The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1936 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 2% 1336 MRS. NKOUUN DIES IN WEST Succumbs From Heart Trouble After 2 Weeks Illness Saturday ! Word of the death of Isabella Jijlcoulln was received in Algona Saturday morning by her niece, Mrs. El J. Hough. Mrs. Nicoulin -died Saturday morning in Roily- wood following an illness of two weeks with heart trouble and complications of declining years. Mrs. NlcouJln was about 84 years of age. Isabella Galbraith was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Galbraith. She came to Kossuth county in 1870 with her parents from Janesville, Wisconsin. The parents bad emigrated from Scotland about twenty-five years before. She was one of five children, all of whom are now dead. The others were George and John Galbraith, one time prominent Algona merchants And property owners, Mrs. E. S. Salisbury and Mrs. Peter Purvis, mother of Mrs. Hough and Isabella Purvis of Algona. In 1880 Mrs. Galbraith married 3. F. Nicoulin. Mr. Nicoulin died In California a number of years ago and their only child, Fernley, died about five years ago. The Nlcoullns lived on North Thorington street in the house now occupied by the John McEnroes until about twenty years ago when they moved to Hollywood. Mr. Nicoulin, who was Algona's pioneer photographer, had prospered during his active business life here and retired on moving to the west. The son, Fernley, who had been In the Algona State Bank here, continued in the banking business in California and held a fine position at the time of his death. Mrs. Nicoulln's niece, Mrs. Olive Walker and son, Gordon, have made their home with her for many years. Mrs. Nicoulin had many property Interests in Algona and vicinity at the time of her death. The family held the esteem and confidence of Algona people during their long residence here, and will always be remembered most kindly. Funeral arrangements had not been learned here, but burial wilt be in California, where the son and husband are burled. Episcopal Class Confirmed Here The Rt. Reverend Harry S. Longley, bishop of Iowa, and the bishop's vicar, Rev. Jesse D. Griffith of Davenport, were here for confirmation at St Thomas pal church, Sunday, Sept 30. The following were confirmed, by Rev. De V. Shelmadine, rector: Henry Tjaden, Thomas Holmes, Sptncer Shore, Marilyn Woodward, Doris Drayton, Mary Johnson and Meredith Raney. The Quarton & Miller Law Office Is now located in the old County Savings Bank building owned by Dr. F. E. Sawyer, in the offices formerly occupied by Sullivan/ McMahon & Linnan. LESS THAN ONE BUSHEL OF ASHES TO ATON OF GREAT HEART The High Heat, Guaranteed Coal Here's the coal that will give you the most comfort and the least trouble PHONE US F. S. Norton & SOD X Phone 229 A OUR COUNTRY'S CALLING LIST — If printed in one book—would be much larger than all telephone directories in Europe combined UNITIO STATIS iUIOK 12C.OOO.OM F«opl» 550.000,000 P«opl« 17.500.000 Directory Uifiigi U.500.000 0»r«st«ry U.«»9» If vuM^lcphonc directory and the telephone director!*! of •11 od«r place, in tht United State* were combined in one book, it would be about one and one-half tijnet u lai&e a« the combined telephone diiectorie* of all Europe . . . even Uifcr «h_n tk» combined telephone directories of all the tttt of die world. . la proportion to population, the people of the United State* l»*ve iU time* a* many telephone* at European* and nuke nine rime* a* many telephone calU. Such (treat and widespread u»« of telephone *ervice in the United i>taU» u "vldeoc* of it* high quality, iu great value aud iu low COM to telephone u«r». NOtTHWIITIIN HIL TIlifHONI COMfANY REVIEW OF RECENT MOVIE PICTURES "Mary of Scotland" Is noteworthy' for several facts. It marks the appearance of Katherine Hepburn In a role