Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 30, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1952
Page 11
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Foy«tt*v!!l«. Arkomen. Wcdnndov, April 30, I»3J f | Outraged Nudist Who Waited Four Years To Take Case To Court Appears To Be Completely Fouled Up In Legal Zipper Detroit-(/P)-A nudist case in' Federal District Court was tangled In t legal zipper today.. Counsel for defending .officers beinR sued for false arrest by a music teacher cited some bare facts of procedure that may throw the damage case out of court. JMitti Church, 42, of Maumee; Ohio, who was arrested in a raid four years ago on a nudist camp near Monroe, Mich., is seeking .5120,000 damages. She declared the incident caused her to lose a S4,000-a-year teaching job and that her constitutional rights were violated. ' The defendants are state police, Sheriff Ray.Gensler of Monroe County, and former Prosecutor. Foster D. Luse of Monroe County. Miss Church rested her case yesterday after a;71-year-old wit- .ness testified that one of the raiding officers ordered her to remove her clothes. The plaintiff's witness. John A. Eubel, of Belle Center, Ohio, said 'Miss Church was wearing shorts and a halter when raiders swooped down on the camp in August, - 1943. One of the officers, Hubel said, "kept ordering her to 'take them off, take them off.'" , Assistant State Attorney General Martin L. Leacock sprang a surprise for the defense in moving for a directed verdict in favor of the defendants. Leacock uncovered a Michigan statute of limitations which says no action can be brought against · sheriff's deputies more than two years after the event. Miss Ch'urch filed her suit in February, 1951. George F. Fisk. Jr., attorney foi Miss Church, said he was not- aware of the section until it was brought to his attention by the · motion. Out of Court? "I'll give you lime to study it," ?aid Federal Judge Frank A. Picard, "but it looks to me right now · that you are out of court." The judge said later he was taking under advisement the motion for a directed verdict until · he had determined whether there was false testimony, recording secretary and former president of the American Sunbathing'Assoda- tion; was found guilty with eight ' other nudists of indecent exposure as a result of the raid. They were fined $150 each in Monroe County Circuit Court in Macch, 1949, arid · placed on six months probation. Miss C h u r c h subsequently brought, her damage suit claiming fal.-e arrest on grounds she was clothed at the time of the raid. A Michigan State Police sergeant testified yesterday ..that Miss Church was nude when officers first arrived at the camp, then ran , to her car and tried to don a two- piece playsuit. ' · . S?t. Carl Seim of the F.rie post said he. chased her and told her those who had their clothes off were io leave them off until all had been rounded up. but she refused to stop 'dressing. : He denied that anyone told her ' to take off her clothes. The U. S. steel industry used '· a record 105 million tons of coal · - in 1951. Stale Stcelwurkers Plan To Slay On Job Bauxite, Ark. - tVPj - Arkansas' vast aluminum industry will not' be affected by the strike of the CIO Steehvorkers Union against the steel industry. Ed "Walton, steehvorkers international representative for this area, last night explained that the union's dispute was with the industry's "basic" plants--those t h a t actually produce steel. He said Arkansas steelworkers all were employer! by Central Arkansas' aluminum industry, which comes under the heading of "fabricating" · plants. Industry--wide bargaining is practicing in both units. Steehvorkers are employed at two Reynolds Metals Company plants, one Aluminum Company of America installation, and the Norton Company facilty in this area. HOpVER, MacARTHUR ATTEND BANSHEES LUNCHEON RADIO TV SERVICE latejt TV Te»t Equipment 