Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 6, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1952
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

o, 1992 · Is Urged To Be Prepared In Case Of ; Miss Rlley Is Slate Officer The*- Jbt Sprinu, Ark . «akbltn« of health and hospital e*iti lion IMQ.Jmd'the urging p[tl -^tni;- Mrs. Ester Hammond, ilali to be prepared In ad-| a n d for handling disasters were It of speeches made at Arkansas ho'pital (invention yesterday. Little Rock, recording .secretary, Frances H. Driver, fUurlc* Norby, i-ssistant direc- of the American Ho,pltal As! filiation, u id the cost at hospital I eaj« ' : .' per patient 'for one day's '· Mktment' has jumped two-and- · ', M i-half times; · .-/ ST. M. C. Hawkins of Scarcy Utd that 24, hours., his Searcy. cljBie treated 200 persons injured inftb* White County iornadnes on Sttrcb 21. He recommended that ·«.h«ek : of auxiliary lighting fa- and extra supplies of cots t* made so that they cm be ob- '·.tlMd.'in -can of . emerjjency. · Mid i Btriuur, detriment to the tornado , Injured wns ick of blood plasms. He urged couftty. to establish a blood 'JMUcers elected yesterday in the . ; i*man'». auxiliary . to the State 'SjipiUl Association were'. Mrs. -J |'.L. : Gati, Sr., Paragould, presi-. .(Sfctr.MIss Buth Riley, FayMtc- t», vice president, . jnd Mrs. DeQueen, sec' ' Johnson, . fl tary-tr«a*urev · · . ·-'- ' ' , ,:| dav-fiMlectfd president of. the ; -i toniiai,.',Di«tititns Aisodation. "C bw-'offlceriireMri. Nell Payne, -* irth Little Rock, preiidenl-elect, ·« A · Mr». Doris Chlvers of Little .-] ick, trwurw. · ' . . · - - Hit liabell Hamilton, 'Little ffibrArkuiiu' Medical Llbr.r- !: i iw'Auoeiation elected Mrs. R, C. 1 arr«n, fin* Bluff, president; Mr*. a -JWibiinh, Little Rock, first pr«ild«nl;'Mr». James Phillips '( fbblni,: kittle Rode, second vice WKEJ ARE BORN HffitfD RAISED QMH loch Evening TJI9 . MttflM,*** parting, ft * M HRTONMOS. IWHVMII Helena, treasurer, Election and installation of 'Arkansas Hospital Association officers will he complete* 1 loday. 'The -Arkansas IVdical Librarians, Dietetic Association. Medical Auxiliary and Arkansas, Anethe- 'lists Association are. meeting in conjunction wilh the hospital administrators. ,,. Sweet And Innocent New FashionTrend Parls-f/Pl-Fashions in a sweet and innocent rnood for 'he coming summer are launched by Maggy Rouff in her current mid-season collection. Some are hardly more eophiticated than a Housewife's ruffled »pmn. Demurr. checked gingham (rocks with small waists and flaring Skirts lake starched while Peter Pan collar's and.^cuffs. Prints have flounced hems or ruffles of openwork embroidery at the hem, and the simplest of linen presses are simply trimmed with lines of woo! stitching or bands of embroidered braid. · ' . : · . · · Pleated corset, effects--starting just above the bust line, and continuing to mid-hip--make still another appearance. Slim,. tubular summer coats with short puffed sleeves are made of paisley-printed pique, · Hou/f, like many another Parisian designer this season,. likes the princess line. This silhouette Is tight "in the'bodice, .waist and hips, flaring out in the skirt, Buckner Hubert Roberts; who hss been employed »t a government project on Okinawa the past nine months, arrived home Thursday. He accompanied here f r o m Anteles, Calif., -by his BIllV Roberts, w'ho has been visiting hie aunt,.Mrs. Mie Morgan of Whittler,. Calif,, while his father was overseas. ' ' Jaws |UrJ. Hh 9 j»;VMhrtgil»i; Kansas City University medical school, spept the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ear! Mhoon. Mid-week prayer services will be conducted nt '7:30 p. m. Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs..Zealous Ward. Mrs. Parker Bushing spent Friday night with i;er mother, Mrs. Catherine Morris of Farmington, who Is ill. Mr. and Mrs. Bazii Ledford and daughters-of Elkins. were guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Robblns. ' High Court To Consider Lion Picketing Case Little Rock-OT-The Arkansas Supreme Court has agreed to take Under submission May 26 Lion Oil Company's effort to stop picketing at Its strikebound El Dorado chemical plant, : Normaliy decisions are handed down a week after cases are submitted. Chancellor W. A. Specr of El Dorado denied Lion's motion for a temporary injunction against the CIO Oil Workers on May 1. If Jhe Supreme Court overrules Speer's action, its finding, would have the eftait of a permanent injunction. If the appellate court sus : tains the chancellor, the case will go back to the .lower court. The company has a petition for a permanent^injunction in the lower court. Long Island Bank Handles Charge Accounts For Businesses And .f · Finds The Program Prof liable By SAM DAVVSON New York-OP)-Like to have a charge account at a bank? A lot of folks on Long Island do. Only when they say "charge It, please" it's not for more spending money. Doubtless that's too much to expect from any bank. But they do buy shirts or dresses or whatever on charge accounts at small businesses in some four Long Island towns. And then the bank takes over the account--and bills them. The store never bothers them about paying. It's already got its money from the bank. And the customers ; themselves pay nothing..' The Franklin National Bank of Franirlin Square, says