Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 2, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1952
Page 8
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-1! j Act; Damned By Labw, And ·LaGuardia Act Foe Of Business/ Really Spell More Government Control .1 '1 Br JAMES MAttOW , ^W^ihlngtor-Wi-Throunb most It American hlstorj the vuunJ ·eould Usue injunctions against ifeleas, forbidding strikes Organ- bed labor fought this as an In- :totot«mtnt on workers' rights and *«"i8*-«lded deal /or employers I In 1832 Congress passed the Cjjterrit-LtGuardla Art banning ttottrt injunctions against strikes ·But employer! jtlll didnt base to 'bi.rg.aln vlth » "nloji President · FOoitvelt'i 'administration chang- ·d thtt In 1939 With the V'agner Act, which compelled emplojers to ;i»*rgiin -·S-s-.But the · Wagner- Act" didn't -say ·unions hid to bargain in good ; filth and Employers now did the 1 complaining They said the act ,:Wai loaded for labor unions The 2 ittuJitlph'remained unchanged until 1947 when the Republicans got management-'relation*.: With T-H It;'w.«s--empowered' to .'intervene ^yeij.more'because'T-H covers so much more territory. And-T-H Marines Fiiiil Atomic Bomb Topmk "Mindly" Weapon , Camp Desert Hock, Nev.-(j) More ihan 2,000 marines, hav taken the roughest buffeting- eve dished out to .troops by an atom! bomb, but the"majority seem soli, on the w«pdn asrj 'friend in the c'ield. -: .. ...·" '·:-.· ···.-.;. Burger, of. Camp Pendleton, Calif lion forbidding a delays a strike. Came the,present steel dispute. Instead-of. .using -T-H, F isldent Truman tried persuasion He got the 'sUiehvorkcrsrtb .strike, three'.months. delay their By April - 8, of Congress They passd ith» faJt-Hartley Act, with the tb*p of a loUot Democrat Thli jimong other things now compel!; «4 unions to bargain in good faith , The pendulum had sv/ the again Union leaders de- T-H So did Pres'dcnt m»n, who had'and still has the _ iUpport of many labor union 4ca,A- tn It became a political issue ·J -iWlth the ^Vagner Act the gov- *a«iment got neck-deep In labor- when there was still no agreement, they, began to.walk out. j"ygalh .Tr.uman. by-passed,T-H.' Kt seized the steel, industry In- ^t'eatfi.of Using the .T-H Injundtlorf to delay for another SO days a strike vhii-h the worker* them-' O'lvts already had delayed for;. three months ' ' - % 3! Dennls the Menace ;Will be here... StertiRfl Niy 5 in THE TIMES COMING Tuesday, May 6 3:30-8:00 p.m. ONI DAY ONlV Mnefrt B*V Club Fund " i - j Featuring * Hazel Randall .And Her Guest Stars I Tw»- Hours Of Laughs And ' · Thrtll. - Tarltty and Vaudivill. At III Ecil Rey--Hit Horn- mond Organ ~" Seven Coeds jny Pow«U ,The Ariirocratt rTeddy Mitchell ,, le Pogono Dancers :*The Atomic Speed- it* r« Smith's Dogs and Dottie ,, Mdddox . Jf,.t.Pool. V 'ifiir Neuter l A* wMU'a ' in* I M ro« br 1h« Cl lu. 4ltNt t»N- GYM claimed constitutional power to.take the,mills, a view noy being debated )n court. While he held them he asked Coni; gress to 1 'help solve" 'he -jiroblem. Congress did nothing but criticize Truman while the workers stayed on, their jobs. Now the strike'has started. And now thertVis agitation In Congress to do what It shied away from In T-H: -Ban a vital itrllte indefihl- nately and even Jet a judge appoint a board of managers to run a threatened Industry. That proposal came from H«pr resentatlye Smith, Virginia' Dem-. ocrat, who also suggested that Congress, gel inloalhe act fy voting itself authority 'to step into a srlke situation by asking iji* an injunction , r -· Although organized labor praised ihe Wigner Act and management damned it. and while management walsed T-H and labor damned ; it, both -acts meant less fteadom for employers and employes arid more government»'contrbl. Murder Viclim's Body Discovered In Wichili 'Wichita, Kar,.(*)-The nude body 6f an auburn-halrtd woman, with four stab wpuniii between tei!^ ?".'«""? '·" m* 1 " .moving " ground .zero, General Burger said that "In a battlefield situation we w.ould have had no fear of going through. ' " ' The advance was halted wlihin 500 yards -of the target, which was surrounded with burning planes, trucks ana .'smashed machlheguns -- showing graphically what would iave happened.', to -the enemy. s,6ne.VM-7.ta"nk was blown 80 t, and flippfied ion itiiback, Gen- i»|: ; V«^-.. . BuV' ha. p'olh'ted- outrto'ihis men thir;durnmiesfp'liicea*frf;-close'-up ifoxholes; received iverj 1 ' slight ittniaiailwn^reSs "diittVKles placed '""P'MP' :'aT»vei';"i("roUnd farther back were, cprnpletely "destroyed. ·Sffli-JBdward L. Speck, 34,-Tuck- ertowri, N. J,, said he saw stand- up dummfef blown J50 yards and burned to a crisp a half mile from the target. - ; · .. Speck, a Korean veteran in chargo of a machinegun company from Camp ,Lejeune, N. C., said some of the guns were still usable/ but "200 yards from ground zero they were smashed to bits." He added: "1 t h i n k - i t would be. a good idea to .try a few of these bombs In Korea." General Burger said only: "It is an outstanding weapon.'bitt it still has not taken the place" of the ·ifleman." " · ''·· What did other men fronvCamp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune and allied .Marine Corps units, tank? l 'i'/ifMhed-l.