Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 3, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1952
Page 5
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MOSTMWBT ARKANSAS TMMI, , A*MM» taturtoy, 1, 1MJ- BY JOSEPH AND STEWART ALSOP Washington-Next week in Flor-,is the special pet of the Aliniehtv . .K.' n ----- .. ...M, v-,., ,u-:_l - vcr's success so far. The secret lies, in fact, in the man himself. Ida, the Democrats will hold their list rally important primary--a atraighl-out test, on Southern soil, between.Sen. Richard Eussell and Sen. Estes Kefauver. · Senator Russell is solidly back- movement, and is "tmis*'acco'unte'd *d by the state organization, and I stupid by many. He has been in- ij Hussell wins, the Kefauver i dependent and is 'thus held in low boom will be sharply deflated, esteem by the urandees of his But, at this writing, the baffled party. He has occasionally sone experts quote the odds as even, · · ·jid if Senator Kefauver wins, he will be pretty 'hard to stop. Hence this is a good time to take a hard look at ."this Kefauver thing," as the higher echelon Democrats peevishly describe the Tennessee senator's grass-roots candidacy. From such a look, two . points unexpectedly emerge. ·First and most' curious, the ·Kefauvtr candidacy has had less high-level 'professional help than «ny major political, movement aince Cox«y's army. Very recently, Senator. Paul Douglas of Illinois . has climbed aboard; while the late Robert Hannegan's astute henchman, Gael Sullivan, has just taken ·v^r the Kefauver. national headquarters. But, until then, Kefauver's only professional assistance was provided by the ex-congressman from New Mexico, Richard Harless, while his most eminent Intellectual advisor was the former chief of the Justice Department's anti-trust division, Wendell Berge. ' * .* * Although anything but national figures, Harless, Berge and the Inner group of Tennessccans-for- Kefauver are capable men. For the rest, Kefauver has rallied such a EUccfsiful primary fijhU--follow- ed entirely logically. The aim wait to get out ahead of other contenders and to make Kefauver look like a winner. The result* have proved Kcfauver's astuteness. Meanwhile, Kefauver has also disclosed another enviable political trait. Consider his simple, sood-tcmporcd statement after Kefauver is tall, amiable and| heating, the president in New immensely slow of speech and j Hampshire, his amiable but toujth wondering off after some pretty strange ideas and is thus regarded as a lightweight. But there is one thine; ahnul Kefauver which no one can doubt who studies his record. Behind the sml!c, the public handshaking and the practiced folksiness, Kefauver conceals- real mastery of Dolilics and a great power of cool calculation. * * His presidential candidacy, for Instance, · -which has seemed so spontaneous, was in fact entered uoon by a series of careful rtajss. Kefauver wanted to he sure of his own state's support; and so, last fall, he returned *o Tennessee -to bushwhack through almost every' county. · . . Kefauver also wanted financial support. This materialized in December, at a larce dinner in Nashville organized by · Gov. Gordon Browning and Kefauver's former administrative assistant, Charles G. Neece, who is now oraclicing law in Tennessee. At this dinner, Neece and Col. M. M. Bullard, a prosperous Tennessee business man, formed the nucleus of a group of Kefauvor angels. These men--250 Tcnnesseeans each of whom pledged up 1o $1.000 attack on Senator Robert Kcrr in Nebraska, his wily anproach to a difficult business in Florida. All of them prove that Kffauver knov.'s Incomparably well how to handle himself--hew to say exactly the right thin* in exactly the right way. in short,' the candidacy of. this man who has gone sb far with so 'little help will become a very serious 'matter indeed if the first phase of his campaign winds up with another victory in Florida. | Springdale collection of obscure lame ducks oolcc'e-- nrnvMed the original and minor political Ishmacls as sinews of war. which most peonle would whiten the- hair of any con- I navc innocently stionoscd the, ventional-minded political manag-; K c f a u v e r movement did not have: *r. Nonetheless, Kefauver clubs have sprung Up all over the country, and Kefauver has won pri- Finally, Kefauver wanted a stratpay, and this he ouite clearly , VO rked out for himself, early in ?