24-Hour .Service TRI-STATE SALES CO. 320 W. Dickson Phone 513 Springdale Pvt. Benny Gene Cox, 18. daughter of Mrs. Beryl Cox of Springdale,' is completing her Air Force basic, indoctrination course at Lackland Air Force Base. Her basin training is preparing her for entrance into Air Force technical training and for 'assignment in specialized work. 1 * * * \V. B. Cromwell has been selected as head'football roach and director of physical education at the Harrison High school. His wife is the former Margaret Heerwagon, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Louie Heervvagen of Springdale. Mrs. Clay Carter, who has been a patient in the City Hospital at Fayetteville after undergoing an operation, was returned to her home on Holcomb street Sunday in a Callison-Sisco ambulance. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Brclsford of i Springdale were guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer .Burrell near Lowell. Mr. and Mrs. Loy Mabry of the Zion community visited Sunday in the home of Mrs. Delia Mabry 'on Meadow avemit. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Barrows of Visalia, Calif., announce the birth of a daughter, Bonnie Grace, April 17. She is a granddaughter or Mrs. Maud Barrows of Springdale. Mr. and Mrs, Robert Allen of Anacortes, Wash., announce Ihe birth of a daughter, Joye l.anella, April 27. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. H. R. Allen of Meadow Avenue. * - ·* * + * ; The Springdale Iris Garden Club will meet,tomorrow at the home of Mrs. John Carley West at S p.m. Mrs Lloyn Gregg will be co-hostess. The. program; "garden clinic," \\yll be given by T. W. Thompson. * * * . . Mrs. ' Grace Waisath attended the 70th state convention of Christian Churches S u n d a y through Tuesday at' Van Biiren. Also attending were the pastor, of the church and his wife, the i Rev. and Mrs. I. J. Kerrick. v * * Mr. and Mrs. .Virgil D. Jones and daughter, Mary Frances, of West Emma Avenue, were Sunday guests in the home of Mrs. Jones' sister and family, Mr, and Mrs. ?ay Luther of Savoy. * * + The Brotherhood of the First, Baptist Churrh met Tuesday night j in Ihe dining room oi the church j for their cooperative supper. Gup ' Eidson presided over the short · business meeting. The Hcv. Earl i JT'S SMILES AND FUN all around as newspaper executives and honored guesta gather In New York at the annual Banshees luncheon held in conjunction with the American Newspaper Publishers association cun- ivention. Seated (from left} are J. D. GortatowsUy. 'genera! manager, Hearst newspapers; former President 'Herbert Hoover; Richard Berlin, president, Hearst curpuralion; Gen. Douglas MacArUiur; William Randolph Hearst, Jr., publisher, New York Journal-American; Trygre Lie, UN secretary general. Standing, George Hearst, vice president of tho Hearst corporation in charge of production; Randolph Hearst, publisher. Ban Francisco Call-Bulletin; John Hearst, assistant genera! manager, Hearst papers. (International) Freedom Of Long Hair Upheld For New U.S. Soldier Washington-f/Pi-A Sikh, -.vhosc forebears were famed f i g h t i n g men o[ India's army will be allowed to wear th^ long h a i r required by his religion while he's a United States soldier. The man, whose name wits not revealed, wrolo President Truman February 2R saying he way horn in this country, the .son of K.'ipt Indian parents, and was bring d r a f t ed. "1 nm w i l l i n g In b.irtor my lifo fnr my country," ho wrnlo, "hul as ono n[ t h e groat fropflirns of (his country advocates frrednm nf religion, 1 am w r i t i n g tn you np rommandrr-in-rhipf nf the armrd forces, tn immunizr m^ frn m a haircut . . . All 1 a?k i= tn wnr.ship God in my nwn w a y -- w i t h lnri£ hair." The Army decided to let him k*rp hir. *iair and sent a letter saying so. H ndvfppd him in keep the I p t t r r handy for his commanding o f f i c n ? n f t e r induction. Bob Carey, football captain, and ' Bill Bower, baseball captain, also played on Michigan State's basketball team. In Ihe TIMES--It pain. Suffocating "Hot Flashes" stopped or strikingly relieved In 63-80%* of cases In doctors' teifsl · Are you uolnit through "rhiinsfi of life" .. . fluffnr ins the "hut, flashes." ner vous tension. Irritability, weakness and other types of {(inpMnnallv-rausrr] dis- trr.'