Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 7, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1952
Page 7
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WBT ' voMtt i' iwm, OUT OUR WAY ly J. *. WWtoMi til' 17 M-M-WHUTS :!.j.l [ TH-fiAG? 'TAIWT / j. JUST s*r DOWN TO WATCH HOW "ICO \ MANAGED TO 6ET / THROUGH A WHOLB ( WIGHT WITHOUT BSIWS \ 5TRANGLEPOH SMCfTH V EREP TO PEATH-OR A I? LIKE VDU 'TO BE SITTIM 1 THERE WAITIM' PER MB TO GET LIP/ NO '. MO V -I VAWKIW, NO--)^' V PISLOCATEP ARM WHV MOTHERS SET CRAY _ ,,, ,, ,,, -iiTM ,.^* 7 1 * Modern studies indicate that the climate of Greenland was very much warmer about 1,000 A. D. than It is today. rgrtli* in me TIMES-- It »»· 'Just Wrap And Tie! Feinsinger Appeals For Power To Be Left With WSB. Cautions "Chaos" Is Possible .inflor Inld Congress today s rash i , "chaos 1 ' may result if Congress s Board of power to recommend settlements in labor dispules. s * «-- FcinFinger, chairrnan of the WSB, testified at the House Labor _ Committee's investigation of his agency. .Yesterday, Charles R.' Wllso'n, former mobilization chief who resigned in protest against administrating handling of the Ftorl Inhor case, had suggested to the group the wage board's powers should be trimmed. Wilson t h e WSB went far beyond chairman ' would willingly accept WSB de-; cisionf--even to the degree that i they do under th* present setup --if "management arid labor were reduced to ah inferior status" on the WSB. Feinsinger said it was generally overlooked that over 90 per cent . industry He said less than one per cent j of the board's cases have been the stabilization policy in its recom- so-called "dispute" case, the re- mcndations for a wage rise in steel i malnder being wage increases ne- worker?. ' · I gotiated by employers and unions Disputing that. Fcinsinaer snid the hoard's rccommondatjons were and voluntarily and jointly submitted to the WSB for approval. Feinsinger said he did not claim the WSR's record was "perfect by any means," but he insisted fair and were consistent with wage increases negotiated voluntarily in other industries. Feinsinger urged that Congress take no "hasty action" which he said could result in "serious consequences." "Already," FeinMnp^r continued, j r . « -- W j-.-^Li-- Af I _|~ "there'nrp signs of serious unrest U|(inQQflUQniCr VI 111* resulting from uncertainty as to whether or not the board's juris- M_..JJ A-t i T»L»» III diction will continue. 1 refer not JKrCSIflCnl IIKCli III only lo disputes which might in ' the 'future be certified or submitted to the board for assistance in f i n a l settlement, but also to dis- By Sue Burnett This . attractive, wrap - around style is a special m half sixes for the shorter figure. Not only the simplest of sewing, but it opnns ·out flat to launder. Wrap and tic, and you're .ready for a busy day! Pattern No. 8326 is a scw-ritc perforated pattern in sizes i4 1-2, 16 1-2, 18 1-2, 20 1-2, 22 1-2, "24 1-2. Size 16 1-2, 3-H yards of 39-inch. For tnis pattern, send 30c for . EACH, in COINS, your name, address, sizes desired, nnd Ihe PATTERN NUMBEH io Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, 1130 Ave. Americas. New York 36, N. Y. Basic FASHION for '52 is filled with ideas tc make your clothes budget go f u r t h e r -- time-saving and economical designs t h a t are 'easy to sew. Gift pattern printed inside. 25 cents. On The Radio New York-UP)-On the air tonight: NBC--7 Halls of Ivy: 7:30 Great Gildcrsleevc: 8 Grnucho Marx; 8:30 BiR Story; 9 Silent Men: 9:35 Meredith Wilson. · CBS--7 Big Town; 7:30 Dr. Christian; 8 Red Skelton; 8:30 Bing Crosby; 10:30 Fep. R. M. Nixon speaking at N. Y. Republican Dinner. ABC--7 Mystery Theater; 7:30 Top Guy: 8 Mr. President. MBS--7 Musical Comedy Hour; S:05 Out o fthe Thunder; 8:30 family Theater; 9;30 United Jewish Appeal Drama. putes now pending before the board. "These disputes include a substantial part of the oil industry, the iron ore industry, the alunmi- num industry, and important plants in other drfense industries. "The parties to these disputes cesffu) In curbing wage increas and in preserving labor peace. New York-(P) - Mrs. Paulina Longworth Sturm, 28, grand West Fork Resident His 91sl Birthday West Fork-(Spccial)-.!. W. Fltts.j who came here from Tennessee i v.'hen he was 10 years old, . o b - j served his 91st birthday Sunday. I Guests at the birthday d i n n e r : Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Iseman | and sons of Springfield, Mo., Mrs.; Delphia Latham of Whittler, i Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Howard! Laney and daughters of Rogers,! Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mathews and Mr. and Mrs. V. .1. Wright o f ; Weslville. Okla., Mr. and Mrs. W. j E. Laney, Mr. and Mrs. Joe L a n e y i and children of Greenland, Mr. j and Mrs. George Kirsch a n d ' daughters of Fayetteville, Mr. and j Mrs. \V. H. Mahoney and E r a n r i - ' children and Miss Tonic Fills o f ' , West Fork. .1. "Cai" Hall,-215 Wr*t Dickson Street, recently had both Ifgs amputated above the knerc, nri operation necessary to save his life from an infection. He is a n a t i v e ; of Madison Couty, but has been i a resident hero .15 years, and for- i merly rnsa^cfl in etirh market husi- j ness and as a f r u i t denier. He makes · and sells handicraft articles. Ho was both draf ann 1 hlind for somr months, but has rrsaincd both senses. Public Affiin Program Adopted By The YWCA Chlrafo-OTVThr national rc»n- vcntion of the YWC'A ynrtcrdu} nrinplfd it 13-point public a f f a i r s program supporting the U n i t e d : Nations, 1 the Point Four program,, nnd preservation of "our t r » d i - j tion»l civil liberties." The prssrsm, pre.icntcri b.v Mrs. Alfred E. Mudge of Brooklyn. N. Y., chairman of I'M* YWCA's Public A f f a i r s Committee, deilli with such diverse subjects ml hoiisinc. living slandnrri.-i, h e a l t h ^ and disability insurance, soil conservation, employment standards, education and narcotics. Handy Barbershop Opens Under Lease By Hawkins .1. G. Coffee has leased his barbershop at 540 Garland Avenue to Jasper H a w k i n s and the shop is open u n d e r the name Handy Barbershop. The business formerly «-as known as the Campus Barbershop. Keen n» with tut time*--read ·He TIMKS dtlli. Watch Shop Purchased By Oklahoma City Man j Earl Stonecipher, formerly of Oklahoma City, Okls., announced^ today that he has purchased the! Walt Beach Watch Shop, 15 East, Ctntcr, arid now is operating it as Earl's Watch Shop. Stonecipher recently moved here from Oklaho-l ma City. He has had 15 year*' ex perience in the watch business. I I 1 -1 I ,L i """0»= % *t I, W O O - I I I I V - U | have voluntarily kept the peace , publici/ed babv while the board was considering · - - P UD " cl7 ca Dar - v ; its recommendations or decisions. 1 do not know whether they will permit their cases tn rom'ain with the board if there is no assurance the board will be permitted (o continue lo handle these cases to a conclusion." ' What Congress does, Feinsinger, B u i l d i D Q COfltfOCtS 1 added, "may mean the difference i 4 -- . . » . and At Ouochita Are Let daughter of Prtsident Theodore Roosevelt, w»« found unconscious yesterday in her East Side hotel apartment. Mrs. Sturm, daughter of the late Nicholas Longworth, for six years speaker of the House] of Representatives, and Alice! The clovers used as farm crops Roosevelt, was -once the nation's! in the United Slates have all been j introduced from Europe. After treatment she left a hos-i . : pital i n . t h e care s her private physician, Dr. John A. P. Millet, n psychiatrist. Police lisied the ease as "sudden illness." I between industrial peace ; chaos in the days to come." Oppoiei "Unfair Slalus" j Feinsinficr opposed the idea. j often proposed in .Congress, that j the WSB be made up of solely public members, or that public · members hove an overwhelming i majority. The present IR-member. . board is made up of six members 1 on a low bid of $244,109. representing the public, six rep-1 will begin May 19. Arkadelphia-Wl-A contract for construction of an administration! building and a men's dormitory at Ouachita