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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1952
Page 13
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NO-THVmt AテつォKAN$テつサS TIMfS, FoyテつォHテつォv!lle, Arkontoi Tuwday, April W, Iテつォ2 -13 OUT OUR WAY By J. R.Williams WE'RE MAKIN 1 A POWER. YACHT AW BIB'S PA GIVE? US. THE -STREET CAR, AN 1 PUWK'S PA SIVE US TH 1 ENGINE, BUT WE AIWT AS-TIN 1 YOU FOR ANYTHING THAT V'ALUABLE- JTieT TO PUT TH' ENGINE IM SHAPE SO IT'LL BUS./ VCU'fcE TH ONLY ENGINEER WE KMOW, POP. one of the leading, shipping nations. In Tokyo, Ifjislalion is beinc considered which wnuld permit formation ot associations of rx- porters tn build up. the nation's foreign trade. And Japanese have just jot orders from Chile for 20 locnnvi- tives. This tinie the Japanese Today's Market-- St. Louis Livftatork N.itinniil Stockyards, I l l - W i U S D A ; l l r i K s 14,01)0; rmKli'i.itdy active;' !8tt \hs up an'l sows i n n s t l y j steady w i t h M o n d a y ' s arornco; 170 N I BUSINESS OrPOKTUNITT . -$150.0CK MONTHLY! HJS down fully sU'ittly t t t b u l k chDicf Hi(l-:i3() UK 17.25-5H; ! aren't out just to sell k n l r k n a c k s tntf. 17. 50 p'lirt (reply by shipper. I to d i m e stores. They want In be ;i J," r l bull-here, mo.-tly f u r '-hoi-o major induslry nation, cxpurline products everywhere. Bowling Japanese Aim At Major Export Markets As Peace Pact Lifts Last Restrictions By SAM DAWSON New York-(/P)-American husl- nsssrnen expect Japanese trade , tiles and metal products moved into markets the British like to supply. AS Japanese trade grows with competition to mount now t h a t she f India,-Pakistan and Indonesia, the MUntfiy Ladiテつォ t-テつォg"テつォ . Wall Street EBRD t r i m m e d Benion 1 Snack Bar for the only sweep ol Ihn night's bowlinjf.jTri-St-t* Sales took two games frnin Camobell-Bell nnri Silverman's defeated Glenn'- Dniry for Ihr .--me count. Ward's Ice Cream and Holsum Bread bolh won two fiames from O; K. nnd Milnriy and Ozark Cleaners. ... Tri-State toppled most pini fnr iho -scries with 2.GOO u-ith Campbell-Bell blast In* high single game of "*0. Rhcfa Pence of . Tri-Slstc look individual series with fi!7 while Jackie Brooks of Campbell-Bell broke n i l seasonal records with a single flame nf 229. Lei-fue tttndlni) Trl-Stale Sales Co. 70 K Silverrhan's - .61 41 Ward's Ice Cream "7 4' Wall Street Esso -- S3 -17 Ozark C'csners "テつキ" 4H Glenn'* Daily Holsum Bread ___ Camnbell-BHl . _ . . , 4 ^ S3 O. K. and Milady - テつォ (in Benton's Snatk Bur 40 62 Brrak-Tn Reported The Bird Construction Company reported to police t h a t its con- is free again. Occupied Japan w making great strides Inward rn- capfuring her old . t r a d i n g position. England particularly was I depressed British textile industry already wi " p a v e a Fti!1 harder fight tn feeling the pinch as Japanese tcx- Wonderful For Graduation keep going. Nor w i l l our own textile exporters like it, Japanese goods have been moving into the United States in in- NATIONALLY rat I'd f i r m makes tlicie carniiifis prwibie. Sp'ir* lini" .1 hour.* w r - k ; y -- l a r - e r e a r n i n g s w i t h exp i n t i n n . Dr.iver riiprcnnnitur find rri'ler! mone.v. Nn selling. No テつキ.olicil- 1ns Wo ttl.ibli-h i n u f u l l y . Nos. l and 2 MO-'JJO Ibs; lop to i Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S nテつサi-L*rfs I " 0 " ) ' !!4()-' ) 70 llv; ' f u l l I M I N I M U M Investment t;i~;H)(i. srrured . ' " i c ' i i ^ ' f IV I l t v l ' r lulpni"'H. timid r h n r a r t o r arui ] m . ^ j - j ( . i . ) . i rrterencc.i. R r p l v n i v i n c phom struction shack at the site of the now University Law School b u i l d - ing at G a r l a n d and M a p l e was broken i n t o Sunday n i g h t or early M o n d a y . Apparently nothing was stolen. w i d t h of choice {irm!e few to n.U.i; 23()-3f)0 Ibs mostl orld lots 15.50-16.10; 1M1-170 Ihs : lfi.nd-17.25; 120-140 II* I3.7ri- l. r ).7f; 5ou-s 40(1 Ibs clown IFi.MO-r.O; heavier ;=nws 14.00-75: stags l l . f i O 13.50; bn;irs H.OU-13.00. C H t t l e 2,500, calves 1,200; steers opening slow; few sales hieh cond ami clinico FH-July ;it .l^.fitl-3'1.50; heifej's and mixed y e a r l i n g s moderately a c t i v e n n d p t r n d y ; pi imo mixt'fl stocra ;md h r i f o r s yfi.nn; f;ood nnd choice liirpcly ;j().