Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 6, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1952
Page 9
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Movie Personalities To Appear Here May 15 MNUHMtttl County Out For Eisenhower In Straw Vote Big Ballot Cast For General At Drug Stores Washington County's p: 'erence for Gen. Dv.'ight Eisenhov.-er lor president was indiea;ed by results ot a straw vote conducted last week hy the Arkansas Pharmaceutical Association. G l e n n fticketts, association president, re- George Waggntr Three moving picture personalities will converge on Arkansas next Monday, for personal appearances in 35 cities, including Fayetteville. Nine screen personifies will visit the three states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Joyct Holden Branch Manager !y^n^nTt'"^ ^ Ji/c":iBooklnll(«r Found Dead into the crop. " -- in Trunk Of Aufo What Others 5av WR DtlTV TO 1«,«0» Some ttithtlfti think at tto «3 three peninsulas radiating from th« central Asiatic land DIM, 1. th« Americas. 2, Europe tnf Africa end 3. the "drowned fenin- Hula" of bland] which temoieati In Australia, ; . "But I ASKED you to krip thai ·.tory out, and you ran it on the j street, front page. I detest such notnr-' -=--*=· lety." | "I disagree with your reporter.! OUT O U R - W A Y because thtst children are l » » r n - j ing to malrt useful t h l n f t w i t h ; 'heir hands, and their pictures' lu-'ht to be- In th* paper." i "My husband if in outstanding! salesman and I'd like his picture ·un. It would be a complete surprise to him. I don't even rare If C'hicagn-'/Pi-The bullet-pierced body of Drvlrt 7atz, Identified by police as a bookmaker, w.u found Experiment! indicate Hut hiv* Inst night H u f f e d In Ihe trunk o f f of h««s can jain aj much U 40 his autniuobile on a North uees in Ih* hive, By J. ft. Will^iim Corporation's office in the Uark Rod Camtrcn Tone-Payfon Divorce Trial Is Postponed Los Angeles-WPJ-Legal hostili- The three who will be in Arkan- | " es . in lhe FrancHot Tone-Barbara sas are Rod Cameron, Joyce Holden and George Wagoner. Their visit will be a part of the nationwide, year-long celebration of "Movietime,. U.S.A." All segments of the motion. picture in- Payton marital dispute have been postponed for a week at least. Lawyers for the movie actor and his wife told the court yesterday they may be able to reach an agreement on Miss Payton's tem- duirtry are cooperating in this I Porary alimony claims. She has ·movement to" honor tfie founding asked $1,500 monthly, of the first movie theater opened in Los Angel's 50' years ago. Cameron a. six-foot 4-inch -star.ljf a score of pictures. He Is a big favorite with followers of outdoor .epics, has starred in "The F's-Hornr!." "Fort Osage," "Oh! F'-- ~nna," "Sta^e To Tucson" and "Calvary Scout," all recent releases. His n e w picture as yet unreleased is "Minnesota." If so, they said, Tone's petition to amend his divorce complaint to charge his wife with adultery with actor Tom Neal probably will be dropped. Today's Marker- St. Louis Livestock __________ National Stockyards, Ill.-(/P)Joyce Holden is a blue-eyed | (USDA)-Hogs 11.000; rather slow; weights 18(1 Ibs up weak to 25 ]nw- Never Can Tell," "Tarqel Unknown." blonde who is under contract to Universal - International Studios. She has aoneared in such recent movies as "Bronco Buster," "You Iron Man," "The Milkman" and "Down Memory Lane." A veteran writer-dire-tor and producer is George W-iggner, whose first screen credit wss received on "The . Shlek" which starred Rudolph Valentino. His talent in the varied fields of creative art has been used by most o c the n^jor Hollywood studios. His most recent -motion picture was done for John Wayne in "Oo- prat'on Pacific" for Warner Brothers. V/aggner is preparing another movie for Wayne and also doing "Storm Over China" for Reoublic pictures. Besides his efforts for the movies, he has written song lyrics and worked with Gus Kahn, Vincent Youmans and Neil Moret. On their tour through Arkansas. the trio of movie makers will make public a opea ranees, meet officials, anpear before civic clubs, and schools and will act as ambassadors of pjod