«rs.' Msxlne. Bowling of Springdale has gone to Fort Benning, Ga., to he with her husband. A/c 3 Donald Gene Bowlin, who is stationed there with the Air Force. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry. Bowlin, and she Is the daughtcr^of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bayley, all of Springdale. arrived Wedntaiiy afternoon to visit Her son-in-law and- daughter, Mr. and Mn. CharlM Batson, and son, Charlei Dee, of HunUville Street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCann of Springfield, Mo., and Mr. and Dear Miss Dix: I've been en-1 nothings, making the affectionate gaged for two years and plan to'gestures that spell romance. U'hy ! be married this summer. When | they are so dense Is one of life's Mrs. 'John Blacksher and sons. I James Russell arid Jerry Don, of Upland,. Calif., were called . to Springdale because of the illness of their grandmother, Mrs. Anna Plummer. Mrs. Plummer is ill at her home in South Springdale. The Building Committee of the Ozark Artists arid Craftsmen met Tuesday night to make plans for the council workshop to be erected on Highway 71 near the Fayette- vllle Lake. Members of the Snrinjdale Presbyterian Church held a family fellowship dinner and informal reception for new member* Wednesday night in. the Wpm'en's Mr. anc) Mrs. Wyatt Neexiharri of Shawnee, Okls., left this week for their home after "Islli' three cousin?, Mr;. Harry Rice of Springfield, Mo., and Mrs. Tom Fowler and Mrs. Winfred Needham, of Sprinjdile. .Mrs. Hice spent several weeks here visiting her brother, Winfred Needham, and another brother, Albert Needham of Van Buren. John and, Paul .King, are aboard the USS Mount McKihley In the Far East. They are sons Of Mr, ,nd Mrs. Gillis King of Springdale and are graduate* of Springdale High'School. Robert Eidson and on of Springdale have been elected to membership in the Arriericah Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association of Chicago. They were among II Aberdeen-Angus breed- en elected from Arkansas during April. Members of the Springdale Feh Point Club, attended a Sunday afternoon tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jan Jahsen of West Fork. The event was in honor of Leonard Snyder, Writer and lecturer, who i» conducting a writer's m«r after primary, because of the [ janvaVv.!!TM based on tin^ain ^ " n «n-anv«lioftn cnirU K« ^n,n»h n «., ,' . . . . . · , , noon in evangelistic spirit he somehow arouste. One eminent supporter explained: "He's an institution. That dsrmned coonskin cap ha^s done . something. He has destiny on his side. It really seems like God has put His hand on his shoulder Bird said, 'Go'forth young man ·nd be president.'" Second, .neither destiny, nor television, nor bull luck, nor his ·importers' 1 notion that Kefauver Urtttt TV Tail . Equipment 74-Hour Service RADIO t TV SERVICE TRI-STATE SALES CO. MO W. Dkkaea Phpn. 513 conclusions, which he reached after mulling his problem over and talking to a number of other friends like Ncecc. Harlcss, Borgc and Leon Henderson. * *. * Conclusion number one was that President Truman nrnbsbly would run,, and that Truman's wlth- I drawal would leave an open Democratic race. Conclusion number two was that the great powers of the Democratic Party would never wiHinely support a Kefauver candidacy and must herefore be forced to do so. From these "conclusions everything else--the ' funny, humble bold call on President Truman, the determined 'challenge to the president himself In the l^ew Hampshire primary, the subsequent Civic Club rooms in the library workshop in Oklahoma City after basement. The dinner was co-1 spending the weekend with Mr. ODcrative and was served at 7:30 »nd -Mrs. Jansen. Mr. Snyder it the author of "Without Benefit of By-Line" published in the Writer's Year Book in 1951. The afternjort was spent In discussing writing · Wednesday after- and marketing of fiction and fea- ambu- tures. 