Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 10, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

UWOWKASOtrr* Trie NOT THE66EST THRILL Of MV UK. EITHER, KID.' WK TEACHER TfACMR?! (OU 60 BACK THERE AW TEU r M-A\Y NEPHEWS TELL ME THEY TOLD MXIR SON I COULD LLICKMX!.' B-BELJEVE ME--1 C-COULON'T.' itektj SIR, OW K CLEAR WN, YOU CAS' SEE «T. EVEREST. = CHECKED OUT. ME LEFT THIS APDRESS, AROUND TWE WORLD, BUZ. LANDS -THAT'S MADNESS//ONE ONE-THOUSANDTH OFSHLEMEELIUM WORKS UP A BURP THAT STUNS AN ox///- IT ALSO WORKS UP A BURP ADDICTION -you CANY RESIST- THIS COUNTRY WILL. BECOME A SEETHING VOLCANO OF INCURABLE BURPING " ??-TH BOSS ORDERED THESHLEMEELIUM IN BURPSI-BOOMA INCREASED IOOO TIMES/.''/ WHEN WILL, YOUR MOTHER 6E SOSJMY? HOW DID'KUKMOW sue v lieAll YOU ; DIDN'T EVEN ASK i MV LOH AS IT'S LEGAL 41 k. YOU BUTTERSO JU i ~T ·v.^r-- r^sw* ij^i f^.ff^t V I IB BOY/THIS TOAST SUPE IS TOUCH / --Believe R orMrt/1 LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D Slipped Disc More Serious^ Than Old-Time Lumbago 'WHO NEVER TOSS AND TURN IN THEIR SLEEP . IB/LAO NATIVES of Luzo* m the Philippines/ CAM NftP WHILE BALANCE OH · A SWINGING RATTAN - THE SLENDER STSM Of A PALM DORBUV-- rOPOLKTION 400 -IS THfSMAUEST TOtM fHISftSUM ' THE CROSS (WKKW6 IHEGRWE Of BISHOP MtLO.M QUINT, SERVED ASA RQMAt) MILESTONE iimiiiiiiiiiiiiiraiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiniiBiiiiiiimniiiiiiiTM FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope -Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find vhat your outlook is according .0 the stars. FOR WED., SEPT. II ARIES (Mar. 21 59 Apr. 20) ' Some will be pleased, some won't -- with your decisions, Dlans. Be careful to consider .he opinions of all before acting. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) ' Do not make promises which you cannot fulfill, but resolve :o achieve as much as is reasonably possible in the time allotted. A fine outlook for romantic interests. EMINI (May 22 to June 21) You may have to revise some plans, do some extra maneuvering. Don't go too far out on limb, however. Stability needed. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) By no means, discount the 'little" things, for through :hese you can often attain your riost worthwhile achievements, itudy new trends,-suggestions; be practical. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Your individual touch, the right word at the right moment :ould mean the difference Between a so-so day and a lop- light one. Many opportunities 'or advancement. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) , You are not always sure how others regard you. This could interfere · with the presentation of your case or wares. A confident attitude is the answer. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) While planetary influences are not inauspicious, there are a few areas where caution will be needed. Preparation for new ventures call for especially careful consideration. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) This day calls for teamwork, perhaps tome compromises but in the long r u n , practica concessions will pay off. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to-Dee 21) You should make fairly good headway in most endeavors, bu don't 'go off on tangents o: scatter energies'. Either couli offset best efforts. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Branch out to- some extent Realize your limitations, however, so you won't overreach your mark. Some complexitie possible. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Curb emotions and a tendenci toward eccentricity. Tighten reins on spending, but don' scrimp unwisely and lose ou' in the long run. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar.'20) A splendid day for inno vations and experimentation -always a pleasing challenge to the inventive Piscean. Don' hesitate to pioneer in new fields. YOU BORN TODAY are highly endowed intellectually -skillful, clever, very shrewd You are extremely versatile ambitious arid have a .keen zes' for competition. Endowed with a gift for words, you woult make an outstanding writer lecturer or teacher. You coul( succeed as lawyer or statesman and here your articulateness coupled with your sharp critica faculties, would make you a feared opponent in debate, master of disputation. You are more of a leader than manj others of your Sign and may take to politics or espousal o "causes" and movements fo: community improvement. Othe: natural outlets for your talents science, music,' architecture Birthdate of: James Thomson poet; William Sydney Porte (0. Henry), Amer. short story writer. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1-- aulait 5 Paddle .8 Roman patriot rt Tractable U Grandfather of Enos 15 Canadian province 16 Mere 17 Jellylike material 18 Styx ferryman 20 Played 1^ Krupa M Money bag 37 Acme 49 Harden " 41 Ancient country 42 Repeats 47 Serf 48 Chew the cud « Yellow and Black 56 Compass reading 51 Pitcher ZWine vessel 3 Mars 4 Riddle 5 Ancient coin 6 Vestment 7 Atomic piles 8 Beach shelter 9 Jewish month !0 Source of 24 Subtle emanation 25 Washington city 28 Greek letter 29 Vermont city M High note 32 Breaks away M To lade .35 Ma hire poi . DOWN 11 Portent 1 Machine 13 The part sweetsop Avg. solution time: 24 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 19 *isn - · · · . 