of restrained emotions, befitting the queen whom she portrayed. It follows the outline of history fairly accurately, leaving open to debate the question of whether or not Old Pater Knox was as dtsagreable as shown—and believe It or not, the hero died, and even movie script didn't save him. We expected the heroine to die, but for both of them—my goodness. Scotsmen viewing the picture must have felt twinges of anything but pride, as they viewed a host of disagreeable characters march across tne screen. The picture was unusual for the manner in which it sprinkled reel after reel with unpopular character portrayals. . »,,».» "Mary of Scotland" was not a picture to lighten one's life, or ease away one's troubles, but for solid entertainment with historical significance, it will last In memory for some time. It missed oe- comlng an epic; there was no giant mass scene between opposing forces, no great battle, no magnificent spectacle to remember, other than a courtyard skirmish or two, but It was a good> PJcture, nevertheless. And we suspect that all the bagpipers on the west coast were recruited for some of the scenes—and the most interesting at that To Katherine Hepburn, orchids for queenly acting; to Fredric March, a medal for maintaining his position as No. 1. actor in the art of interpreting roles from history requiring mature youthfulness and vigor. • • • Some pictures begin nowhere and end nowhere and your commentator cannot help but feel that way about "The General Died at Dawn." Gary Cooper tried hard, and Madeleine Carrol carried her attractive self like a good heroine shouW, after reforming, and deciding to die before a Chinese firing squad and thus atone for It ail-but somehow or other the picture failed to live up to ex* pectations. Gary Cooper is the usual handsome American, who it seems, differs from the usual run because all he is interested in is saving the millions of Chinese who are under the heel of a warlord. Gary Is captured carrying the money that will mean weapons (and killing) for the underprivileged, betrayed by a girl not quite in her teens. Well, the general, It seems, is an ego-maniac who Is finally stabbed, and Gary plays upon his ego until the general has his personal bodyguard kill each other just as he dies, and of course our hero and heroine are thus released from an awful fate. Perhaps we fail to understand the Oriental mind, but the picture reminds us of nightmares we had when a small boy. • * * The plalnspoken, either hi words or pictures, Is often hard to stomach, especially if you have prejudices otherwise. But the "March of Time" continues to be outspoken, and We have a feeling that its authors strive mightily to produce as near a truthful portrayal of events as it Is possible to obtain. More power to the sponsors of "March of Time", always a welcome relief from Hearst Metro- tone News. • » • After 22 years, "The Birth of s Nation" loses none of its appeal. The first few sound reels are pretty scratchy, and the characters move about like animated cartoons, only not as graceful, but the picture gains momentum as It goes, and Immortalizes a most critical period In American history. The big, brawny blacksmith who got shot after cleaning out a shed full of renegades was Wallace Reid, an actor who rose to fame In this picture. The film caught and still holds, the utter foolishness and yet the inevitability of th* War Between the States; the war that welded out separate units, one nation of united strength—the war that eliminated any barriers there may have been to America's progress. Football Coaches Talk at Rotary Football coaches Berger and Flndlay of the Algona high school delivered brief and Interesting talks to members of the Algona Rotary club, Monday noon, telling something of their hopes for the present grid season. A blanket invitation to