it's the first ever to put this idea into, practice. Arthur. T. Roth, president^ says the plan helps small merchants compete wiih suburban branches of city stores. Also, he' admits, it helps the bank make more money. Some retailers who are partici- ] pating report their business has ' increased as much as 30 per cent Roth says. He explains that most small merchants lack the working capital and clerks to handle charge accounts. The bank does the job for them--and as a result smal shops can offer ^customers the same charge account facilities as do the big department stores, Way Flan Works The plan works this way: A man buys a shirt in one of the participating shops. He has a change account card -- obtained from the bank the same way and under the same credit rating con- GRADE A DAIRY BARNS .NO MONEY DOWN 36 Months to Rtpoy loon DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 St. Chart* Clean-up* Paint-up* Remodel* or Redecorate* OUR TERMS ARE: NO DOWN PAYMENT -- NO MORTGAGE NO INSPECTIONS -- LIBERAL TERMS f Cily Lbr. Co., or Kelley Bros. Lbr. Co. 103N. EastSt, Phone 2938 3.24 W. Diekion Phont 9 tnjoy CeoTComfort -- Economical at o MALCO THEATRE ditlons 19 at a department store. The merchant deposits the sales slip In his account at the bank, and Is credited exactly as if he had deposited cash. The bank takes over from there. It does the bookkeeping on what the customer owes in all the participating, stores, sends him invoices, makes collections, credits the customer's account for the shirt if it is returned for any reason. And it say, "no", politely, if the customer's outstanding accounts* are* too high--store clerks call the bank to check.. In other words, the bank acts for all the participating stores lust as the accounting and credit department of a big store does for each of its departments. Bank Profit* The bank makes money this way: First it charges the merchant five per cent of the amount of each sales. slip. Also the merchant's business bankfcg account is carried with trankiin National. And the customers with credit cards Issued by the bank are, naturally, encouraged to be' depositors there too. The plan started a year ago, confined'to oil distributors. Fifty retail merchants now are participating and the bank is handling 23,000 charge accounts. More than one million dollars worth of goods and services have been charged under the plan. Doctors and den- .tlsts may be added next. The bank has a plumber now. Vice President William 3. Boyle, former department ttore credit executive runs the charge account program for the bank. He say? customers are paying more promptly than they normally do to a department store. Used by.thousand! tn reducing Jiets--Junge'i Roman Mtal bread. 11-19-tf WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP Tonite 7:30-9:43 Tom k Jerry Cartoon Stdrts Wednesday HRlWID: MM FooftOi Heart i Free Pony Rides ROW PALACE iiw-siso I FLAYING - rMI»MV*C 8:M . 7,20 . liSdj A OOU8LMAMI11D KnOIIOH Of "UN | " K ..MUMMMHH' iTwim witmrf ·!»'--* JLA - · BHOKCR* FOLLIES · CANDID OPEH-: UARK SHOWS 6:JO . SlOO, TWITE "MODELS INC." -' » COLOR CARTOONS -- ^tyXMCK WEDNESDAY : nt Most WOMAN M HRTMTI At thrmmk Star tf MM WHn Int WW SPECIAL RETURN ENGAGEMENT ^ 0 Z A R K .-"Si, 1 - "RETREAT, HELL!" TkFightm'eslBatllcuyof All: BEGINS WEDNESDAY 3:25 h's Hfat?tutf.. ..ond it's Every Girl for Hirself! { This new'SHOW DOWNway of comparing cai-s lets you see exactly what you get for your money Ai/A no punches,.. rfea/s in fads fftnujvui proof... not 'sell'/ \\'hfn you coniparn rurs Ihft "Snow DOWN V way, you get Ihn plain truth alinut cur v.ilur. Don't'hiiy nny c,u until Voti slop in fnr your Irw "Show Down" Iwoklcl. Il'i nn r\'c.oponcr and a monry-s,ivrrl Come In loony. CAN cJnim "more for the money." I5ut Dodge backs it . . . all the way! Dndge gives you (he plain, unvarnished facts . . . invites your comparison the "Show Do\vn" way with cars costing hundreds of dollars more. You sen for yourself exactly how much more roomy comfort Dodge gives you. You get proof of Dodge smoother ride . . . greater safety . . , lasting 'economy that saws you money on upkeep and repairs. Come in today for your free "SHOW DOWN" booklet and a demonstration drive in the big '52 Dodge. Get our top-dollar appraisal on your present car. See how easy it is to own a hig new Dodge at today's low price. Your praitnt car will probably MOM THAN covtr th* full down paymtnl. lub|Kt to change willi^l nolle*. \2/(mv, jfytmdaSJe · M A K I SAFI DRIVING A HA III. CHICK TOUR CAR ... CHICK ACCIDINUI -HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS* 14-22N. cr 41 E. CENTER , PHONI 21 OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 8 P.M. TIRE SAP SAVE WITH SAFETY NOW PRICES CUT 4 DAYS ONLY 1195 1345 II* / W 6.00rI6 I W»*TW 6.70-13 ' Plat Ftdirol fax ondyoUr old Hr» EVERY OUNCE FIRST QUALITY 'FULL NON-SKID DEPTH-FULL TREAD WIDTH--FULL SI?E · RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS Size Tire Price* Tuba Prici** 6.40-15 13.75 2.35 6.70-15 13,45 2.70 7.10-15 15.45 2.80 7.60-15 17.25 2.95 8.00-15 18.95 3.50 6.70-16 13.75 2.75 RIVERSIDES FOR OLDER CARS 6.50-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 1573 11.95 1*.25 2.70 2.40 2.75 V/.i M. r., w r«w «W *«. "Hn M, Tn ONLY 10% DOWN ON^TERMS SALE ENDS SATURDAY

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