Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 7
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r . Use Of Tail-Hartley Act Might Have Saved Truman Trouble Over Nation's Steel Tangle ' · " · · · ' - · c - ; . " ' ' ' ' ' . ' . / . i.'. - · · * . - · - · ' . I.-:.;.. .·.-··'. ··"· , . '!.*''-'··v l» ,. V NOrTHWIJ , By JAMES MABLOW , Wtshington-yPJ-Prcsiderit - 'Truman stuck his neck out in the *t«l dispute. He didn't have to. If he had handled it another way, he might have put his critics' ' necks on the block. He could have used the Taft- Hartley Act. The result might have been the same, a strike. But he would have avoided a rain of, criticism and the historic rebuke from Federal Judge ..David A. · Pine.'"'··'/* ···' '·'' '-. ·' "-'· - '··'-' ' · This is. what he.did, might have done," and still may have to do: What he did: ' ··:-;\\~ ··.-·:.·'' · The; steelworkers,'^wh6se",;;con- · tract,ended 'DecembeC.Slp-began negotiations last November. with the| mill owners for highei':pay. Getting nowhere, they 'threatened · to strike New Year's Day;!" 1 ;. Truman stepped, in and asked both sides to let .the Wage Stabilization Board examine the case. -Theboard heard both sides, used. *«,!ot of time,.and finally, fecom- niendetf a substantial pay raise for the.worker?;-The owi^e.rj'Refused' p6*era. : ;Tu«!sda'y tHe judge agreed ( to grant it unlcss'the'government leliihg'the"gove '"' '" let them raise prices. The government said no. · . 'erriment'to -get'out. And then the workeis, who had already postponed their strike Again getting nowhere, the | more than 100 days, finally went workers threatened once more to on strike. · strike. Truman stepped :in. again «whit Mirtt Have and seized the mills. 'Since the what Tru man'might have done: government, in charge, might give them the .raise they/warited,' ilie workers worked. .Aiso, it's against the law to strike against .the government. ' . ··".' No :· law' 'Shd K.'ribttflrfg'Flff . 'th'e 1 Constitution said '.' 'Truman . - in peacetime had. power to seize private. property ./-But-; he argued the Constitution .contained -invisi-s . ^ but .-built-in:;; ' . Some; ^ . .. men; In. .Congress' -denounced the; selzure'-anil said hieT should have; used . Taft-Harttey. .' Twice, .; under.. this battering, /Truman asked.Cori-" gress for : SL" solution, instead^ : Congress .talked impeachment. The mill owners appealed to Judge .tine to ..throw, the government out: of their property, arguing ; the president ' exceeded ' his WHen he saw the strike comiiic last December, could have /used Taft-Hartley. It would have, 'io work like this: .' .: : He'd set up a board to examine «ie ^aasKThenJlie'^cciuId -ask : 4' federal judge to forb'id a, strikf _ or shutdown, giving the :gdvern- ,jne'iit'mpr.e time to;"b,ring the ,lwo. sides jnto .stfgreeineiit; . -.-; ·» Mibnt /it yittm/iu I,...»,...ei- Hindi, NEW WONWiR CAPSULE MAY GET AT THE REAL CAUSE OF YOUR TIRED, NERVOUrFEELING n. n«J I, iu«v f^i «» fym^. hm, .l.n, with cwilinMin,, IniimnU tmi ' imrin «f I-vhmiini ord Ni«ln ii 'Uii ft. .: ItM Mly n^uirtmMl evir · yraUni*d IMfM. T)iM*-twn.ifMfiltciyinjitMit [n thim- . , t ««^TM» *· "·* prew.o dittary rf««fitny.'