(l(3- 33.00; rows n r t i v o and ? Iron 2; u t i ' - ity and conuncri-ifil 22.00-21.50; cannors nnd cutlers Hi.00-2t.nO; h u l l s a n d vrfilers pteririy; u t i l i t y and commcrcinl b u l h 23.50 20.5(1; fat heavy b u l l s 24.00-50; most fioncl and chnicc.- vojilers; sorted p r i m e 37.00 tn a l l iniorrr.!?; u t i l i t y nnd commercial vealciv; 20.00-.18.UU. " Shrep 500; Rcncrnlly "' n b o u t steady \vilh M t u u i n y ; fo\v lots テつキ^ j Rood nnd chnico woolocl lamh.^ nnd some lots c o n t n i n i n q pome fall clips 27.50-28.25; deck choice 1 to prime clipped lambs No. 1 pells 2B.25: load u t i l i t y nnri テつ」nr$ clippt-d lambs Nns, 1 and 2 pells 24.00, \vith yearling tram same conFip.nmnnt 22.00; two y r n r old wothfiij 20.00; odd licnd good and choice woolcd ewes 12.00-14r.00. hrr (o . Box K-7fi. テつキ", Timt- By Sue Burnett This-young newly styled j u n i o r frock is ideal for t h a t a l l - i m - portant graduation day--and just trie f h i n g Tor summer dales, too. D a i n t y e'yglel is a lovely t r i m ; novelty buttons arcpnt t h e shallow pockets. Pattern No. 8824 is a sew-rile of 3f)-inch; H yard eyelet.' For this pattern, send 30c EACH, in COINS, your name, address, sizes desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, l l ' O Ave. Americas, New York 36, N. Y. Basic FASHION for '52 is f i l l e d with ide*as-to. make your clothe.* budget go further -- time-saving snd economical designs that are easy to sew. Gift pattern printed inside. 25 cents. creasing quantities as she rebuilt her industries d u r i n g the occupation policies aimed at g e l l i n g her back on her f i n a n c i a l feet and le.-s of a fiscal burden to the United Stairs. Bui A m e r i c a n businessmen have complained al the competition offered in many lines--metal products, gloves, pottery, toys and textiles. Complaints have stressed i n a b i l - ity of American m a n u f a c t u r e r s to compete in price Japanese goods made by workmen whose pay scales are sn m u r h lower. テつキAnd some American m a n u f a c t u r e r s have charged t h a t the q u a l i t y of Japanese goods was i n f e r i o r to American item?, m a k i n g price competition .still more one-sided. Thp Japanese appear all set for a new trade drive. Offices of Japanese consulates opened as the peace t r e a t i e s were put into effect. American exporters and importers were urged t o - c o n t a c t (he consuls for commercial i n f o r m a - tion. New Trade Treaty . Tokyo's envoy to London s t a r t - j cd the ball rolling for n new trarte treaty. He said competition for world markets would be sharp j between his country and Rritain but promised t h a t the Japanese would keep it fair. The British nn several cases since the end of the fightirfg have charged the J a p a - nese w i t h d u m p i n g goods at u n f a i r prices lo cnpture markets from British traders. The b a t t l e hasn't all boon over textiles. The Japanese have been exporting electrical appliances, heavy and light machinery and other metal products. The B r i t i s h h a v e been glad, however, to get sonic steel from J a p a n to help make up the English shortage. Japan's shipment of 10fi,noO tons of steel to England is small s t u f f compared to the Amrr- rds i ' can Pl cf ^ c ' n sn 'P n n p m i l l i o n テつキ i tons of the scarce metal but Japan for! is offering to .send more and the British need it. Japanese ship lines are r e b u i l d - ing, too. During the first quarter of this year, the American Bureau of Shipping reports, Japanese took 14 of the 19 merchant ships completed in shipyard.- around the world. Four of N these freighters were b u i l t in Japanese shipyards. Before Pearl Harbor, J a p a n was On The Radio New York-(/P)-Tuning ( o n i q h l : NBC--fi:45. One Man's F a m i l y ; 8, Bob Hope. CBS--7, People Art? F u n n y ; 7:?.n, Mr. and Mrs. N o r t h ; 8, Life With Luigi. ABC--7, Newsstand T h e a t e r ; 8 Town M e e t i n g . MBS-7, Black M u s e u m ; 7:30, Dr. Kildarc. . ASSISTANT SALES DIRECTOR AN o p p o r t u n i t y in I p n r n lhテつォ rnnl RENT--. JUST Koine Modern, n-tk n t i l l l i f K f i r " m i n t ' - R-rfiRr. Phnnf 23ft*.W. f U H K K " -fテつサmi u n f u r n i s h e d n m r l.'nivi-r*itv. Phnn- :. 