Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 7, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1974
Page 11
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Legal Notfctt-- ·nd accompanied by sall owner or keeper, Tho lenn "don" or "cai" s!mM main both mate and female "neutered -, or unrieulcrcd," Sec. H7, Annual Tnx ntu] Tags, (a) LEVY AND AMOUNT OK T A X . There In hereby levied, anil there shall be collected nn annual I n x In (ho amount .. h e r e i n a f t e r provided on each dog or cat owned or kept w i t h i n tho Clly. Said las Ehnll uc ji.ild In Iho Clly Controller or lo « licensed velcrhitirhn practicing w l t l i l n the Clly, li slmll bo Iho duly ,.. ot nny licensed veterinarian collecting a tnx under I h c provisions of t h i s Mellon to re mil snld tnx to the City Controller ... by Ihe lOUi of t h e month neM followln* i the monlh in wdkdi said tnx Is collected. For each neutered mute or spayed fcmnlo. tho lax levied hereby shnll be .. to Ihe a m o u n t of One Dollar ($ it said tnx Is paid on or before t h e ... Jirsl day of February, and In the a m o u n t of Two Dollars $2.00), If said lax Is pnld thereafter. The Inx for ench un,,_. spayed femnlo or imneulcred male ehnll be Three Dollars (J3.DO If said tax Is pntd on or before Ilia first tfny ol = February, nnd slmll be Four Dollars . MM) it paid thereafter. · Should n dog or cm bo brought inlo the City, or obtnln Iho age uf Ihrce monllis after (he first dny of February, ." tho person o w n i n g or keeping such don or c a t shalt have "thirty days In which lo pay the Inx levied hereby. Any person f a i l i n g In pny said tax within such iwriot ; . - shnll be required lo pay the applicable '·· higher lax specified above (b) ISSUANCE OF TAX RECEIPT -· AND TAG. Tho City Controller or n licensed vclerinarinn lo whom the tnx ·· levied by Subsection a nbove Is paid shall issue a receipt therefore nnrf shall / Issuo lo each person pnjlng said la: n mclnl lag Indicating t h a t said Inx -' h n s ncen pnld for the current year; ·- provided, a la« for any rlog or cat shal not bo Issued unless a certificate- from a licensed veterinarian Is precnlcH which indicates Ihnl scld dog or cal · : h n s been vncc malcd for mhies wllhi n on« year prior therein. (c) TA G TO BE ATTA Cl I ED TO ANIMAL'S COLLAR. It shall b« (hi -* duly ol Iho owner or keeper of every * dng wilhln tlio C i t y of Fayeltevllle attach Iho lag provided for In Subsection · ; (b) lo a L'oMar securely fixed arount t h e nock of said dog; it shall be (hi -- d u t y of the owner or keeper of every cat within the C i t y of Fayetleville lo attach the la? provided for in Subsection (b) to said cnt in a reasonab manner (d EXCEPTIONS. N o t h l i i R In thi seclton s h n l t be construed in applv (, any dog or cat under Ifie BBC of ihree months on Ida first day of E-'ebruarv · ot Ihe current year or to dogs or cat" · brought to Iho Cily on .1 (cmporary basis for show or exhibition. Sec. 4-18. Rabies Vacclnntlon. : All rfogs nnd rals in the CJt and other pels which are subjec : " to rablos shall be vaccinated annually -'· against rabies by an accredited vet) "' Insrlnn. A t n c l a t tng evidencing such ·· vaccination shall be attached lo II '" harness or collar of every dog in II City, and shall be nllachcd lo evei cat in Ihe Clly by n reasonable method Any person who sha 11 keep any pe Which is subject to rabies In Die Cll- without lirsl having such pet vaccinate! for rabies, al lunst once a year, shal be g u i l t y of n misdemeanor, Tn case a lag for the lax o ··- rabies vnccin.ilfon required by this chap ter Is lost or destroyed, a duplicat * shall be Issued by Ihe Cily Controllc upon presentation of a receipt or nthe verification showing payment nf :vnld is or receipt of such duplicate lag. ti tag shall be ir.insfcrrable from one an. mnl lo a n o t h e r nnlmal. No refunds sha Y he mncte on nny lax because of th death of the animal or because ih owner leaves the C i t y before the expira ". lion of Ihe license period. Sec. 4-19. Running at large prohibited. . It shall be unlawful for the owne or person having charge nf any do . . or cat to permit nr allow such dog o cat lo run nt large within the corporal ,.