Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 29, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1952
Page 8
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NOtTHWOT ARKANSAS T1MB, Foyttt.vlll«. AfkdftM*. Tinntoy, April 29, 1952 ,,,.,,, Stations Test Civil Defense Network ,/|$efense Department Opens Plans For Old-Fashioned Airplane Spotter Corps ian 1,000»- liaib stations took part early Saturday in. the nation's first largc- ·icalc test of emergency facilities for broadcasting defense instructions in case' of atomic atlnck. Next month airplane-spotting stations in "27.s(atcs will slart op- ·riling on a round-the-clock Sols. · t Defense Department, which ·nwi'cd both developments, dc- tcBbe'd them BS part of the.reg- ular, defense training process, not Sif-be conslrucd as evidence of (my tightening of international tension. Nevertheless, they demonstrate that the nation Is moving ahead in the building and strengthening ot Its Mr' guards. At the same lime tfeere have been these recent indications of progress In offense, dcr velopmcnls as well: ', 2, The disclosure that the Con- vair B-36 heavy bomber has suc- cussfully "mothered" an F-B4 Jet fighter by carrying the smaller plane aloft and launching It in iillght. 2. Confirmation of the existence «f three new Air Force projects ; blvlrig pianos that fly far faster tan the speed of sound--the OTrth American F-100, In the 000- mlles-an-hour claSB,.and.lhe Mc- -Donncll F-U)I a'nd.Convair F-102, JllIlUll J ~*0" « ! . · « . -- · · · - s»[d to be even faster. 3 3, Maiden flights this month of athi two long-awaited high-speed ·Shelivy bombers, ihe .first pure Jet -aircraft of that site--the Convair Ss-60, a development of .the B-30, Bind the Boeing. B-62, a large '"Viodel of the six-jet B-47. . 'ii 4.'Disclosure of plans to refuel glhe B-52 in flight:. ·"-.. 3 Thi B-52, like the B-tn, has Selftt Jqt engine*.' Pure Jets have SSUHI a high rale of fuel contump- 3turn that their range Is limited, SRefuellng .In 'flight, however Scould give Ihe B-52 the range of ithe B-36. The latter has six piston aenglncs and four jet engines and can carry 10,000 pounds of bombs Supreme Court Upholds Benton County Circuit Justices Also Rule On Non-Resident Liquor Businesses Little Rock-(/P)-The Arkansas Supreme Courl yesterday upheld a Benlon. Couniy Circuit Court decision awarding Carl Johnson $8,350 In a damage suit against H. J. Flkes. The case grew out^ of a highway accident between I'mc 31uff and Little Rock on Highway 05. Johnson, the plalmlff, is a resident of Benton County. The court also upheld, 4 to 3, the right of a liquor wholesaler lo conlinuc to operate In the state despite non-resident ownership of slock if the concern wrs legally in business at the time Act 37D of 1951 became effective. Act 379 restricted issuance ot wholesale liquor permits to firms whose-owners, ofliccrs and directors have been residents of the slate for at least five years. There were certain exceptions and it was interpretation of one of these that the divided opinion was issued. ·The decree affirmed Pulaskl Chancery Court in prohibiting George Callahan, director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, from revoking the wholesale permit ot Lltlle Hock Distributing Company, Inc. 5,000 miles to return. target and then :iui tt . · The 358,000-poun.d-R-38 Is generally regarded as the polcntla No. i carrier, for the Air Force of atomic -bombs. However, Us top speed is In the "over 435-miles- '·n-hour" class, well below that of 'EYES' KILLED CHASING MOTORCYCLE IfAIi ADDS another dart! chapter to life of Mrs. Melba King, blind | jsecretary, as she bends over body ot her guide dog, Gypsy, killed In/ (Seattle Wash., by on aulo when the clog ran Into the street to chase ai ' motorcycle. Gypsy had led Mrs. King, who Is an Eskimo, to and from, work for two years. (International iSoundpltalaJ' One sub-section ol Act 378, reads: "The provisions of this section prohibiting non-resident ownership or management shall not apply to any stock owned In any company legally operating in the state of Arkansas at ... effective date ot this act." The majority opinion, I Jet fighters. The Republic F-84 fighter- lwmbcr has a top. speed' of -more than 600 miles an hour, weighs I up to 55,000 pounds, and can I carry up to 4,000 pounds of bombs. 