Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 9, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1974
Page 6
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· Northwest Arkansas TIMES, f FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S UTTLE ROCK (AP) -- The ,. Arkansas Ga/ette said today in '"'an editorial headlined "The 'vSiinflay Morning Massacre" -:ithat Ihe unconditional pardon- .jrig of Richard M. '"a startling and Nixon even was ont- ragepus exercise of Ihe presi- ''.(Jenlial power." .;.." The Gazeztte said if there was · "jlny consistency in justice, "it ." \i'0uld seem t h a t President ' : 'Pord must grant pardon, before and .after the fact, to the whole .Watergate crowd" and blanket ISjSar'don to all Vietnam draft 1 evaders and deserters. The newspaper noted that £ Ford granted Nixon pardon be- ·* (ore any prosecution and trial. J "Whatever Mr. Ford's mo- !· lives and whatever the depth ol H his compassion for his old =* friend and benefactor," the Ga- zelle said, "the ·'ord took Suiidii if rash, even fi hat Ihe Amerk :ome to associal N'ixon himself." The Gazelle hat Ihe pardon ?ord raised t' lions. "What- Gera claimed, in c president real beyond the 1 paper said. "Alas, we consequences nouiicement and pen, an action come known I Favors Freedom For Rest Of Gang lJ ^···^·······^··^·^·····^^^^^^··^^^^^^^^^^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"·····^^^^^^ * HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) -"Martha Mitchell, declaring her ; bitterness about President '.Ford's pardon of former President Richard Nixon, said Smi- 'Iday she believed the whole '·thing had been prearranged be- V fore Nixon left office. Sept. 9, 1974 1 Massacre r Condemns Ford G action that y was the kind oolhardy, move MII people had c with Richard said a pardon onvicticm would thing, but that i as issued by ? gravest ques- Ford has pro- eel, is that a IS above and \v," the ne\vs- ar the gravest in Ford's au- d stroke of the which might be- as Ford's own ig massacre' o[ ustice." The Gazette questioned how a ury could be persuaded to convict H. R. "Bob" Haldeman and others still scheduled tor rial in connection with the Wa- tergale scandal "when the man who presided over the whole affair is already pardoned scot- free. "Possibly the rawest irony is in the case of John Dean, the Nixon presidential assistant who is now serving a term in prison after he provided the first direct link to the President himself," the Gazette said. "II was Dean who revealed the truth about Nixon to the American people, but Nixon himsell may now relax in the ease ol total immunity, with the lush pension and perquisites . a former president is given by law...." Df Gang n From The Start n had something before Nixon resigned. Oth?r- vhen he left the Mrs. Mitchell, «,«fo nf f n r m n r wise she said, Mr. Fora wouldn't be in the White House and I don't care if ^Jerry ever "The harvest of cynicism, in the aftermath of Ford's Sunday morning announcement may be more devastating than any of us now foresee," the Gazette said. "Why, Ford himself, in the very act ot pardoning, tacitly or innocently impugned the system when he indicated that he didn't think Nixon could get a fair trial!" The newspaper said Ford had begun to govern effectively and the consensus was good for .the country as Ford's admini- tralion. But, the Gazette concluded, "If these dark anticipations are well founded, then the consensus is already shattered anc Ford's prospects for an effective presidency have been badly compromised." Miss Texas Wins Beauty Pageant ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (API -- One of the new Miss Amerca's favorite people is television talk show host Johnnj Carson. And it was visions o Carson that danced before her :yes as she was winning the "I knew ; White House," Ihe estranged Atty. Gen. John Mitchell, said. Mrs. Mitchell said she was sure a deal had been arranged Toll 01 Jet Crash At . ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- All '88 persons aboard a TWA jetliner that crashed Sunday in !the Ionian sea are believed dead. At least 17 of the 79 passengers and some of the nine ;ciew members were Americans. : The Boeing 707 jet was en i route from Tel Aviv to Los An- ::geles with stops in Athens, ·'pome and New York. It -plunged into a stormy sea GO 'miles west of Kefallinia island 40 minutes after leaving Athens. By midnight Sunday, 12 hours 'after the crash, seven bodies had been recovered* by the :crew of a Greek freighter, the first ship to reach the scene. A telephone caller in Beirut ; PULITZER PRIZE WINNER DIES BOSTON (AP) -- Frank W Buxlon, a PuliUer Prize-win ning editor of the Boston Her aid, died Friday at age 96. H: won the prize in 1923 for a nine paragraph editorial entitle) "Who Made Coolidge?" Buxtor joined the Herald in 1904 anc retired in 1946. eported that an organization -ailed the Nalionalist Youth for Liberation of Palestine had abotaged the plane. But the 'aiestine Liberation Organ- zation, the umbrella group for major guerrilla organ- zations, said the call was a hoax anJ a "Zionist fiction" to liscredit the Palestinian cause. The Greek merchant marine -.inistry said an Alitalia plane reported seeing the 707 "plung- ng steeply into the sea with .ne engine on fire" shortly he- ore noon. Search pilots flying iver the site soon after said all hey saw were "remnants .of vred;agc and bodies floating on the sin-face." TWA officials said 49 of the lassengers aboard boarded at Tel Aviv and another 30 got on Athens. It said 17 ot those vho boarded in Israel were \iinericans, including one in- 'ant, but the nationalities ofthe Alhens passengers were not reported. speaks to me again." Mrs. Mitchell was inter viewed separately by television station KATV and radio statiot KARN, both of Liltle Rock while visiting her cousin, R a j West of Pine Bluff, at his Lake Hamilton condominium nea here. Saying she was vehemen about the pardon, Mrs. Mitche: declared, "Nixon's just as guil ly and responsible as any bod else, and it's a horrible, hor ·ible thing. 1 don't feel sorr or him or his family either be cause they're too stupid t Know what they're doing." Referring to others involve n the Watergate burglary an cover-up, she said, "I think w should have amnesty com )lctely across-the-board. 1 don jelieve in pardoning one perso Bumpers Attends AUSTIN. Tex. AP) -- Gov, Dale Bumpers is attending the Southern Governors Conference today. Bumpers is to return to Ar kansas Wednesday. and not pardoning everyboci ilse -- especially when they'r the ones that did the dirty wor him (Nixon). And that goe 'or even old (H. H. "Bob 1 Haldeman and old (John) Eh rlichman whom I hale. "If he (Ford) can pardo one, he can pardon them a and get the ones out of jail tha are sitting there now." "Do we have Watergate bi tiind usV" KATV reporter Brie Dampier asked Mrs. Mitchell. "·We'll never have Waterga behind us, I hope, because, in way, it's been good," she r plied. "We're leaching our po ticians to be straight and n crooked." Mitchell is one of the defen ants in an upcoming trial connection with the Waterga cover-up. Mexican Army Battle Frees Terrorist Hostages Sunday Easter Bonnet This steer went rummaging through a trash pile In search of goddles and came ap with an old bucket. A photographer In Chimacum, Wash., got the critter's attention while t h e owner snuck up behind H and removed the bonnet. (AP Wlrephoto) itle.· Shirley Cothran, the former ,Iiss Texas, played a jazzy lute med|ey before a live rowd of 20,400 and a nation- vide television audience Satur- lay night. Before going on stage, she recalled, "I thought jeepers, Johnny Carson's probably watching me.'" . The 21-year-old guidance counsellor from Donton, Tex., cried when she was crowned iust before midnight Saturday; cried at a ball later and resumed weeping Sunday morn- ng at a brunch for all 50 con- estants. Her predecessor, Re- jecca Ann King of Colorado, shed no tears last year. Between tears, the hazel-eyed Drunettc told reporters that she loves apple pie; supports abortion, the equal rights amendment and President Ford's par- Know (ow, SdooU don ard of former President M. Nixon; opposes Rich- juana, and is undecided on amnesty for draft evaders. Miss Cothran, a devout Baptist who neither smokes nor drinks, is Denton's seconc 1 Miss America in four years. Miss Cothran. who has under- jraduate and masler's degrees jrom North Texas Stale University, earned a $15,000 scholarship, plus Ihe chance to make ?70,000 or more in appearance fees over the next 12 months. Luciarme Buchanan, who was first runner-up to Miss California but advanced to the title when the winner fell ill, was also first runner-up here, earning a $10,000 scholarship. Miss Illinois, Jean Ahern, was nexl, followed by Miss Kentucky, Darlene Complon, and Miss Louisiana, Libby Lovejoy. By HARRY VANDERGRIFF venls and FAYETTEVILLE meetings. SUPERINTENDENT There is much evidence that the use of alchohol by young people is on Ihe increase over the entire United States. N o t only are more college age youirg people drinking alcohol, but also high school and even junior high school aged youngs- lers. It appears that this