^ limits of Ihc Cily al any lime. Sec. 4-CO. Impoundment -- Generall ^.. The animal control officer is authorize .. to t a k e Into custody any dog or ca lound running al large within the corpo flic limits of Ihe City in violation the lerms and provisions of this nrtfcl and to place the same in ihe facillt ," hereby designated as the "City of Fa; clle ville Anlma! Shelter." The animi control officer shall nol be required t respond lo requests, lo pick up unconfine cats until the- person making the rcque has confined or restrained the anim; \ so Ihnl il can readily bo taken in , custody by the animal conlrol oflice - - ~ Humane animal Iraps or tranqullize legal Notices nifty IK used. \Stipnever any admat \n Ihe inlmal idler bears n city lag. It s h a l l be 10 duly ot ihe animal conlrol o f f i c e r y notify Iho owner or tho person lo Whom the laf? was issued, Jf such person or owner can be found, lhat Iho animal IBS been Inkcn up and placed !n the (inlnml shelter tmd w i l l be destroyed or rulensed lo Iho Fayottevlllo H u m a n e .Society within t e n U0 days unless IP fee hereinafter preicrJbed It paid. tho owner or person lo whom thn BK was Issued cannot be found, the n n l m n ] control officer s h n l l . by registered inn II send to wild person'* l«l known address, notify said person lhal the ani- m a l has been Impounded al the tinlmal shelter, end will be destroyed or released o Ihc KayclleviHe Humane SJoctcly wlih- hi Icn (10) days If Ine fee hereinafter prl- scribed Is not jiald. For the purpose uf ilils section, the f i r s t day of taklnn shall bo counted as Iho first day tho Impoundment period provided herein. Sec. 4 2 1 . Snmo -- Killing or redemp- on ol n n l m a l * . A f t e r the expiration ot ten (10) daya Impoundment In Ihc case of a licensed nnlmal, or Ihe expiration of live (3) ays impoundment in the case of an mllcensed a n i m a l , said nnlma] shall seomc tho property of the Clly of Fay- cllevlllc, and Ihe Cfly shall be empowered lo release said animal lo Ihe "aye Neville Humane Society . or lo estroy and dispose ot said a n i m a l . Ten ID) days after any licensed nnlmal has icen Impounded, as provided for in See- on 4-20 above, the animal control officer is hereby authorized to release said animal to the Fayetlevlllc H u m a n e Society or lo destroy such animal and dispose ol Ihe carenss. For the purpose of this section, Ihe day of t a k i n g up shall bo counted as the first day of the impoundment period herein provided. The owner of nn Impounded anim a may at any time before said a n l m a Is destroyed or released lo ihe Fayelte- vllle Humane Society claim said anlma nnd have Ihc same released to him. upon payment of the costs o! Impoundment. Said costs are hereby ascertained o be Five Dollars Jo.OO) Impoundmcn fee (or Ihe lirst pickup within a calendar year and Ten Dollars (JlQ.OOQ) for each subsequent p i c k u p ol tho same animal w l l h l n a calendar year, plus Two Dollars and Filly Ceuls ((2.50) for each day sucli animal Is impounded In the animal shelter, lojrcther wilh the tax on such animal, if Ihe same has not been paid, !us the costs of having an unvaccinaled animal vaccinated for rahics. The Inftia impoundment fee for unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs or eels, shall be Fifteen Jollars (J15.00). The impoundment cosls specified above shalt be p a i d to Ihe animal conlrol oil · cer who shall remit nil such payments to the C i t y Conlrol lor. Said payments shall be trealcd as general luntl revenues fay the Clly Controller. Sec. 4-22. Confinement by Owner. Upon Ihe request of any person who las been bitten by a dog or other anlrna wi ihl n the corporate 1 imits ol the Cily (or by a parent or legal guardian disability), ihe Animal Control Officer shall take such dog or animal, or a plurality of same [f ihey Ere reasonably suspected of ihe biting, into custody and confine it and quarantine same Jnder ihe supervision of a licensed veterinarian, who shell keep auch do£ or animal in quarantine until he shall issue h i s certificate that: (1) rie has complied with the observa- lon provisions of Suction 3 of Act 11, First Extraordinary Session of the 196? Arkansas General Assembly R a b es Conlrol Act); and (2) The dog or other animal appears lo be free ol infection of rabies (hydro phobia). (b) Any dog or other animal hsv ng racies or symptoms (hereof, or suspcctet of having rabies, or which* has been exposed to rabies shall be immediate y released by the owner or custodian o" such [Jog or animal to the Animal Con Irol Officer and the Animal Control Offi cer shall confine such dog or anim a In quarantine as provided for In Sub section "a" above. (c) When the licensed velcrinar an supervising t h e quarantine of any dog or other animal quarantined under Sub sections (a) and (b) shall Issue Ihe certificate provided for in Subsection (a) the owner of such dog or animal may relake custody of it upon tender to such veterinarian nnd-or Ihe City Animal Con tro! Officer ot ihelr customary and ren sonable fees and charges (or impound n boarding. lodging, observation an testing ; except n person who Is bitte legal Nolle** 1 jr molcsllng said A n i m a l or white