5~ HOOM" hmnテつォ-. cnra*'- r.\ Two hiocki f r n m r n m - i FOR SAI.K--RKAI, 'ESTATE I.OVKLY i room modern homテつォ7 finfy .1 y r a n oM an'l In f i n e eondltton, hnrriwnod f l n n r j . lots Of bUilt-UH, l a r c n p i f t n r i - M-inflO'A-. Garage.'-tot 101 hv 2no On paved h;^h*vay lust o u t m ^ r i t y U m i l f . A nice, cutan UP to fi-iif horn* Only S7^yw. Ufc- h* arran^nd Pho evテつサr\-?: .tp-irl 1207 ien'. i . dr;iw. Bonus r n p l d nromoii of town ton Hotrl. When K h a r t o u m , in t h e Sudan, hr.fl an cciipsc in F r ebru:iry. 1952, m a n y of the i n h a b i t a n t s m i s u n - derstood v.'arnings Hint loriR observation of (he eclipse m i ^ h t h u r l I h e i r eyes nnd spent the day in darkened rooms. . For n lonj.' t i m e , each 10, years lias scテつォn about two m i l l i o n more dairy r a t t l e in the United Stales. IIKLI' WANTK!)-- MALK 1MMF,DIATテつ」 piaci-mcnl ""in "cro'phyVr- t-iil w n r k . htilh rrsnnrch nnd Held. IVriiv-incnt |i:tr;itinn': opt-n for CJrnrt- i t f t l c Eloc'.rli-al Enfilnpt-Tp. OoloRiKM fliirl P c t r n h - u i n F.nテつォincrrs. Also positions open to UKTI wlm hud spe- rinlir.t;ri radio nr clrrtnmlc.1 Irani- i n g whilr in Scrvire S.ilnry coin- p c i i t i v t . H e a l t h n n d l i f e InViiran'cc rnrricd F u r n i s h cnllfSf t r a n s c r i p t w i t h letter lo Sr-ismncraph Servirc Corp.. Box Iftgt). Tulsn. Okln. Porfcr" W.intrd ..... GOOD J t U r l i n g salary, p e r m a n e n t pos i l i n n . Paid v.Ti-alinns. g r o u p ins anrc and o'hcr employ i* bonefils. Mr. Stfirry. _ _ __ _ It Y. LI A B L K m n n w i I h en r wn n I p d f n cill on 'テつキ f n r m e r a in W n i h i r i K l o n County. Wontlrrful o p p o r t u n i t y , sin. to S2n In n day. No experience or capital required. Permanent. W r i t e fodoy. MrRKSS COMPANY. Dcpl. HELP WANTKD-- KEMAI.K MusP be "Hrmrf XW W. Dirk- '1 can't wait tn ice t h e m r u n n l n f from yard to yrird." Kcci u p with the timcs- Ihc Timrs dady. -read NORTI-IWEST ARKANSAS TiMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Wcdnosri-ay item": N B C -- I d a. m., Slrilte It H i r h ; 7:30. Great Gilderslceve . , . CBS --10:45 a. m., Rosemary's Serial; 8, Red Skellon . . . ADC--8 a. m.. Breakfast Club; 6:30, Lone R a n j r c r , . . MRS --10:30 a. m., Queen P'or a Day . . . MBS EH me of day ncl- work, 1:55, New York at Cincinnati. Rate: 3 ccntr. prr word sing'c In snrlion Thrne con-ecuttVL* lnst?rtIrns 7 cents per word M i n i m u m nrtler 45c ClnssiMrd arls cnsh in advance--noi taken over Hie ' Iclcphonr. Dcndlinc lor classiflpd テつォrii; W:'( a. m daily: 0:.10 a in Saturday Corrections and rerun c h e e r f u l l y niiidc a f l e r first insertion ,N'o norrcc- (iona or r u r u n madu after nd has pircd NOTE: AdvL-rtisinH citpy fur other page- I- duo at 12 noun ilic day proceeding publication: r: noon Saturday for publication on Monrlav LEGAL NOTICES Him, for record slorr. lytvst. Tri-State Sales son. w 6 M ATT FO I __INGTON_HOTEU _ WANTltD-- cnr hop-.' S. 71. i i5~w on k7" WASH - Chuck Wagon. hi P l y i n * rnrlncl?: SALKSMKN WANTED - OPPpnTUNITY for f u l l or pan t i m e i cii.v of Fii.veltcvlllc sup. HI--.UIIIITS w i t h RawlcUh Nn c a p i t a l needed. A ho o t h p r I n r n l t t t c - a v a i l a b l e W r i t e Ilawlcich's U r n i r S i n r n l A K n - l ' H - 2Ifi. Memphis. Term. *" SITUATION WANTED WANT To b~nhy "siirDny or~nlKiit. テつォn"2 Hall. ants housework. Experl- od cook. W r i t e Box K-77, FOR SALE-- HOME NFEDS retel* safM-* -to Abshier-Bryan Motor Company Your Friendly Vord Dealer Since 1913 TUESDAT P. 6:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time 6:3(1 News 6:45 O-arks Sports Review - "MlO Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Hcatter--M 7:30 Rthymlc Rendezvous 7:45 I.omharrlo on the Air 8:00 BASEBALL St. L o u i s ' C a r d i n a l s * Vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 10:15 Platter Party 10:45 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party % 11:30 Sign Off WEDNESDAY A. M. 