Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5, 1952 ツキ Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1952
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

NOfTHWHT AtKANSAI flMH. yeテつサelテつォivlテつサt. ArtmnMt. Mテつォntテつォy, Moy J, WSJ No Money Down 2 Years To Pay 50 GENUINE DIAMONDS AT MILLER'S Your Credit Is Always Good at Use Your. Credit No Carrying Charge Teaching Valuable Only As People learn. New U. A. President Says Sixth Annual Gaebale Observed Al The University Dr. .Tnhn Tyler Caldwell, ncw- ly-elcptcd president of the University, who visited her* Saturday, said at an afternoon press conference that teaching Is valuable only as the people taught learn or profit from it. Thus he I .fa'vors an educational program which Is patterned on th* Interest and aptitude テつォnd growth of the individual who will learn, rather than on preconceived notions of what should be taught, W h o . Is doing the learning 1テつォ the 'Important thing, he asserted. The press and radio representatives met the new president in hiテつォ office. W. .1. Good, public relations director of the University, sat in on the session. -Dr. Caldweli, who will take over as president July 1 after he has completed duties at Alabama College for Women 'where he Is the retiring president, said that it IE his belief that the interest, aptitude and development of th students should decide the .curriculum to. be offered, -and made it clear .that he believes In a "flexible curriculum." What may be good for some students In their , freshman or spphomore years, he jsaid; may he better lor others in | their junior or senior years. 'テつキ He admitted that such a pro- Jrram-as. he outlined would mean adequate guidance must be provided. This would take time, effort and money, but woUld be worth it he said. Through such i program the school could move away from the evils of mass production, the new president said, and give more attention to the individual. Most programs, have presumed he declared, that the student is the object of education. Rather ' he is the subject, to Dr. Caldwell's way of thinking, and the system I qt education should be patterned to his needs--not the student pat' turned to the system of education. He spoke highly of the flexibility of the program now offered !at the University. He said that the "richness of offerings" 'indicated In the catalogue of the University, shows that the schnol can "take : cnrc of the needs oi about 99 per i cent of the students in the United 1 States." That Is, he elaborated, the ' University offers a wide choice of courses which would meet the needs of テつォ large segment of to- '.dfly'r, .student*. Disciiitafcs Athletics Asked about his sentiments us i regards intercollegiate . athletics Dr. Caldweli explained that he is a believer in .intercollegiate athletics, and sees the. program as-a psrt of the education system of today: .But, he stressed, he be- lleVes In it only so long- as it does not impinge the integrity of the school or of the students. As for scholarships, he said he feels "It is ridiculous to give a football plテつサyer more, just because he can play football, than a Phi Beta Kappa student for his ability." He spoke out highly in favor of icholarshlps, but said a scholarship based solely on tho athletic prowess of a student is not justi- i'irt. He recalled that the University of Nebraska has .published a list of the scholarships it offers, and said he would favor a Southwest Conference ruling cSlllng for the publication of the scholarships offered by conference schools. A fine program of Intramural athletics is desirable, he asserted, and said the intramural program should not have to depend on the intercollegiate program for financial help. While "it is absurd to talk about getting rid of an intercollegiate athletic program," "He declared, "the intercollegiate athletic 'program should conic within the main purpose of trio institution." He said he- looks