Ires- IHSS ng oji tho premises ol Ihe owner J t keeper of said n n l m a l shnll pny all customary, and reasonable charges nnd cos resulting from his request to have; iall animal confined and quarantined. (d) It any doir or other a n i m a l con- f ned under b'ubsectlons (A) and (b) Is not reclaimed by Its owner, such dog shell be rclcnwd by the veterinarian 0 t h e A n i m a l Control Officer who a h u l l real such dog or a n i m a l as ono found r u n n i n g n t (urge within Iho corporate l i m i t s oi ihe Oily. (c) The licensed veterinarian super* vising the quarantine of any doj( or i n l m a ] quarantined under Subsections ia) and (b) eh nil promptly report to lie Office of (he City Manager Ihc place of Initial confinement, nnd the disposition of the dog or animal al termination of confinement. Sec. 4-23. Vicious Dogs. 11 shnll be unlawful for any person ,o own. keep, or harbor u i l h l n the corpora lo limit* of Ihe City any vicious Jog unless said dog Is m u nled or confined In a substantial enclosure or lied n such a manner t h a t It cannot bile mall carriers, delivery men, melor readers, or other licensees or Invilces coming on the premises. Any vicious dog found outside Ihe above specified ocallons may be seized or Impounded p u r s u a n t (o the procedure set out In this arilrle. For the purpose ot this section, a v c ous dog Is hereby defined lo be do? which has a disposition lo bile humans and any dog which has bltlcn or atlcmpled to bile any person wllhln h« aix months immediately past; however, the fact that a dog has bitten or attempted lo bile sorrie person when that person was tensing: or molesting said dog shal! not cause Uial doz to be considered a vicious doa wllhln Ihe sense of this secllcwi. Section 4, That Chapter 4 of Ihe Fav- ellevllle Code of Ordinances ia hereby amended by a d d i n g Article III lo reat as follows: Article 1H. ENPORCBMJGNT. Sec. 4-31. Summons by Police Officers. The members of the Police Deparlmen 1 are authorized for violation of any portion of this chapter, lo give lo (he o lender a notice lo appear i.i Ihe Muni rfpal Court of the City of Fayetlevllle Such notice to appear shall state the name and. Ihe address of the violator nntf Ifao date of the violation, and aha! contain a statement of Ihe nature o Ihe violation. The ' notice shall contain a printed statement, in which the violator promises lo appear In the munlclpa court without Issuance of any warran or olher process and which stalemen Is lo be signed by the violator. Upon f a i l u r e to sign the statement to appear the usual procedure upon the filing o complaints (n t h e municipal court shal jovern the arrest and trial of the viola or. Upon the violator's signing tnc agreement lo appear and his appearance as set out [n the notice, no warran shall be issued for- iht arrest of thi violator. Sec. 4-25. Interference wilh Anlma Control Officer. to Interfere with or altempt lo preven Ihe Animal Owilrol Officer, or olhe auhoiized persons, from telling atic I m p o u n d i n g any animal which f authorized to be Impounded under th« provisions of Ihl s chapter. Further, I shall bs u n l a w f u l lor any person, I rrfucg to deliver any unlicensed or tin vaccinated animal or any animal oh served to be running at large lo th A n i m a l Control O f f i c e r , or som authorized officer, upon demand fo mpoundlng. Section 5. That all ordinances an resolutions,' or parts thereof, in confllc herewith and specifically Sections 4-1 4-4. and 4-16 through 4-24 of the Fayette ville Code of Ordinances, be,.Snd hereh are, repealed. Section 6. Should any section o provision of this ordinance be declare )y Ihe Courts to be unconslitulional o nvalld, such decision shall not affec the validity ol the ordinance as a whole or any part thereof other than the parl so declared lo be · unconstitutional o Invalid. Section 7. II is hereby determined b the Board of Directors of Ihe Ctly c FayeltevLlle, lhal Ihe unconlrolle seeping of animals and fowl \vilhin th City of Fayetleville constitutes a dange lo the health and well being of the cil bens of the City and that the exislin animal conlro! ordinance does not sufi cienlly regulato the keeping of anima BEST BUY IN TOWN! legal Nolle towl H l l h l n tho CHy lo protect Ihc jij. Therefore, Rn omerscncy lit by declared lo cxlsl. and Uils ordln- ncc bclnjt ncccivary lor the prolecllon Ihc public hc:illh. safety nnl weUnre mil bo in f u l l force and elfcct Jroni nd nrier Its iirmnxe nnd "pprovnL. PASSED AM) AITHOVED T H I S 3rd AY OF SEPTEMBER, 1971. A P P R O V K D : HUSSELI. T. P U H D Y MAYOR ATTKST: AI1I.KNE WESTBHOOK ITY CLEI1K Seal) c 7 Retiree Wins Social Security Red Tape Battle DECATUR, 