Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 9
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Ritrenue BUTMU Delimls Polky Of TreiHng Uncorded Politkal Loins As Bid DebU '·HJBriiAi', " HELL!" " - M i r I"n * Hertfcn in Korea.,-. . · "RETREAT, HELL;" the . film- epic.of the Marinest'ln; action-in · Korea last year^ surfing': .Frank Lovejoy, Rlcjiii*' Carlson,--Rusty ,T»mhlyn and" Anlti Louis, begins its engagement at 'the OZARK theater oh Sunday. This war drama, pictoriallj .dramatizes the now .^cilsiic ^remark made .lamous .by Giiiiril Oliver P. Smith at pflilBi'·'Retreat, hell' we re jutt attacking in another djrettioijr . The «airtaiive introduce* a heroic Unrf of lettherneciu vino with IWslr AUtes form ihe bulwark |fltnst Red oppoiluon on .Koiia't mainland The marines ranft ftblft the eoiucitttWua bat- Ulioft eomminder and the World Wit H t*treid" to the kid whb enlisttd put ot triiitioji, learnlni the true meaning of semper fldelic on the froten pUiris pi no-min s JinS 'RETREAT, HELL 1 ' opens at the OZARK Sunday for t three-dly run , Wash'irigtrih - (#) - The internal Revenue Bureau i« standing pat on its,, rulings that loans to pplit- l^aJ.p' th'ey.rannot be cal- lect*d,.may 'b* deducted on tax returns as bad debts.. The bureau is rejecting a suggestion by Senator W i l l i a m s GIRL IN . EVERT _-.«;les' In Every Refl. Packed with wild fun from the starting.-gate fo, the 'tlnilh : .JIne} ' "A GIRL IN EVERY PORT" stars Groucho Marx, Marie Wilson and William Bcndi*-in the ; hilarious r a c e t r a c k adventures of twb bumbling Navy ..seamen and a bomijsfiel! blonde.;. · ";, /...-, Twin face liorsts nn'd- a. Ibscibus driyc-in car. hop start the merry .tale on its,way., .Groucho ,anji BiU 'acquire tn horstji while (in shore __ ; '''Ifcive^and .si.multaneQUsly, ^ jpegin · i.'.:_C : ' ' ' ' · ' . : ' -- niakini-.passes at tSe mijiddeiilng Mane. Intending,'ti-rsce line "colt and sell.the other, the two sailors plan to fhatie _a fortune, .feoth nafe/however, wihd up in the. same ." fn WRit Happens alter ,inai 10 in? uiunuemiR rcouj^u, o;iu »,t .««.;" but Always beaUtiM MSHe furriishes the slde-splittinfr climax In the .fufi-tljlea tUm..:."A: GIRL TO EVERY PORT" opens at the OZARK " 'Wednesday. . J'THE LAS VEGAS STORY" A Vomin's Gamble With Life an* Tense drama is combined with I powerful love story to produce · top screen entertainment in "THE tAS VEGAS -STORY," which fcpens at the O7.ARK theatre Friday. Starring Jane Russell with · Victor Mature, and co-starring Vincent Price, the setting for the ixciting action Is the world fa- fnous Nevada city where fortunes kre won on the turn of a card.. Jt Is here that ..the, ,thr,ee.,.'Vnecti. fcnd where their jibes' becbrte en- ;..·-;· ; . - . . : ... ·, , . ,. ... ·.: ,, tangled in a web of lov«, Intrigue and hiurder when the wrong man · Is accused of a killing, and a.girl : «lmost.meets death it the hands of the real criminals. . ' " . - Welded together with a colorful romance between Miss Russell ind'StHufEi' anbVfilsh'HBhWWlth Songs by the lovely heroine,- and « the musical contributions of featured Hoa'gy Carmichae!, the picture " i to a stirringiclltriaS;'. '"THE LAS VEQAS,STORY"..starts at the ~. Friday. .- .' ; " - · . . ' : . ' . ' ' · : - · ' · · ' ' · I (R-Dcl).:that'lta rulings in .lour | stieh : «**». by.reycrse'd. · ··· '' . A bureau spokesman rhadc ; this clear · tnday, although. -Rsvc^i!" Commissioner John B. Duni.ip dfc- cllneii official comment pending an investigation 'by House tax- seanttal probers..headed, by Rcp- resentati^t! King (D-Callf). Th Ijlx Bumui.itjiid, - ( i o , that (o b'e lejally deductible, Joans to political parties must, be valid loans lind..every'^iiffort- iriust .be made to collide 1 , theni. The spokes- maii;.sai'd' "certainly". the' bureau vvpuld; cxjir.iine sucti. cjijes closely 'o mnite certain they are not ac- p-p 1 i t i c. J 1 contribiitionj, which .cannot be deditct,cd.. Willianis said, in a Sennle speech Tuesday that thros wealthy hifcri ·made confrlbiitlohs totalinf! ) the New York State Democratic Committee between and !B4( and ht revenue "The hy- 'jpfriar rullnfu. jnltip'5 letter said; .bureau, in . " s p e c - l a l " rulings, ires'ii i)oM hot make 'spfclij' rut- counted the donation! F.ii unpuld llnR». ; The decljlon