Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 15
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MOtTHVMBT MKWtM Him, -If Obituary r . , dent .6* ,f »yetU,yffl«, 'died T A * convalescent home in . , Hwk,:..Wh»t.-.»«. h«9 fc«« for about three m.onthi. Grive- tide funtrii servibe* *l)l bt'wm- ,,,,,,..: at ihe Oak; (fJegro) cerne- t-rr by the WV. A. L, BucHanah. · .pastor of St.- J«m*i Methodist ^Church. .. ,- .. - . . . ' . ilM Sarah Illidbsrtri Curry Funeral services for Miss Sarah Elizabeth Curry, wh« dirt Mbrl- dMHn'the caunty HfMpltil;-were corifluctW yest*raiy. afternoon irt ·Modr«'» runeral... Chapeu Burial wis in Evergreen cemetery. '.Pallbearers were Normtp. Mc" ^Cartney, 0. H. Gamble, Chf ·ellnehens, EugenfcMUrjihy; ton- nit Hall, and CltHeht Cfifiaill. Births r. and SW, i. !». B**W«t Mr. »iid Mr8.:J: H..S ' . i Miy i| «t the City Ho,pit«t. ' · '' ' ' .:·« Mn. ilr; »nd Mrs: CIsrerice McMUlan Sprlriidale ahfibbriee the birtH * daughter,- April SO, it the inty Hosptal NORfHVriST TlMtt CLASSIFIED ADS . for OI * ctUeclUk ' _____ ,_ ___ l ana '^aruft 'eJuir rnada inw nrat.iaairtiM. Ka ·ftttt- a.:ii ^"!» . . - tions or rerun nlsdt afiir all his asNOTI: Advertising cop for itfcir Mttl J i d u e afl! nMH%« aV»» »r». mdilil publication: lor .BuBjicatjpn on mdilil publication: 12 noon S.turdsj , ilondsT LEGAL NOTICES ii hanky gtvaii that thera nai ' · " !«"««·.«·£!« of ,,,.,,,-,,, Hi itiy thf, Waihirifcttn ifFtiifei TM.SoMhi.Mt q the Southeast an. part ot thi Ni nd In 16-wll: . tth- LI«AL NtVTIell Pursuant to the provisions of Prd- bate Code. Sec. 132. notice la ilverl |h»t ,accoufits .of , lh» administration ·(.the estates liiUd bstlow have b«a "Uad. on ,the,.lUtes shown,, by the ilirjM Mrsanil rtWUeMMIvit. .. . Ail.Interested fftrioni are called on i to file objections, to.auch accounts, on or before the sixtieth aiy foflowlni the filing of the respective' Accounts, falling which they will be Barred forever from excepting to the account. P. W. Boorie, Deceased. Martlet Boone. Executrix: Flntl April 2, Hit. , 3, t. Eads. Deceased. Murial Kads, Executrix: Final April S. U52. Alice M. Elliott. Deceased. Floyd W. Elliott, Administrator: Final April It. . l ihd quarter INW'.i) of the Southeatt quarter lion fi. Townsnlp II B W»at. , d*t««B»» as. follows: corner m- L_.~ .... ., ---» ,r-.^. muni*! thaic* Wait IBt cnaina to a stone: thence North I';, degrees . . . . .. .jj^jj . , Miinalna» .SI S NW f i »|« nd WMt IBt chaina to Addie M.. Felker.. Deceased, .Nancy Ferguson Smith, Executrix; F i n a l Aoril M. 1152. . . ^MUbC-i?; French. Deceased. _ Perry chalnl .. _, thenct with .the Una to Uw Korthaast corner thereof: thence South to the place of beginning, containing In all .50 acres, more or-less, and the quieting ot the title to. the same in Little Biggs. . All persons claiming said land, any Interest therein, or lien thereon, .are within *1£ title , . tor; Final. Xnril 5. 