«nd lEuMrtM ViUtRins and Minerals ' SenBttional B E X E L SPECIAL FOR; MULA. comes to you in easy-to-iake- '·«f«ty-B«*led capsules that contain tasentitl B-vitamins; Iron -and other minerals known, to be essential in human nutrition nnd other factore as well . . . Including important Vitamin B lt .' ¥·· Fitl BatUr After Ont ·tttlt-You t a k e j u s t o n e .. fiEXEL SPECIAL FORMULA tipsult a day . , . at a cost of .only 6 . . . and from the rc'rj/ 'fint 07i9 * i . you're on your way. to new energy, new iparkle, new zest for living. . . . OR YOUR MONIT MCK I ,, 'tan t/ltifnftin or bt n t. hmtlitn.l niiMiint. ' - . -' '· H TM:^ « «M «· "»· «».TMv '»«r misery «nd iu)Ferin|c, new-: Bonder-working capsule-BEXKL .SPECIAL FORM ULA-niny end yojir complaint! in an amazingly short time/ Pttency Guiranfttd fcjr '. McXtttM « RfkWm . PHONE nr EAST SIDE SQUARE this pdint).the .'vpresidenV . \yould ;have . been-; actih^^ in' .accordance with. law. passed, 'by Congress. ,.- -But':T-H only'deiays'-a strike. It catft,- in -fhc end.'.fSrbid it! : If there was · no agreement between the workers and . 'the . owners -- after. r.T-H. had- delayed; a strike 8ii da'ys --the workers, .would be. free to striked uhle'ss-- · " ' And this isjyhere he could have but -Congress -'on 'the spot. When T-H' is .used .-but fails i' to stop a strike, the. president must lay -the "Whole problem .n the lap of Congress, which can pass a -Taw forbidding a strike or do what else it wishes. -. . At- one stroke then he · could have put Congress on the spot. Instead; operating as he. did, he was -denounced as a dictator when he asked Congress to act. Why didn't he use 'T-H? It's been a political issue for years. Blessed by, union leaders, Truman has condemned T-H and urged Congress to wipe it. off the books. If he had used it in this case, h e ' l might have laid himself open to j jibes from his critics and denunciation by his" labor, union* friends. Tito Sees Easing Of World War Threat Belgrade, Yugoslavia-yPj-Pre- mier. Marshal. Tito. says the development of new mass-destruction weapons has eased "a little" the danger of a third world wa.\ However, "we still must remain alert," he cautioned c'delegatlon o£ Army reserve. officers last night.. He pledged Yugoslavia's defensive strength in any fight against aggression but said - t his country would/steer away from regional defense pacts because World War U .experience had shown such agreements were "only . pieces of paper." t, West's Best Alljes Said Masses Of Russian People, '.%.'/ Yprk-(flAdm,'' Alan G. Kirk;says that the free world's best potential allies In the struggle against Soviet Communism'are the masses o[ the Russian . people themselves. . . '. ' · ' . ' · - The former U.'-S. ambassador'to Russia, speaking, last night at a Tolstoy..-Foundation dinner, 'do-, scribed these masses -as ''Communism's first, and oldest victims.-" : "'Today we'-l;npw enough -about .the silent conflict that ranges between the Kremlin despots and their;5ubjects to realise that Stalin: cannot., simply., thrust 1 the .. Soviet Richest of all coffees gives you 1045 more cups per pound yet costs only 2 cents more Army and people into battle," Kirk declared. . "To order Russia into war he (Stalin) must ;.ot only be confident that he has the necessary weapons and resources; he must also be confident that the officers and soldiers; of 'the Soviet Army will obey hii command and hurl themselves against us, not against them." Western Nafiwu Must Unite, Roberts Warns Ottawa -(IF)- Former U. S. Supreme Court Justice Owen J. Roberts FHld last nlghl unless 'the Western world can unite politically for the common Interest of til ll» peoples, It