Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 16
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B Dorado Closed By OH Strike , Union Rejects Lion f lOfftr; Walks Out J0n Pan-Am Corp. B Dortdo, Ark -tff) CIO plck- *tC!»trolIe« -two big plants here ttjjiy is the national oil strike ·Swd to ttif Lion Oil Company * mSmolh ehirnical plant yfemt 600 members of the Oil W o r k e r s International Union MricV l»st night at 11. just two h urt «fter they had rejected I sn'i offeixlor .a ,.se'U]ement' of U ttr wme dispute TThe lirjkcn joined. 350 unionist!) *' *«n-Am 'Corporation's refinery 1 ho «lruck early jestfi-aay In · mpUMM with » nationul walk o t order " There ««s tpitulatlon that the ,- O striken weie being supported 33 the JM memBers of the AFL UMrnillon*! Auoelntton of Ma- ^JlnWtJimploypd by Lion There ifei Bf'wnflrmttlon of I his ^*, w Lawrence International -t MMntittve of the OWIU who ,i h*ndl«d union negotiations (MM to ml See Us Abort , w Iwy Payment Plan M Re-MoMing Your i«Mt, tuiUinf Ntw Chicken HriuM ir Milk lints, etc. ' LrariMr Co, rkf Ark. with both Lion and Pan-Am, aaid Lion refuted to accept union ai- ulsUnce (nxloslng down the pUnt There was no immediate ccmm«nt from Lion. At Pan-Ahi, some union wnrkera have remained on;the ipb?tp'ihut down the refinery, ana Lawrence said the job probably would be completed today. The Llbn' strikers '.met lor two hours last nichl before voting to turn down the ; company's.' offer and walk : out.' Lawrence. refused to divulge details .of Lion'i offer, saying, '"I'll leave that up to the company." BtaUnunt Laiir A: Lion official who declined use of his: name altp ; 'refused to com- mem, but he' said a statement probably would be issued today Meanwhile, a»: pickets continued to make their rou;ids,at Pan-Am's refinery, the .plant manager said this -company was willing to resume negotiations ,pn the ; union d e m a n d s . . ; . ! - . . . '· :*·-·'i. ' ' 1 · In an open letter to all refinery, ernplo.YMi ,;E,' N, .Kimes laid/the, compnriy · did not learn ,-ftf "·the union's minimum demands Until shortly, before^ the '-.workeri -'liifuck, .- The:li'nlo.ri nSs Mlil that'ji'wa'nfs a ·-Z6 : ccnt* ; an-hour-' wage V ,b6oirt plus marts pay for night work. But JCirhes said lirWr letter that Pan- Am '· JMrned '-, that, the union was willing' tn.scttle .for 18-eents-h- hqunrctroactlveJo May 1.V1051, and a a.l-ce'nts-nn-hour Increase in night differential · rates, '··· : ·'-· Klmes- aald -th«' company : had offBredl a't^l of eight .pet^cent In -wage,' boosts, with: part; o f . it retroactlyi! i. to; December 27,, 1951 1 arid'.the 'other part.'eff*ctiv'(!;iSpon acccptanco.' - . ' " . · - · ' · .'.y '";'".'''· · And;'he added,, a 'secoh(J : pf6- ppjal of. IStce'nts-ah-hour wlthlhe came time clause alto had 'been offered,. Mont '.with, a :'8,7.-cent night work.fate liooit. Both pro- noials were rejected;by the 'union, KlmefJiBii ·; '·;' ··;'·' «..·.·:·/'.··'.' : Thert waif! no cpmmefit on: the letter :'Jrofna';Lawret)c*'f or other union officials. But Lawrence said, We're 'itaying but until we get what We want. 1 ;-. -; /Picketing at'both installations was quiet. and orderly In -contrast fo the AEL machinists', strife-torn i dispute '.of. last slimmer t l l E E T T H E L O V A B L E ^ L X U O H A B L E " C O M I C S T R I P C H A R A C T E R S IN i POGO ~JOGO and his alligator pal, Albert will make you tingle with warmth in Walt Kelly's original comic strip BEGINNING MONDAY, MAY 5 in THE TIMES TEATUHES , 0-4:JS.