1H2. »a. Deceased.. lliehar« M. (SEAL) - - . -.,- - to appeai* Ington Chanetry Court weeks and show cause why said to said lands should · not be confirmed In said Lizzie Biggs. ; ' Wltn4ss my hand as clerk of the Washington Chancery Court and the · thereof on this 10th day of April, Administrator: F i n a l maid. Dcceasaal. Charles Administrator: Final Deceased. Mary Final' April 1C. of May. 1192. CounT}:, Afkinsai Jeaii llehde Washington irson.'b. C. 1-ii-i NOTICI police i« hertby ll feersilned has filed Sent, of Alcoholic 1 til the State of Arkihl»s,{»r a t |» tall and tall ah the premi B»ee, ", mile ' VTI6* ;. . ly gtv*n that t led jvlth th» 1 ic Stvtrut;! rkahits.ilr a dispense, M*}, ft, lises descrlHiii.W* lie West foSRSwsVI qounty. Jnaeriigned stitel ,, ,« Ancansas. of iCtff. .that .she has '*"-· if a felony or . moral lurpituae: ?tl It atll b«r by the unde_ revoked within five Ind that Ihe undi .ttften convicted of -.,., f . this statt, or an*. ttk*r ve to the sale of alcVlMllc a»t lit he Ii AMlicitlon Is for cermlt to *» II; nUetl tor operation Beginning »i lit day of July. JIM.. ' an. th' 30lh d»y Johnnie W. Applicant Suh.icrih9d and awmn " 30lh d»y of June... ' '71. StoeicWn i day.of April hiTM. Snilh )lsr.v..fub"u ntn ; to II, 1*5!. befor4 me this Jmh ,, tthel · .. .Noti iSEALI . . ,My Commission expires: March 20. 1M4. · · : · · - . . . -1.11.x Sue Burnett L- I'trjustV in your vacation plans .-Simple!, ·pracucil sbndr«E with youthful ·· slim lines.. Aha., for cdytr-up. a smart fitted jacket witrvd6uble row of buttons, bright contrasting collar. . ·- PittftB. I?6. 8278 j j «'seiV-rit| peHflrttjfl pn.ttern.ih sizes ll, 14, : .1«, l»;-Jfli 40,. 42. Size 14, dress. -'3W ykffll 8f SB-inch; Jjcket, 1M yards. .'' For this pattern, 'seftd 30c for ' EACH, in COINS, yiiUr name, ad- f;drejs,-,sizes desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER IQ Sue Burnett. ' Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 ·: Ave. Am«ic»i, N*w. Yorjt 36, N. y. · 4 . Basic FASHION for '8-2 is filled 'with ideas to.mike your clothes Sudget,go .further -- time-saving »B«; «cbnohiic»l dwitai .that. -»r« easy pattern printed . ifllide. 28 cents. ' ' ·· , , ... .... ______ _____ convicted of a felony or other, crime involving moral iurf)llu«e: that no license to sill bear ,Sy the under- slgflid has bean revoked wlihin five "-'" ' i t : past: and;that the under: · ' ver.Min mnvlctM. «f . .jws of. this state..of.UUi other state, relatlv* to the slU »l alcoholic liquors. · Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day ot July, 4I£2. and-to^exptre '"~\ 1I9S. s g f l d has been ytat i«it es«t: ligUd Ms heve Vlolltinl tl» law 'on tna Mtn «ay-o BrlnMr center . ine, CASH PAID FOH DEAD ANIMALS delisn til* Arkansas Joplin Rtndtririii Go. .Applicant . Subscribed Ind, sworn : td bafora ma this 80th d*y,6f AaTll, 1151. . . . . . Ethel M. Smith Notary Public (SEAL) . - , . . . My Commission expires: March 2fl. 1154. _ l-lt-k "" Htvriei «r riLIM* *f,,".'". ArrLieATION F»R LFQUss* sHlMlt Notin is hereby given that ihe ndarsigned his lillt with tu B*- paftment of Alcoholic Brverage "' : - t -» t ' ! 