Star Spangled Banier, There Are Many Flags, and America, The Beautiful. This was 'ollowed by a welcome by Dean Henry Kronenburg.'The children in the Training School then sang When You Ride a Bicycle, Look Both Ways. Stay Away From Rail-, roads, Stop! Look! Listen!, Wave Your Hand. Policeman, The Jun- be held at (he U-Ark Bowl, our studies and supposedly enjoy- was borrowed from her back yon-! ior Safety Patrol, and Let the Ball Wednesday night, May 14. The! in;? Mother Nature. It's true the! dor. ·jroup clecled .lames Wilson and Henry Kronenberg to represent U .H. S. The Home Economics I class has taken up a unit on cooking. The lirst part, of the unit consisted in learning to bake pies. vnlt on foods has been corn- Trie Kuder test, which is a lest to direct a person's attention toward occupational , aseas which appear to be promising .in the light of his preference, has been made available to the juniors and seniors this past week. The test is given under the direction of Miss Greene, the social-science supervisor. old swimming and fishing hole could never be forgotten, but JI we are interested enough in what makes · for our future, \ve then f should be willing to do some "real studying" and leave those pleasures for spare time . Yes, it's true that school soon will bo out, but here's hoping that the short tim* that remains is used" to an advantage by all of us. ' Times Don') Change The following editorial, which might have been written today, is taken from our files under date of November,. 1949. In the days of Benjamin Frank- Roll, Following this Dean G. F. Branijean Rave an address on safety education. At the conclusion of Dean Bran* igan's speech, six boys were installed into the Junior Safety Patrol by University Policeman, Vol Can You Imagine! Rita Phillip* not studying -John Carter and .totin'steele not lrt " "'" University Policeman, Vol ·ncking wise joke?-- w - Hannah and City. Traffic. Po- .lane Ledbettcr not thinking up excuses- Wanda speck not singing in the algebra class--. Phillip M«ce flunking a test -- Lavonnr Wilcox not flirting with the algebra teacher-- BIHie Loa Lacy not thinking of Elmer-Frances January not writing letters in Science-Margaret Boyd missing an algebra problem-a popular saying was, "Never | p aula Kronenberg staying put off until tomorrow what yoilj | a ' te a t ni^ht-- can do today." If wise old Ben Carolyn" Steele never having up Th? S';OT class went on a field could so; wliat we high school trip to ihe University engineering students an doinsr to his shop where they wr ? shown the processes and methods of sand molding. Library Has New Books The U. H- S. library has added 30 new books to its collection. Among the more interesting titles are "Photography for Teen ARers," by Lucile Marshall; "Boy's Complete Book of Camping," by S t a n l e y Pashks; ''Everyday Grooming," by Helen Livingston; "Oiir F. B. I.,"" by John Flohcrt.y; "Story of Arturo Toscanini," by David Ewon; "Time Out for Youth," by Arthur Gregor; "Americans Before Columbus," by Eliza-j beth Baity; and "Voice of Asia," by James Albert Michener. These books have been accessioned and are ready lor tudent reading, date Staff Co-editors Cliffie McCurley Donna Wcalhers Make-up Editor John Arterburn News Editor : Braxton Mairs Feature Editor . Darliene Stcelc Your TASTE! SIUUCIIU) a 1,; L.U1J1K UJ II .0 bci.vnifc, hs v.ould probably rr.aUe at least Anita Torid and Betty Brew EeUinc alone with their Home . one revolution in his grave. To- teacher day the adage scsms to react more like this, ''Never do today what you 'can put off until tomorrow." Lee Ward sitting with all fo lejs of a chair on the floor -David Emmons paying attentic in class -I am very well qualified to use CMffit McCurlcy ever seltir myself as a perfect example. I delayed writing this editorial until the last minute, and now look what a mess I'm making of it. Be- mad -Ruth Carnm with blond hair- Gmm Gilfoy with Billy Barr_ -Braxton Mairs havine a date e\ sides a dozen other duties mustj 2 r v n ight be neglected while I write this. s y i v ia E-hnler witn a pood So, friends, don't be like me. Get! cut your work in on time. Alice Rasmussen on time P. S. If you do, you won't have ' Afton Fisher talking a lot -someone like Miss McCutcnanj Ola Mae Haycs bein2 unla h ju niping down your throat all the time. F.H.A. Plans For Installation Services