'Refreshments were'served o'clock. Sybil Evans of Caudle addition in Springdale was taken to the City Hosp The Springdale Iris Garden Club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John Carlcy west of Springdale. T. W. Thompson spoke on ''garden .clinic." ftoll call was answered by telling .of famous gardens. Suggestions wer; made for garden pilgrimages this summer. Mrs. Percy Braun presided over the business meeting and Mrs. E. E. Williams was in charge of the devotional. Mrs. Lee Gregg was co-hostess. Refreshments were served, Vol T.estcr returned Thursday from Galvnslon, Texas, where he attended the 44th annual Southern Gas Association convention. Mrs. Edith Duffle of Morrilton to the guests by the hostess. The .Rev. I. J. Kerrlck, chairman of the park Board of Directors, has announced the purchase of a six-unit steel swing for the park. The swln«s will be set up on arrival. Thf Iris Garden Club is helping to befUtify the park and Boy Scouts are trying to keep it clean. Three floodlights will be wired in with the aircraft warning lifht soon. The floodlights will be Installed on the water tower;-the warning light Is operated automatically by a photoelectric cell. These lights will burn all night. In order that evening parties' and picnics may be held, smaller lights will be erected. More picnic tables v.'lll bej added^Gilbert Slsco, Chamber of Commerce president, has we began going together, my fiance told me he loved me, but since then he'll never sa"y it. If I ask him. he just says, "You inow I do!" He's in the Army liow, coming honie on weekends. In his letters he Idle me he loves me, but never will he say it when he flees me. If he rioesn't tell me now, I'm sure he won't say It after we're married. He IB a very shy and reserved person. He never shows any emotion, even angdr,. There's never scene If something displeases him; he just doesn't talk. We're both in our middle twenties, so I don't think I'm being childish about this. CALAMITY JANE Answer: Frequent declarations of affection are, I know, what a girl in love craves most; But als', they are also what most men h»to to make.' A man feels that if he has once asserted his love, it can safely be taken for granted from that point on. And the one thing a woman never takes for granted is her beloved's devotion. It's just a case flf a woman's sentimental nature contrasted with a man's practical one. IMvetlen Good Slihttltlit* You rightly assume that if you don't hear : tnt three maflcal words now, you won't hear-them after the wedding. As a substitute you" will have day-by-day devotion,'affection and consideration.'You'll just have to learn to make them do. A husband who doesn't make constant verbal declarations of love, but. shows hit feelings with loyalty arid fidelity, is surely to be preferred Io the man who violently asserts his love, then stays out every night spending his salary on himself. A reasonable mnh should realize how much importance Women place on such seemingly small tbtngs. and make an effort to please them by saying.the sweet mysteries. Until a mafic formula j It devised to turn every man into n h*rd-worklnf, dnmtsticated husband with just the proper dsh of Don Juan, wives of. imroma'ntlc '52 May Be Bad Poultry Year, Agent toys With feed price! up and ttia'i Cane Hill National Horns Demonstration Week was observed Thursday wifh a tea at the Community Library . from 2 to 4 o'clock. . Mrs, 0. L, Moorf, pretident of Mie H. D, Club, poured and wa».anf»ted by Mrs. Alice Pyeatt. Mrs. Stirmah market s o m e w h a t depressed,. £» rn "'. ""', '£?"'