8 t E«f-# rit * Xiii «.^ ft. to sel . spirituous, liquors for- sis.njV -bevira f e!: at. re- , - . tail on the premises describe!: Tontl- town Liquor Store. North .aide of Highway 6»,« Tohtitown, Ark. , · ----- - Richard B. Greer . Clerk .· 10-1744 May 1-1-15-c . HOTICt Id Th. PrakaM Cawrt Of at William A. May-es. bast kriowM«Mf«s of «e«it*ht: Fay- 5ttevm«.ArksnJss. . . . . . . Date.of dtsth: April , 1»S2.. , ·m tihoerll*he8 wia Ifdolnied ad- mlntstrltMx of thi estate of the abov^ named IMedent on tht !Xri day of , " s having claims against must exhibit', the'm, duly the. undersigned within from the date of the first , t of this . notice, or, they _ r t-?ver barfed and precluded Mr-, Benefit In the estate. · ite first published 24th day . 1H2. . ·I. Hazel Hudson "- [mlniitratrbt. .-. 4W South Church^ · Fayetleville, Arkansa^Z4 May 'Ijc , FRATERNAL NOtlOE i . i Baldwin Comrriia No. 4K.T. . j. Mfeets fortlghi, Thurs,, Mdy 1, 7:30 p.m. , Hid dross · and Malts MONET ti LOAN LOST AND rOCND WtlND. lari 3. lartfe heavy duty truck tire wheel. Owner . may claim by "--"- J1 ""V paying for . two Ind mil,id. B. t. lldge firm, Hl|h- _, tOSTi TWO flullH, Saturday . MtwHn Fayetteyille and tlklns. Pleaft contact Barren's Grocery. ElKlns or Floyd_ _Sprin|stonj glkins. OPrptTUNITT orr$* 46 With to.rtttons »pr]n»dala. "" party. c y . , o y . Phone , . , for a tJfrnlt ie H l«n kagfhniiig on Ihe .... -- ------ , . IIS2, and -to expire on the 50th day of Jun*. USS. Branton Center y_ Applicant .i-it-x . Appllfatlln, Is fl Issued ler operatle: ls,t day *f July. 1 NOTIct : .Tka, Praawte «a«rt.4)f .. ' U tN OF. .Oscar" HasnT'deceaseo'. r}briJ74"-A" · .Oscar Haiti, deceasid. Lilt known address, Springdale, Ark " . Date,«/ death, January 7th. 1151. The undersigned \vss appoinUd · administrator of the estate eif the alfove named decedent on the silta di^ ^f April,- lilt. All persons having clall the estate must exhibit..! ' 16 the under!? ~ . six months from the di publication of this t . agilrist rn... duly d lillhin the Utit .or.' thty : 'A- wt Abshier-Bryan Motor Company Vow friendly Vord Dealer Sfocf . $150.00 . . MONTHLY! ' NAfibNAU,Y. riled, firm makes these earnings possible. Spare time S. hours weakly-- larger earninxs with ex. Deliver raartha«dite and »Bf J-. NO i»lllllt. N« tollclt- .Ing. We cMikllsh you fully. by ,aquipin reference ber /or. representative. k-74. ASSISTANT .SALES DIRECTOR .call en .ftrmiri in .Waihlnlton -County. Wonderful opportunity. Slo to S20 In a ^y. No experience or capital required. Permanent wriu today. McNKSS COMPANY. Dipt. ^Ajjrtaetiert, Jll- WANTED--FEMALE BEAUTY operator, wanted. Massey Beauty Shop. Call ft), Bentonvllle or write.Neva, Godwtn. 211 S. w. B. St.. Barttoi : «teno«rspher and ti'ollt. Vo fr. w».aK. Apply In perlon. . Library. , , ricei wner* worker), ' -^T 1 ? 