Baptist College was let yesterday to the J. E. Pyle Construction Company of Little Rock Work Come In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building .Niw Gorage, Chicken House or Milk Barm, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. Phen* 27. Wtt Fork, Ark. WKDNESDAT EVKNIN3 ·fi;00 Dinner Music 6:15 -Starlight lim« 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review ' 7:00 Wayna King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 Rythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lomfaardo on the Air 8:00 BASEBALL .St. Louis Cardinals Vs. New York Giants 10:15 Platter Party · '11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Oif THURSDAY MORNING · 5:30 Rise N'Shlne 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Markets nnd Weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine 7:0(1 Knffce Knp Kapen 7:30 Otasco News 7:4S Koffee Kup Kapcrs ·8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition fl:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:TO Morning Melodies 9:35 News--M fl:30 Take * N imbr · 10:01) Food for Thoufiht 10:1S Linda's First Love 10:l)n Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands ll:15 BauckaRe Commentary H:S5 Carl Smith 11:3(1 Chrrch nt Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:85 Markets THURSDAY · 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuck WnRon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:» BASEBALL Boston Braves Vs. ChlcaRO Cubs 3:10 Swing Session 4:00 Tune Plck'n Tim* 4:30 Time Plck'n Tlmt S:00 Sft Preston of the Yukon 3:.10 Sky Kin| .V5S Cecil Hrown ' 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 @ 8 8 c WARDS PRICES REDUCED Save on Sturdy Work Wear (D7.09 REO. 1.98 -BAND OVERALLS (JO Heavy 8-oz. denim. Cut for comfort i Q~jr end long weor. Sanforized. 28-42. I.O/ REO. 1.39 CHAMBRAY SHIRT (5 Sanforized, medium heavyweight, i r\ Q Doubl* shoulder yoke. Sizti U-17. I./O REO. 98c UTILITY CAPS ff) Twill copt, icrne with eye«hi«ld. REG. 1.29TaekleTwill Cop., now 1.17 REO. SSc WORK GLOVES (5) Split cowhide po!m, plain finger i -j-, lipt and thumb. Knil wrijti. *f/ CUSHION FOOT SLACK SOX (D fog. 3 pn. Jl. Ttrry cloth lining. Guaranteed 3 month!. 10-13. 3 pri. REO; 7.50 WORK OXFORDS Q Save on R«d land) (letter Quolily,)-y^.Q ·rurdy groin learneri. Irown, 6-1 ]./\}f REO. 7.98 WORK SHOES (() Sol«-prk«d. Grain Itqlhtr upptn, -y /%Q Ntoprtn* cork »olei, Irown, A-H./.s/T 41 E. CENTER C/ PHONE 21 OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS UNTIL t P.M. Sole-Mother's Day 21.80 EOGSHELL SET FOR 8 17 O7 »' !«· "" 1: « Sale price, now I / , 7 / Fineit type seml-porcslain--light, thin, jtrong. Dointy Co$hmere pattern. Get * each of dimwr, briod- butter platesi cupi, saucerij jouc«, ioup dlshei-- plus platter, open vegetable dish, lugar, creamer. RED PLASTIC CUT!-^RY BOX 77c B«9. Me Keepj cutlery neat In drawer. One lection for extro-long tooli. Wipe clean with domp cloth. size. M-W CLOCK FOR KITCHEN 3.47 R»g. 1.81 Price includes excise tox. Same style in choice of electric or 8-doy spring- wound. While metal case. 6'A' square. WITH JUICER AND GRINDER *. I3.H 28.85 " |D ' W Wonderful to own, to jive. No miKW dow wer« than rhii-Wardi fetttr inulHpU-ipatrf. DOM oH mlxine, grlndi foodi, juie« : fruit--iov«« tiw* wd weA. Portablt, 2 bowls, temper, r«lp« Inekidtd. AC-DC BUY FOR FASTER COOK1NO 0 A7 Wmdi law prict 7 . ^ ' 4 U, I. Apfmni Buy Words -pt. "Ma^.c «ol" Pr»nur« Souttpon now, You'll cook and con in mirwtts--not houn-- ·ove wofli, fuel, food. Now eoiier to int. New "no- wotch" prewure gauge, Meat rack, recipe book. LIGHT IRON AUTOMATIC 5.77 IUt. l.ll Eosy to handle, Heah fast. Light shows when Iron reaches heat set en fabric dial. Plpstic handle. Cord attached. AC "7.9B SCALE IN COLORS 6.47 wMi "the Otol (y»ry on* Can Iwd" -- In pastel oeton. Weloh. ta J30 UN. CHROMED POP-UP TOASTER ,, J , n»arrfi low pr/ce Kef. It.M Jvsl sel layer for color liked keil-- t»»s« ftft «y ·f iMnini kMioiity. C«al lakeM*. hm«M. CtrA AC p a

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