Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 2, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 2, 1952
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TODAY Read by ov.r 25,000 Doily I C A l Tto Public Inttnttlt Tftt Flnt CMCtrii Of Tfclt; N«wipaptr . . ·rtitut ynMfiby n low Mar n, tariie ia», IUWM J VOLUME 90, NUMBER 240 Auotialed Prni LMMC! Win FAVITTIVILU. MKANSAS. rWOAY tVtJflNO, MAY I, 1M2 AP, Kln| and NIA Haturw met nvt aim Missouri Pills Ahead 01 Tail * Poll Shows General Leads Senator By Four Pelegates · : By The Asiociiitd Pre«5 '' Gensfair Eiserihpwer, who has been steadily, closing the delegate gap between himself and Senator , , Taft, pullsd ahead of the senator for the first time when he picked ur eight new delegates-in Republi-. ' can .districts .in · Missouri, - Associ- , aled Press tabulations showed today.. '· : . : . Delegate strength for both men · is at least partly an estimate, ·Since some of the unbound dele- · gates might cTiange their minds and shift .sides. · . - - ' . · - . · · The delegate: ; score,'; compiled from.concessions, pledges, instructions and avowed leanings, give. Eisenhower: 278' to- 274 o for..the Ohio 1 Republican ''senator 1 . These are AP figures. Taft's : headquarters -. 344 'for. the : senator and'«'general-'is far behind · y/itS. only "268--not. counting-yes-' ierday's Missouri results. ·-','· ~, · As'the-two key GOP delegates battled for -position, the. De'mp- · cratic.--Party.-front was also . Jn tction.. .*. " · , ·' ' . Florida . G.ov. Fuller Warten agreed'to .-meet Sen. Estes i.Ke- tiiuver - it · Tennessee -in Vdebatfc Monday night at -Miami.- Kef a^ver' who' haj sVapped words with" Hie governor *yer-since his'Senate ' Crttrie .CbniiniUee tried 'iti" vim' to' call Warren as a. witness,. wants; Ihe-'debate limited -to ,a half-hout each.'He'says lime is precious-iri · his-race against Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia for. ·Flori- da's May 6 popularity, poll'and May 27. delegate'election. Warren insists o n n o time .limit. . . . Blasts Kefauyer . · Russell, in ·. a ' . Jacksonville . speech, took Kefauver to task lor his stand on a Fair Employment t Practices Commission (FEPC), which would. bar .job discrimihar .·.. . tion because of race..In. a Congress speech five years ·'· ago, Russell said, Kefauver, talked against · "FEPC bilt now says he would accept an FEPC plan in the Democratic party platform.. - , At. Cincinati,-. Kefauver' told friends'- He- could · fill Ohio ' engage- 'merits.inade Mr him and -.was 'returning . to Florida .to" campaign. · ·.-. -. -^-TaK-told^a-rep'orter ' ih'^Akron ' hi ^ , , . vitaffon!!? to ' dib'ate \withi Eistn- hower,'' retufrilhg-, about '.'.Tune 1 from his--aliied--defense. command in Europe. Taft. added, -however, lie'Ieels debates are "more · appropriate tn '..general elections, than to ' " - ' (ommufiijl Hand Seen In Japanese Rioting , Tokyo-WPj-Ameri^an spokesmen saidsJapan's bloody anti-American* May Day riots bore the "well- known trademark of ruthless Communism."Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway said . the, riots, -in -which at least 1,800 'were injured and 'possibly seven killed, were "clearly of alien inspiration." . . . ."".;.'...'. U. S. Ambassador Robert D. Murphy called the riots "more of the same""Russiah policy of sparking violence which he had seen in European cities.^ The newly, arrived ambassador narrowly missed injury from flying rocks. He told his. first press conference he was surprised by the ugly anti-foreign outbreak. Body Recovered ,. Dardfrielle, Ark.r(/?)