forward to a successful football season at ihテつォ Hazorback school this coming fall. テつキ .,テつキ Program 01 Credit Restraint Dropped Washington - (/P) - The Federal Reserve Bo'ard -tdday dropped ils voluntary credit restraint program --a program designed to. curb lending and help flgh't inflation. The board said the program Is being suspended "In the light of current circumstances" hut will be held on a steady basis ready for Use again if needed; Under the program, banks and other lending Institutions were encouraged to make loans only for defense or essential civilian purposes. Bcglonal committee's were set up to screen loan applications to see If they complied with the program. テつキ Time honored hiding place for the family savings . , . but not very safe; is it? How much bettor to open your account with us today. Your money earns interest while it's under our protected guardianship. You have the privilege of using our many services. And above all your savings are insured by the Federal Government. Let your passbook, an example of our carefully kept records, be your picture of the progress you /, , arc making. ' " '/ FIRST N A T I O N A L B A N K FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Member federal Rittrvt Iniuranc* Corp, taUrai RtMrv* SytHm By FRED OOGEK テつキ ; -- ' j ~ Not much remained today of driver of a Kappa Alpha rar.j P c i / f U [(-itrict Ihe sixth annual Gaebale, the w hlcU also .went put of rontrnl. テつキ r a y t l I I U I I IS! Razorbacta' Mnrdl fra5. There Powell a n d ll.nrdlns were among | テつキ , ' " I I were -rasse-d "remnants of テつォ c a r - j ; i jjroi-p of Arkansaテつォ hlsh school' EXQITlinG SUSDGCt' nival midway, parade f i n a l s , ' a n d : students v.'ho witnessed rtacbale. ." テつキ soapbox i-ficci-s. There were a fw| Kappa Sljtma's racer, driven by I \virhila,'Kテつォ.n. -Wlr Authorities bruises and abrasions and at I r a a l i i nl Jrwin, won first place in t h f i . . ,,;._I.,,I,,B one cracked shm bone; and pos- doi . b .v men's division, and thelP' 81 "'*' 1 " Pテつォ"*lafnc c.xamiMtlon sibly a tew throbbing heart?. . | Kappa Kappa Gamma ntcor rtrlv-,tor William D. Blrchcr, 22, _w!io , The most noteworthy event o f j c n by Mary Emrlch won first in!told police he.lived'with tre.Jnck- Gacba,lc was Ihc first "sweetheart! the women's division. The Slatnn i C(1 hot j y ,,[ a wom ' an ( () r lour days HSSSaSSiSSiaS of his parents'' hor of tho University of Arkr.hsas," Miss Bcttc Castlcbcrry of Newport. The winner of Saturday- night's beauty revue was crowned and kissed by the king of . Second place winnテつサ.-テつォ In I..UCUHIL-. jjuuji i-.jui, with whom!derby wore Theta Tnu fraternity! 'once she rclcnort over the final h o u r s n n d Pi Beta Phi sororlly. il..!T 1l !l, r . ,,,,,., T Rr a rtv in o, the two-day sprln B festival. I ^nners o, oth^Gaeba,. pries dテつォ h Mr^M ^ ' "r^,,^ ' Miss Castlcbcrry, a Ireshmnn announced Saturrtay mBnt, A e i . . ; . n .テつサ . who represented Hnlcornbc Hall, won over nine other contestant?. It wasn't her first honor of thp sort--she was Miss Jacksnn County of W9, and Miss Newport, Miss North Arkansas, and Miss Kcpsicr Air Force Base (Miss.), a l l o t 1951. A brnwnetto, she is five feel, five and it half inches mil, and has these measurements: bust 3D, waist 23, hips 36. She will reign as "sweetheart"--a new title at the U. A.--until next sprlns." Fryer wns elected by vote of ticket purchasers to the Oacbale ball, final. Gacbalc event Saturday night, Xavler Cugat played for the ball, held on,tho tennis courts. Beauty contest judges were Bob Evans, Helena; Jock Cnrnes, Camden; and Mrs. Dorothy Alien, Brlnkiey, all ot whom have been connected with the Miss Amerlcri contests. The cracked shin belongs to Ulllluulltcl, tlnlMlim.' '."ft"', " . - テつキ - テつキ , . , . ,. , . テつキ ! Sldina Nil. first for Its float In the | in h テつキ room near the downtown , parade Friday afternoon: Alpha district. He said Ihc slaylnj tnnk Gamma