national trend is also prevalent in our area. It has been reported that more and more of our students are consuming alcohol. This increased use of alcohol is occurring during the week as well as on weekends as was formerly the case. We consider it a school re sponsibility to do all we can to prevent students from bring ing alcohol, or other drugs, to school, and to see that students who have consumed alcohol are isolated from other students. Our efforts will be directe at preventing the use of alcoho or other drugs at all schpo [unctions including sporting other evening Our concern is for the health and safety of our students, but o be effective we must have he cooperation of all our parents. The parents must he willing o oppose the use of alcohol or other drugs by their child_en, and to work wilh our school principals in providing ,he necessary sleps to prohibit :he use at school [unctions. There is a the real danger of alcoholism developing in young people. We must all work cooperatively to prevent such an occurrence. We are deeply concerned with this problem and are taking steps to combat its spread. We earnestly en- coura'ge public support in our efforts. Students who either bring alcohol or other drugs to school, or who consume alcohol at school, or who corne to school while under the intluence of such drugs will be punished by the proaer school authorities. We will "expect parents to reinforce this punishment. MKXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) -- The Mexican nrmy has freed So». Rtibon FiBuoroa and four Hides hold cnptlve for 3Vi mouths by Luclo Cabanas, Mexico's No. I guerrilla. But Cnonnns eluded the troops, Defense Minister Hermenegildo Cuencn Hlai announced. Figueron's rescue Sunday utter « gun batlle was the second success within 24 hours for President Luis Eheverria's no- compromise policy for political kidnapings. Echeverria's 83- year-old fHther-in-law was freed Saturday night by another terrorist organization that held him for 10 days. The defense ministry said some of the huge force lhat has been searching for Figueroa and Cabanas found the 66-year- old senator in the village of El Quemado, inland from Acapulco in Ihe mountains of Guerrero state and 310 miles south of Mexico City. Cuenca Diaz said a number of Ihe guerrillas were killed or wounded, two of their captives were wounded, many arrests were made and a large amount of arms vvas captured. But Cabanas "either escaped or he was not there." The troops "are pursuing the remainder of the bandits, and it is expected that they will be to tally annihilated in a shorl time," the minister said. It was the army's first major success against Cabanas in the eight years since the schooltea cher look to the Sierra Madre de Atoyac in southwest Mexico and put together a band of 35 or 40 armed men. Cabanas. had invited Fig ueroa, the government party' millionaire candidate for gover nor of Guerrero slate, to : meeting on May 30 and thei kidnaped him and the aide vho accompanied him. Til guerrilla Ihief demanded t million in cash and the releas PHILADELPHIA (AP) .-'hat is needed in the world Is have healthy water bodies, ot pure ones. According to esh water researchers at the cademy of Natural Sciences ere, healthy streams and ikes are those which have a real diversity of plant and animal life. In a balanced aqualic sy«- em, it is the aquatic lite which ssimilates wastes and main- ains high-quality water. An im- ortant goal in efforts toward ater quality improvement is le protection of freshwaler lants and animals. COMPLETE LINE of BUILDING MATERIALS QUALITY MATERIALS at DISCOUNT PRICES BANKAMER1CARD -MASTER CHARGE WELCOME DELIVERY SERVICE ALSO NEW HOMES AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL LOCATIONS ELLEY BROTHERS LUMBER co. 2401 NORTH GREGG ON West Townihip North Gregg Phone 442-2351 all prisoners In Guerrero as e senator's ransom, Echeverrla, holding to a poly he lnll down last year, re- sed to deal with the kidnaps and Instead sent an esli- aled 20,000 troops to scour lh« ounlains. The drive is one of e largest Mexican military orations In decades. Meanwhile, Echeverrla'i ged father-in-law. Jose Guada- pe Zuno Hernandez, said his dnapers freed him after he mvinccd them that their ene- y was the U. S. Central In- iligence Agency and not th» exican government. Healthy Water BEHIND OUR LABEL painstaking care, in dispensing the finest quality drugs. This is the guaran- E. Side Square -- 442-7345 We Pick Up and Deliver Prescription! OPEN DAILY 9-9: CLO c En ewr- ·· MON., TUE5., WEP. 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