-Thr ^body of John ;Coleman', 55, '· of ''Dar- ·danelle.Vho drowned Monday; was recovered from River yesterday." the ''Arkansas Rose Festival Queen Chosen Little Rook - (P) - Seventeen- year-old Jimmie . Rose Harrison will reien as, quee'n-'. of Little. Rock's iourth p.nnual Rose/Fes,- tival. . ' . · Brown-haired, brown-eyed Miss Harrises v.'as selected last night from a field of seven princesses. 'The festival opened officially, with last night's coronation of Miss'' Harrifcpn. · It .will - extend through Saturday/ ; Seeks* Injunction To Halt Picketing Of , .':'· El Dorado Plant · ·':·· , . . El' Dorado, Ark-(ff)-A hearing date : has not been set .j'Libn Oil Company's $50,000 suit, against the striking " : CIO''Qil:- Workers 'International Union, or its petition 'for a court order, to halt picketing-., .. · Some ''600' workers- at Lion's chemical. plant and. about "50 Tan- Am refinery' employes have struck in- "corihec'tiori with a -.iationwide s'trike-:by oil.wprkers in "a- wage dispute'. · . . ; : T.'M. Martin, Lion Oil president, 'said last night the strike was.con r hd orderly mariner," He -said a .."skeletoii tjhuing in -a "quiet ah Six Escape Serious Injury cre-.r". is operating the plant and t h a t -: company representatives | available. for .further ne- I gotiatioris. ' However, no meetings have been-, scheduled. . At the Pah-Am · refinery, m.alir ager E. N.- Kimes said' that the entire plant was shut down .last night. He. also said.PanrAm's prof posal for settlement of the dispute was more, liberal than the union's request. He did" not elaborate. ' R. W.'.iawrence, .O^yIU^ International. representative; said thai ·Pan-A"m .workers arc* willing ''to submit their demands' to th.2 Waga Stabilization :Board:: He said - t h e union itauid abide by. any rec.- '6mrnendatiqns..from"the bocrd.' ·· · L - ' ' ' - ' . :· Six teen-age, girls narrowly escaped serious Injury* about' BiSO'jasl night when -this : truck, .in,,whicfi' they were ridirig,;sWerved;.irito r an electric "light'pole on East Lafayette Street near 'the intersection'.with Willow "-Street;"'The'.collision' broke the light pole'at its-base'and caused-abouljjO.Q damage, to; the truck.. Shirley" Boles, of 496 South Block. Street;-was thrown from" the rear of the truck by the impact and suffered.severe scratches.: She was taken to the County Hospital by, a Nelsijn ambulance/ was treated-and released, The other girh, Sandra Mbrelock, Val Ann Watson, Betty Sizemore, Marilyn Hudson and Betty Stewart, suffered minor cuts and bruises. Miss Stewart was. driving, the pickup, truck at the time of the accident. The girls had been .visiting/prospective members of their; Sunday School class.'. [P'liska TIMESF.OTO). . . ' light Plane Record : 'New ;York-(#)-SongwTiter Max Conrad, 49,^totiay.. claimed the Los Angeles-NewYork non-stop speed record' for light planes--IM hours and 54 minutes. - .". :.'...' ," The .-flier landed at- LaGuardia'. Field .yesterday 'after,'.-.battling thunderstorms and headwinds during, much of the 2,46I-m'!e flight. Official recording instruments carried in hisTlpcr-Pacer airplane will be .taken io'_ Washington" for confirmaiiori'-'of "the "ilyihg" time'. Conrad, . from ..Mirror Lake, Minn., is the father of.10. children.- He' is the composer of such.songs "Green Waters" Kathalina." . - · - and' " P o o r Eisenhower Picks Up Eight More Delegates St. Louis-WP)-Gen.-' Wight' Di Eisenhower, picked up eight delegates in : Missouri yesterday to-increase his delegate strength for the -July National ' Republican Convention to 278.- · . That gave him: four more Delegates than those pledged or. favorable to Sen.