Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 2, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Jlom«n Mnl bre»d. U-lf-M English Minister Organized Corps Of Church Beauties To Entice Sailors Away From Sin ,,, Middleibnpugh', E.Wg 1» n-d-iVP!- BritUh' tars' ' who've" been going from the 'deep, blue sea to the devil, ithe; middle of :a' pretty kettle of flesh today--50 church- ojng beauties against the painted oils of the waterfront. The : Rev .Cyril Kettle organized the church girl!.- ready for the call to swarm over the dockside area and flaunt their charms, against ladies-ot ill repute'who.try,to'en- tice lonely-sailors on'leav* Kettl? 'said the temptations of the tars have been a longtime problem and a losing fight. Up to he thMghioi-.fighting fire with fire and womeh with women. When the/next ship comes in,. he'l) i;turh rhis/ beiuHei" loose. · Tie's ·: chosen 50 .fresh-faced lassies.--"all full-bloodsd.and.good Christians"--and is certain- that the sailors will walk disdainfully past the. heavily painted girls. "My girls make them-look as flat as last night'," fce-Voast- ed. "They are the sort of,girls a tailor's- mother - would 'like, but they're not hot gospellers who will t r y ' t o ram religion 1 down the chaps' throats/' : · ' ' . Kettle savs .he understands the sailor's problem --."any normal man likes women, and a sailor who has 'been at s*a for- months desperately needs a girl's company. I mean to see he meets'the right type of girl." After the enticing is, done, the sailors will be, steered to a mis-1 lion for seamen that Kettle runs. I 'In the .mission they'll be able to dance with them, play table tennis, talk and have meals- with them." ' One of the 50' beauties, red- haired Joan Tweed, 23, said some of the girls had given the plan a trial run and it worked. '.'The'sailors smile happily when they see us,"'she said. "It makes me feel like some sort of guardian angel." . Up until modern times, Bangkok, the capital of Siam, was built mostly on pontoons and .piles above .watercourses which formed streets. . . . · Some tribesrnen.of the Philippine Islands formerly used no cooking utensils, all cooking being done in the embers of -fires. On The Radio ·. New York-W)-For tonight: NBC--7i Roy. .Rogers';.7:30, Bob and Ray; 8, Mario Lanza and Monica-Lewis; 8:30, Short Story! 9, Tin Pan Valley.. CBS--7, -Musicland USA; 7:30, Big Time'; 8, Doris Day; 9:05, Capitol Cloakroom, Sen. Everett M. Dirksen or Illinois. ABC--7, Dick Powell Mystery; 7:30, This is FBI; 8,: Ossic and Harriet; 8:30, District. Attorney. MBS-VT, Maisie; 7:30, Gracie Fields; 8:05, Magazine Theater. Saturday schedulings: . · NBC, 9 a. m., Archie Andrews. -.--.. CBS, 7:30 a, m., Quiz Kids. . . MBS, 11 a. m., I'anVon Farm . . . MBS Gam* of Day Neawork, 1:30, Brooklyn at Chicago. ALL-RIGH, HAVE SUCH.'GOOO TASTE vou PICK'OUT A HAT ro(? ME ALWAYS JWEL SUCH SILLY AND AT THE 1WCKING. PLANT". Keep foeth Ck* Wrifley's Speirmint Gum. Chewing help* keep teeth bright. Frethou Uite, «we*ten» breath. We,*!* aid to popularity. VEAHANO/ TONSILS SMS BEEN GABWNGf By J. R. Williami OUT OUR WAY A Glfr COMIN THRU A TOOK LAUSHIW ALWAYS MAKES ME WO5X BUT BOSSES LALJGHIWIWA · DOORWAY MAKE ME MAP/ IT WOULPNT BE FUNNV TELUM' . rr, HAVE TO SEE JT TO SET A KICICOUT ic THBRE ANVDNK HBRB WHO CAN IDBNT1FV St5U Belicyc/torAbt/ YUMA/IOuY'wrSEMttHED TH' DKKT. Ntcoiaw K AHYWHMI tUT SMWIR! IS tiE FIRST MUGtfflER OF A FIRST DAUGHTER OFAFIRSTMUaffER; .flFAFUMT-PAUflHTER; OFAFIRSTPAUOHIBJ.' .iTB THAT. WORD "TON" } THAT r '.USES TROUBLE/ MARION, MARION, UP ' ON YOUR FEETT.' BY A PUNK UKE HIM, VWANTA SET BEAT? THEY'RE SO TIRED OF HAVtN'HEKflt-AFnN' 'EM AROUND THEY'D OOANVTHINGTO GET HER OUT OF aROLOATtON/ HEY, NOW, SEE.., TELL ME WHY, , FOR SUCH A8 /THW THIS, THEYt)/THEY HANG A ( WOULC IFOOP LICK9THI98AB6,1YEP...AN' WHOP6 HER JAW,HEll-/ THE6E. HAFTA MARRY HER, S MINERS THAT'S TH; LAWPy WILL66E1O ITTH'LWS ^ ,,,. . ^'ENFORCED! or: "May I suggest that you retire now while you're still undefeated?!" _ . -AN ao- WANDERIKI' ARCXJND- ASHAMtDT'fiO HQMC- WIFOUT NO MONKV- AM t* BMOKC AW' AH COME.HKAK ON MA(-( KGRH 4-H CW Memben To Exhibit Be«f Cilfle Four-H Club membfrs .