Hhn,'second float; Slsma テつサlacテつォ February B. and ,,n February Alpha Epsllon and Ksppa Kappa ;H or W I culled K cab and took Gamma, first for carnival midway the body In th- duffel bos to my shows Friday nixiii; and Sigma father's, horns and placed U under Nu and Holcombc Hall, carnival the porch." billboards. . .Judges for the parade and car- nlvnl contests were Judge Francis Cherry, .lonesnoro; Evans; テつォnd Jim Alexander of Fort Smith. Among the several hundred out-of-town Gnebale visitors were queens and escorts from nine other college campuses. Three Memphis Bakeries Are Closed By Strke Mcniphis-f/D - Three of Memphis'- Jive rrisjor bakeries which also supply bread to EM Arkansas are closed by a Joint bakers- drivers strike. The waikout by 325 members of the AFL Bakers and Sieve Powell, 17, Tcxai-kiina, who Con f ec tl'onerii union was ordered -- "' " u ""' '" テつキ"テつキ""" " rhn was one of about 12 persons who were injured In the soapbox derby on Maple Street Saturday afternoon. Slcma Ku's nicer, driven by Harry, wc.nt mil of control and plowed into a group.of spectators standing in- the street. As a result ot this and other less spectacular mishaps, at icnst a dozen persons limped or were carried away from the scene. A Nelson's ambulance, which wns parked al the scene while Driver Dunne Nelson watched the derby, took Powell to City Hospital. He was treated and was released the next day. Otters were treated for minor injuries, Including Billy Harding, 17, Texarkana, and Wendell-.lohhron, Pncahonias, About 2nO salesmtn- drivcrs struck Saturday nllthl. PRICES ARE IORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Each Evening 'til 9 eテつォn テつォirt テつサnt kraww テつキ"MM. lity itrmi. nn HI*I*(. テつサ * テつォ テつキ HILTON BROS, DRIVE-IN FURNITURE テつキテつキテつキB mnr 'I Nwtft IMP EVERYTHING PtUMIINO mテつォ *AYETTtVIUE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHNMINT AVI. H*w to Avoid w "Food Hangover (テつキテつキi, テつキMfHwn, SMr fiテつォMd) If llテつォrlu liwdl |lテつォi fiiu テつォlltr-テつサiiinテつサ - litvc tテつォMr fullncn and icid indium*. (ion. Juii Ml I or 1 Turn i ifur nnli --or whnテつサテつォ utfrlndul|tnu In ML テつキ Inn, ilrinkini or intuktnn mテつォkeテつサ rotl lテつォci il|ll. Tumi riculnllft nctil numich-itid nliniMi Mnrt it irani. Cnntlln nn b i k i n g lodi to n i t r - ilkilix. Alwari eテつォrrT Tumi in futtM ot punr. Get テつキ hinnr rnll tndnr. rMテつサ*iii "Uiitn'to lhテつォ"NテつォirV$rテつォテつォeh iwwikdiiy, of iIO AM, テつォvテつォr KOテつォH OKLAHOMA TIRE 4 SUPPLY Pint All FIAVORS JELLO 5c Box CHASE V 1ANBQRH INSTANT !テつキ 4-oz.jar45c 8-oz.jar89c GROVE HMD HMD-PICKED TOMATOES mm MAUD NO MUM -- NO FU5I UT IT'M( FMCIT IT A n e n t i r e y N E W kind of dテつォf rmtinj iy) tern. DcfrMH futer tnd U ibtottirelx tool' proofl K テつォ c p i y o u r loodi nfcr throuh SELF-DEFROSTIKO 710 Olf KtMgaatir *Hh [VIKYTHHK dint . テつキ. . refrigefnud on ill S ildu. テつキ DfPFNDABIUTYiGu.r. initcd by LEONARD. with oテつォr 70 yttn of r*. friftration npirlcna テつキ G U A R A N T E E D : OTA5CO with J ytin of rtiiiblc Mrvlcf M ftir with kt puhlk COLD -TOP -TO- BASE: More room oft the imide , .', no lirger on lhテつォ out- lide. No *MM ipa! SHELVES IN DOOR! Bonui テつォIテつサcf for eg(t, bat- tlw, btby fodi, ei. テつキ ACROSS-TOP FftEBZER: KD food OtlHf LEONARDS v hw u MONEY, TIME and WORK with a LEONARD FREEZER It will fti for iaelf in Itu thin 2 You 11 uvc mttntj by buying of neici ind iruonil- ipoitt. You'll uvt wort In doirn. IMIt . . ffrer ihop- iirA nc. And mm Impnmnt of ill, jmull it Kit of linn- tun pimKllon (di lraテつォ fndl! MEAT SS||-.f *^m an 5c BORDEN'S CANNED BISCUITS CanlOc SKOWKKEMt 3 ^ 69c MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing Fun 45c Quort SAROL BRAND QUALITY PACK SPINACH No. 2 Can IQc LOW, Easy P A Y M E N T S Oklahoma TIRE 4 SUPPLY co PRICE West Side Square Phone 161 I "HOME OF 1ETTER VALUES Consumers Market STORE No. 1 $. SIDISOVAM PHOHIH STORE No. 2 100 W. MCKSON PHONIM

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