-Bobert Taft, on -the basis of an Associate;)- Press tabulation. Taft has 274. President Truman's Praise Of Eisenhower Pleases General's Republican Backers . ' · ' · · - . ' · ' : · · · · · ' - . No Break Seen IwSfrikejBy "·· 'The'-' strike- by/pembers.;pf 'tht A.- F.- of L.- Teamsters' U n i o n against. the'Springdale and Joplin, Mo.,- offices of' Jones Truck Lines continued today, with no signs, of a '.settlement' in; sight' ': . · '.. The/only change in the situation- which has taken place since the' wa'kbut. was .started 12 days 'ago ·was; ..the . ..-elurn lo work of the employes at: -the Kansas City office .Tuesday. The Kansas City workers had gone oul in a "sympathy" strike two days following the 'original walkout. ' ' Company officials reported that about 150 workers are idled by- Ihe strike. Reasons for the walkout are still unknown and union officials have ..steadily refused to comment on the matter." The Springdale strikers · were reported lo have held a meeting the middle of 'this week,, but rip ; comment* were forthcoming as to possible Action that may. have been taken. Ike Murry To Speak On Campus Thursday · Attorney General Ike .' Murry. who is a candidate' for governor in. this summer's Democratic primaries,- will-speak at the University-May 8 -at 8 p.m. -in the Student Union ballroom. - .' . 'The talk will be sponsored by both the American Collegiate Political League and the University Forensic Society. . v French Plane Ripped By Shell A U. S. air jwllceman at Berlin'! Templehot alrbaie point! o hole in rifht wing of'an Air France lirllner after It Wai· attached fcy two Soviet jet fighter! over, the RuMlan zone of Germany. -The hole ,wai cauted 1 by cannon fire froth one of the planet, Two German panengen were .wounded in the attack within neutral'air'corridor between* Frankfurt'and'Berlin. (AP Wlrephotovl« radio from ' · "-' ' · · - . - · ' · ' ' . - - , . . · .- . - '..'· Washlngton-fffJ-President · Truman's statement that; Gen. Dwlghl I). Eisenhower is ' as' 'fine · a man ·as 1 ever walked brought a '/thanks very .much" reaction today ,from Republicans;, backing the -general for the GOP presidential 1 n'omlna-; tifai-."'"...-. . :·'-. 'V ".' : ; ·' , and what e: sai cause, 1 ;, said. Senator Morse.°6f Oregon, 'a'n Etecnhower man. ; ' ; ; In the wake, of Truman's praise, however, came a demand . from Sejialor Gr'con of Hhode Island, ah adminlFtration sunobrter. that the Rcneral say .publicly _Vvhether- he favors a -pix- arid -one-Kalf billion dollar rut in-defense and foreign- aid snending as advpcated! by an Kiserihowpr-for-prr'sidcnt leader, · Senator Carlson of Katisa?. Carlson told a reporter he was expressing "stricliy my. o w n views in calling for |the reduction in a Sonate speech yesterday. But he added' that on Wednesday, he had mailed 'a copy pi the speech to Eisenhower in Paris. - ',. "t-jusl thought he miiht be 'interested in. my-, views," Carlson said. . ' · ,.. .'. 1 At his news conference yester- -day Truman was asked what -lie, thought of a reno'rt that Elseri* hower was a sick man. He is not anything of the kind, the president said. Then he added that Eiseri- hbwer is as 'fine a man as ever walked. Attacks Are Mild ·Eisenhower.: the president said; is. just beginning to. find oul whal happens in polilics.-and Ihe allacks on him now are mild. ..... . While Morse and plher Eisenhower supporters felt the president's praise would help their candidate, none of them- doubled that Truman meant just what he said recently in declaring he plans to work as hard to elect a Democratic. president. as though he were runninc himself. ' A t the news' conference, Trumar! said that if he Should be nominated. -by* the Democrats^as their presidential candidate he ' would not run;'. he would'say -no. .