will for the motion picture industry. Leaving Memphis early Monday, May 12. this group will make stops at Brinklcy. Stuttgart. Dumas. Dermott and McGchec. On Tuesday they will call at Eudora, Lake Village, 'Varren, Fordyce. Eeardrn and Csmden. Scheduled for Wednesday are . Prescolt, Nashville. DpQueen and Mena. Thursday will take the trio to I Fayetteville, Rogers and Eureka I Springs. Harrison. Marshall and ; Conway will be visited Friday. The Hollvwood visitors will appear in Fayetteville Thursday, May 15 arriving at 12 noon for a two hour star. I .They will return to Memphis Saturday to join other personalities traveling in Tennessee and Mississippi for the return trip via air to Hollywood. er than Monday's average; lighter weights 25 to 75 r,r more lower; sows 25 to 50 off: bulk choice 180-230 pounds 19.75-20.00; few loads mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 220 Ibs 20.10; about 50 head in small lots 20.25: too to packers 19.75; 240-270 Ibs 18.7519.60; 280-325 Ibs 18.00-75; 150- leased the results of the county noting this morning. The general scored .1 victory ac- cordins to th= results of balloting in Fayetteville as ropcrleri yester- rby. The vote in the county gave him an even greater triumph. Rickctts said a total of 3,213 of Oklahoma, 39; Chief Justice volss had been tabulated (exclu- [Fred Vinson, in. and W. Averell Rive or Fayclteville 1 w i t h 1,252 Harriman (a write-in candidate), Roland Trice has been appointed | you forget to nut in the company K ---- u ,, ...... _, .,.. ----- ,.. . ,. branch manager of the newly' opened Universal C. I. T, Credit V . nrk5 , or ,. "They art m a k i n g II hard for me, and it will An me lots of hnrm 170 Ibs 18.25-19.90; 120-140 Ibs 16.00-17.75; sows "100 -~s .down 16.7S-17.90; few 17.75; heavier I oMhem being cast for Eisenhower, i 2. 15.75-16.79; lew 17.00: slags The general polled P57 of a 2,4581 12.50-14.50; boars 12.00-H.OO. Cattle 2,500, calves l,2nn; steers and heifers opening aboui steady; steers largely on s'-iipper accounts; cou-s fully steady and bulls un- lo'.al in Fayetlcville. Popularity in t'.ie county follo'.v- fd almost the same pattern as In Fayelt-ville. In bath instances Esles Kefauver ran'.;ed second, changed: fw good anri choice j Robert Tart third. Sen, J. W. Ful- loads and lots of steers 29.75-34.- bright (a v/rlte-ln candidate) 00; utility and commercial cows'fourth, and Sen. Richard Russell, 22.00-25.00; few 26.00 and above: canners end cutters 15.50-21.50; utility and commercial bulls 23.00-26.00; cutter bulls 20.00-22.00: ef Georgia, f i f t h Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur tool; sixth in the county with California Oov. Ea r 1 Warren seventh. The city voterr had vealers 1.00 higher and active to I placed Warren sixth" and MacAr all interests; sorted prime S3.00; fjoc-d and choice largely 36.00; utility and commercial 22.00-29.00. Sbeet) 800; olj crop lambs and aged sheeo s-teady; sprinc hr-'bs scarce; spots stronger; several lols good to prime springers 30.00-31.- OQ; few merely good grade 20.00; good and choice old cron woolrd lambs 26.50-28.00; included some 126-lb lanbs and deck fall shorn i at 26.50; load choice ti primp No. I 2 skins 26.75. same as for m a t e s ' yesterday; shorn slaughter ewes [ 7.00-12.00 according to weight and quality. announce It's coming. FruiF And Berry Shed Opens Here Tomorrow The Farmlngton'Fruit and Berry Association shed In Fay»tt*«Hle Stevenson, of Illinois, 08; Harold will open for business tomorrow, thur seventh. The totals: Kefauver, 433; Taft. ?B3; Ful- brisht, 297; Russell, 2J8; MacAr- ur, 202; AVarren, 145; Gov. A. J. Bull-ling. A native of Arkansas, he If you print anything. I'm askin|r has been with the company tince you AS A PERSONAL K f f l E N D to Ignore it. Think of how Ion3 we have been knowing each other." . . . By no means Imaginary are the above scraps of conversation. They are real, in no instance did The Commercial grant any of these requests. w« have a duty to 18,000 subscribers which is undeviatin*. If every demand for a plug or purf was granted, if we covered up to protect everyone from the glare of undesirable publicity, we would soon have no