.s nf this difficult, Umr? Then . . . here's hnpp fnr vnu! " I n tof-ts by doctors, t , y d l H p i n k h a m ' s C o m pound nnri Tables cave rfilipf from -such diMrcWi... In fi.? and M"/. irrspcr- t t v H y i nf the raws tattcri. Complete or striking relief! S'irrly you know that. LydJa Plnkhnm'ri l^ r.cirnttflcally modern In nctwn! Kiirely 5 . S 'ou know what H has done 'or nthcn! But do you know what it Till do for ynv' Not if jou htvpn't (ttpMtenced the rfll*!' nf tension, "diishfs" ind trrl- tAhllity It «o often brttus »t B * f o M a n o t h e r d « " h«* nr n e w . (mooted T s b l r t s with nddrd iron . . tnd dla- covcr ho'* much re.Mrr your · u r t p r l r t K f r o m f u n c t i o n * ] psmi sn'l rtlstreM of men- n t n i B t l o n -- f i n d Plmeh^m'n wonderful too! It confatru no Shnrry · introduced the guest j sponsored a benefit card party speaker, the Rev. David Hall; pas- j tor of the Seqnnyah Baptist Church in' Tul?a. The theme of the program was "Enlisting Every Man for the Master." Tuesday night in the lounge of the First National Bank. H, W. Luckett. A meeting of Scout leaders was held Tuesday night in the basement of the First Methodist Church. Difcu^sions were on "patrol and troop meeting. 5 ;." Scnul- masters and assistant scoutmasters and roiTunitteernen from 1 Washington, Madison and Bcnton cpunties attended. * * · t Mr. and Mrs. Ulys Lovell -of Springdale are in Lelanri, Miss., where they, attended Ihe funeral services of Mrs. · LoveU's sister, Mrs. Mary Johnson, Tuesday morning. * * * Members of the , Springdale Junior Chamber of Commerce met Monday night at the Hitchin' Post tn make plans for the Rodeo of the Ozarks. Ellis Slafford, president, said plans were made for a permanent concession booth. Part of .the old seats will bo moved and more. seats will be constructed. Reports were given on the state convention by Gerald Tweedy; Jack Heekin and Pete Gardener. · * * * , Mrs. Owen Stamps o f , Siseo Street gave a birthday party, in innor of her 11-year-old daughter, Collene, Monday night. Mrs. Doris Leake was co-hosiers. After the honoree had opened her gifts refreshments were served. St. Raphal's Catholic Mission A p i n k and blue shower was given jn honor nf Mrs. Albert t Pinkley Monday night al the home The Womans Civic Club met i of Ira Simonds on West Emma Mondav for a rraporativp dinner, i Avenue. Hostesses were Mrs. Norman Crowder, Mrs. Carl Carmark, and Mrs. W. H. Hunt. Several games were played. The gifts were presented In the honoree by .Jeanne H u n t , who was dressed in a raincoat und had the gifts in an umbrella decorated with bows A f t e r the gifts had been opened punch was served from a punch bowl. Harry Hinklcy presented a group of band students in a program of musir, during the moal, after which Mrs. Lee Sanders, club president, eavo Mr. Hinklcy a check for S10. The following officers were elected unanimously: Mrs. Lee Sanders, president; Mrs. Lillian Holt, first vice president; Mrs. Clnrence Edgar, second vice president; Mrs. L. J. Carr. t h i r d vice president; Mrs. Park Phillips, Little ROCK One Of TwO secretary; Mrs. A. E. Allen, treas- / / f s . . .. . . ,, ^. , urer; and Mr?. Mallnry W. Hawk, DcatHlCSS U . S . CltlCS corresponding secretary. Mrs. E. C. Hammond. Mrs. Mallory Hawk, uuie R nek-(/P)-Little Rock and 'hich city iut a traf- had one this year. They are Ihe only cities remaining in a "deathless days" contest sponsored by Des Moines Radio station KRNT for cities of 100,000 population or more. Little