members to participate in the visit and free luncheon of the Des Moines Wholesalers and Jobbers, Wednesday noon, was Issued by O. S. Reliey. secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. Teachers' Conclave Here October 5th Through the cooperation of the county superintendents: Florence Wells of Palo Alto county; Clara Olson of Wlnnebago county; Marie Sorum of Emmet county; J. R. Baggs of Hancock county and Wm. Shirley of Kossuth county and A. J. Steffey, regional supervisor of Northwest Iowa In the state department of education, a plan has been worked out for demonstrations of progressive methods of high school teaching. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Hammer and Infant son of Ottawa, Minn., spent Sunday with Mrs. Kate Chllton. Mrs. Hammer was formerly Etta Chllton. Mr. and Mrs. George Schumach- er and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lester from Woden, drove to Spencer on Thursday to attend the fair. The John Schultz and Mike Leners families also attended the fair there. Classified Ads For Sale FOR SALE—Male Gordon setter Call 499-J. 38* pups, FOR SALE—100 used tires. 25c each.—Joe Bloom. 38 FOR SALE—2 used bicycles. 28". —Joe Bloom. 3S FOR SALE—4 and 5 year old team. Sound.—Mike Heiderscheidt Bancroft. 3° IBVINGTON NEWS &XCBS&%3&^^ Mildred Dole returned home this week after having been employed at the Walking Lunch room. Elmer Dole is now enjoying electricity In his home. They recently connected to the high line lere. Mr. and Mrs. Don Gles and Mr. and Mrs. H. Gles attended the funeral of Mrs. Gies at Lincoln, Neb., on Wednesday of this week. To Whom It May Concern I have this day received from the United Counties Benevolent Association of Algona, the sum of $547.00 In return for husband's membership In that organization. My husband had made but one death contribution of $1.00 while he was a member. SIGNED: Mrs. Earl Sanford Corwith, Iowa. Sept. 20, 1936 FOR SALE—Wealthy and Winesap apples. Hand picked.—Leo Jaskulke, 4 miles south of Lone Rock, Lone Rock phone 3818. 38 FOR SALE—Siberian crabs, 75c bushels, 2 mile east of Irvington.— John F. Weber. 38' FOR. SALE—7-room house, partly modern, 3 tots-$2,000.—Tilla McCall, 513 N. Thorington. *** 38« FOR SALE—Good building lot. Phone J34-—Tllla McCall. 38* FOR SALE—8 good lots, cheap. Call at 813 N. Tborlngton. 38* FOR SALE—Six room modern house. Good location. Phone m IF YOU NEED A typewriter, you'll do well to inquire at The Upper Des Moines Office. We handle Underwood machines, portable and atandard size, and also used machines from time to time, all reconditioned. 36 FOR SALE—Typewriter paper, just received large shipment, good white bond paper, 60 cent a ream (500 sheets).—Algona Upper Des Mulnes. For Bent FOR RENT—Business office. Inquire Algona Upper Des Moines. Heated, modern, center of city. 38-tf* FOR RENT—Furnished room.— Mrs. J. J. Dooley, 609 E. North. 38 FOR RENT—Sleeping room in modern home. Telephone 317-W. 514 E. North. J* FOR RENT—AH modern home. Oct. 1. Call at 513 N. Thorington. 38* FOR RENT—160 acres, fully Improved. Located on paved highway 169, 2H south of St. Joe, 3H northwest of Livermore. See Mrs. Anna Vought at Belmond, Iowa. 38-39* FOR RENT—If you have a room rooms, house or apartments to rent, a want ad in this column will do the business. We have many calls each week for them. 36 Wanted • Save that cream with a Vega separator. Users biggest boosters. Medium size 182.60. Terms.—Bjustrom's, Algona, Iowa. 3-tf BLACKSMITHING—Now open for business 2 blocks north Dr. Fox's office, on North Williams. 25 years' experience. Woodwork, gun- work, bicycle work, plow work all kinds, plow beams straightened. Everything satisfactory or money refunded.—L. A. Markla. 38* WANTED—Single man to work on farm. Reference.—C. A. Wilcox. Route. 1. 38* KENT MOTOR CO. USED CARS ARE PRICED RIGHT! 