readers a l l all, because we would cease to be newspaoer. Pine Bluff Commercial Fort Smith Group To Publicize Rodeo Here A group of Fort Smith LusineSs- men on B goodwill tou.' for the a n n u a l Arlcansss-Oltlahonir. Rodeo will visit Fayctleville at 4:1 D p. m., I^ay 15. An Army plane, assigned to the tour from Camp Chsffee will fly ahead of the caravan lo E. Stassen, 55; President Harry Truman (a write-in candidate), 47; Supreme Court Justice William 0. Douglas, 46; Sen. Robert Kerr, H. E. Dorman, secretary of the association, announced t o d a y . Dorman predicled lighter business, pointing out that the strawberry In many birds th* muscles used ! In flight constitute about half the! weight of the bird. f BRAKES - LIGHTS - STEERING THE BIG THREE OF SAFE DRIVING S*e KOHLER and HALL for a FREE checkup an the.. important iofaty foctert ot Whiteley'i Gorag* CORNER MOUNTAIN h SCHOOL Boy Scout Leaders Training Sessions Set The fourth session of the Boy Scout leaders training course will be held at the City Hall in Rogers tonight starting at 7:30 p. m. Boy Scout leaders present from all parts of the Northwest district of the Wrsfark Area Council!, will attend. The Northwest district is composed of Benton, Washington and Madison Counties. This session will be on patrol and troop hiking and will be under the leadership of Dale Tobinson, assistant scoutmaster from C.''.oam Springs. Ernest Godfrey of Rogers is chairman of the committee which is presenting this training course. The f i f t h session will be held at Fayetteville, May 13. 'The tuataras of New Zealand Bfe the lasl living remnant, of a group of fossil reptiles which had three eyes. In the living species the third eye on top of the head Is represented only by a group of scales. 41 E. Center ' cr OPEN SATURDAY EVENING UNTIL 8 P.M. PHONE 21 If You're -- You htm a f rtat traat in ·tor* for you! New Korok-Top Dinette THE MOST DURABLE TABLE SURFACE MADE \AQ " /.a/ l*t 7. SS i 60" fop vlth 12 BURN PROOF--Unhormed even by Ihe direct florae of o blazing blow-tcrch. Unharmed by cigarettes; hot dishei. ' 100% MOISTURE-SEAlED-No woter con get between layeri--will never warp or iplit In years of service, MAR, CHIP-RESISTANT-Surfoc» of rock fused to stael--o completely new tible surface, not |ust another plastic top. On Termi, $23.00 Down, 110,00 Monthly STAIN PROOF-Unaffected by Ih* strongest household adds ond alkalies. Alcoholic beverages connol stain or ring. NO WAXING OR POllSHING-Your Korolc table top will keip its bright shiny luster permanently, without polishing. COLORFAST--Table top will not fad* or bleach--unaffected by sunlight, heat '"' or strong soaps. Permanent fustd colon. SEE IT DEMONSTRATED AT WARDS STORE... SATURDAY, MAY 10 41 E. CENTER · (T OPEN SATURDAY TIL 8 P.M. PHONE 21 APPLIANCE SALE REG. 244.95 FAMILY-SIZE M-W-HOLDS 250 LB3. 7.2 cu. //.; only 214.88 Ttrmi, $33 dewa. $13 Month You'll like everything about this space-saving Freezer--including. il« low sale prte» Pays for itself because you save by quantity food buying--cuts down food wolte, too. Enjoy these quality features: counter-balanced lid, locking chromed handle, automatic interior light, 2 wire baskets and dividers for storage flexibility. REG. 429.95 SPACIOUS HOME FREEZER-16 CU. FT. Sale savings on this 560 Ib. capacity freezer. You'll liko the counter-balanced lids, sturdy chromed 'handles with tumbler locks and recessed toe panel. The 2 wire baskets ond dividers pro-lde slorcgs flexibility |:i Dawn $10 Month 07700 0/1.00 REG 89.95 COMPACT 20-INCH GAS RANOETTE Special savings--economical M-W that takei only 3Vi M4fc AA «q. ft. of floor space--ideal for small kitchens. This 20" j K QK oncjette hos large 18" ov«n and separate pull-out broiler. · IrlwW Whit* porcelain-enamel flniih cleans easily. Use terms. u jj^,, IT Mwih REG. 147,95 M% WASHER- 10-LB. CAPACITY Save $13 on Wards lest Washer. Automatic timer stopt a- *f A A ||A varm Swirlotor 1-15 min.--2 I /4 W balloon roll wringer ttofM - 134 OO ·t «'lqht pull on dorrms-- outomoUc "r^swr*. Ui» T«rm«, KEG. 154.88 Supreme Washer with Pump. Sal* 141.11 Ml Down, 111 r with MoWh Ml.TI ' ·'· *«"** II t

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