'The Defense Department an- Stnounced last week that Consoli- S djiled Vultee Aircraft Corp., Fort { Worth, Texas, .Is conducting «x- ! JrimenU in the;»lr;,1a,unchlng ot if -Ms, and that the .F-84 had been j launched from the B-J«. S There were report*, .that the % i ncru wcic * *-i^w. T",- · --3 B-36 also Jiad been observed from ' the ground in the act ot rccap- * luring the F-84. Defense officials S declined to comment on this. E ' One speculation concerning the 2 B-36 mothering project was tha 1 the F-84 might carry a -- small ·tine r-di imb^ ^«..j ·- --- g atomic bomb, and might be dis- S patched to the target because of 3 its superior .speed and Us better 5 chance of escape. 1 Other theories were, however, 3 the.', the fighter would be carried g along to escort the big bomber 5 over a target arcs, and to fight 3 off Interception. ? The radio station exercise, from ! 1-30 a. m. to 5 a. m. local times Saturday, wair designed lo test the ability of all stations to remain unidentified while broadcasting over cither of two pro scribed channels. · Using special equipment, tnc stations broadcast emergency civil defense instructions hi such a 3 manner that enemy bombers S would have been unable lo use 5 the radio beams as navlgatlona ~ The ground observer station! 3 were ordered to 24-hour duty for S an indefinite period starting Ma 2 17. - Eventually defense planners S hope lo have 20,000 posts, manned 3 by 500,000 civilian volunteer spot- 3 tcrs.'in trie system known as the 3 Ground Observation Corps. g The observation posts would be S eight miles apart, on the average. "* The corps. now has only about written by special Associate Justice Sam Rorex, held lhat this exempted the jittle Hock Distributing Company, which admittedly was legally in business when the act became effective. Three Justices--Ed McFaddin, Minor Millwcc and Paul Ward-- disaenlcd, holding that the company was not exempted. Chief Justice Griffin Smith disqualified himself in the case because his son, Griffin Smith, Jr., wai^onc of the attorneys. Rorcx was named to replace him. Opinion Re-Affirmed The Supreme Courl rc-atfirmed previous opinions holding that the fact that an employe was intoxicated is no -defense against recovery of workmen's compensation unless it can be shown tliat the Injury--in this case.a fatal one-was due solely to Intoxication. The Workmen's Compensation Commission denied Sarah Jones compensation in death of her husband Andrew Jones, an employe ot Cox Brolhers Lumber Company at Homan, Ark., who was killed by a train on May 23, 1049. Denial was based on the allegation ihat Jones had been drinking when he left his work lo cross the railroad tracks for lunch. The commission was reversed by the Miller Circuit Court. On appeal, the Supreme Court agreed with the Circuit Court. Justice George Hose Smith dissented. 130,000 members in 36 slates, Record Relief tor SOUR STOMACH For heinbura, gii, *dd iadifteitton. 'till cmlr toe. Farmington Revival services began la- night .at the First Baptist Church in Farmington with the Rev. A. F Muncy of Lake City conducting The Rev. D. M. Krels states tha services will be held each evening through May 6, at 7:30 o'clock. Harry A. Gray has leased the Hlckman Garage to be used to revival services during the coming month. He will preach each nigh' at 7:30 o'clock. Bible School began last week at the Methodist Church of Farmington and will continue through next week, each morning from 8:30 to 11 o'clock. An pnrollmen of 35 children is reported for las week. TUMS m m TVMMV Because It contains millions o acres of rich land now unused because of water, the Florida everglades have been called America' last frontier. Announcement · ROBERT E. 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