1926 Chevrolet coach $ 35 1928 Chrysler coach $ 65 1927 Dodge sedan 65 1929 Chevrolet truck 75 1929 Ford tudor 75 1930 Ford tudor 155 1934 Ford tudor 345 1934 Ford tudor 395 1935 Ford tudor 445 1935 Ford tudor 475 1936 Chevrolet coach 565 1931 Chevrolet truck 155 1930 Ford truck 146 1931 Ford roadster 200 1930 Ford coupe 165 1933 Chevrolet truck 235 TERMS Kent Motor Co. w+wwwwww^^ Buy This New Jnarian Sue Maternity Dress $6.88 /» your own Regular liie It'a new, it'i thrtUingE Th* adjuatme-t can b* mad* in the wtUrtliiw. No need to boy an extr» fix* with tn* aUw- •Urn that it Th« toft chiffon Jabot la eon- trafUny colon is both youth* ltd and fonctallng and givw a •trilling tppearaoca to tbc tutirt drttt. Sixet 14/o20 BUck-Brown-Navy, Wine-Greta Rutt ANNEX FIRST TRIAL IN COURT TERM ON TAP WEDNESDAY Grand Jury (Joes Into Session In Secret Today One of the heaviest court calendars in county history—75 cases on the docket—promises plenty of action in Algona for the next few weeks. First case ordered for trial by, Judge DeLand Is that of Chris Nielsen vs. Peter N. Hanson, which w 1 !!! begin trial on Wednesday morning. The matter oertates to rental of land. jf At th« same time, the grand Jury will begin Its deliberations. One ot the cfcfcf investigations will probably be that of Qeorge Hart, LeMars, held In the kossath* eottn- 'ty jail in connection with thefts of butter at Fenton and Wesley, fts well as other points, tfctrt has also been called the ring leader of the butter theft gang by state agents, and is alleged to be implicated In "hot bond deals, recently disclosed by State Agent Paul Gruber. Read The Vtnat Ada—It MANLY, IOWA Thur., Oct. 1 Commencing at 12 o'clock, Sharp Nordstrom in Oregon A letter deceived by this paper from Art Nordstrom, Algoha boy, from Portland, Oregon, Inform* u* that Art is working in a Sears Roebuck store out there, that he like* Oregon, and he wants the U. D. M. 17OO Head Of Cattle These are al) good Hereford* from the Wyoming and Nebraska •and hills. Cattle will be weighed day of sale and guaranteed weights given with each bunch. Sale Will Be Held Bain or Shine. In case of bad weather will be held in pavilion Manly, Iowa U ten miles north of Mason City. It Is located on Highways No. 65 and No. 9. The railroads are the Rock Island, M. & St L. and Great Western. TERMS-4 percent discount for cash... Seven months' time win be given to responsible parties... Those desiring eerdlt make arrangement* before-Bale day. Oswald Strand Northwest Savings Bank, Mason City, Iowa, Clerk ••••••IHHM^BB^^BH^" • ' Grocery Specials Cocoa, one pound can Oval'Sardines, 1Q« 1 lb. size, 2 cans — ** /v College Inn Soup, 2 cans — r -, Pen-Jel, 2 pkgS. Pori & Beans, Ige. 01 * 2^ size can, 2 cans 4 '*** Premium Oats, Oflr per pkg. KO Baking Powder Large site-^-.-—^—We Small siae _____^_—8c * Mustard, quart jar Opal Catsup, per bottle _— 15c 10c Meat Specials 1A r 1UU Boiling Beef, per lb. _ ____ _: Lamb or Veal Stew, 21bs ____ Baby Beef or Fancy Veal Boast, lb. 15c & 17c Veal Loaf, per lb. 18c TOP PRICE FOB EGOS H. R. Sorensen & Company Phone 138 and 139 We Deliver T T Still Serving Kossuth For 66 years, this progressive dry goods and apparel store has been serving the good people of Kossuth county. Year in and year out, season after season, this, store has been selling quality merchandise at lowest possible prices. Always progressive, always alert, always at the head of the parade, ChrischiUes & Hezbet steps ^ihuad iu this new Fall season of 1936 to show the largest, most comprehensive line of quality merchandise in its entire history. You will save money by tradiggJ^re, wh£re service, dependability, courtesy make shopping p pleleure. We are here to serve you. We welcome you to thif new season, tefrrt lw ii%' 7&i\*'

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