111. (AP) -- An 6-year-old man who worked until he was 80 h a s won a ·attle of red tape to stay in the ouse he nought in li)38. Isaac Cartmell is bedridden vith arthritis and is tended uring the day by homemakers vho handle housekeeping, cook- ng, bathing and some bedside care. But he does not require ikiUed care facilities. "If I have to go to a nursing home,' 1 he said, "it will be with broken heart." From January 1972 through Fune of this year, the Illinois Department of Public Aid paid about $250 a month' for the lomemaker care. But in June he aid was cut off. Cartmell vas one of about 450 Illinois ·esidents denied such service Jecause, the public aid department said, they were not eli- jible for the new federal Sup- jlemental Security Income pro ;ram. The program, administerec y the Social Security Administration, replaced a state pro : gram for persons 65 or over and blind or disabled. But only jersons with incomes of less .han $130 a month are eligible 3artinell was lold. He workec as a watchmaker until he wa iO, and receives $190 a month Social Security pension. He said he talked over his plight with a state aid official ivho suggested he enter a nurs ing home where he would be eligible for substantially mori benefits. · · Cartmell decided he wa; being penalized for working and began protesting, writing letters and calling his Lawyer state legislators, congressmen the public aid department and newspapers. He won. Through specia agreement between the staU and Decatur Tornwship, Car tmell's homemaker service will be paid by the township. "He is an exception to th rule," said Elmore Morthland t o w n s h i p supervisor. " H makes a good case for him sett." Tracking Hurricanes Involves Equipment, Math, And Feel Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sat., S«pt. 7, 1974 AYITTIVILL*. ARKANSAS MIAMI, Fla. (AP) -- Jt takes' about as much common sense as it dees sophisticated equipment to track a hurricane accurately, says Dr. Neil Frank. He's the man responsible for the tracking. "We have access to lots of equipment, but everything we has lo have that personal I'crride," Frank said. "Some- has to evaluate all t h a t formation." Frank, director of the Nation- Hurricane Center here, has a aff of 85. But most of the ·aluation is by five hurricane ecialists who work in what ey call the "war room" of the ·nter. The war room staff is sur- unded by satellite pictures of alf the world, plus charts, aps, graphs and several tete- sion screens capable of pro- ding satellite pictures of .ost any place in the world. "The satellite is backbone of ur whole information-gather- g operation, 11 Frank said. With our present ability to an anrmal while bailing, teasing WOMAN'S WORLD 691 Save a small fortune and kni this jacket quickly now! The longer length is lates fashion news. Knit this cable- rich jacket of worsted. 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"But there are limits to how mch we can trust mathematic- 1 models." Frank said. "So omeone has to weigh the pro- abilities In light of all we now before we make a pre- iction." State Capitol Cafeteria To Reopen LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The .ate Capitol cafeteria will he jopened in response to severa equests, Secretary of State :elly Bryant said Friday. Bryant said he was working p ilh the Efficiency Committee f the slate House of Represen atives on the project. Bryant said the first step ould be would to remodel thi afeteria, which is in Ihe base ment of the Capitol. He said a ecision would then be made oi nether the state should oper te the cafeteria or lease it. I ic state operates the cafeteria le legislature would have t ppropriate money for the pro ct. The cafeteria was leased fo nany years to a private oper tor, who closed it in 1969 be ause of lack of business. Th tate Rehabilitation Service or the Blind reopened the faci ty for a short time, but it wa losed again. Stale's Amirak tan Doing Welt UTTLE ROCK (AP) -- Am rak's Inler-American is doing veil passengerwise. John A Mills of Little Rock, ' distrid service supervisor, said Thurs day. The Inler-American is the train serving St. Louis, Littli Rock and Laredo, Tex. Mills said figures on the'num )er of passengers on the Inter American that were release^ by Amirak Wednesday wer misinterpreted by the new media. That report showed that o :he 15 "long-haul" routes 01 Amtrak, the Inter-America; liad served the fewest passen gers. 30,642, since Jan. 1. Mills said, however, that th Inter-American had not begu service un(il March 13. He als said that, unlike all but jne the other Iong-hau!s,'-the-Jnter American operated only thre times a week compared wit daily operations for others. Mills added that t h e popu lation along the Inter-Amer can's route is one-fourth of tha along the route of the Sunse Limited, which operates tr weekly from New Orleans Los Angeles, a route 1,000 mile long. . 