*.'· There has been some talk in. the party 'that Truman misht accept- a ' "drafl,'' even though he announced March 29 he was out of the race. ' ' · Asked whether he 'would go as far as Genera! Sherman of Civil War fame and. say he would not serve If elected, the president replied he cnuld not be elected with- oul accepling the nomination. Enrollment Increases In Church i Diy Schools New York-W)-A major church group says prc-hlgh school training ih church-sponsored tchoolj has reached an all-time " high nmong American youngsters, The Nation*] C o u n c i l nf Churches of Christ In the U.S.A. announced yesterday that it* survey showed a 1-fxr rent Increase In enrollment. In -Protestant day schools at the nursery, kindergarten and elementary ichool level In. the past 15 yeiri, More than 1661000 Proteilint children 'are In lome 3,200 luch school!, the council (aid. HopeAbandoned For 50 Aboard Crashed Plane Burned-Out Wreck i Found-"! ri- Remote- . Brazilian Jungle ./· Esiem, 3r»z!!-(iF)-'Aerlal rescue teams reported last night -a lux- uriotis Pan AmeVlean.airliner apparently . was ..burning -even before it crashed Tuesday in dense Bra'r tillan jungle. Their, leaders wrote : off as dead all 50 persons the ,plane carried. ' · "Maj. Richard -Olney orde'red.'hls li S; Air Force. rescue ifnlt from Puerto Rioo, to end ·-Its'irilssion Without parachuting to the site or Irying to recover the bodies because it would '.endanger., the lives of. the rescuers. ,- . ' . · .A. Brazilian Air Force Catalina --a flying boat--planned; however; lo land Brazilian medical^ rescue corpsmen on-a river about 40- miles .from the scene. today in the hope'they could hack thropgh the .nearly impenetrable growths. The airliner's crew of nine arid 10 of the 41 passengers -were Americans. · · ^ ' The airliner -- malting one of Pan American. Worjd . Airways ·'El Preside'hle'" trips from Soulh America--took off ,from Rio .de Janeiro shortJ" after ^ark Monday for "a .12-hour' night flight to Port of Spain, Trinidad, its .only remaining slop before New York. The plane "reported by radio that all was well as it passed wesl 3f Barreii-aSi a mid r Brazilian lown, shortly, after midnight; the ATeckage was discovered less than an hour's flight beyond the position'given in its final report. ' Observers with powerful glasses circled the wreckage at low alii-' tudc and offered , ; the opinion the plane--named the Clipper Good Hope-- had exploded at low alti- lude. . Parts -of the motors of the pow^ irfol,. .four-engine*! Slralpc.rufser --a double-decked passenger development from the B-29" bomber --were sc-.ttered a quartet- o' a mile apart....C'-.arred ; chunk's of were, strewn,-for half a Cille H over boll, sides' 'of ^ ridge. ' No trees .wert broken, ei would ha ve : been.-dovelby. a,'plane ..trying; [wo.DwlToyerjHi! In Korein Fighting j · Seoul, Korea-(/P)-Two ; Aniertcan destroyers .-.were damaged slightly by Co'riimunist shore batteries' In a nun duel that rage.d'ajl -Wednesday afternoon in besieged Wo'nsah harbor on Korea's east coast, the Navy announced today. ' ' · Ths' Navy said it was the longest 'ship-to-shore "artillery iduel' of Korean ,War. The-Navy.did not say"whether'«thereiiVe're any casualties.; ' ;,-,·· ijfi-- ,. . Gunners,on .thti^stroyer Mad- fox were ipls'shdHIp.v spra.y-from 12? nar".iSli*3«/fs!te'ra! shrapnel holes. wer(f;lb,undtlii lhe;ship.. The .- desb^|F|r?,Aaffer, which moved; in ''tcvajlRiJSrt.