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N* Shine 6:3(1 M a r k e t s and Weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine 7:00 Koffcc K u p Kapen 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Koffcc Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert H u r l e i g h -- M 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:30 Times M o r n i n g Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns D:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 0:30 Take A Number 10:00 Food for Thought 10:13 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 R h y t h m R a n c h H a n d s 11:15 Oauckace C o m m e n t a r y 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 C h u r c h of Christ 11:45 Musical R o u n d u p 11:55 Market Reports WEDNESDAY P. M. 12:00 H y m n s r " A l l C h u r c h e s 12:15 News -it Noon 12:30 Chuckw.icnn Jjiinb'M'on 12:45 Riders of t h e P u r p l e Snc NOTICE Nnlice Is hereby given Ihiii Ihc nn- (icr.-iRneri has filed w l l h Ihr Drpiirt- inrnl of Alcoholic Kovcrnac L'ontrnl nf the Sl^ic of A r k n n s n s for n p e r m i t it/ sell nnd disponsn beer al retail on I h c promises described as Bills Rcc. Club " \Vrst Dirkcon, FnyctleviUc, Wash- i n g t o n C o u n t y . Thp jintlrr.,n;ni?il Mnli-?. Unt he is a citizen of of ^(.nri characlor. t h f i t In* has never b?c-n convicted of n felony or olhr-r crinn; invnlvinR moral turpitude: t h a t no license lo sell bcrr by thr undersigned has been revoked w i t h i n live years last past; nnd t h a t I h c undersigned Jiiis never been convicted ol v i o l a t i n g the lav.-s nf t h i s state, or an.v nlhcr state, relative lo the sale of alcoholic liquor.-. Applicnlion is for permit to be issued for operation h ? K J n n i n g on Ihc iPl day nf .Inly. l^r? end TO L- .\piru on Ihc ,10th. day ol .June, ID.i". Mclvin W. Bnrllc A p p l i c a n t Stibscnbed nnd sworn to before me this 2~lh .tiny of A p r i l . 1952, Ktlrt-l M. S m i t h Notary Public (SCAD "My Coinmissiun exi)ircs: March 20. 19.VT _____ __ __ ?3-ll-x WARNING ORDER In Thp Chancery Court OF Wcshing'on County, Arknniaj Georce VJ. Uoopcr n n t i (!cr:l \ v l u . n r y . sole svirvivini; ne:r.-, at Lav; nf K b n y r n Cooper and Perry F. Cooper, deceased, Plaintiff vs. Willie Reynolds nnd Mark St Clnir Ellis nnd Host- Si. .Inhn Miidinaj 1 fllli-, husband nnd v.-ife DfMr:nlnnts The I ) f / r n i i a n : s M a r k SI. Clair Ellis a n d Host- HI J o h n M i l d m a y K l l i i . Husband and w i f e are warned 1b appear in this Court w j i h i n t h i r t y d.-iys | PO1 ; I TRY and answer the complaint of me P l a i n t i f f in ihe above e n t i t l e d cauro. \Vitnr-s my h p n r l nnd wa] of this Court t h i s H t h dny of A p r i l , 1912, Hirh.irH n. (irr-er C h a n c r r y Clrrk By David J. Htirlr-jon. n C - ' ' " JUST RECEIVED 5PODE BLUE TOWER BUTTER CUP Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. USED FURNITURE BARGAINS U - p c hrdroufn croup-- posirr hc-d, rhcsi. v n n i l y , bench, t-ol- ton t m t i r r s F , Simmons roll PpriiiH, hed.sprR.irl, pr. hourlolr l.i in p.i. pr. piJIows $114 Si 5-pr porcnlfliii f Illicit*; \vilh chrome chairs . . 5 23 50 1-pr puslrr hcrlronm snilp, w n l n t i l f i n i s h S 7!) SO Dinme i n h l r nnd six chair-, wal- n u t . excellent condllion $ 7 Stump Furniture Co. H03 W. Pick^on _ Phmio .1112 USED dot; hrri with "pad. JtiZTiO. Lewis テつキ Hrox t'o.. Inr. USED livinp ~roorn""(iijTtc." : HK-rfn ' n t'hiilr, Sfift no. I^cv/ls Rro-. Co.. Inc. DEBUTANTE~CO~SMETIC5, FULLER BRUSHES, PHONE 1548 テつキm rocker, slfi 00. Lewis USED liros !! SAVE 1! On your furniture at HILTOr- BROS., Hiway 71 North. Wide seleclion to choose from. Free parking. Bus ewry hour. We give SH Green Stamps Phone 1770 MODERN \ roornv C A B I N , f i i f n n h f l K f f R N I S H F I ) V r n n i Mies p.i iri 2'i block* I mm "jmrテつォ* A v n l l n h l c Ms 1 Ph'iiir Wi-W AN ' e f f i c i e n c y n p n r t r n - n ! h i t h Ulili't'" n テつキ*!