« J-'- . . . . H i Mrs, Charlie McC1«llan and. Mrs. males wll! have to bt latiifleri many laying flock owners Ini males will have to bt satisfiedj many i«ymj MOCK owners in;., ^ py?M. Tne, library Is one" with the crumbs of demon-, Washington County are wonder-1 of the dub. projects.; MetKb*r» of ( stratlve love. | i n( whether to produce pullets toi.'he elub brought plant* ind'ex-'' Vour fiance in apparently one of thos* strong, silent m*n who can be a considerable problem. Leirn early U'Htn It's «·/! to ask n.utstion«; and when it'« better to be illent. Respect Mis silent mood*, but don't overlook surfi- ness or suikine'ss. Diplomatic handling In celled for In dullnj with self-contained people. They are well worth the trouble, however, an thay'fe greatly to bt preferred io the nagging, haggling, overcurious type. Buckner nounced-. The Women's Civic Club and the Business and Professional W6men's Club have the improvements. assisted in Member» of the Buckner Home Demonstration Club entertained at a get- acquainted tea Tuesday |f- ternoon at the Community tiouit. Non-memberi were fuest of honor. The tea tablet were covered with handmade linens, and each was centered with arrangements of tulips ind lilacs. All fueits received "B.uc|cner tputonlerre," and signed the flub icrapboo}. Rt- freshments were served. Mr. arid Mrs. Bevel Hice and family have moved from Happy Hollow Ftrm to their new home in Elklns, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Jorten- »en of F«.vetttvlil» wer« guilts of Mr. artd Mri. John WilMm Tu«i- day. The Rev. Jakf Drake of Fiy- eitevine will dfllved the marnint and evening sermont Sunday at the Jliptiil Church. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Copenhaver, whe recently sold thtlr home to Jim Ferrell of Baldwin, left Wednesday for Denver, Colo. Whtrltway, winner of the l|«l Kentucky Derby, represented the first American crop of f««l« of th» I imported Blenheim. homed next County A sent Carl E, Rose, In commenting on thin question lo- day laid that l»52 probably would be a bad ytsr to expand, poultry oDWjrtlons. At the same time. changed them. . A family reunion wai held »t - ~;:f- the-J. O, Skinner home ovtr the ·'*'··: weekend'for ,fohn Skinner,' who ·;:/.,' left Monday for:du(jr in Korea. ; ^-'t Mrs. N.'S. Matthews, Mn. Hen-" "F^'f "wns. /^i me some lime. · « *-, ,i ^ -., · ,.," ff · however, he «*ld that It should.!"? , McClelIln !!"'· Mr ?.' Xi c K ' n " ' v -'' be profitable for farm families n f. dy . w f nt '° CUr , l!m ? r «;, ? )t i;-' to /i¥,, to continue .to produce at their | t tlMd '"« ""?,«*' "' MlM Mifita-y · preterit capacity. '· --=M m .« · In other word*, the brut Men Is In grow nut enough good, healthy, . ,- ,, , . T i . , -,. · ; ready-to-lay pullet, to fill up the «d swduatlo !»«.,,: Lincoln-;, houses Already on hand. With I 1 " 4 TM^', nighl ' Dlnn -' Irw - ta ^i's(hints like they »re, miinv (ami-1 0 "" Hl " "' 3S ' """her of the;, ,^ lies will want to consider the f r « .f » ais ' , , ,, ^' '······ possibility of raisins pullet* more Mr ' " nd M "'l. Lou1 ' .