|il5.1:00-5:40 PALACE ° 2P TM : mmj FRIDAY SATURDAY -- Double Feature Wl.iSMUlliR in "The Forbidden land 1 K Wll «CU4JD.1KITNIW' WIT! PUStT tU^VNI! ·; OMITOON Takes Fight Against Statue In City Pork To Supreme Court N«w Orleans-W-A New Or-' leans .cltliin -and." five Protestant ministers planned .today to go to the U, S. Sujjreme Court, in their effort to force removaJ of a statue of Mother Cab'rlnl from city-owned land here, George Slngelmarin. who brought the original suit 'iri/itate courts as a .citizen arid taxpayer, .e«id the case v.'ltl :bc appealed 'as soon as the petition I* prepared. -The 'plaintiffs .lost. in the Louisiana courts Monday when the. Supreme Court refused to review ah earlier declnion which upheld a lower court verdict sayln0:the .city of Ncv/.,prleans had a right to accept .the stat.ue as a gift and place It .In public property. ' - . . ; . ;.Sing«|mahh sald-,the basis P! his. appeal will be that placing the Catholic MlnVs .statue ...op public jrppertx^'ylola.tes: i theV'separatioii " . of ihurch"; arid 'itate"- provisions of IK ' ' · · · ' ' · · ' ' - Pote»t.aKt' rninisters. inter'- Vened; lri..."th^ case in '/support of Slngelmann'i i - suit. ; . : «The : /c!ty.,t)f'-New Orleans- permitted "the /Order of Alhambrn, a social v, 5 or|aniia.Upn, composed . o'[ nSemberijof -the Knights of 'C»liim- bus, a ''H0irian Catholic laymen's org'anUatlpn,' to j)lace--'he -statue of the silnt on' the' :: nfeutra'l ground of a boulevard.', 1 ': . .'. - Mother ..-Cabriril. was noted.'ifor her services to New [Orleans fend other cities in the nation. ' Lorehz .Merg^i, -formerly' ol Yugoslavia.', and Austria,'.was guest speaker at ; a meeting ,. Chajiter -U jot : F.E.O. in the home of Mrs.. H. · M , . Oakley. .Mr.;, and Mrs, Mcrgili'.. and. small daughter are Hying .on.'a east of Bentonville.'.' Mrs. Hans Weber acted as jMergill/ interpreter for Mr, Osk Hill and Center Corner H b. Clubs were guests of Mlncrvion Club in thf-Monte N? community April 23:' The clubhouse was decorated .with'.wild spring, flowers and dogwood. The feature of the afternoon - w a s a dress revue which'. followed, the cooperative dinner. Group singing was led by Mrs. William-'Sharp iof. Center Corner. .',-The 1 : pianist was Mrs Gracy of the hbst club; Mrs. Sharp also gave a reading. Shirley Black, who .wli: be.a spring.bride 1 , was honoree ai a bridal shower Friday evening at .the home of, Mr?, tzora Dayjs Mrs. .Alfred . Ash was assistanj hostess. A large group of friends brought gifts. Refreshments were served.' ',; . ' .'.' . .'· --The-Sub-Deb .Club carried ou a Parisian theme for their sprinj dance Saturday night at the Masonic Youth Center. Approximately ISO persons attended 'the semiformal affair. Music was furnished by Bob Jorgensen and his slx*plece orchestra .from Fayette- vllle. Girls, In French costumes served refreshments f rom tea carts Under; awnings, extending from 1 the sides, of the ronm, Resembling sidewalks in Paris. Eiffe! tower andXleanlng . lamp posts were- · trimmed with dogwood Chaperones -wcr Mr. and Mrs Dickie William's, Miss Nclma Faye Koone, Claude Williams, Jr., Miss Gay Gilliam arid Haydcn Rand, Jr.- ' '·' -. '-· Miss Norm* Jcen Roper, daugh- ter-nf Mr..and Mrs. Ernest Roper .of Rogers.-has returned from a 16- day tour with the: John . Brown .University Cathedral Choir. This season the. choir, 1 composed of 65 voices, tra;velfM through. eastern Texas, weiterri Louisiana^and Arkansas. During the .Middle Ages all Monasteries had breweries .and the progress of brewing at that time was helped. by the cleanliness of the monks. Behsadine wps regarded as an honorable form of execution by the Romans. TIlDRIVEIMf · I T-'.,'.. M^ Tonite 7:30-9:31 Mr'Belvedere 1 * Rings the Bell, CARTOON k NEWS Starts Friday FSI^^Tii^,"^ " .'-Wf».-'| litfREE! ?*£' Fre« Miniature Pony + Golf RMei / Course Service Projects .