-w^sr ,Cp|. Robert :H, Brown, 21, Gar- deh-City, JJ.iY,;:said the ground in. ila,fpur and one-half -foot foxhole 'felt' like a sponge"; , whenVttie' hdck hit, CpLJ Arnold '-Sctir 1 -' tr '*' SOf'Sf/KJuiSi-.'-Mof,'said'-·'!:,,.. _,, wb seconds after--the flash, then got knocked back in my foxhole y the blast.". . . ' · · - ' · . :; The heat of-the 10-secpnd fire- iall Impressed others, "Like stick nir ydur face in an oven," di lared Cpl. Frank W, H alley, 2 lollywood, Calif. The Leathernecks were break ng camp today ,preparatory, eturninj! to their home bases. SHELLEY ON WAY TO BE MARRIED I FILM HAH ShelleyWIntera and Italian actor Vlttorlo Gissman ' l ' l ' t ; a s they left b y plane f o r E l Paso. 1 1 Mexico to be married, t International MPWvw Of Tlwif 0 wn Mediciw Panmunjomi Koreai(;P)-Only : a few .minutes after,. Red. guards stopped': in 'Army pn9tographer, Sgt; Edward Doyle; Jr.; from taking pictures · o f ' the Communist truce delegation, a Bed photographer tried to snap Brig. Gen William P. Nuchols briefing Allied correspondents. . . , · · ·· ·" '· An American, military : policeman ordered him'away. The Communist stood ona.chair and con- :inued snapping . pictures.. The M. P. shook him off the chair. .The Communist picked u p ' t h e chair and waved it oVer his head, :hen took a second look at the M. P.--and set the chair down ;ently. · Security officers huddleU briefly and (freed to bar correpbndenti and newsmen from approaching, within hearing distant? of : the conference tep.t during meetings. PLAN TO BUILD S« Our MatarUL O«t Our Print. Tr Our 8«rTie*. . LUMBER CO. Ml Bt, Chart.. EVERYTHING ···-. · ' M ·-"- end sumtn FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVBtMWNT AVI PKKI5 ARE BORN HEM AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Each Evening T'l 9 emit Mrt. tin krrnM MMM. ttil term, ettr UrtOmf. * A H Crttn // VirusX // RjeallY30Diseases / Medical Science Determines BT HOH'ARD w. BLAKESLEE » Boston .'-(fl- The 'mysterious virus X Is really 30 new diseases. The doctbrs are not yet acquainted with most of ihem and so/they, call these troubles X. How i the .wonder-drug antibiotics...brought this to pass was described to the Societ/of Amera sym- , stuffed In · barracks big The woman «bdut zf or 33 years old and five f«et tall, was not identified. -EdWard Blrcher, a builder, found the bag under the porch of a home. He investigated after noticing an odor Officers called the deathv'the moil cold-blooded murder in the (ilstorj of VWchlla." ,. . H»r clotalng, IBcluding a white uniform either of a-nurse or waitress, also was stuffed in the bag, Famed Ntvodo Paper Resumes Publication , Virginia *City,' Nev,.. W) -· The Tarrllorlal Enterprise, celebrated pioneer newspaper on which Mark Twain once \yas a reporter, came to life again yesterday after aVabsence of 38 years. Author Lucius Beebe, former night life reporter for the New. York · Herald' Tribune' and hlii partner; · Chtfries Clcgg, * revived the bombastic old newspaper bv purchasing , the. weekly Virginia City .News. . '". ·'. · " .. lean Bacteriologists, in poslum on viruses'. When antibiotics .such as' penicillin,. st'reptomj'cinV' aureomycln and all the.others;save our lives, Or cure serious illness, they kill a lot of our most dangerous germ enemies;,-That-leaves.our. bodies open ftp attack^ from a.less dangerous but large host of viruses. Because of the antibiotics, the baetriologUti have been discovering cthem In rapid succession. 'We always had them, but they were, ,, Jumped together under Vague names like . congestion, catarrh, summer flu and a number of boweMrdubles. Now that they are out In the open they number at least 30. , The bacteriologists are worried ibout the antibiotics all-- of. us- are felting In our dally food. We get toy bits from milk, due to giving :hem for cattle dlseaseSrAIso from pork because antibiotics, are given to pigs to make pigs grow faster. From 1 : chicken and eggs- for the same reason. Parenthetically, the Swig's cheese makers - are tearing their hair.- because .these antibiotic.; in milk interfere with making their holes. The bacteriologists fear that Come In and See -Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Rt-Modeling Your Home, Building New. Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. Clifton Lumber Co, Phpnt 27. FBrk, Ark. these tiny quantities will, sensitize that some, cannot take antibiotics when ill. They also reported today tha't.the antibiotics in milk kill some germs in our bodies Which make 'vitaminc for us.. Death Of Bulgarian Vice -Premier Reported London-WVMoseow radio j«- portsd today tha death of Vlaii- mlr Poptomov, Bulgarian vice premier, former foreign minister and member of Bulgaria's Communist Politburo. , . The radio account said he died yest.rday in Sofia-after a long illness. ' Poptomov was appointed foreign minister in January, 1990, end relieved of the Job four months later. When he left the Foreign Ministry, he retained his post as one of several · vice premiers aneX also remained on the Politburo. Barley, believed to be one of the first cereals cultivated by man, is one of the most widely distributed grains in the world. Police Seek Convict In Schuster SJaying New /York-(£)-A 36-year-old convict is. being sought for ques tlohlng in connection with th March 8 killing of Arnold Schus ter, the man who. tipped the whereabouts of bank robbei Willie Sutton. .Police Commissioner George P Monaghan announced yesterd'aj that the ex-con, John Mazziotta is believed to have been one of the last persons in possession o -the gun which felled Schuster. The murder weapon "was a .38 revolver which had been stolen from~.a shipment on a Brooklyn pier. ' 'Schuster gave" police the tip that led to the arrest February 18 of .Sutton, the nation'« most wanted bank r,6bber and- jail breaker.. Nineteen days' later the 24-year-old salesman was shot four times on the sidewalk near his Brooklyn home. Rogers Church Has May DayJJreakfasr Rogers-(Speclal)-May Day was celebrated here yesterday morning with R May Day breakfast at the First Presbyterian Church,. served by t h e . Ladies Auxiliary to approximately 150 persons. The breakfast is an annual event. The tables were' decorated with spring flowers, including rare specimens of pnrisies and tulips. - Some tribes of American Indians once believed thei'e is an old woman in the moon making a basket arid .that the world will be destroyed when the basket is completed.. The bassoon can be used for comic effects .in orchestration and Billionaire Seaman Who Feels Navy Treats Him Too Much Like Ordinary Sailor, Faces CourtMartial As Result^Of Cpplaihfs Pearl Harbor - (/P) - Millionaire Seaman' Bruce S. Hopping, currently a leaf Jaker facing court martial for criticizing Navy discipline, ..says fighting the "system ; of inequality in the whole M«.... t, * · Navy. 1 "The. American public should know what goes on," the Maple-, wood, N.. J., naval reservist. said yesterday in an. Interview. "They should know their -.oney^s going o waste because of p'oorly handled indoctrination and personnel'poll- He is vice president of a three million dollar New Jersey, lumber firm. Rear Adm. Francis C, Denebrink, 'Pacific service forces commander, recommended a special, court martial--second severest .in he Navy--for Hopping. He said :he sailor should be tried on uiatipns 'and conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline." ; · ' · · " . Hopping lias had three unsuc- cessful'jousts with the .Navy! He 'publicly criticized Navy..chbw as .unfit. to'.- eat last '.September a' Bainbridge, Md. : ,' '. He led.crew complaints las! February against discipline; aboard the salvage'ship Reclaimer. , A Navy board exonerated, the He- claimer two top officers. ' Hopping's latest brush' came Saturday when he. calle.d on Denebrink for ah "informal chat" while the admiral was breakfasting in his pajamas. He said Denebrink told him to get out. Denebrink; said he was recommending court, martial on two counts, complaining against duties and prejudicial conduct. Maximum penalty is six months 'at hard labor, forfeiture of pay and a bad iharges of "violation of Navy reg- conduct discharge. SOMETHING TO CACKLE ABOUT THIS. PLYMOUTH ROCK nen hat aomethlng cackle about a she alts by her gigantic egg In Nlles, O.. where owner JomS-Beilo claims t to be one of the biggest ever produced. The egg measures eight Inches around small circumference, weighs mor. than half a pound It la shown with normal ln egg. - (MmationaV HILTON BROS. DRIVE-IN FURNITURE Mlway 71 North WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP HIGH SCHOOL AT HOME In reor Spar* flni«I -- OLD DUTCH-^WHITE HOUSE PAINT ,f -Tjjdoy's Greater* .: , $A 'faint Value -- ; *V GAL. Mm Linseed Oil . Gal. $2.49 "" . Qt .69 Tritone Enamel ^ White Gal. $3.99 Qt. £1.19 HAMPTON'S 'ARMY SURPLUS STORE 318 W. DICKSON ST. · - · · · . : . 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