{!. Con pie p r r - l c r r r - t Lfi. W. Sprinc. DOWNSTAIRS "-'cr-oiriit rnnn pr.v'.iv I n t h _:m W. Spr:nc fl R N1S! IF n if a r テつキ: z - n n : i r! m * n t I." 11' i テつキ HIM p*H Jmrri*r!iテつォlr orrtipnney Phone M7J. T H R E E very nirs" .1 room ,ipirtWi?n ! * K.nrh w i t h nrli-;itp t n ' h . n-'i- k i i r h t - n h i i l l l l n - . r t r n d i x f ; i r U i テつサ i n テつォ h i K l i l - . nnllテつォhテつォrt f i n e r * .in-i fr ?;テつキ-; thnn nd dike DUGGAR CO? Mote) Olt'.f fct H*^t Havrn H i K h w - y 71 N o r t h rKw"t(frtf:K~ BfDnooM~7ibME * tin spir'rtui Ilvlnsr rnom. d i n m j room; H ' l r . i r h v - k!(chテつサテつサn with break/lit r t t n l a r j j p ntt-irh^d テつォar^(Tテつォ F" trf]]r(\* rnntlriictlfin w i t h pl**\ f r r t i v / n l l t . rnrlt -AOOl IniuUtion, in'-, ft' hmlMni Looted on lltf- i c v r t lot H-ith テつサhruhb-ry find I5'*n p'.inV'i and t h r (o:al prlcテつォ w only "WILKIHS REALTY CO. Hhonr ' ji" Avテつォ HAMMOND ___ _ P ATTflACTIVK CO.! Ren, rt iv I. 9 t Smith _rhnnr_2710l.l LAHOK Jilrrplnc rnnm. n r x t to hi I ' n v n i r rnlrancc. テつサ')3 N C"*1." Phone 7Rfi. __ .1 ROOM unfurnichnfl -p.irtnu-n*. f'ht 4~rfOOM""imfuTnT!i7i?fr';iinfr'fii(- 1 !\i (M lips pnlrl. Bcnrliv テつォv.テつサilwli St' nnri rrfrl^rrnlor hirnhllft-1. Artn Phnnr 3flfi or "0.1. siiEEIMNG rrom, "ift'Vv. Cpritcr""ph' . n R j FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS plant* ench Saturday.tmtll Near Formern' M a r k e t . F n y p t l c v g . "0 CUBIC foot commercial I Hoor WcjUnghousc icテつォtnx, 2 years nlrl. used only tn n homp. SHSfl on 12 ruble foot Ice cream box typr K p l v l n a t o r S200 nil. Alsn Holpolnt double ndition. Cnn be seen m l l r * out on Hlflh- oven All in A-l i C V Hunch. CAMEnA~NoTi2ft RoUlx"2'ix3""i7"?T's Srhnciciflr lens, Pronlor "S" テつォhulli*r l/Zfi" テつサcc.. K2 Tiller unri A r l n p t f r . Lent her rasp J2r..0n. Almost nrw W i) r 1 (1 Scop* cnryrlopf din. 1" volumes jn.S.Ofl. Phonr 34S. I02fl N, Mission, _ _ TsED "lテつォwnmower~r~\V. "Wl Hwnney, _テつォiuth A _Sti(1liim._Phnn (! 1 ? s y ^LoOil SACKS--I~~iunrirlid. P c r f t r l ronditton. Finr for Ifn towel*, etd Sl7.f .inx4.T "5 CPntu rnrh. S for $1.0.1. HAMPTON'S_ARMY_STqnE. 2~'SHEr.TS pi,vh~nnrrt. B'xil'"Vi" ihlrk. PhonR J753-W. 2.50(1 WATT "power u n i t , $225.00. Firnt behind Cfinsumcrs' JGA Store IN MUDDY FORK VALLEY .,,' ;RA;^. WATER a b u n d a n t pientv of aoi'i building-, r a c h onテつォ you'll nテつォd nnri uテつサft. As romplflt* a- any ^"O ecr-i you'll f i n d A 7 room modテつォn : hmr.r 2 l i r j i harna. good. Pcrft'ct 1 flrnrji; A n u ' k i n * him 'Vtth S'/f?* n i f ' k - r W) r a p a c i t y itiini* chickiy hnii-r. fiO arm vnlJoy All hut テつサ Wテつサ : テつォrr-^ n( t h l i term Jfvn tn OrchS^l i tfr.i.1*. Ladtno. ncrl Top and Fテつォicuテつォ. ' COMPLETE IN EVERY DETAIL. テつ」%l 'テつキ It. 1 i.or:ATiOM. CRASS. '^ATER i THF. i h r r p h t f t h i i j h t u of t h u uood siofk f a r m * mil-* Fayettevlll*. l j in !e 71 hijhw.iy i" arr?テつサ v^Jie?,, ' I*o acr.-'s for c u l t i v a t i o n , mnitlv tame . Krnv-. ." Rpring?. wrll and テつォtoraテつォe dink frjr hoii-if me Thテつサ trinlr dr!* find 3 r ' t i n e of thl* hfimr ti lomテつサ(- I h i t i c tn IT. Over ^!C5l cattie-fUifr"".* itnrl tir' thrniiRtt a ihndy irovt you coni* u p m a Colonial hcme nnr of th* nicf^t vi*wテつサ availably nv^rlooliin^ Kfiy^tt*vl)lfl T e n a n t hou-pテつサ. I m r n . chirk*-*! houjテつォ. sot ftnnthrr I l k r It ANTl the nu-ncr 1* rm-ly io nil W* 1 h i g h l y recommend look nt It. NOW. IIKWt.Y (trcor.ifcri :i rmitn .ip:ir'm Aim ^ rntiin n par linen I Ph ATf~fA~f'fTvE 7f"rnfor~Bb*X"""ro~ U'herp yo\i w i l l fr-cl .n honi- '': Jin* off P T i i n r r Phonp ^OH-.f. NICEST"~Tptr'ininnr" in ""low n TM I room-. unfurnisliM on \Vnテつサmni fiTSMSiiS r -r"^n:テつサn,;テつサpテつサri..iNEWLIN REALTY lent Pnvテつサ(p h'lth. liir'tv/onrt (trior v e n r t l n n hlind*. f i a r h n r r ilispo^al u n l l . New Dfn'Ux wmhT nnri f i r y r r . j Rnrnjfc. No rint;i. '."i." 00 p"r mon'h. i - l l t l l i l t o i i p a r i l y pniM. Olrn-r .ipatt- ! mrntK a v n i l n h J - J u n e fi. Plionc 1M ! _J-:vfrlt_E._CnmpliMl 'NEWLY rtpcorntrd psrtty (urnlVh* i d .1 rnnm n p i r t m r n t . Private halh NICE*" fit r ri Iテつォ"he d"'" nj^TttmTnt" PrI VA"C i. For rouplo. Soe n f t o r -I p...m FOR Ad WEST FORK ARK Phone \Vt?jt Fork. MTU '. f - r m i . hom^-. touriit courti, : m ItFfd npテつサl Eit4te brsk iw,iy 71, nf*r Wlnalow. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY C R A C K K R - J A C K small bt}テつサlncテつサ for two jieopie Lons mnrilri of profit end n u t t u r n over Other テつサni nn _ (tqunrt?, _ . __ \X r il7sKnY~i)nrrfila-- for wine or elder, Giinranteed Hound w h i t e oテつォk, an callous H 9V rheck or money order. Frt-'iKht rollcrt. nisltlleri Cooperage Co.. Box H9. LdwrrncPhtirit, Indians. ____ _ PLANTS--Tornnlo. pnppfrii Rnd c UK plHnl. Phone 23.13. Berry'- Flower*. 4" Sj^Gr^gt^ ,_ BKDDING pl'antfi--Cofru-, sSTvT-. Pr- lunl'-, annpdrniton-, n u r r n t u m n a r d テつォ m n n y other-. Phone 29M. Berry'a Flowcrn. J3 S. Grrg-.' SPINET PIANO--A r - r e liifj nTn ^jv- p o r t u n i t y . Fnmnin mke. Orixlnnlly rout over S75n flfl. Perfect rondttlon. Hir H / i v I n g to. responsible p f i r t y -- Mテつォy d n - u m t hnUnc*! on -mall payments. Wrlle C r e d i t Mflnnjtrr, .lop- Hn Piano Comp-ny. .112 Main Street, テつキloplln.i M l g j o u r i . _ ' _ _ _ _ _ , KEYSTONF, """juiTlly- lecd In bulk" Lewi* Btoit. Co. Inc. IDEAL MATTRESS .CO. Quality nw mattress and mat'ress renovating. Phone 3036 iOl WEST OICKSON _ _ l"AWN~mowcr crinrilnB and overhaul Ins. W. W. Swftney. wm'.h Sodium, [)Mp| CV IIOM E 1 nTTrid 7y"'"vS'flT"\vR shTS n tTriry i ii"r W* do It fnr you white you work' nr nhoft Prices rrviMinnbV. .1 n. m In 7 n m . Sn turd ay H n. m to nnon. H i g h w a y 71 North n r n r rr-lテつォhion'- _nrjvp;Jn '^ojil'n Home l-_n;' n ''J)'; TRACTOR"i'lirdcn pfowliig. Phono 22*10 for inforniBUnn. ATOP'' /vAT P テつー SEQUOYAH A1THACTIVE frame hnrnc at 821 Skr- テつキ Itnc Drive. Thin home ha* h*td- wood fifnrji. two hsdrotmi, ISrtt Klt-ep'.ns porch, lar|e bisoment and e f r ifi a lovely テつサnd comfortable home in the lower price bracket MATTRESS * R E N O V A T I N G ""Cot inn Mflttrensp5 O u a r n n l f R d Inn Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. Snulh Eテつォテつォl St. " ~ " - C L E A R I N G OUN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON 31*271 i 'ELL locitcrt Ineomi property naar U. nt A. r-mpu! Beテつサl propoiltion In FflyetiavtHe /or itudent wh6 ha* .1 or 4 yean college .-work. Attrテつォ- livr: Join hnlxnce m~y be anum6d al nn arlrfitional sOテつサL ~" NEAR CITY PARK r J 7 8TANT owner o f f e r i n g Invelj* $*"o bedroom frime home--^Only (tBv year* nlrt. Cnnvtruciiid iron. b*tl of m i t e r U J s by expert mtchinHi. Th? properly H 931 Hifhlftnd hテつサ* henn lofd, ThU la your next b*lt buy. ' ..テつサ Let in I how you. Phoni 7J3. I,* Hammond Really Co.^J * Eve. Pho.ic II. D. Himrnond 1372 J A. J-rvii 1テつォWW Lapd*C3po F-stlmat- Frco Phone 51-J-Z Crlrfer Brolhcrテつォ Nurtery. Grcnnltiml rOOTINCS-wa l i r . ..テつォテつサ dltchri. Mpilp "UirKMhW テつサnrt hick Illiln* -Cテつォll Dnvlii /_ ''-^ I^irJohnion. FOR SAKE OR LKA8F OAHAtfE n n i l d l n g o7i~ Higfiway*"fi2 Knrrifncton. Leiille Hickman. Phone ___ _ _ "HolicV Of FilinR Of Petition To Quiet Title ni) Warning Order En The Chancery Court Of W^shinglcn County, Arkania- I^-sirr Crisn and LBVITIIC Crisp hus- l).ind and w i f e Kx-I'^rtc, nnd P i a i n f i f f : , .SPKCfA'l,"-- Rtimc inc/iliiitnt. ~~u~"""ni "hnlchinC. srl cvcrv Monday. Place rmirrs now for f l a y old goblin** Gccrc nro prnfn.nblr! Mr.iltt)y. hvr on crass! Dcliriotu m r a i Monry nnd labor s.-vera for wcodlnc hcrry cropj. orchard-, etc. C l u a r a n i c f d liyp dcli\-crv. AiU'cll-Lav-son G n i C H:i!rhery, "BOit O.ileway Drive. H i c h w a y 71, J t i p l t n . M o . Phone C H I N C I L L A S Picrniont anil N f i t i r - : is horrby ;is broit f i l r d m f ihr- Chancrry C T i i i i n t y . Arl:-in-.i.-. Ihr P r l i l l n rr Cn-,p and I.jiVi'rne Crisp, - ihi; .iuir;,nテつォ i i v r n t h a i Ihcrr y of lice as Cicik . wit: Tly C'rni iNorlhwi-st woM q u a r t e r h a l f of ih" Sontlnvr-M t h r \or;h'.vp-;t i|irn ,rr 2Lテつサ. in Township i:. N i - i i .TJ WPS! nl i h t - r.'.h P r i n c i lan. c f i n f a i n i n s *"' r ' arr All person- r i ; u ! i n n c in - f i i d I n n d i fr any ILTI hcrrhy n n l i h r d !o a p p Court \vj!hin P I V I'H wi-^ d - i i f t of Die p t i h l i c notice and f l n w r.(iiテつォif. an.v. at to w h v ill" l - t t c f v t a t i - s l i n u M lit.: hi' (|inc l i r m r r l i n the P l ; i l n l l f f s forfvcr J-'dil r l t y rcfiirienct". My b e a u t i f u l country horn* 1 . 