might as well "»ll b»ck ind wilt for Undt Joe." Roberts spoke »t t dinner honoring x U. S. group here to discuss Atlantic union with members of Canada'*. Parliament, · · He lalit that if Britain, France »nd the United States had been joined in « federil union in 1919, Hitler would not have dared at- Uck Poland and there would have been no Mcond AVorlrt War. ' FALSE TEETH M»r« Firmly i* Pis** I» rcur rtiM «t*ni'« MrrtM Ur ifcppln* ' Mint when y»u MI, iprlnkM · Iftlle oUlei Thw i«M _ , _ kalitt tilK tMiK mm atwtr «M comlorublr, tttgvmmr. **·*.. ^99f. tttf ' no* Mar.-c Mt* n..mMt).. a* KROGER GIVES MORE POWER TO THE DOLLAR -- H E L P I S Y O U L I V E B E T T E rV TO R J t E S AND, FAB WASHES CLOTHES CLEANER THAN ANY SOAP ON EARTH! clothes · _^~li~*) Embmr Brand.. Cripi P«aeh* and ..PluhV · Ktot«t Brand. Onnft fc BlMdM. Kroger Gelatins,.'.16 pkg$. $1 Aisorled flarors. ) Hi (Orangeade.. 10 ° n °'$1 Rtfrtihing. economicil. ( Northern Tissue.. 12 rolls $1 Complelily Ntw, foiitntd IvrlM. Lima Beans-Bacon Id^r $1 :Criifin Btind. Polled Meal..; 10'^ $f ;· layer tike... .' Armour Stir Brand. EahnoreOleo.....5lbs. $1 ' ' ' ' ' forberBibyFood, 12cin:$1 AiutM fruili k VtgtliUn. WaxPipcr.....4rollJ$1 Kilch.n Cnirm f . ; ; ' - . " ' . "; O*ldn-ln« '··MwWitt--f .·-'· - i^/r^ 7 sT";t Krofir'i plain «r futuijtf WITHOUT BUACHING Krogtr Brand, plump Itnder* dtlicloui. C*nwntod Non-Ff i milk. . Htil for colfM. THAN ANY OTHER PRODUCT WJIH BLEACHING! .vS IT'S AMAZING - BUI TRUE! New Fab washes whiter without bleaching than any soap, any other "no-rinse" suds or any washing product known with bleach in the wash water. And freshly rinsed Fab clothes are cleaner than you can get thenvwith any soap. Fab washes out the grimy dirt... leaves no dulling soap film in the hardest water. As you use Fabi clothes get whiter «nd whiter... colors get brighter and brighter. And you have the world's sweetest-smelling wash! ·wy fh« Monamicol GIANT SIZi! WoshatJe coha look brighter ho! ·AVI WORK! - Htw Fib iimncdiMely Inteni dirt »»i keeps it ·wring In thewnh wner. M»ia*kiBtiMtdcd! And IN an nap riwioi, tool ·AVI CLOTHH! Fab washes so dauling white, you don't need bleach! Clothn last longer with no bleach to harm fibrin or pretty colors. ·AVE HAND!! New Fab 1) wonderfully mild to hands. It's site to use on baby's clothes. And Fab ii kind lo your own pretty waihabUl! CUT D1SHWAIHINO TIMI IN HAlM Fib Mit dishti, iluMt, pots ihlny diiinlK · food p«k cllnm, th« liWiclotK whblif it off! Nckwrd icoufinf! No wiping - whh 14*1 A C010ATI- MtMOLIVI.PIIT PHODUCI AND, YOU CAN STOP RINSIK6! If ywi sHtftr ntl FAB WHITENS AS IT WASHES! Tendtr, juicy, from young corn porktri. Hoty Brand, : Capiral Pride,: or Wilton Certified. Shanklett, in Viiking. POUND . ;^ ,: lb - ** SS ,;.; -i* 35 SS; · 8 - |b ^ » Ground Beef .-.- . . Ib. 59 Pork liver . . . . Ib 29* · Haddock Filters, lb.jtln,;5V Kr»9« m .d,. fr.,h, puroi ' T.ndir. l.,.y. «onomic.l. ' ' '' 03 " Tr ' 1 -^'" B '«"f JV" ' - ". - ' . .. , Have you tried a Kroger Fry- Piece Bacon . . . Ib. 29* Pork Sausage . 2-lb. roll 79* " 9 CMc ' Puritan Puritan. 2 lo 3 Ib. fir.l cut,. Swill Bro^Mi troy packsci for your ience. L e m o n $ Doi. heads Bananas Crisp, firm, fresh. IbJSc Corn F ft;iftir 3 for 29o JOAP CIYSTAL WHITE AMO COM SUKN hlh S..P »,,.,,, ,,,,» .. , M^r, ^ r 2 bars 23 3 bin 25 4 bars 27 VEL Washing Powdtr, largt pack 09* ;

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