1 * 1 ' - ^ wjiitrtii." CitHn p«r- Beauty CQLQRET) woman. to .take care fi |rffld.jlM,. hmilework. Apply .11 m btrson. " «fl»f)f sVwkrt*'ti!n¥'ltn'owle8{(! C M- Mrltlll. MMhlni -iiMratlon experience desirable. Phone M3, extension 21. GIRL for, record store. M«at be good -- flj ^-f-Stalt sales: J« w. rJlck- WOMAN wshtJ houfcwcrk.. ti»eri- meed, good coot, wrlla Box K-7?, -SS5SI'. I.OAN8 ' long tenris . COMPANY, INC. ,tATtOft OFT1IHT .fif fiatlfernw M WANTtD tr. tlbwai SITUATION WANTED llsh yaurs»lf in a proflliml' Rlw lelgh BualneM. n .your own* boss. No tiiMrMMe nvaMaary. Wrii« iin- mtdlatliv, KawlelgyTs. D«pt. AKt- lltjiLt'amphlt,. Tenn. UNirAKTs^VKngiVeauMi vacHKy In Mof-rn WiMlngtan C«Urlt.V. Wll ·ItMrtunlty t»r min with car to suMly demand for.Rawlelgh Prod. satN, No.eaclial naiMH. M. J Clark, Arkantai elAMfylni fMtii tt.mM ·'--' ·' *r localities,avail- wiwn taw latoa - M« rV WANT AM." FOB SALR--HOME rttfcDS bolt down typi aulomstic washing machine with suds snver. Us«d months, tHO.OO Phone 2745-W. ' PhlLCO REFRIGERATORS .AT BARGAtN PRICES One i ft. Serve! CM Htlrltoratbr Speed Qiieen Washlnx Machines .. . .EASV.TIRMS .CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phone 27 ,. ../. Weit forki Ark. B -|^^jt^ B\ft G XlK« Ul*d toorh «h"6.t.b!e --*?fii. ,4Unfe ch^lr, Uo.5r lamp, mifttfne rack. 2 .ttibien .. ffi^.sh N6w solid rock maple occasional chair, floor «ample t reduced from $37.30 to Used dlnini Used 5-pc New b.iby nid an .·The Stvltri 603. W. DIcklon iir*. 2. only, each 124.50 I 2.tJ I14.SO 119.30 mattress .. "irHlitiK Co. . .... .... Phone.3112 AUCTION satiifXjy morning 10 "a." m, Let us · i:ell yCui furniture at our Saturday auctiori.. Plenty of buyers (nr good .merchandise. Furrtiturli i?t every rtyiym in .the house, consigned for^.this sale-PhoHe 1770. HILTON GOOD, (Clean used furniture at rea- tonabie prices. Used hardware, guns and miiny mlScellaneoui ifeim. Lloyd'l Trading Pout: Highway 71 Bptlth--100 yards south of Pufdy's Store... Free delivery. Open until 6 p. m.. ' . ' DEBUTANTE COSMETICS, j FULLER BRUSHES. PHONE 1S48 CHINCILLAs NOW -available limited ««ppl quality Chinchillas. Registered N. C. B A. Visitors wslccmc. Free literature. DOT.S--CATS--PETS REGISTERED, male collie. Papers. House broken Some obedience. Pernmnent shots. Show qullity. Watch or stock. First SilXI,takes this beautiful dog. Phone 1001.: · IALE .Chihuahua pup. -Children! iih Jje- peL Very_ cute and cheip._ 3oT3-J. TOR. SALE--trV'ERTOCK GOSLINGS and grown geese. M r s . »S(t«ri.t«l(!n*.J8f d(y»;ar write r. o. Box 111. ' .., { · · .. - ·. . . -'WtL"L's.elr 4 1 -neaV* »tt«ucln« mfik · coWs, and., one*: yearling Holsteln helnr 1 Washlnglp'n! County Sales »r,h, -Slturdly, Stay 3. T. B. and _^ _ "UilirT"pilfebred~anri 2*feF ..ttred, )0 ana 12 months old. sun Btam breeding. Roy W. Wllllamt. [Agglfs." California meat stcck. Call 1510R3. · . · 5!i-YEAR old .tersry hplfer. fresh Sep- lember, 2 weeks old White Meed heifer. G. A. Gaylord, 5 miles WCK _on_16. PEDIGREED New Zealand white rabbits for breeding stock. C/ll Rlzor- , -back- Cleaners, 23*2. · ·. . rd» KAU-AlITOMOTIVg itli MERCURY. . Low. mileage. .1st r condition. Sprihgdale Tractors. iaflritdale, Arit. ;.. UK MODfL Venura. livuse trliser: 2! f«lt...,See Jess Wlllllm! - Sales -- Service lYLE-BRYAIt MpLOR CO Phons 6c6. 