^ lntlb « r *l The school closed this week, and . n ~£ several persons.from ire 12 to 18 Inches provide both economically, Rose pointed out. One way to do this, he Indicated, I* io use temporary range where permanent range ij not available, sweet *ud«i, i* one of the best grasses for providing temporary cummer rant;;, for best results It should be pljntfd in the next few diy». If planted In rows thai apart, gudan Srcen feed and summer shade. So t.h»t the pellets can have succulent grass, as well as shade. during thf entire summer, Rose lUggeited cumnt alternate rows of thf Sudan when It Is-between It and 14 inch** in height. Hlgh-qi'tlltv green feed is one of njture'j own «pur*M of vlta- mlni, proteins and minerals. Rose emphasized. Thus grass will lower production costs without Inwer- Inj the quality of pullets put in the laying house. were guests of Mr. and Mri. : John. Cablness Tuesday evening to'Cele-'.;, brute Mr. Cablness' birthday. ,' '." Gene' Richmond, who hai been '·'-' a patient at Ellubeth Hojpitii, Prairie Grove, haj teturned home.. ·..: His condition Is improved. ; Come In ind See Us Aboul Our Eoiy Nymiflt ·n Ra-Modtling Y*ur Homt, luildinfl N«w , Chicktn HMM or Milk Bqrni, ttc. Clifton lumber Co. M»n* 97. WM» tark, Ark. ' :'«! ·i r" · BRAKES - LIGHTS - STEERING THE lid THREE OF SAFE DRIVING IM kOHUR mni HAH for a 'Ml ch«liu» ·« lmp*rt«ht tattty M«iore at Whlftky'l COBHEH MOUNTAIN fe KHOOL Weekly Classified Business end Professional Directory REVIVAL SERVICES CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH 419 West Rock Street Fayetteville THE BUSINESSMAN TURNED PREACHER NON DENOMINATIONAL Youth Services Each Evening at 6.-30 HEAR EVANGELIST FRED HUCKELBURY Each Evening at 7:30-May 4-18 Sermon Topics for Sunday, May 4 A.M. "Hell's Angels" P.M. "Christian America" Broadcast Each Sunday Morning 9:15-9:30 KGRH Come and hear stirring sermons such as "Is There A Helt?" and "Where Do We Go from Here?" EVERYONE IS CORDIALLY INVITED CITY HOSPITAL 1200 OAS. Phone 71*0 ·uaiHiia c*u*a» · EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMIERS CITY WATH PUNT. Ptttne 7J1 ! 1IOHT AND POWIR. Wwne MOO. ·UTua,i. 75' TRAIN FOR civn sntvtct JOBS SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYITTCV1LLB. AMCAMSM PHORE « H O . DAVIS, AUTO OLAM ' . "', ' ) . i tomim^^*** AUTO GLASS * MIRROR WOP Autemobllt Clan Inltall«t Gl*u Tabl.i - Pitt. Olau -- Mlntri M|rror lUliiTtrinj. QliH FuraltUrt Tff ALL WORK OUARAHTCED 119 Vint Maodow. MMM 2710 FAYETtEVlLLE AUTO SUMLY II EAST MOUNTAIN FArETTEVlLLt. AftX. PHONE 7T4 Crankahigrft PirM for AM Can am/ Tructa ·QDT (MOM SINES BODY SHOP SpMlalfaiai Is BedT and Fandar Work, ««, «a*lr OH««. fiat Cot«r«. 227 W. Dieki.n Phona 1H CLKANtRt ft LAUNDRY CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. W«sf l»hon« 214* DRUO STORC* Complala Drug Star* Strvic*. FrN Delivery frorn 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Phon. (77 412 Dicluan SI. Ttj,ll,rMt, Ark. WisliiKfrM Cwwly liratifs 1952 will Ix; of Mutual Insurance "*r« lO 2W North lloek $+r«t CARMEN'S NEWS STAND fnlt an4 H«»i S!a»41 'THE BIO LITTLE STOUT' ..;' la r AYETTEVILLE at 411 WEST DtCKSON PHONE Ml FUIMIN«- JOHNSON PIUMUK6 AND HUIW6 CONTRACT OR REPAIR Corner Spring and Scheel. PTMM IOM HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP La) Harry l^iyaet rour csciinj triltm and rKOtidillod rent ridia'fr · »lntif waalhar. N»w enaa Iniiallad. :. ·- EAST Of MONTGOMERY WARD TIHE SHOP , tt'/t E. Ra«k St. · ' , ' Pb«a UK. WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SEtiViCE rOR ALL CAMS ·B«ir" Whwl Alignmaal Wkaal Balan FRAME AND AXLE STHAIOHTENtNO I I I S. COUIOI, FAYlTTiVIUI, ARK. PHONE 772 ·Hfl ·TWII* cmeeiMv ' LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "Right en the H/*by--fflfnf on ffcf PrJet" HO N. COLLEGE PHONE 1111 jivmnv Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNpROKER ROCHIEft'S JEWELRY SOUtH SIOI SOUARI SAM'S LIQUOR STORE 1*1* M I L K * W FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. NSTHNHZB) - HOM06OIZH) PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGNS - NEON -- ELECTRICAL WIRING 1-DAY SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK III SOUTH SCHOOL PMONi 1*01 0-K TAXI CO. ·«£IIJP* »*k »··« «t Out Cake art ne H*4I* M fl» T Taxi Service Tk« N«* ROYAL «·" ·»«*? YM IS ^fSHttfJ tS) SW» . ALIXAHDIR TYPfWRITIR CO.

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