20 Dibble " 21 Trick .. 22 Popular author 23 Drunken binge 25 Precioos stone" 2«aose 27 Ancient Greek country 29 A lure 31 English rural festival 33 Felonies 34 Lighter fuel 3$ Fairy 37. Letters 38 Otherwise 3) Zola novel 40 Strewn (Her.) 43 Large cask 44 Marble 45 Summer ot the Loire « Weight of India, 29 23 19 51 9 to II NoHhwM* ArioiiMi TIMIS, Tiwt, rAVETTKVILLC. AHKAN1A* . tO, 1974 ' \mwmwwwwimmtHiwwm It seems as if so many young eople I know complain that ley have a "slipped disc" in he back. Is this a new-fangled erm for the old-fashioned lumbago?" Mrs. H.E.C., R.I. Dear Mrs. C.: It is true that "slipped disc" s referred to rather casually y many people who fancy they ave the condition. Fortunately for those who link they have, this complex ondition does not exist as fre- uently as they suppose. There are 33 bones, or verte- rae, that run from the top of le neck to the tail bone, or oceyx. Between each of the crtebrae there is a solid, but lastic. tissue known as a disc." These act as protective hock absorbers .that cushion ressure or injury to the spine. The discs also protect bony dges from rubbing against ach other during .the many omplex rotational movements f the body. Occasionally, as a result of njury, disease or a bony deformity. a disc may protrude or "slip") and cause severe lain. Tlie pain may be at the iite of the.slipped disc or may 'adiate to a distant part of the lody. When the condition is suspec- ed by the physician, complex X-ray studies known as myelo- rams can pinpoint the exacl area of the slipped disc. Because of compression of th* nerves leading from the spine, neurological examination is always combined with orthopedic (bone) consultation. . · Not all of these hernialed (ruptured) discs need surgery. Sometimes, with bed rest and .raclion, the intense pain can be minimized. There are also a number of new methods being tried for the non-surgical treatment of slipped discs. . Low back pain can be caused by many disorders. Sacroiliae disturbances, sciatica, and lum- sago are a few, The "old-fash, loried lumbago" refers to a constant, dull pain which almost always is due to some muscular disturbance in the lower back. Because there are so many variations of low back is not wise to have active massage of the lower bacl? before the exact diagnosis is established, Very often massage! and manipulation are undoubtedly valuable. However, within the framework of their value lies the possible danger that certain undiagnosed conditions may be aggravated and complicated by too vigorous manipulation. : . Speaking of your health...Th« handicapped are never a "handicap* or burden .to employers who are wise enough to give them the opportunity to work. iiininiiiniiH^^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge ITop Record Holder to Mssterm' Individual Championship Play) South Dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH 4 Q 9 7 3 V 7 6 2 * A Q 5 * A J 8 WEST * 10 8 4 2 » Q 9 3 * K 10 7 6 4 6 2 EAST 4 A K 6 + 7 5 4 SOUTH * J 5 V A J W 8 4 *J + K Q 1 0 9 3 The bidding: South West North East I V Pass \2NT" Pass 3+ Pass 3V Pass 4 V Opening lead - t w o of spades. The uppercut is. undoubtedly one of the most satisfying plays available to the defense - - b u t the situation where it can be successfully applied does-· not necessarily burst upon the .cene ready-made.- - It · -must ometimes 'be rather carefully concocted, .so that' the 1 -death blow can he dealt at just the right moment. Here is a case w h e r e the defense had to be'letter-perfect :o stop declarer from making "our hearts. Looking at all loiir IIBIBWiniR hands, it would seem that South should lose only two spades and a heart, but, in f a c t . - h e lost four tricks and could do" nothing t o avoid i t . . . . . West led a spade to East's king. East knew from the lead of the deuce that West had four spades and declarer two," so h^ cashed the ace also! He :then made the unorthodox play of another spade to dummy's Q-9, realizing that his partner's 10-8 would be trapped in tha process · It was this play that laid South' ' l o w - a n d caused htm" · to go down one. He discarded a chib'and returned a trump from' dummw, finessing the jack. West'took the queen and led a fourth round of spades to dummy's queen. When East ri]ffe.d, . . w i t h 'the king, .South overruffed with the ace but. had to Jose still another trump trick to the nine to go down one. The . unpercut was more than he could stand. Jt. is. .interesting to note that to defeat the contract West had to lead. a . spade, E a s t had to play three r o u n d s of spades, and W e s t had to pursue East's indicated method of defense · by later playing a fourth round of spades. · · There-are-very f e w hands in bridpe that require such absolute precision. -They are therefore all the more remarkabla when -they do occur' a n d th» players rise gallantly to In* occasion. ' PONYTAfL "I tried to get acquainted with her, but it's impossible tocommunicate with someone who gets straight A'*!" Complete news coverage, (local, area, national, international), intensive sports and women's- interest reports, top features. . . .six afternoons a week and Sunday morning. .. .delivered to your door for less than 1 H a day. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242

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