20$ North Block 1IM .V.-8J CADUJ.AC, .excellent con- dlttoi, will trade esjuity for, food ,. atnall car;...Wrili .K^O,-- "OR BALE--MlSCELLANKnlli« SHAW garden tractor, I . hors* .motor. Turning plow,- harrow, cultivator. disc and liylns off plow. Roy Sltugn- 4*p,-^ . Hospital, ; p r a i r i « ' GrqV£. ' ' · · __ ^. BAB~Y~bed. hit* cBtlf, ;.plsy Mil, beds, gas stove, df elseK- HlmirS' room .suite, 6 chairs, r6uhd table, .end . tables, electric ice POX. , Phone S71J. iiEEP. well pump., complftj with F. B. M, ntotor. «12«.(W.. Also urge hand tfume with fllpt. Mike, otter. Phone 3p?3-J. ___ . _ You Asked /fX Them . Here they Are! REPEAT SHIPMENT P L A N T E R S · Brass Filigree, · Green Cerarhic Lining . $2.49 TUCK'S 17-19 North Block.' Phone 35 2 good used corn planters, "John Deere and International 1 good/ same as new 7-foot, tandem disk, Intfrnaiional. ' See at R. D. WHITELEY SON, Corner Mountain and School, Fayetleville,. Ark, " ' ' ~ " ~ r a r f c n v e - nll. sleeps four, hns shower. Mfr.v extras. Musi sell for cash I2,:fi; Shown after 6 wcckdnys And all day Sundly., M»rr E, Fouler. 1DOJ Hornc- shoe. Drive. BprlnRdslc. RUMMAGE ss'leT Edlln's~aihoe"SI t Sfltnrdsy 7 a. m. West Fork Pr. .- hylcrlsn Churrh. ___ MRS. McKlm'wIII hive" haby" bMf. poke. atpRrngus, chcpce. onloni. Sst- urdsy. Farm Women's MArkcl. tiSED Iswnmowersr'w" W. flwsnc? snulh Sladluhi. Phorie 12iss.t. 10' KOCH mcsl c»se wTtr7"Frlgiria"lre unit, porcelain scale and adding ms- chlne. Musi vneale hullrllni Cad be -seen M w. Lafayette St. Phone _24I.V ___ __ - _ 2fi INCH bicycle. QQo5 as now. ffarr' · Jarkion, .Ir.. Phone MV1-J. fllACTOR' iriounlen! r»iH~lnd corn planter, cralh Glllmore Co., N. 71. Sprlngdalf, Ark. _ i _ i __ BROILERS, average 3 ID ,1 Ihs. Nice for deebfteefe. first plsce south of nump llallon at jnhmon. Ark. Ptionr J17SJ.!. G. A. Ilcndrlx. _ fSOROlioflfSSb hsimsilSn tnip. « n^onlhs old. Can hr leen at 34(1 riranias Avenue or phone 2.192. ro* turn--M»ctLLA.vEOr» SPlrtBT - -. portnnlty.. »o.=A ran Bargain »· Famour mskt, Originally ments. .Write- Credit Mansftr.Jpp- Jin Piano, CpMpany, .1U Main felrMl. joBJIh; felltouH. _ . bulf. fluallt* mi Lewi* Bins. Co. Inc. IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new rhattreti drid · . mattress re)novafing. Phon*'3036 * 401 WeST DtCKSON RAINIOW. TKOUT- loll gllly FRSf ' Springdele.lMl. Oiark Trout ririrl Near'Johnson. . . FOB SALE OR LEASE NEW modern J. Marwm notisa. ffi - F0« BALI OE roR~tily .r«jdinc». My beautiful country home. II acres fancad gbdd . pasture. Modern 5- rb6m houie, hard ; wood noori. Piisimenl. frdnt ftorcn utility room. Atorm cellar.. g fttga birn.. htii hqiiM-,. ii|ca l«1in. shada tries, 16ts SI flowers, nd. ahrUbi. - Cut. Jllti«..