-the Maddox, reported .170 -Winds of -Red gunfire hit near the 'ship. Power Company Files AppeiMn High Court Little ,Rock-(/lP)-Arkansas Power and Light Company has appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court from judgments totaling $256,898 awarded against^if''In connection with a fire which destroyed a Craighead County rice ml!'. The plant of the : Norlh;.-n Rice Mill burned on November 10, 1948. ' Owners said negligence of power company employes iri repair and maintenance''-of -'nearby electrical transformers was_ the iau:e. .' The appeal was'lodged, yesterday from Craighcad .'Circuil.Court.. . VA Trims Employes In Economy Effort . Little ' Rock-MVFifty'-two em- ployes of Ihe-Little, Hock regional office of the'Velcrahs:Admlnlstra- tion will be dismissed by May 31 in an economy move. . . .-" The regional, office will be cut to 481 employes. Included In Ihe rcducllori will be disbanding of the VA office at Blythev'llle, Ark. Poultry Market -- The poulirj' market today an reported by the University ol Ar- kansai Institute of Science Technolpfy, and' Ihe Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Depart'rtiem of Agriculture. . . Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t barely uteady, 'demand fair, trading more active. Offerings continue in excei! of demand; supplies of brolleri and fryeri over 314 pound! itarllng to clear in tome polnti. All nricei, f.o.b farm, ia1ei reported up to 2 p, m. today, brolleri and iryeri all weight! 11-21 etnti, mostly II centa. Steelworkers Agree To Return To Work Dr. : lialph Bunche,' (r(sKt) U. N.' repreuentathe »nd Nobel p"e*ce tirize. winner, .talks ; with gtephen A. Stephan of" the University faculty, afteri his. speech at the Student'Onion last nliht (Aubert Martin pn'otp)';-.".-:.-..::;:.":'....-:..; ,,,,:'·-.;·:.-..;.;-,7 _ ' Korean Tragedy Not In Vain, Dr. Butociw Declares In Reviewing Peace Prospects Dr. Ralph'Bunche reafflrmed'his' 1 faith'ln the United Naliohs as4he "biggest factor"'. Jii ' world; pea.ce'- last nigHt,: and declared that the Korean - tragedy has not been Jn ( vain.. ' . · . ; - . ' . '·.,· Dr. Bunche, the Americaji'rfegro v/ho won international ..famejand' t h e - Nobel peace, prize 'f6r hl.s mediation In the Palestine -war -in 194S-49j s'ppke ».'lii .'.the , crowde ' of .abdpt. 8Sp.-pi»r'3onB; ' cts 'for peace are "'reasonebl.- "sbad".-'and arc Improvihgi 'Dr.','"Bunche ·· con T tended,' that the.. United ··Nations^ ajhlevementsi'-.ha'ye (exceeded its failures and "thet tjie -Korean Situation-,can .be considered a .siid- cess for thc-U. .N.r. . ; , . "Korea is « · Croat -tragedy," Bunche declared, "bill it Is a tragedy which has-not'been in-vain. ,Ke termed the U. N, action in Ko-.' rea the first instance'of effective collective resistance against aggression and noted;' "Today, there cfc no aggressor : troops on the'soil of the Republic of. (South) Korea." Korea served also' to "sound the alarm", and shake the free world from apathy i n ' t i m e - t o prepare defenses and 'solidarity against threatened aggression; Bunche commented, . Bunche. who now" is director of the Department of Trusteeship .of the U., N., spoke as a "missionary" for .the U. N,, w i t h ' an admitted bias in its favor because h'e'be- lieves strongly in' the inlernational organization. ' · ' · · · He listed four fundamental ob- je:tives of the U.'.N'-.: 1. To maintain the peace, even if it "must be an insecure peace, while it .v.-orks to try to eradicate war in.a long-range plan. ... , 2. To' conciliate differences which 1 arise among nations. · '^ 3. To eradicate the causes of war.' Including economic rivalry, imperialism, and .extensive poy- crty iri 'some arcar af the world, 4" To "correct danjerjus psychological .attitudes" aim.jg v/hich are:bigotry, prejudice,' ana lack' of understanding "fundamental to most of the difficulties now facing the world."