11 ncrcj fenci-ri Rood pnr.lnre. Modern s room hauxn, hnrri- woort flnorD. Bisement. front porch, u t i l i t y ronrn. Storm ccllsr. R t^-nr. barn, hen house, nice J*".*'n. shndr Iri-PB, lotfl of nrtwf.rx nnri nhrubit Cutc 111 tip ff.irden. B e a u t t f u i view. A l i l t l f p a r - d l v . Phon* 1 B f t e r G p. in. 2,'nji-n-H. Fnyrttcvlllc. _ __ .iii ""ACHES' on 71 hiuhw-y. 2 テつォoort noiinc". Prefer lurner farm on Fasi テつキ or West 16. Phone 909. *vi.WWWV^. WANTED TO BUT I.AItGE two wheel trailer w i t h stock -5iIi.t"^IlJlE5-! FOR lltr per piivmr]. RENT-- MISCELLANEOUS AT*AR"TM^NTlS~fnr~renY! i"*! 1 "-, hlock" U n l v c m l t y of Arkans-ft. * roonii un- f u r n i s h e d . Red Bud A p a r t r n e n t - . _I'horie Z?~_2-W_or i "M-R. 3 TI'OOM nn-ement apftrirnen^ tzo'oo. Ull Soiah_\yenl Streel. Phone .1M-W. PARTLY f u r n i s h e d " room a p a r t m e n t _ fi ROOM In hom ___ ~p;'llchV~Ri~!i Bnri"wテつサtcr S"riOO. 1102 South Wテつォテつォh- nr;rr of th nd ihc N'ori On U. K l h n r i Bond M r r o f n r d h u l l " Ft-Ri;id Krndes M i t c h e l l nnd phnnr- 2テつォ:iJl or 2143-J. C h r l i l l i FOR S A I . K - - A U T O M O T I V E il ;md c f - n - f f c simple F.x linn T t - 1:00 D i x i r l n n r l M n t i n c c 1:00 RASF.RAU, N o w Y f t r k G i n n t s Vs. C i n c i n n a t i Hcds ~;30 Tテつサnn Pick'n Timft 4:00 Tuno Pick'n Timo. 4:30 Tuno Pirk'n Time fiiflO Orcon l l n r n o t S:30 Wilil R i l l Ulckok 5:55 Ccrll nrown CASH P A I D FOR DEAD ANIMALS Ption* Celltet 1355 FtytltftTllla, Arkinim .Poplin Rendering Co. The [)rfrnd,-.ntv Klratior Picnn'ni' and l,cc V - i i R h n nn* h T f h v warn"d lo appear in said Cmtr! w i t h i n i h t r : v iHOf day? find n n i v V c r t h e r f i r n p l n i n t of thr- P l : i i n t i f f ( WITNFSS ITU lum-J a r v l uriil nn t h i s ?Xth day of Marrh, 13*2. (SKA l.i Rirh.ird H Cm-r C t c r k nf C h a : i r . i v C m i r i l-H-i:.-' 1 "-:-:! M a v r,., T R A N S P O R T A T I O N OI-'MIKKI) lOrJ" KAYsi-'.it for l . n i A m : r ' r . C.lhf " LOST. A N D F O U N D FO1JNI). n m a l l h f o w n . |nni:-lm do~ I V n r k i n n i k n i R MONr.Y TO innn C i v i l i a n .I y Kfuiri roiidlilnn. See at SHI in. SpfniKdnlr MOHKL A rnni cinod eh r h n n r ;:~-V.'-W f.r i n q u i r e O r e r n f h r v r n l f l t'o. ISM (:iiKvnoi.r.t""p'-k"iip"hi-iii"x""7;iii _i-hrninf cr.n y.\:, s nior-k "' PACKARD-WILLYS ~" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phono 666. 208 Norlh Block i,ow UTI.KY A N D C ' . M ^^i hnno rn: tlEI.P W A N T K B INC. f n r Phnnr ISIO-MO n p i r l r o r n * , riomr I " I H "V-fi2* n i t l o n small rn . i l l t r a d e i - q u l t y f o r gnnd . W r i t e K-d". '^Tlni-*. "テつキ'OR SAI.R -MisCF.t.i.AVF.nim l/twni nn A H - N U n K f r r t l l l r e r f n r Cnrden* Phnnr iテつォino-.T. X ' I R A ' n l V * . 2 hMronm. f i v l n K r M i n i n c room k i t r h e n n n d );ith r ,i(,"* Y n r d f r n r r d N e n r W a t h i Real Estate Gonri^ WoK III I'nonr :'.テつォテつォ "r I2J n i t vri.r.. I ~ m'nnihii "oirt. JSMII "|テつォテつォ! .'louih SERVICE ON Covered Buttons, Button Holes, Tailored Belts and Buckles. Special Altenlion given Mail Orders. Satisfaction or Money Back SINGER SEWING M A C H I N E CO. 18 S.E. St.. Fayptteville Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor 5.17 E. L.iifnycltfc, Box i43 (J. Sin Phnnc 148(1, F n y p t t o v l l l p ' " CテつサII H. Rn Also. I. Sltwnrt t n c Cnntrnctnr Asbestos Stdlnc. _ . _ . _ _ E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N Phone 249 BY ownテつォrV Grocery ilora in F*yテつォtte vlllff. Excellent location, food buUd- Intt -rtv-tth livlni qutrUn ind rent tt very rtn-onsble, Will Invole* テつォtnck *nd p a r t rflit of flxturea csn he financed. Would tilio conidテつォr umali unimproved acrei*-- n tride- In. If interttlttl in thU typt of hiiKlnci* yoit cテつサn*t bent thli. Write 'WTCteptlTY" WE havc.Juit Ittttd ihli (ive room c 1 brick "tiivtk vtry choice JocAtlon, ex- ir.i nlcetjot beautifully Undjcap**. The houtテつ」 comUU of. livinf rootn. dinlris room, brealcfテつサit ?oom ~-4h kMchon. two b*droomi テつァnd bttfi. Lnrgp finished basement, lUlomiBc KA* heat Hnuie U ot brick eta- nimctinn. tntuUled