«arH"li, Baiutlftil view, . A little, .i paradise. Rhone : after _p. : m._2S«JR-l, K n ' to Birr MEri:s riding Nfloti, ii or 114, d, and _whee_i_ftarrow. Phortp^fli.or tta-w-1. tjSEO . basVbaU rcalchers" masii,~ theit ^' J^4 H h l oVi;ff ^""' WANTED" : PlrXH^RpOT..*],!?, per 1.6, bedrooms, 2. sr h»w cqnai , bie nelfnbsrnood wuh gotfa : v l«. For Uah. Write K-it. M fanien pci, .2 milc.i west . of Greenland. . J25.M inonth, rhone 307S-J; ·---*------ --··'·-y-fufiiiigMTipirT'. ion-Jhina_ilJ-R-4. FI X?. room modern house, iso. Phohe Jrlct- !t. Phorre _ _ . B'RooM unf urntahe 15. pflvat*. Ml . * · T for. rent, anil ments. one half block of University. i - ...... dupl ..... .. lex Apartment, ... . . i , Plione Dell phasay. Pafftlu... rJifefe. i room turnlshfl' apartmMr). coiJole. only. Phone, am. ·__ . mtKifrn hnuie twm. ftl . Pa^Klaale. ** . new 2 bedroom Koulf. floors. lots hullllns. flr . room, garage. Phone for rent.'. Hi blocks W O 1 ! Arkansas. 4. rooms urt- ' ed Bud Apartmentl. r iHI.* »33-lt. : ROOM basement apartment, »».OC 101 South West Straet. Phone :«I-W. PAJl'TMtifurnis] I Rodtt houie. liffiti, (.; sad wiitr In ' house, 140! South 'Waih- inyton:.. · · NlCt. fro'nt hedrodrri. e. Ml East private e|- Pl»n* jlttl-R. corner «lon' and Rehecca. Ready.for occii- pjhey soon- Alfc t .bedrfon housf. M7 Uverett. Phone Jlll-W afltr W0,_p. m;_ ^¥" room .apartment. U7Z-W. · '·· ' THRIE.toom .unftlflljhcd apartment, naar tinivejslty.\Phone am. Arll%ACTlVi unfurnished apartnienV . \ o n e . TRACTIVE unfurnished apartrrienl. edecorated. tx South Duncan. hone y.ltLI. met. furnllhed aMrtirltnt. Private bath. For couple, tit ilttr »3 Notlh Block. 4 p. m. FTEK1D . j l itifhiture. cirr*tlrt| cleaned and .beauty restored at your A-l . ,w nn ^«,»^«.^.,Additions and rf' pairs, r. _L. McOanlel, Phone 1U1-J. AWN rto-.ytr jrirt'nlnf ·nii'overhaul- ing. w. W. Swr --' --'"- - - - 125S-.1. wlney, Jollln Rtadlum, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ENROLL now in the Sue Woofli Klnderaarten fummer term of school. Open June. 2, close July 11. Agei 3 to 7. Phone .28*7 or 2047. ROME laundry. Wet wash and drying. We do It for you while you work or shop. Prices reasonable, ft a. nv - to .7. p. m..Saturday ft a, m, to nodn. Highway ti North neir Crelghton'S . Drli-e-ln. Sloiifs Home UUniry. MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G ' Coltotl Mittr*ssei Built Into GiiaH-antcCd Innersprinjtg Hollywood Beds Made To Order, ONE DAY SERVICE-PHONE 2T74 Duogar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 Soulh .EMI, St. tetCAVAffNG -- BULtOOZING 1 ONDS - ROADS - CLEARING OLIN KARNF.S AND ELLIS WILSON ilMW . 