-, Of Madison County Granges Reported Hunt6ville-fSpecial)-Thc ;cr. County Pomona i Grange met at'Loy-Grarige Hall Tuesday night. All the grange}; of 'the county were represented. Overseer Fred Berry presided as. master and conducted the meeth'.g in the fourth' 1 degree.-.. ". ..'. .'. . . ; ' ·. ' . . . The following 'reports were given by Grange masters: :· ·· | . ; Marble No. 814-J. S. 'Turner announced that two bus. shelters had been completed and lumber obtained for.another, the., community,'park is almost completed, the cemetery fence has been repaired, regalia has been .made by the Home Economics Club, and a hospital bed was purchased by.the Grange fdr use in the community. Loy No. 8J3--Fred Berry reported the sppnsoiing of a new grange at..-.Witter,- completion of rpad, markers -for the., community, fencing of the "cemetery, painting of-'the. community building, contribution to March of Dinjes, and aid to an unfortunate family. Whofton No. 830--W. B.- Van- dcrppol reported the sponsoring of a.'iiew Grange arid · clearing of approximately five miles of..'rba'd- ,-.'.' Dmer Fowler - told '"of livestock losses In his part of the county because .of wolves, arid asked the Granges to try to " obtain a full- time trapper in Madison County, James Vanderpool gave, oh.highway safety. A-short skit by Anna and Fred Berry, Mrs. Smith and daughter, Jynelle', and Charles..-VanderpobK featured a country'store. .'.-'.' · The next Pomona meeting will be.Friday night, May 30. A training meeting will be held Saturday night in Huntsviile High School auditorium. Food Mow Stow flight Drop in Many Stores (By Tin Aweltte* rret»V ' Retail prices of-beef roasts, eggs, butter and'se^eral bran'ds of frozen orange juice concentrate were trimmed a little this week in many food store*. ' '; ' · ' · The major salad vegetables also were lower priced. Lettuce and tomatoes have been offered lor some time in 'a wide range .of quality and cost--but this week th« better quality 'price : level of both dropped a bit it (Uppllei increased. Cucumbers and celery were lower, too. : Rib roasts we're o.'f a« much as 10'to 20 cents a pound in chain store»-e.t- a Jew ·: marketfng areas using the item as customer lure. Other chains and major independents .offered .specials o f ' legs · of lamb and lamb chops, smal! Belts- ·.ille turkeys, fresh, smoked and picnic hams, fowl, beef chuck and pot roasts, and fresh fish. A ;-.prjc5. war among major brands of frown orange jil*e concentrate resulted in cuts of as much r as 20 per-cent in some places. · . : · . ' ·The Poultry and Egg National i Board pr*dlciea rnore brofler arid fryer chlckeni willb* marketed in May than ever brfnre in any month--with » total of "about JO million of the' lender ybun/.birds available in markets and food stores all 9ver the country. .Beads seem to have almost^universal Use among the peoples of the world.. . - PLAN TO IUILD SM Our Material ' . ' . ' G* OurPikXa. Try Our ferrin. DYKE LUMBER CO. US »t Chart* ·:· WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've BeenServing You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP The. word "bead" stems from' a root which means to pray and it was only gradually that it came to apply to ornaments which were not prayer beads. · . llrthrfay, ·nnlv*ri«ry--or whatever day j'ouVe celebrating--serve the'; world's most celebrated whiskey... · Seagram's. 7 Crown! Because it's smoother -- because it tastes better -your guests are SURE to favor the whiskey that's the lavorite of all Americ?. N/ Sure Setpam's 7 Crown. Bltn'ded Whiskey. 86.8 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. 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