Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 10, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1974
Page 5
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I r% « ^TJ-W via*** j-~f»~., " J^" , Fraternity Service Project Seventy members of S 1 g ra a Alpha Ensilpn fraternity on the University of Arkansas campus participated in t h e service project at (he Boys Cluh Saturday. The volunleers assisted ill leveling ground, made play equipment from old tires and installed playground equipment on t h e grounds ol the Youth Center. Southern Governors Look At Transortation And Tourism AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) -- Southern governors take a look at transportation, and tourism possibilities of the South today. Highlights ot the Southern Governors' Conference agenda 'included a panel discussion on "Travel and Economy of the South," headed by South Carolina Gov. John West, and a session on the American Revolution Bicentennial celebration headed by Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace. The three-day session of the conference, which consists of 17 Southern stales and Hie Virgin Islands, is being held at Lakeway, a luxury resort on Lake Travis 25 miles northwest of Austin. The half-day business session today followed one' of the conference's social highlights Monday night, a Texas "fiesta" featuring the music, foods and costumes of the six nations that have governed 1 the stale. Sun- 'day night there Was 'a ranch- style barbecue picnic, arid Tuesday night the traditional black-tie stale dinner is scheduled. Although not on the original conference program, Southern politics carne close to being the subject that has attracted the attention of the 14 governors attending the 40th annual meeting. SURPRISE REACTION First, there was the surprise reaction of Democratic and Republican governors to President Ford's pardon of former President Nixon on Sunday. , Second, there was the unscheduled appearance Monday ,of National Democratic Chairman Robert Strauss In an at- empt lo consolidate party feel- ngs among the 12 Democratic overrun's of Hie conterence. Slrauss' luncheon' will) Ihe Democratic c h i e f executives ollowed a speech by Sen. Lloyd Sentsen, D-Tex., a Democratic residential hopeful For' 1976. Slrauss predicted to newsmen lat warring factions of the na- lonal Democratic parly would e "B-minus satisfied it not Alus satisfied" by the time of December national con- enlion in Kansas City to ap- rove new party rules. He denied that he asked gov- rnars at the closed luncheon meeting to use their influence o cool political trouble spots. Slrauss aid he told Ihe gov- rnors lo see to it lhal Iheir lale parlies have "good at- irmalive action programs and ;et representative delegations" 0 the Kansas City convention. Wallace said after the meel- ng lhat he told Strauss "the arly better get back to relat- ng to Ihc.average middle class jerson of America if it is going o he successful." Wallace said he probably will ;o to fhe Kansas City con- 'ention, as most of Ihe Soulh- rn governors have indicated. Female Prisoners Muff Escape Try CUMMINS PRISON FARM, Ark. (AP) -- Two female prison inmates were subdued Monday afler overpowering a matron · arid freeing three other women inmates i n . a n isolation area. " Tim Baltz, a spokesman for the state Correction Department, said no one was injured. Balti said the incident was initialed by Wanda Forrester who is" serving 21 years" from Pulaski County for second-degree murder, and Debbie Wig gins, who is serving seven years for forgery from Conway County. The women went to the ma Iron's office, overpowered her and look her keys. While Miss Forrcslry struggled w i t h the matron; Miss Wiggins unlockec The food service doors are two isolation cells. The food service dors are large enough to pass food tray: through. Two women in one cell craw Jed through the food service door. One of three women ir the other isolation cell crawlec through the service door on that cell. Another woman in the prolec live custody section went to the aid of the matron. Together they subdued Miss Forrester summoned help from the Cum mins staff. The matron and her inmate helper managed to pre vent the escape of the three in males by holding closed a door Ballz said. Enjoy Cool Comfort RUPTURE- EASER for mfciclbl* l-ialnol lumia A Patented USSS IEFTOX S7 95 " OHr SIDt Trust $9.»5 DOUBLE Profits Not Big Says Oi! Executive EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) -The American public thinks oi corporations are making more profit than Ihey actually are Joe Warr, executive vice presi dent and general manager o Lion Oil Co., indicated Monday night. Warr, addressing the El Do rado Desk and Derrick Club quoted a survey as saying the public believes oil corporation profits amount to 28 cents pe sales dollar. According to the survey, he said, "The public feels that 10 cents would be a fair profit." However, he added, "The actual record shows thai the aflcr-tax profit of United States corporalions in 1972 was a little over four cents out of each sales dollar." Oil Shale Corp., the parent firm of. Lion Oil, showed a 1973 profit of 3.1 cents per sales dollar, Warr said. He said a news release distributed recently had indicated that there had been an increase in sales and profits for Oil Shale in the first six months of Arrest Made In Probe Of Bank Loses LUGANO, Switzerland ( A P ) -- The 28-year-old head foreign 'xchange trader at a tiny Swiss iranch of Lloyd's bank was ar- estcd Monday in a probe of 'astronomical" wheeling and leoling that lopped $500 million at one point. He was charged with falsify- ng and suppressing document! and dishonest business conduct, Swiss authorities said. They identified the dealer as Marc Colombo, a Swiss nation al, and said an inquiry was continuing to find out whether others were involved in the