- -. Bunche noled some of the* failures' of the -U/.-N.. : The .fundamental one, ; lio said, Is th» failure to -bridge the discord b'et'.veeri the "great powcri." Others, are the abuse of the veio power, although this abuse is bclpg 'offset by strengthening .of the veto-free General Assembly; lack of progress In disarmament, which remits from political differencc-t; lack of atomic weapon coritr-l and a security force; a t i d l h c basl: difficulty thai-result! from tl. N.' member nations following their own self-interest. All Iheie fkllureir -reflect .the East-Weil-lnpa««e,: Bunclje said. On the olherplde of,the ledger, BUnche recalled; t series 'nf crises which have arisen *ince World War II and which could'have resulted In World War. Ill/but did not. Each time, he ·lald.-'Ute U, N, In-i tervened, ended the fighting If fighting had begun, and checked the Immediate threat ta 'peace.. LMi Critical Pertac*. ' Bunche luted the crlilHn 1M6 CONTINUED ON f AQt TUMI Verdict Directed ly brnughtMh i directed; faypi: of Glenn's S»iry,«tT« ch*rle of.'-HnautKoriied dupoAuqn'i)f a quarnritincd; (milk) pfoduct (n directing.,the j»r Tuaie Cum- nfin'g?. noted ths' l|ie J»U sets no epeci/ic penalty fci such an set .':.The.'case arete over an investl- gatlpii of. the dairy bj the county health officer, who placed a X ari'tlnc. on a, part of t)ie i product. According; ;to tciti during.the trial the dairy, dli of the quarantined milk which Is a violation of state Health be ment regulations Ail;'investigation of t the govefhing the case ftowerer, re veHled that no specific penalty Ic provided: for such violation Th« jud'te pointed out in directing the acquittal that the. state Health Department, formed in J|J 3 , 4 empowered to -el. up its'regula I Murray Heeds Request From President; ^ / Both Gorernment o«J Companies Appeal To U. S, Supreme Court Washington W)-Th« CIO Site! Workers Unipn, ropondlnt ;to':i' request from · Preiiaent Truman^' today cdUed off Its itnke v,Ul» the big, legal battle over government seizure of th* mills shitted to the,Suurare Court., Union Prwident Philip Sivitty announced in Pittsburgh he bad ordered his 850,00(1 men to go back -to wtirk "us «oMi It pof- slble" Union il^ei said ther »· tlclptted tnere would be *or)thMi crtt.i fir the normtl 2 p.m (CSri mill shifts, Murrtj Uto jicceptMl an Invitation from Truman tn confer at the White ,Hou«e tomorrow with in- dititry l«ders There had been no formal acceptance from 'the IndMatiT Kteh Utt lawyer! far the ettel co*i-, pnles told reporter! Here th* management reprwetitativit un-" doubtedly would -accept. On the legal ride,' the atMi in- 4\atry went to th» Supreme Csrrt with a plea that It 1) wjfeold the ruling by u 9 DUtrfct Judge DiViS A Pine that TruMnlMked any legal: authority to Kin the ftteel m1tl, and 2) forbid the gor- ernment'to r«iie w«g« while the court it comicSertBg the momentous itaue. By thli move, the ihdiutry got the jump oi| government attorney! but the Justice Department «*tt ahead with Ui own appeal toot Pine', ruling The court could grant i review to either the Industry or the go*- ornnwnt Normally court «Me said, the court wouM etth*r grant boia) rtqumta tot heartott or dear both If th* rttMeati were deeMl, th* eate would fa twck to the ct(m oe, " ^WMHfet ^ for a ... with both i. "at trying to get on a \ ·'rking con- .t_^.. .k^..