Rock's ripaihless traffic record goes hack to December ft, j 1051, a l t h , u g h only this rear i s ' counted in the contest. Keep Dp with (DC tlmw--rend a brief report of the state convention in Little Rock. "The American Home" was the theme of the program, directed by Mrs. L. E. O'Keege. Those on Ihe program were Mrs. L. .1. Carr. Mrs. R. L. Gosnell. Mrs. D. E. Eichcr. and Mrs. II. .T. Smith. Mrs H. R. Sharp, chairman of the hostess group, was assisted by Mrs. C. E. lankin, Mrs. Joe R. Reed, Mrs. Marvin .Walker,- Mrfc-J. W. Phillips, Mrs. R. M, Porter. Mrs, Lillian Holt, Mrs. Bobby Brooks, Mrs. John Powell, Mrs. W. E. Wines, Mrs. A. V. Rhea, Mrs. Robert McCorkindale, Mrs. -W. D. Caldwell, Mrs. W/ A. Kardister, Mrs. Alonzo -Roberts and Mrs. ·j Your and Dealer ATTENTION: FARMERS Wo have Ihe fallowing good used Tractors and Implements for sale: 1 1749 FORD TRACTOR 1 1948 FORD TRACTOR 1 1941 FORD TRACTOR 1 H FARMALL TRACTOR 1 CUB FARMALL TRACTOR WITH IMPLEMENTS 1 R C AUIS CHALMERS TRACTOR 1 B AILIS CHALMERS TRACTOR WITH PLOW AND CULTIVATOR 1 B JOHN DEERE TRACTOR 1 H JOHN DEERE TRACTOR 1 12A JOHN DEERE COMBINE 1 "76" NEW HOLLAND BALER 1 "77" NEW HOLLAND BALER 1 SOT INTERNATIONAL BALER i JOHN D"EERE STATIONARY BALER WITH MOTOR 1 CASE STATIONARY BALER WITH MOTOR 1 INTERNATIONAL STATIONARY BALER LESS MOTOR J.SULKY HAY RAKES 1 SIDE DELIVERY RAKE 1 McCORMACK GRAIN BINDER 1 PAPEX ENSILAGE CUTTER 1 SCOOP t 1946 U4 T Chevrolet Truck J speed rule A SUPPLY OF GOOD HORSE MOWERS AND TRACTOR MOWERS Hailey Sales Company YOUR FORD TRACTOR DEALER HIGHWAY 71 NORTH PHONE 1619 Red Tag Day Bargains Close Out on 116 and 616 FILM, roll 13c Travel Size Brushlcss Shave Cream, reg. 15c, 4c Children's Plastic Waterproof Umbrellas 69c Helen Ayars Powder Perfume, reg. $1, 2 for $1 4.98 CHARLES ANTELLS FORMULA No. 9 AND SHAMPOO ONLY $ 2 00 Cream Deodorant, reg. 25c lOc Ton! Refill with Curlers, only $1.33 200 Minuet Hankies Facial Tissue, reg. 13e, 2 for 25c McKesson Aspirin, 100 size, 2 bottles only 54c Plastic First Aid Kit only 59c NEW! STYLISH! GAY! Lifilit nn a hnbWo IxiFur-EltcB. Cunhionwi like n kitten « pnw wil.h full */ t inch Fonm Rubber-mug fitting with cldfltic hool band. Rrillinnt Tnf- fota Plaid or Bright naskclwcnvo Chock. Small (4-6H), Medium (6-7]^) or Largo 98 New-' Stylish! Gay! (AST SIDE SQUAM RUCGIf Who Gives Green Stamps? We Do! McKethan't Fabric Center II Eoil Cenltr Johnion'i Pninl and W'llpaper Siori 25 Norlh Block SI. Hilton Broi. Drive-In F u r n l t u r o Slort Hwy. 71 North Town A Campus MEN'S WEAR Oiark Theilrt Bldg. laner Bros. Shoe Slorei Fairway Grocery 416 N. College Glenn'i Dairy (Houae to houst delirery) Phone 660.W.4 Ozark Cleanen ID! Norlh Block SI, Harlan'i Service Station Friendly Gulf Station I I Norlh College McRoy.MeNalr FnretleTllle Printing Co. South Side Squire Retell Store CASH Silei Only Phlllipi Motor Ca. 620 Noitb College Moora'i Gift Shop 25 North Block BL Fairway Hardwart 230 Mill Bt Waggontr't Bakery 101 WM! Center SL Quaker Drug Store 11 Ent Center St. Bxbe'i Jeweler* 14 Eait Centif Rilo'i Beauty Salont Phone 1595 or 999 420 North College) Redeem your SH Green Stamps at the Redemption Center, DAYS MAY 1-2-3 Enjoy These Nature's Best Peaches, 2V 2 cans., 25* Bellow Bonne! Whole Sliced Peaches, No. IVi c a n . . BRIGHT and EARLY COFFEE, Ib 50 EGGS, Fresh Country, doz. . . . 35? Upton Tea, Vlb W Fresh Tomatoes, Ib Lettuce, 1 large head . . . . Florida rOanges, doz Bananas, Ib Topmost All Green Asparagus Picnic Tent*. . , 15* 15* 25 21* 18 Yellow Bonnet Mixed Vegetables, No, 2 c a n . . VAN CAMP Pork and Beans, No, 303 can . , Lima Beans, No. 303 can . . . . Marshmallows, bag . . . . . . Salad Olives, qt. SS* Fryers, Ib 40c Bacon Squares, ib. . 21 c Colored Oleo, Ib. . 18c Pure Ground Beef, Ib. 59c Sliced Bacon, Ib. . 39c FARMER'S MARKET 120 West Center -- Free Delivery -- Phone 652

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