Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 7, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1974
Page 8
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TdVtORROk) IS SVNOAf.. 51t£ WON'T BE HERE . TOMORROU. EITHER... .r~i TTT-T-I FTl £3 e3 GOOD OAV, SIR;MAY WE PUT A JUNIOR WOOOCHUCK COLLECTION BOX ON YOUR COUNTER 2 .--:-' Ccnriii.eifi Will Dlinir rral^i Yi'etld JUila F.d«r ^ OKAY, BUT ( MAKE IT FAST.'J ^V erfj NOW HURRY AND GET OUT OF HERE.', lll SAM'S . ,;'BAR.;y ·f "'' Fl HARPLV SSE HOW I CAN^W'VES/ GET NOUK SON'S FIANCEE OUT OF- A FOREIGN JAIL, MK. McfiEH.: KW/EVOU TOED THE STATE FOOFY'5 CLIMBIKIS ONTHE BUT GOT STATUE OP MALTA'S NATIONAL'HERO IS A POMESTIC AFFAIR, OUR POUCY IS NOT TO PABBLE IN THE DOMESTIC AFFAIRS OF FORE1GU GOVERNMENTS, WHAT t WANT IS ACTION, SAWVES GET AW SON'S GIRL OUT OF OAIU AND THERE'S 450/000 (N IT FOR SOU. SEMEftWTOTELLME SNUFFV GOT A JOB fVT TH'TWIN FORK'S SUPER- MflRKET? / I NEVER SftID THAT, ELU1NEV I SfllD PAW SOOT BA66IN' SOME 5 ^ GROCERIES EVERY PALEFACE 3RINKS ONE BOTTLE OF8URPSI- BOOMA A DA///'-- ( THEV CANT RESIST \ IT BECAUSE EACH / BOTTLE CONTAINS ( A BURP-INDUCING V INGREDIENTS~ / CALLED SHLEMEEL.IUM//-IU. I SECRETLY INCREASE IT IOOO TIMES V THE PALEFACES WILL BE HELPLESSLY 6URPIN6 THEIR I've SOT A TTie PRESENT FOR YOU/ AtW-I It's MADE SPeciAL FOR BOYS--THE SCALP COMES OFF WArm i y PONT BE fUeTv; FINP B6ETIE/ [ SARSE. ME /WAV i AND BE rfARITASL we ALL ?-i I THREW IT OUT · *lll I SY MISTAKE,DSAR, ) BUT I SAVED X YESTEDAY'S J^^rt BUT r READ YESTERDAYS PAPER; · THEN THe NEWS ^ V/OWT UPSET VtSU SOMOCH «- SHOWBAUS SOME 3 TIMES THE STZE OTA UW OF BKEAQ WEBECWtoDH) PORT PERRYOOT, INTOTtSHTlY PACKED 8AUS Submitted kw Scott Heard,. HAROLD WILLIAMS' ( me-raze) AM B1GJ-ISH · JOUHNAUST, MASTERED 50 LANGUAGES, At KNEW LAT*t6REEI, HEBREHl fREMCH GEWWKl MAORI AND ITAUAM Northwttt Arkanta» TIMES, Sat., S»pf. 7, T974 ARK AN* A* iw:iiiiii».':iiimiiiiM!iiniraiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiii!i!w«iimii[ii^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Friendly Dogs Help Psychiatriic Patients ii» : :9!iiiiii Bill ! ilii ili:ii:ii::niiii:iiiiii;iihii!iii!liii|:ii,iliiiiiiiiip DRltfEM 8V COHRftD HUJXBWWDi -- *~- » . OF CAUEEV), MEW SOUTH WALESkAUSjRALlA.^^f^^^ ^S- ftKttJ PULLED f^ IS tlOESES,.WftS LflflDCD ^ t ^^*k^T' r WITH 407 8ASS OF WHEAT--A TOTAL SROSS WEK3HT OP 35 7O4S, 1904 POUNDS /' HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL, Overweight Father Worries Daughter Affectionate, friendly dogs are being used at the Ohio State University Hospital as compan- iuins for some psychiatric patients. Dr. Samuel A. Corson has found that some patients with psychiatric disturbances were able to establish a relationship with dogs, and then transfer that relationship to humans. Many of these patients were previously unable to enjoy a relationship with other persons. Dr. Corson said, "Some of the results have been startling. Patients who have refused to leave their beds, even to eat, began walking and grooming 'their' dogs. "Best of all, they soon made the jump to communicating with other people and some very - troubled patients have been discharged after what is now called "pet-facilitated' psychotherapy." Dr. Corson and his wife. Elizabeth, believe that dogs can be a great help in keeping patients interested in the things around them. They recom mended the use of animals in psychiatric institutions where the number of therapists is no always sufficient. The Corsons speculate that 'it could be a means of socialization and it might help cut down on the dosages of drugs." This is a