2IHJ Landscape Estimate Free ' Phone 5I-J-2 Crider Brolhers Kufser,_ Greenland lursc nid ' commerclar' 2 Door Icebox, 2 yean old, a horn". II cubic n bok type KeivlHalrtr f . Ann Holflolnl dnlihl* AslrerHN In In* TIMES-- It P«T» DITCH , COdTIKCS--w a t e r. Mi and sevtir ditches, septic. Unk holes 'Dllglhg and back filling Call 2I2« Bryea 1 Dsvli 24-Houi» SERVICE"ON Covered Buttons, Button Holes, tailored Belts and Buckles. Special Attantion given Mall Orders. Satisfaction or Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE Ct). It S.F.. St.. F«yeltevll!» . u u m j K i DUPLEX JUoT off 71 Itlghway North. OUt 4. raom *tid bath, Ohe »,r«pm and hath, redecorated thru OUI, (He B U L L D O Z I N G Gravtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N ^.Qvy.J 1 *? ELEa'RIC CO. Quality InitalliHt ·PUMPS · POWER rltetv* 14, Wttt venitiin ETT num wintfnw acreans Free ps'lmales Oahl ... South UYiut. Phonr 1011. blinds and alufkl- ns anc 1 awninfl ah* Cftcpar, 441 ontitio Excavating - Bulldozing . biskihg_- Brush Rake Ponds - Roddl - Clearing H.H, JONES, Cdritrpctor SS7 E; Lufayetti, Box i4J K Sti, Phone Mfc, M»*tl»VIU* Nit JUST COMPLETED AN J.roohH htirite, wJttUttjch- pna stre UrguHit. fta ·*·· lint, cltjt-, rMln.tM (hit Mlrh . ai.taraM. pna stre Mail, Ai lint, cltjt-,» trlclty. iarMln.tMt ,r «i. with reaaonlB-le mofithiy mtaji. For, further InlarMltlM 8. J. othiBti: McCartney-Lewis Co., Inc. *TM^^ErM ii ^ Icsl an 1 D. Eagle, Realtof. PHON* 291 SEVENTY ACRES SEEDED ,in clever and l«s»4S«J». pro,v i d e K . abunaance of g«N,f'turr. ilftaen acrak fertile bottom, lansl. jooil fiv«-r»iiri, houat, llru oaru with ori«n fne« on ilat. Well locatio on sll-weaiher- road. . · TWENTY ACRES OH* 1f.,Diir .nicest small/acreages, all open, nlw five-roam, H.oJSe kith hardwi^od fimrl. in|ulitad, oullt- ,CRES Ins. modem with eleplrlc ·M*rh.|ri good well, natural HI. ·'licfM ·*,- rtg«. hear pavi« .highway, schools, easy drlw F I F " . . . . . ALL *(·) llnd. nt««d In hit toid llock pofld. c four-room .hause .with fair him atid other bulk. , . all-w»4lhet' toad, prletd to nil anc financed. WADE FINCHER Real t4t»U..*»o_li)«utlflfa Y"5Df Who's Who For Service Consult You- Classified Service Directory . mj , ++ .^syt^AS^********** v»ne«r ham*'Vlt)t tfvo wao^.RiirB- · ~ tlf epJatei. flinftii wlflf, Till I firiTW, f(l«ai. rat · eKItlten Ifti town W proMri'yr"irTcV"Wi4! llew 'own-- GRA^U'rCb. 'hin, !«_______ Phone ZiSIW ^^^Snffj 'SHi * lirgr jlvtl let with lots W nice shruli6«ry. nil imwa'-ln ( f o n t porch, two baths, plenty of: built* ins, finer turnaca. This Is a nJt) clean piece of property sllfrounwl hy nice homes ana good nelghtom. In Washlagton (chool Distrlet »»LL- ING FOR M.4M.M1. ' NICE FOUR ROOM MODERN MO IV, blocks of the square, hsr«» floors, plenty of (milt-Ins. ·: K rg« rooms, plenty »f 1 --·- - aal for working -" ...jal -- CAIH WILL HANI ments IM m per -man trade iqulty for tal» tXKATCD. ON C-°" iTRIET In Wash! frlct, .nice lot 1 shadH and shrubbtf: icrosa front, !i illdren's plavrooi ller4.: univjtMuTli · ors»il MMI !B~ INDIVtntlALLY dniinasl ««i..... .,,.. sntl surgical ttHWf'is- Vivian 4lren, -- 1 pora«ii*T«. ll» Korlh Mil, ·ADI.tNO htullpg g, long M '. nf lAtf klfll'^ol local. Phens 7 «f hsfn. ,i mile from iilgHwar, Influa- tng sonii llock tpi m|chlnerj