and In excellent -HIS IS OWE OF THE "BBST WE HAVE HAD TO QTTQ Company* Incl iiKAi.Tons -..., Cull J. J: Pycntt 2203. Hei テつサ - H L Utlcy 2203. Rei. 1807 GOOD LIVESTOCK FARM \ZO ACP.F-S--R" cleared, teve! テつサ n d テつキtnooth.Vlve milei from town, on gnod rond. Five room house, t"~"o good h-rn- ( two wells, out with electric pump, and spring. Trac'-or nnd tractor equipment and other per~onnt property, / HO ACUKS, (lint gravel hnd. ptrtly clesred. Three room home, f*irly new. テつサrmll hen hoitie and bsrn, A cood value at only S3.000.00. , ,, HAMMOND REALTY CO. 3 Eve Phone 7M f. BacKテつォtrom Phone 2753-L-l _ NICK,"" front h^dfoom." privVt(*'~en- trijnrr 201 Kant H p r l n R . J'hone 2,'i70-R N K W 2 1 hr-dfonm duplex'. "cnrni-r Mi- Hlon nnd Rpherrn R e i d y for n r r u - i pnncy noon Also 2 hedroorn house. S07 Leveret t. Phonr 2511- W n f i e r .'i:.10 p m. __ __ _ V A C A N T ? 5 "rnnrn "TTpVf lm"Tnt.~IM J272-W. J. W. H I L L . ELEQRIC CO. Quality Initallorj テつキ PUMPS テつキ POWER Phono 24, West Fork SUN-fTi/rvrnctTnn "hHnrtTanTl ~^T^ \CRF. river vテつサUテつォy farm. Fayettl- vllle area: good buildings: c テつサXh price. 525.000 Accept modern homa In Fjiye'tevyit pテつサrt payment. J. Ti. Ray. 212 Rnipn Bldf. . * SPRING VALUES x 3'i m i l f * -- F t y c t t e v U I e city limit* 13' 2 A C R E farm. |ood houテつサ. t-テつサm nnrl n t i t b u l t d i n - t Sprint fed branch j t - c r round t h r o u g h place, fenced and cross fenced On mitn hl*n"RUSSELL REALIY co. Who's Who For Service Consult -You' Classified Service Directory B K A U T V SHOPS Stnnr's n c n u l F.vfntnB Appn'i r , r r r n l テつォ n f l . Phn B K A I J T Y SHOP _ ARfistic"hrA'iifテつ・~sn6p' " P f r n n n e n l Wax-m a S p f i - i n l t y ' _ I'hdnft !M Ini flppolntm^nt COI.VARn'S DKAIITV SIKlP Ml W Mcndn'v-1'! JWテつサ riorene* 1'HlCK.E'ITS rtr.MAHi.i WORK ZO^_N_ ninrk __ _ l'hone_7M Aut'E r s nrA'CtV SHOP" Knw up town 7'.i f. Mnui.lAtn Rt " Alict Dorttl. Phonf 6!n **f* *xwwv . ^v wwwテつォ^wv.^^wvwwvw. Spencer roMHterr IZ7_Soulh U n i v r r o i y テつサl_ ~~~~~rir N ^~fR I N f X V i n U A I . l . Y denlned f o u n r i f l t i n n rtn-l - n r i i r d l テつサunpcテつサrt* V i v l - n Oreer rmi-ler-d CohielWre, 2M N o r t h f.テつォテつォi Phone 74U I I A H U N O niAT J i s w~ioV(t"TT" i h i u l l n x . loni or Incul ny klnrl Phone 1 KOR SALE ONK fcrsdrnom テつキ1 Gnhc Cri per rhnm IQIfi . R K A L ESTATK honi". nttnchcd ffi no'.v. St.^'テつサ0. 010 H "J N. Block St K*rテつ」iltJO#_y. ifl" ACRE f i r m n t i m h f r Pr.ichei. irres hiring. fテつサ t h r e - arrpi rorn Phone E\-e^ 2 1 CO W ~ ' i. anptei and nrdcn potatoes , plum " p l a n t e j . Locatid t l f * iiu:h*テつォt Green- V/Hl テつォll r'ne-p H, L. MltchテつォH, rvll!r Ark., rtoule 5. Immc~J- ' "NORTHEAST LOCATION AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Belter PUテつォ to Buy " w i t h F.D in thr l e v r l i i ' i r ' h i in H h r M t l i f u l l y Linrii- n l r n l y nf trcr*. pair! p r o m h i n n T t o n t i v i n f f - ' I i n ' n c r k t t r h r n w l l h h r r ^ f . t M *P.I room nnri hi'.h. p.n" p ' p i rten. Hnii"- lテつォ i: H E A I , ni.'Y R E A L T O R S ran j j p H. I. t l t l ji.isr nn'.l t: UILEY COMPANY, INC. i.KNPKns i N s r n o n s \ '2?OT" n'-i K.OI j BRIEFLY'STATED""; 10 ACTtrS--? cofirt hmnr-テつォ Inrn ^1 テつサrrp)i oprn K e n r r S 71 M* ens e t r c i n r l t y . t r ' f plton* 1 "fi.oOft i M) ACnFS m n ^ l l y 1-vr' )', rp-n i"n'( i S room h n u - f . K'""l h i r n . n t ' i i r s IH*. f l e r i r i c i i y S-\ Ron:l i p r m - x STOCK f f t r m . MS n r r n 70 n r r - ^ in'. Htm l!テつサnd テつォtrr.irn. -'orl ( n u r r f n n テつキhome n m l t r p j t n l h^'H* 1 W l l h dtocli nnd r o u l p m f n t $'2M. W ACOKS. SO oprn 14 m*re- uppln nnd firapot S room home. K l e r i r i f l!y All rmilei Wto M ACflEfV' 30. level vj.ll room hnmr f n t r *hnpr UK " Years of Servico 20,000,000 Policyholder* 20 8 ; * Savings ;MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO.~ INSURANCE THE RITIER AGENCY- "Savings' (or Preferred Unil TMF.fir. *rrf% m テつサ p y f l n ^ I u p if S A I J . h^rn nnrt Highwa ^nrF JIIM NEWLIN-POWhlL REALTY FAYETTEVIUE PLUMBING HEATING CO. S10 N. West Phont ISO

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