The University 1-ajh F. H. A. chapter has set the date for their annual installation services for May 15. The formal ceremony will be held in the evening, and the parents will be invited. The officers installed are: president, Ruth Carnes; vice-president, Mary Hayes; secretary, Jo Ann Webb; treasurer, Bobbie Lee Eldredge; reporter. Marva Klrsch; historian, Hita . Phillips; parliamentarian, Lennis Schtilt/.; songleader, .lane like-Delmer Selle being unfriendly- .tohn Arterliiirn not arguin with someone -Home EC, Girls Visit County Hospital The third and fourth year bom economics vent on a field trip the Washington County Hospitc May 2 in connection with the study of child care. Under the direction of Mu Maddnx. head nurse at the hos pital, the class was shown throug tbe delivery room, the maternit ward, and the operating-room. Th Ledbetter; and ro - snngleadcr.j Kroup was nl=o taken to the chi Anita Todd. Darliene Steele will act as installing officer. * The decrees of achievement, representing e.xlra 1 work done by the student, will also be granted on that, night. drcn's department where they ofc served the babies t h a t were bor that week. Following this, th class was taken through the hos pital kitchen where punch an cookirs were served to them. Artists use brushes today which !||««iMip 'Eirm 1*1!--are believed to be about the same fOWBl 111111 WIllS as those used in 3.000 B. C. fEffTH'MAN WHO LICKS FORTH 19 OUTWkfiE WE WONT STAND 6T1U.I WEIL FISHT FOR OUR RIGHTS TO TH' DEATH, WE WILL... ...HE NOMO06EOFA CAME HAG CH06E, AN I AIN'T HIVVIN' KNOTS E AKNOT INYOUR BEAK' Sweeten breath, oo Chew .Wrigley'i Spearmint Gum. Enjoy its lively, delicious fltvor. Cools mouth - freshens taste. Swell to chew-anytime I costs so littj e Jastessogood Application For Big Building Plan 1ic6man. Frank D. Sawyer. Those hoys installed were Stftvie Amis, John Friedman, Jimmy Noyce, Robert Chambers. Eric Rasmussen, and Bob Mitchell. The program closed with the Training School children singing America. A tape recording of the program was made and broadcast- ed over KGRH April 26. Plans For Banquet Are Under Way The committees for the Junior- Senior banquet are to have all plans for the occasion under way this week. The chairmen for these committees will meet after school .on appointed days of this week and next. . Miss Green, the sponsor of the banquet, will attend each meeting and discuss plans with the chairmen.'Advertisements will be placed on the bulletin board later this month, Seniors On Parade Georgie Lea Worley, a four year student, is one of the few married students in our student body. She was married last August. . Oeorgle Lea was secretary of the Drama club the one year she was in it. She' was also a member of the F. H. A. for two years. She has beeen a student librarian for the four years that she has been here. Her plan is, of course, to be a housewife. WHAT'S THIS There once was a school paper Did you know? That.needed some staff members All in a row, To help after school, on Saturday too. Co-operation! All deck out in blue. Come one, cnme all--we plead! We call! We need you now! That's all. the state. Most of the power company's outlay will go to finance addition of 135,000-kilowatt units at the Cecil Lynch plant at Rose City. North Little Rock and Stamps. In all, about S26,250,000 will he spent to more than double the capacity of these plants. i mi. »,,,,!, (TO TU A , Another 10 million dollars will L t t l e Rock-WVThc Arkansas be spent on 472 miles of high vol- Public Service Commissoin hns| taRc lines. Three sections of the authorized the Arkansas Power i proposed lines will be built to and i.ifht Company to spend more I serve the aluminum plant which than 3S million dollars on new I Reynolds Metals Company plans construction. The PSC yeslerday to build near Arkadelphia. Kranted permission for the c x p a n - j ·- sion of A. P. L.'s facilities in Advert!** In th« TIMES- It p»y. LET'S 00 UP^aOBfflP GRAPPLE WIT' 4L I WANTA TAMSIJE GtTSBnOKE- * WITH THAT 6-BUT-HAS AH TH FEBE-MEBEW BECUZ AH IS HER HUSBIN? SHE IS A BIG MM.NOM. SH-SHK GITS TIN CINrtAMNOB THAW MORE THANHWSTy COOPATCH ) GALS EARN 4 IN A WUK.V- wic tf --to CREAM O'NOOVOBK SBSIETW -- N-NO--AH HAIN'T SOT TH BIGHT T'OtPHIVE HER O'TH FINE THINSS O' LIFE -- CMET,/ DOWM.AN'IQUOH -LI«Al.UJJ

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