fascinating idea and llustrates how constantly doc- ors are on the alert to explore every possibility · for th» patient's advantage. An enzyme, derived from luman urine is being used to ,reat blood clots in the veins, in the lungs, and in cose cases of coronary heart closures. Dr. Maurice S. Mazel. of lh» Edgewater Hospital in Chicago; ins been using the enzyme, urokinase, to dissolve ' blood clots (em'oolisms) in the blood vessels of trig legs, the lungs and the heart. The results have created a tremendous amount of interest in the potential of this enzyme. At the present time, the drug is still classed as "experimental." When studies with regard lo the complete safety and valua of this enzyme are completed, Dr. Mazel will present them to the Federal Drug Administration for permission for its use. My dad is over 40 and has a wonderful physique-- all six feet of it- -except for several spare tires around his middle! The root of his difficulty is, plainly, he eats too much! His family has a history of heart trouble, How do I get him on a diet for his own good, when he isn't interested? All the family has tried and failed. I love my father too much to see him ruin his health. -- DAUGHTER OF AN OVERWEIGHT DAD Daughter: The mid-40 bulge: sometimes eating is just an excuse for nothing better to do. Why not get your dad interested in a hobby. Or take up golf tennis and drag lim along? Or as a family gift, uy him a membership to a health spa or gymnasium? Good Luck!-- SUE 3ear Daughter: Your mother can help by 'cooking thin"-- which, if she doesn't make an issue of it, nay be accomplished without too many howls from her man. She can probably cut over MO calories a day from his diet jy reducing the fats and carbo- lydrates, except on special oc casions. -- Helen Dear Sue: I'm 14, black, and a A student. I've heard of an organization for high IQ people. Could you give me the address? -INTERESTED Dear Interested: Write to MENSA, 50 EAST 42nd Street, New York, N.Y.. 10017. You'll receive a preliminary IQ test, which, if you pass, entitles you to further personal testing by a member of the organization, at a small fee. The first exam is quite easy The second--tough!!--SUE RAP: My brother is in the Army stationed down South. Last time he was home he brought his new fiancee, and he acted real our-apple to the family-- vouldn't talk or help around the house at all. I know he hurt 'Mom and Dad a lot. When he returned to the base, ! wrote him a scorching letter telling him what I thought of his actions and attitude. It's been six weeks, and we haven't ieard From him, so I told Mom what I'd done and she was very upset with me. She and Dad are afraid he might have hard Feelings and spoil the wedding. I say he deserved my blast, and if he's sulking, that's baby- sh. Do I deserve the flak I'm get- ing from my parents? Should [ write and apologize to my brother? -- FURIOUS SISTER Dear Sis: Let's not hassle over whether you were right or wrong: That .vould only create more pro- jlems between you and your folks. Instead, why not write I your brother a "Let's be friends' again" letter--which wouldn't be an apology for how you felt, but only for how you expressed your feelings.--SUE Dear Sis: It's tough, being blamed by the very people you tried to defend. On the other hand, your parents should be allowed to B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridae (Top Record Holder to Masters' individual Championship Play) fight their hurts). own battles (or A letter to your brother will probably smooth things over. By this time he may be feeling apologetic too.