^ *.h^uld v elop, the Supremef Court might refuse to consider 'he caie The. justices customarily decline ta consider any fate where the lime It "moot," * the Jegal phraMotOfy (on. That means one where there if no live iipue remaining And tee central iMue--government seizure -would be watbed out if thne weri'i contract igre«men*, reftor- iok'^the. mHU ^ to.itheir - owners. ^ On the oth-r hand, the iuue raised by Pine's ruling li «o grave that the court might decide to rule even though the cite was ''moot." Truman, laying he haa no deilte tp be a dictator, hat aaeerted that he certainly would comply wlta any"Supreme Court dtciiion. The president appealed last night for the steel worken to get back on the job as VJoyaT. Anierl*. tlons'. and'penalties,-but that ini cani." .By implication' at the "absence .of "such pehallics court" cannot'legally;'enforce-'com- .pliance .with: th; regulations. : ^ Offiten Who Refused lo Fly Face Disdrirge San Antonio, Texas-WP)-Two Air Force officers facing ou.-t martial for refusal'to fly'have betn ryc pmmended'for honorable discharge by Randolph Air Foroe B:se officials. '' ·' , ' · - . ' ' . s.'fLt. Bill Ada.ros, public informa- Uyn officer st -Bindo^h, 'yesterday identified the, two. oOfcers 'as First U.' James ;C.- JBrutol, pilot, and'First LI. Edwin L'.;Cox,-bbm- bardler. ' ' ·.--;. ' v Four other' court' martial" chatgrfs. Twoj.-of Ihenr have been .transfer.vd-: from Ra'.ridbl|tti;on' "temporai'y .;ut'y" a third ",tttt been granted an "Indefinite" -emergency, furlough, and a^ourih . has.vMen' placed, on; a Jjlaliif.'' . ^! nc Jacksonville May Be Air Force Base Site Wa«hlngton-W)-A sits at Jacksonville, a b o u t , IS m:ies ri"rth of Utlle Hnck, has been selected for a proposed rcw 31-mllllQn-doIlar jet bomber base. '· ' · '·· -'--'' The Air force 'nollrlcn Rep. Brooks Hays of the selection '««- lerday, . " .-, · The. bate': wat one M threerAi;- kancas projects totaling 147,121.!)M .which the Defense Djpartmeht hai aiked Congress to authorize. Tk« Arkunaai--Parity cloudy with widely acatured thunflerihoweri In the South p«rtlon:,'mu after- neon, tonlfht ahd foenorrew. Local tljuiMleritormi lo the Southeast portion WUi afteniMn.. Hot'much chime M tnnpMitun*.u'v hb request carried notice too that If Hhey did not the government jniiht use the Taft-Hartley Labor Art -'and ;1fe* ; *·; court order for ' ' ' ' . . . . t . v : ,-.··.. ' '"The 1 government -.Is now -· in a position to continu; the opstatiah of the steel' mills In the national Interest." Truman laid in a tele- , fram -made public ihortly befon midnight. . ; ". :' In- Pittsburgh, Murray told reporters he waj hopeful the White House -conference "will result in something conclusive." He said the union would stand firm on its demands for contract changes inline ·with the : Wage- Stabilization Board's · recommendations. 4 . The board recommended a "·package -Increase" of 28 cent! an hour for the stetlworkers who now average slightly under $2 an hour. It also proposed that the Industry agree to some form, of -a union shop -- a requirement that all workers join the union, : The industry : : hai iiuicted it could, not pay. a ; -wage rlie.Uiat large without 'a price Jncrewe of more than the » Jo f*^M » ton the government has said at various times it was willing to «L'ow. The industry also bitterly :«ppo»«j * union shop. . . . -.: Kill Bull, (M4i.ii« Fw Judge, Reieisd ly Amy Bill Bush of Lincoln, Koute 1, frtrm*!» ... .tnmrntndln* n^ficer .if Njriliwe.y Arkansas" »J«tii *1«e4 AriiUB ?' iiid viiiSJiUU for cou«y judge, has been releaied treen active duty u a' lletiteqeat ' Me was ' itatlbned at Fort SiU. Okl«,, prior to. nil rutori to f(- vliun life,: , ; : .-. · Bush, who is nppoaed 'jy Clrfiatt Clerk Richard Craer «W. Cevatr Clerk May A. ·«·«, MM iWi atl- ernoon the! M.M i Uv«.ca tact

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