case. The chart'es were aimouncec one week after the London icadquarters of Lloyd's Bank one of Britain's four bank clearing houses, disclosed loss ;s of up to a record $78.2 mil ion as a result of irregularities at the small branch of the bank in Lugano. Stale Prosecutor Paolo Ber nasconi said Colombo, who hel .he job since March 1973, tol nterrogalqrs the losses were incurred in dealings with U.S dollars starting last January and later with German marks. He said Colombo steadil; aoosted the size of his dealings in the hope of regaining wha lie lost initially. At one point lie said, Colombo's dealings reached $550 million. A banl source said this was an "as tronomical" sum considering the small size of t h e Lugano branch which has a staff of les: than 20. The volume by far exceedei "the limits admissable tinde the bank's internal rules," th prosecutor said. He chargei that Colombo hid the "ver; serious situation" by destroyini some documents and changin; "the conlenls of others." The prosecutor said th branch's Swiss director, Egidi Mombelli, also suspended b Lloyds, testified he was no aware of the size of Colombo' transactions. He said Mombelli was aske to turn in his passport and kee himself at the disposal of inves ti gators. The Lugano case was the lal est in a series that hurt Eu ropean and U.S. banks in th high-risk field of foreign e change dealings. In .the worsl the West German Herstat Bank had to close down with loss of almost $2OT million. this year compared with corresponding 1973 period. the Charge Filed ARKANSAS CITY, Ark. (AP -- W a y n e Miles, V7. o McGehee has been charge with first-degree murder Desna County Circuit 'Court the death of Bennie Lee Stric land, 24, of McGehee. Strickland was struck on tl head with a pool cue during a argument at a McGehee ca: Thursday, authorities said. He died later at a Little Hoc hospital. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues.. Sept. 10, 1974 rAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS PSC Discusses AR L Plant LITTLE UOCK (AP) -- The aft of the stale Public Service ommission said Monday that rkansas Power Light Co. hould nol be allowed to build .ore than half ot its proposed oal-fired power plant at Red- eld. The state Pollution Control n d Ecology Department Breed. APL, countered by saying it ould cost more llian $33 mil- on to split the units between vo sites. APL said the figure 'as extremely conservative bc- ause it did not include annual pcrating expenses and design osls. Both the department and the 'SC staff said it would not be ) the public Interest to force ,PL to install scrubbers on lie proposed plant. Scrubbers are mechanical deices which use a chemical troccss to absorb most of the ulphur dioxide from coal gases o that the pollutant will not be milted into the air. APL is seeking authority rom the PSC to construct the iroposed White Bluff power ilanl on the banks of the Aransas River in Jefferson Coun- y. Monday was the deadline for 11 parlies in the power plant case to file final briefs in the ase. By law. the PSC has 60 lays from Monday in which to tiake a decision. Warwick R. "Budd" Furr II Washington, attorney for Aransas Community Organ- zations for Reform Now (ACORN), said he 'could go along with allowing APL to build two instead of four 800 megawatt units at Redfield. He contended that API, "has attempted to force a gallon-sized plant into a quart-sized container. 1 ' But, Furr argued that the PSC should require the installation of scrubbers on the two units, and the slate Department of Planning and Health agreed. Also supporting the installation of scrubbers was the Arkansas Ecology Center. PSC lawyer Kent Foster said he staff had concluded from he ' testimony filed with the PSC that the 3,360-acre site at ledfielti "simply cannot support," environmentally, the construction of. a plant with 'our 800-megawalt generating units, as APL proposes. If allowed, the proposed four-unit facility would be the largest single plant of its kind in the world. "An acceptable alternative," Foster said, "would be to construct two 800-megawalt units accompanied by electrostalic precinitators (to remove fly ash and dust) and served by one 1,000-foot exhaust lower." Foster urged the PSC to lell APL to search for an alternate site for the two additional units the system will need to meet its load requirements in 1983. - . -..- .- . ·· - ' -' APL originally had proposed four units, each served by a 750-foot chimney, costing $890 million to build. Since lale June, APL has indicaled its willingness to change the con figuration to two 1,000-foot stacks, each serving two units. In a brief filed Monday. APL urged the PSC to allow the modification to few but taller slacks. APL, opposing a reduction uvthe number of units, said'the need for the entire plant liac Oeen demonstrated anil was not 'challenged seriously by the in- teryenors. "Allowing only two units would run the risk of a shortage of electrical power in the state of Arkansas," the util itv said. Franco Returns MADRID (AP) -- Gen. Frari- cisco Franco has returned t'p Madrid from Santiago de Corn- postela, ending a 24-day summer holiday. The 81-year-old chief of state is scheduled to preside at fc meeting of his cabinet next FrJ- day. It will be his first official act since he took back pow^r from Prince Juan Carlos - c» Borbon. ' Power was transferred to the prince after Franco's hospitalization in Madrid July 9 with an attack of thrombophlebitis. * s » ecM I N V I T A T I O N TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A SERIES OF SERVICES YOU JUST CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS EVEREST 40ENNINQS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" R£NTJ.Si SALES Fayetltville Drar E. Side Square . . 442-734I Strike a note for the hearty robust took of Country English. 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