--Helen (GOT A PROBLEM? Or a subject for discussion, two-generation style? Direct your questions to either Sue or Helen Bottel--or both, if you want a combination mother-daughter answer -- in care of the Northwest Arkansas TIMES. South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4 1 0 7 6 2 V 8 5 3 + A Q J 10 5 WEST : EAST * J 9 3 * 8 5 4 V K J 6 2 ¥ Q 1 0 9 » A 7 4 ' » 9 6 5 3 2 4 8 7 3 *K9 SOUTH * A K Q V A 7 4 * Q J 10 8 *6 4 2 The bidding: South West North East 1 » Pass 2 * Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT Opening lead - two of hearts. A conscientious defender tries to read a meaning into every card his partner plays. Whenever partner has a choice of cards to play, a good defender asks himself why partner played the card he did play, rather than the one he didn'l play. Consider this deal where West leads a heart to East's queen which wins, and East with the ten, South playing the Crossword By Eugene Sheffef ACROSS 1 To crack SKiteJien Hem 8 Ego 02 Italin coin 13 Lyric poem 14 Charles Lamb 15 Mine entrance IS Base 17 Penny 18 Annually 20 Intervals 22 --Paul 23 Insect 24 Complete 27 Futile 32 Happy -lark 33 Beverage 34 Vigor 35 Reassemble 38 Legumes 39 Inlet 40 Card game 42 Insect genus 45.Assaults ·49.T)omestie .pigeons 50 Resin · 52 Appendage 53 Russian name 54'Sacred cbest 55 Anglo- Saxon serf 56 Fish sauce 57 Affirmative melody -4 Walk a, beat 5 Very learned BFuss 7 Tidings 8 Cutting Avg. solution time: 21 mm. 58 Organ 9 Optional part 10 Cord DOWN 11 Minnesota--. 1 U.S. 19 Behold J statesman 21 Common 2 Conceal value 3 Operatic 24 Distant 25 Employ 26 French astronomer 28 -Insect 29 Rowing devices 30 By way oE '31 Printer's measures 36 Cavity in ;even and West the six. East hen leads another heart on ; vhich South plays the ace and_ West the jack. Declarer tries a club finesse,.;- vhich loses to the king, and:Sast has a chance to be a hero · or a goat, depending on whether ', ic -returns a diamond or a ',. spade. If he selects the wrong ;· suit, South makes the contract. ''Suppose East returns a spade, ·. dvoidiirg a diamond r e t u r n : Because South opened the".", bidding with a diamond. In that · case, declarer makes nine tricks by cashing four spades ; and four clubs. But if East returns a diamond, South goes"down, losing three hearts, a , ' . ' diamond and a club. East's problem is not simply a matter of guesswork. He goes ' back to the play at trick three · . when West, holding the K-J ot · hearts, elected to play the jack, rather than the king. ' ' The jack play is significant · to players familiar with the* suit-direction convention. Since,- . the K-J are equal in value at^ this poin, West can indicate by ' playing the lower card that his'.l entry is more apt to be the lovyer-ranking side suit (as. between spades and diamonds). If West had held the ace of spades instead of the ace of diamonds, lie would have been able to indicate his interest in -, the hrgher-ranking suit, spades, " by playing the king instead of "" the jack. PDNYTAIL birds '37 Greofc letter 38 Notice tfUpon 42 Wild ox. 43 Select 41 Kill 46 Comfort 47 Prong- 48 Snow vehicle Answer to yesterday's puzzk..51 Exist 2. 27 44 28 SI 29 21 23 53 58 46 30 48 "Don't feel bad because it will be a month before you can afford to take me. out again. Donald...there are several other guys who can!" WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, giv* tuB description avf start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results are obtained. You'll only be charged for the actual number (A days the ad ran.

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