11 )nassis Backed .uxury Building )n The Boards NEW YORK (AP) -- Aris- otle Onassis, in cooperation ith a New York realtor, is utting up a 52-story luxury of- ce-aparlment building next to t. Patrick's Cathedral. However, it appears dbubtfu! h a t Jacqueline Kennedy Driassis would move in upstairs ver the store. "I don't think he knows him elf," said Jacqueline Rob rtson, president of Arlen Real y's planning and design group vhen asked if the shipownei nd his wife, widow of Presi lent John F. Kennedy, woult occupy one of the con lominiums. Onassis' Olympic Airlines is ne of the businesses which wil ccupy. Ihe first 20 floors of th 95 million glass, sleel and con ·rete structure. -- · Oiympii Tower.--on Fifth Avenue: Upstairs are apartments fo: sale from $122,000 to $650,000- )lus maintenance fees. "They're primarily intendec or international businessmer who want a place to stay whei -hey're in New York," said Mis: lobertson. a Virginia-born ar chitect educated at Camforidg University in England. "They're the first apartmenl of the kind -- designed more .1 weekend cottages than primarj hon\es'J' ,.-".:.: . . . . . . To keep up' the illusion, ther are wood-burning fireplaces i duplex apartments on the 50t and 51st floors. Besides a roof over thei ncads, Olympic Tower will o fer residents private plane helicopter, yacht and limousin service; stock exchange tic! ers, telex, private wine cellar, room service and what tl: owners claim is security unr' the. world. , Delivery .boys, for instanc will be escorted to aparlmen by" a guard'who will stay wi them until they leave. Elev tors will be attended 24 hours day, · as · will front and bac doors. Paintings, wall safes and ot er valuables will be connecte to a central alarm system an each apartment entrance w be equipped with an intrusi alarm linked to a central com puter. Power Company Files Suit Against Supplier NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- tiarging breach of contract nd .violation of state anti-trust aws. Louisiana Power Light o. has filed a $548.7 million uit against two natural gas rms. LPL said Thursday it seeks riple damages from United : as Pipeline Co. and its parent irm, Pennzoil, as permitted nder Louisiana anti-trust stat- tes.. · - · · "Since 1965, United Gas Pipe- le Company and Pennzoil 'ompay have engaged in the reation of artificial shortrange as shortages to enhance prices nd maximize profits," LPL resident E. A. Rodrigue al- eged. "The creation of these short- ges has resulted in severe r. .amage to LPL and to its cus- omers, as well as the public generally." Last-fall the Federal Power Commission ordered interstate natural gas firms to halt sales natural gas to utilities since they could switch to fuel oil vithout excessive difificulty, but private homeowners could not. Last month Gulf States Utili- ies filed a $225 million damage uit against United Gas Pipe- ine, charging breach of con- ract. Last week Mississippi Power Light Co. filed a $160 million suit against United Gas and ennzoil. a suit which the slate of Mississippi and the city of Jackson joined as intecvenors Thursday. : FPC Approves Increase ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Union Electric Co. anonunced Friday that the Federal Power Com. mission h a s approved an increase in rates charged to wholesale electric companies in Missouri, Arkansas, and Iowa. The new rates, "retroactive to Dec. 17, 1973, will produce an additional $5,3 million in annual revenue, the company said. S i n c e last year, wholesale customers have been paying increased rates which have exceeded the final rates approved by. the FPC. The company said it will refund the difference to its wholesale customers along wilh 7 per cent annual interest. Wholesale customers in Arkansas include Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. 4106 Seminole -- 4 Bedrooms 4105 Seminole -- 3 Bedrooms Two outstanding brick homes. Quality material -- expert workmanship -- Financing Great. Will trade for your equity in your present home. Come see the excitingly different homes ot a Modest Price. Just North of Lake Fayetteville on Turner Street, East on Midland into Seminole Drive. Watch for Open House Signs, FRONTIER REAL ESTATE 521-6700 1015 N. College REALTOR Doug Hartley .... 442-6446 Bill Lqzefiby 521-583 Lei Davit 521-4448 Over the years, more and more individuals have discovered one of the greatest little peddlers of them all ... the TIMES Want Ads! 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