of the bureau loans that l'6'Jlqbi Srdiicted.from {Is bused upon the application of tax returns as bad debln, .Williams .iiid .tHi' faeroocratw p'arty wai fthanciiig Its pbtliical cnmpaign "Indirectly out of the federal treasury." Dunlap reltaseo' a letter to the Senate Finance CommlitM, ilaled ApHl *,' In which he referred to inc|iilri«s from Senjtor Williams ia\v to the particular facts uf s given .rajse and it applies only j. to' those facts. The facts »re subject to confirmation." A Tevenue .spokesman said the bureau has determined that In the four cases cited by Williams, the facts justified rulings that bona fide Inans were made which could . .. «» mjnjqsrn AND . CLEOPATRA" -Six-Million D o l l a r Technicolor Spectacle at the MARK. . ' Alth'bugh; the mggnificanl Technicolor .version of Bernard Shaw's "CAESAR" AND CLEOPATRA" -hich opens at the UARK Wed' nesday, may be remembered . as one of the most elaborate. and luxurious film spectacles of the ,.past cinema decade, it will also be. rated .is, one'of the most dc- ligfilful arid charming historical ,satires. Shaw portrays Julius Caesar as . a charming.; romantic, a. suave, humorousi. arid considerate of the tangled affairs of a divided Egypt. Defihitelv he Is not pictured as trie ruthless conqueror fat our history books 'And his Cleopatra is not the voluptuous queen we immediately think of when her name is mentioned, but an enchanting -and utterly ·irreiistable young girl with the blood of the ambitious Fharoahs run- ·runl through her is thiswise and kindly Cjesar who falling under her spell, helps her achieve the throne and teaches her the 'fundamental principals ot true majesty; ·_ The featured roles- are; play.ed. to -perfection by., Vivien Leigh ·Claude Rains and ..Stewart Granger. '.'CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA" itarts at the DARK. Wednesday.. , . Geieral Doubts Reds [in Invade Formosa Tiipeh, Forrnosa-m-Maj. .Gen. William C. Chase, observing his tiret. year as h(;ad of the U. S. M i l i t a r y Assistance AdviSbry Groiip (MAAI3) -to .Formosa, to-. aay predicted disaster for the Chinese Reds if they attempt to 'In- :vad the Chinese Nationalist bastion. "I feel if a large number of -'junks come, a large number will -b* sunk and there'll be a lot of ·i.ead Communists in the water," - . tK .,,. Ch««e- activated !he MAAG with his SWval here, biie year ago today. . Accompanied.; by. Chinese . and , American officers, and newsmen, -.he watched Nationalist ground : troops and antiaircraft ^firing practice near the. .northwestern : Mp of Formosa. New American runs were .in use. . Critical Asks Trill Of Rich Sailor onolulii-Wj-Renr Adm. Francis ' · hai recommended court martial for ,' Bruce S. Hopping, millionaire sea; mpn who publicly criticized the way he was fed and treated in the ' i Navy, Denebrlnk said Hopping "should . I* brought, to -trial by court martial" foti '.'ftotajipn of Navy i regulations inH tbn'rtuct to the prejudice ot good, order and dll, · dpline." · i \ " · '· : . ! Hopping 'fwired prominently in »* Inveitlgallon of · crew com- Plaints JHjryt, ,dlicl|Hnc aboard h« MiM(k ttilp UM Reclaimer, H« feialned · civilian attorney to the. crew. There is little evidence that bells · were Invented before the Christian era. Richest of all coffees gives you 10-15 more cups per pound yet costs only »*· more FOLLOW THE RID TAG TO SUPER BARGAINS AT S U P I H ALSO GOOD AT PUBLIC'S IGA MARKET, SPRINGDALE GOLD NUOGIT FtOOR 25lbs.1.29 50lbs.3.49 ChoUS, _. ij0 ' Hyde Pork $03 a| | | | Fancy Cut Can u 29 ·lut loftntt -- with lOc C«up«ii M lox BEANS ot. 45 POT Del Monte 46-ot. *·· ' · "·'' ' · · · - Briind Cah ;, ADMIRATOiN-- CHASE fSANBORN-- MAXWELL HOUSE 79cli. SPINACH Sarol Brand No. 2 Quality Pack Can 1QC 12-oz. Glass Mb. Strawberries '»,* 25c ACE HIGH Orange Juice, 2 cans 29c Sc lOc Welch's Grapelade Cut Green BEANS PACO MILK Jcrgcn's Lotion SOAP, bar . . 5c Kraft Velrecta A D i . * , CHEESE, 2,*89c Green Peas, pkg... 27c t - · FORD HOOK | Baby Food cL 25c Northern Chum SNOW CROP Sugar Biscuits Shortening · Piirt Can* Factory Pack lordin't Canned Snowdrift or Krti nil s-ib. Bag con Lb. Can SMI* 89' 10' 69' 30 SALT MEAT BACON CHICKEN BACKS .. t 89o Sugar Cured Squares TUNA 01X11 LUCK 'CM 21

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