*'!!] exhibit their steers and heifers. at the Fair Grounds in FayeftevUl* tomorrow in'connection with th* annual 4-H. Club rally. .The beef .calves will itay on full feed until after the' County Fair in September. Thirty-two steers .and 12 registered · beef heifers are on feed now, and most: of them will be exhibited tomorrow. Demonstrations will be given in the afternoon on fitting and showing beef cattle. ' ·"·-.;'.. All. businessmen and/farmers are invited to see the exhibit, be-; tween 10 a.m. and 3 pjn. A new phase of the 4-H Club, beef cattle .program this. year;is the' feeding -of registered beef heifers for the livestock (hows. Little Hope For Seven Aboard Crashed B-29 Tampa, Fla. - (IP] - Officials at MacDill Air Force Base held little hope today for seven men aboard B-29 Superfort 'which, crashed and sank 30 miles at sea during low level target practice. Seven others aboard 4he bomb- · escaped with .'minor injuries. They were picked up by a fishing vessel ;yesterday. Two required, hospitalization. No trace of the other seven men aboard was seen while the survivors were in the area .or by surface c r a f t ' a n d planes which scoured the vicinity later, McDill said "the cause' of the accident was not known. The men aboard had "no time' to get off » radio message before the crash. DOROTHY DIX--. CONTINUED F8OM PAGE roll* easier to give than to follow,-but for the sake : of your own health and reason, your authority in the household must b* .isserted. If Mamma accepts it with tears, let her cry it out. She will get over it, I The very best course for you would be to set her up in her own household, a. procedure which, though expensive, · is well worth the money, and in your case probably feasible. Since you have a good job, and your husband presumably has. no great financial difficulty would be encountered. If that idea is too drastic, keep your mother with you, but remember that the tears are spurious, the demand for attention real, Insist .oh privacy when you have guests, and insist on your right, as manager of the house, to have it kept -as you want it. · Had you given me-your name and address, T would have written you .personally--perhaps my reply would .have been good for mother's, prying eyes!^^^ - ·..Beer seems to have been used from the most ancient times in Babylon and Egypt. , '.-. . _ . . FtlDAT EVENING «:0fl Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight .Tim* «:30 Newi 6:45 Ozark Sports-Review 7:00 Wayne King Show , 7: IS Gabriel Heatter : 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous; 7:45 Lombardo on tht Air -.00 BASEBALL St. Louis. Cardinals -.. · Vs. ' . ' - . · : .Philadelphia Phillies 0:30 Platter Party ' !):4S Platter Party 1:00 Platter Party 1:30 Sign Off ' , - BATUEDAT MOtNINQ 5:30 Rise 'N Snirit 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Maikets and Weather 6:35 'Rise II' Shine 7-00 Minutes by Muric 7:15 Jordanaires 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Organ Reveries 8:00 After Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary 9:00 Kiddies Hit' Farad* 9:30 News 9:45 Serenade in Blue . 10:00 New Record Releases 10:15 New Record Releases 10:30 Cere's to Vets ' 10:45 Guest Star 11:00 Proudly We Hall'. 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 News lit Noon 8ATURDAT AFTSENOON 12:00 Man on The Farm 12:30 Dunn on Discs 12:55 BASEBALL, Game of the Day 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Hawaii Calls 4:00 Lan-Lan: Ensemble 4:30 Bands for Bonds 4:45 Musical Interlude 5:00 Smiley Whitley 5:IS Know Your University 5:45 Peewee Reese Show Latest In Large Sizes By Sue Burnett Here is a. beautifully styled frock for general summer wear, and so flattering to the slightly larger figure. The' soft collar is.edged with dainty embroidered ruffle, ileeyes are cool and' comfortable. '·Pattern No. .8825 is.a. sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52. Size 3B, 4H yards 61 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30c for EACH, in COINS, your name, address, sizes desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue-Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 Ave. Americas, New York 36, N. Y. Basic FASHION for '82 is filled with ideas to make your clothe« budget go further -- time-saving and economical designs that are ea$.y to sew. Gift pattern printed inside. 25 cents. OFAU--1 I «O-00«C-V**M I fH H - - } \ vweSsw'Boewl 9t HJA S MMWMOOMMfti I « JO(W/ 1 I 90W.SH/ 1. 4---J I---u~-i/' ~T «i-

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