far |IM total price. Mint sill qillc*. all ACREK )inl a mtlf from Tl KliS- way, poor road that, ll Ijftihle; 2 MuMi. path poor. Sui llvioli^nne ntarl.v n«,w. J toomt, barn..all rented, II land but.his Mr.4nu- n. trma. , . , 6; R, CraiidsJI Rial Estate f; is acres. mMetaj 4 r«S. imnrqvtinenti,. HUH in, O(M(I nus. it intjirMiafl phone iifilM... ' _ . . ,,,.., .iwriern h8 m ». inl . yuan oia and in flni cunitirjon, hardwood floors, loU ' : "· REALU ·ItM HOLDER ,, Telepnoni S4l MH.or Ilil · No. It N, Collage LOCATION DELUXE , . . vel lot M ». Tl tor ,f»et.l»ls. .Cltj- watat fSUl. JV9J14W" ,1^*1 .S»l". .*..!* T.-1. and natural gas available- MEtER REALTY CO; Ourk Thesfcr Bldg Phanc It ACRtS: 4 to ACRtt: 4 m«adr,«rrasn«T«mStr Spring.wat»r. H«u« 4 f««ffl, JM4 .;«»J«.^5 ,.B«,m,,,Vto - , - f ?-"*· /^'·yv/- · . . .,,! llvabl*. «... d^ watar. .Is Ictl} lint tefr «ult!Vatjos\ " "" ' ) 1i"l-' 1 . iiJra. 1 mills It' .* '*·(! keautlfy tht M wed for ». Thfe house is \ it fBt,.Fl»D(y a titnr ' Md tt !$A. Juit on giM ;osti. ** * * * ^ V ^ I M W . fn^T". . Somisthitifl Missing Here THrt 4« aqrf wrm.Utkl tnaMr-th* ttlturtl «pnsiy firm hivfc BOT -IL.hJi. m, 1 ^ t" ' barn. etlcHtrt that low. lOUl*, ever- Uitini Jptln*. ft an'el oMn (rm lane. M |lrr«uTt|. Iri al«W bu; Forrn,r«s, 7f,,*craj . lob of «nnn lt.f«0. |!lt«.«.- KINCAID 4 COMPANY : ; IMi ' · 3«a»« FtBERTA M. . iirui sjaar diua lawn. Twer'- Ws hy. di make _.. entranea. ,COfni ·on mt; av»ry »nd rewrv* 1 **. tt Attt*»~mrt* n WEST OF VETIMNS HOSPIT, Lovm-r^aitsi, i.* ftrt '"?«***,·«*%-««« %fk KnUb WMJSK Hammond Resit' ^·viytfTirr NORTHEAST tOCATION HILlOtl IROS. DRIVE-IN"'fOMfft «l«aj AtrrOMATte Ar**uii« c*. A MM* MM M ft* :Y*»ri' 20,000,60 room, toUsI,' Ufle fllsitd In porch , Irt : rift, Csrlf b/rrj Il|kt heaU I WhltetVce Klfefs,/aojd njllk cov-s. 2.f.a«l/ Mod /Mfh, S btM1 lows, ^J'WlJ'ifcA'.'"* IMU ' f """- S0vlrt|« MUTUAL «l« AHb AUtO Leant . Util (·!·!· Oil th» F»(ti ,* . For Shfep-CQUriiers THIS 4«0 lcrl hi* «1 icrtl of Mead- 4w Ote fit«ly ot pliture. Wjjl (ent- *d, m acrgf ihceo-tuhi. plenty o f , spring water for your stock. Gotd : barn. Mi ft ihtai room ' Well bull)' 4. room ,9t6ni vaiwer home. I mile frnril MlrTwIv. flMA a! I13.MO, good termi. . INSURANCE The Ritt^r "SrJvlnej* f«r '·· ' ' NEWLIN-POWtLL REALTY ONL . vllll, of tHe""$«tfif~hom*l in rTyTTte- le, do net answer this ad unless u art Intfrtittd In t rtatiy line m't W r l i i io K-71. TiTlm«». ·· FAVETTEVILL6 PLUMBING 4 HEATING . CO. 310 N. West RED TAG SPECIALS . USED DEPARTMENT U»td Frl|ld»lre refrigerator ^_ U»M Cofrifnot refrigerator ,.± .- VlM Frlglfldrf rtfrlgerator ;-----_. . . . . . . . nilurfl |M Sfrvrl r«(r I*ralor oillirJl g* S»fV*l r«frli«r»tw KtffwWf S«rvel re.'rjRfjrltOr . Thor *lll6ri)«lc wMher with oUflwanhfr. ullihlfy UtW KiiieY rllihwllinpr, tiiMt; Uffjd Kcnmnr« Sfat-s autnmalle wHiiMr Used Holpolnl El«trlc ran)t» ui«d Bindix wanhtr ....^... LEWIS BROS. CO., Irtc 1

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