Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 6, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1974
Page 14
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THOSE BUZIARD) 9. ^ WINGS ARE I DRAMATIC.' I DID LIKE THE J( OKAY, DRAMATIC /THI5 EFFECT OP' TONE YOU THOSE WINGS .7, CAN fs BUY. ' - I I DONT LIKE TD SEE BIROS USED TO ? k DECORATE WOMEN'S HATS' MOV DO VOU LIKE TVII5 ONE, DONALD? rS IN.OAIL )M SOME' FW EASTERN, 'COUHTRV?, -itS, IN MALYA. IT'S ALL · VERY CRAZY. SEEMS THERE WAS A STATUS OF A ,WAN ON* 1 . THAT S WHAT KELLY CALLS HER. A HORSE, AKW'iW SON THOUGHT IT'P .MAKE '1 TURNS OUT THE" GUV ON TrlE A CUTE PICTURE IF FOOFY GOT ON THET , I HORSE 15 THE COUNTRY'S TOO.- j~ ^mssm^iV'-^--- "I i NATIONAL HERO SORT OF A , GEORGE 1 WASHINGTON 4ER.1J ME · 4 THEIR COPS ' DIDN'T THINK' IT WAS ONE ' BIT'CUTE? Believe/torMrt/ l^ffPl IMEOR6ETOWN CATHEDRAL BRITISH SO! AN A /S THE LARGEST WOODEN CATHEDRAL IN me YOUNG- FISH HAWKS (Equators'! Africa) HAVE FEATHERS THAT ARE ettTXftY DtFFfKCNT fffOM THOSe OF AOUtT H BONA DEA THE flMOEW WAS SO REVERED, 7MV /r AH? FORSIWXi) TO UTTBZHER HAMS FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Northwwt Arkanta» TIMSS, Friday, S»pf. 6, 1974 ^^ LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Thyroid Problems May Cause Many Complaints My wife has a thyroid con- lilion. It is hard for me to jelieve that such a condition can be responsible' [or all her assorted complaints, but that's what her doctor says. Mr. B.T.S., Calif. Dear Mr. S.: The thyroid gland at the base )f the neck, can Oe considered .be computerized regulator of .he body. There is no function in an organ of the body that is not in some way affected, by the thyroid gland. Ovcractivity of the thyroid, o. liyperthyroidism. is responsible Tor the excessive secretion ol the hormones of the thyroid. People with overactive thyroid glands complain of unusual sweating, palpitation, compulsive overactivity, loss of weight weakness, general nervousness unusual sensitivity to heat ie radio-iodlne-nptakc test, and llicrs quickly establish the xacl condition of the activity f the thyroid. There are now remarkable adioactive substances and nigs which can again balance tie thyroid's production of hor- loncs. Many cases previously urcd by surgery can now 'oe ontrolled by these oilier methods. .headache, nausea, ymploms. This THflR PUNT NOTHIN.'.I CRN DO FER HIM.SNUFFy HE ALWflVS GITS THAT WAY flROUND ELECTION TIME DOC !.'4E BETTER LOOK AT SHERIFF TA IT-HE'S GOT A TERRIBLE BAD CASE OFTH'SHflKES!! H.V\ !f-13 OF US -213 MILLION ) OF THEM//-SO KILLING THEM / OFF ONES/ONE WOULD TAKE S TOO LONG AND GET BORING- POLECATS NOW AT FULL FIGHTING STRENGTH !!-13 FIERCE WARRIORS/ LEADER TCXJ US 7t WATCH/=?. TM'KCIPE CALLS FOR YOU TO 0£AT IWSR60I6-MTS -- RfSHT ? HOW DIP YOU KNOW? WELL,CXDNTBLAME ME IF YOU GET STUCK WITH THE HALF THAT ISN'T/, ,, ,," ^ DON'T YOU -Jill [I WANT ME TO LOOK PRETTV v^. arv,?, I'D BE HAPPY IF YOU JUST LOOKED HALF AS PPeHV DOYOUPHAUZE THAT VOU SPENT *36 AT THE BEAUTY PARLOR''' LAST MONTH, Look in the section in which.matters. In all spending, keep your ..birthday, conies and findione eye on reserves. Don't what 'your outlook is, according! deplete them. No one who experiences one ir more of these symptoms cai leccssarily a t t r i b u t e the! [istrcss to liyperthyroidism Jlher conditions, obvioiusly, cai also produce some of thcsami symptoms. When thyroid problems an susnccted bv (he doctor, es cellent sensitivie tests can b performed. For examnle. th protein-bound-iodine (FBI) tesl to the stars. FOR SAT., SEPT. 7 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) You have more working for you than yqu may realize. Assor ciates are putting in a good word quietly, and you should soon profit from some efforts you have long forgotten. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) There are some who may try to make the grade in the devious or "easy" way. Don't try this yourself. In fact, you i PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) should make it a point to caun- Meet as many people as you teract the misleading and irre- can now -- studying them ob CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Saturn auspicious. You have fine opportunities to advance so seek them out and don't.sil mooning while others take theii place in the sun. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19, Some changing situations. Be alert, ready to take promp action, and be guided by proce dures -.. which have proved successful in the past. gular. GEMINI (May. 22 to June 21) day will need team players as well as individualists. Try to curb your usual and other My husband had malaria vhile working in Southeast \sia. Is it possible for him to ransmit the disease to the amily? Mrs. T.B.N., Tonn )ear Mrs. N.: , Malaria is transmitted to man hrough the ibite of an infected anopheles mosquito. Rarely is t ever Iransmilcd in any other tanner. ; Certainly your husband must have been treated with one o[ the many drugs now used to destroy the malarial parasite. You and your family should not live in fear of being contaminated or infected. Incidentally, anyone who has had malaria should never donate his blood for transfusion. Even those people who are totally free of all symptoms of malaria may harbor the para- sHe- in their blood stream and, by transfusion, transmit it to another person. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge Top Record Holder to Mantera' Individual Championship Play) jeclively and listening to al points of view. You will not only enjoy the contacts, but widen your mental horizons considerably. desire to "go it alone" -- and! YOU BORN TODAY have cooperate! - ibeen endowed with a keenly CANCER (June 22 to July 23) I analytical mind, a remarkable As with Taurus, you, too, may j memory and a perceptiveness now encounter the deceptive I that allows nothing to escape and unscrupulous. Be alert and don't forsake principles. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Don't get ahead of yourself. your observation. You are a paradoxical combination of the extrovert and the introvert: gregarious and making friends There's a tendency now to rush |e a s i 1 y , yet exceptionally matters to a too-hasty completion, to plan ahead without getting all facts. Care! VRIGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Better advantages than you may anticipate. An especially good period for revitalizing pro: i _ ,, . ! _ : _ , . ' 1 have reserved, even secretive, about expressing your real thoughts and feelings Actually, a eluding yourself, can intimately \ 1. You are declarer with the West hand at Four Spades and North leads the jack of diamonds. How would you play the h a n d ? *AQ10832 I ' ' 1 AKJ94 V:K863 wwp V.A72 *:? WSE 4.KQ5 + KJ 1--. 1 *963 2. You arc declarer with the Wnst hand at Six Clubs. North leads the king of diamonds followed by the ace. You. ruff and play the ace of clubs, North showing out. How would you play the.hand? in their company. few persons, in probe your mind. You have sharp critical faculties and these, coupled with your gift jects which you may thought of dropping. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) If you don't get all the critic. Other fields in which, cooperation you expected, don't!properly developed, worry about it. Try working [excel: Education. for words, would make you an outstanding drama or literary * ; KQ VA9743 ». 8 #AKQ95 4AJ743' :»'K6 »J5 + 10762 things out another way -- quite possibly with better results. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't run with the conformists now. A little daring could pay off -- which usually pleases those born in this Sign. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. urged in you the could statesmanship, diplomacy, the theater and music. If 1. Let's assume you cover the jack with the queen, losing to the ace, and that South shifts to a low club. Whatever you do now, there is no guarantee that you won't lose two club tricks and go down when yoi also lose a heart trick later on. clined, you could also do well] Your best in the business world and. if ' --' ' the business is related to mechanics, your success could be tract is to shot duck for the con the opening lead of the jack cf diamonds It is certainly reasonable to even more outstanding. Birth-]assume that South has the ace England; financial I star. date of: Queen Elizazbelh I, o f j Peter Lawford, film Crossword By Eugerx Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Container 4 Headwear 8 Secluded valley 12 Peer Gynt's . mother B Wings 14 Italian city 15 Married man 17 Filed quantity 18 Twilight 19 Underground passages 21 Scold 24 Grass? 25 Greek letter X Masculine nickname 28 Relates 32 Gratify 34 Knock 86 Clock face 87 Slumbered 39 King (Fr.) 41 Sound used to frighten C Electrified particle 44 Overrun 46 Marked to. let stand 50 Title 51 Verdi opera 52 Lead a dull life 56 Firm hold 57 Arabian chieftain 58 Base 59 Adam's son 60 Lease 61 Perceive DOWN ·IPoke 2 Utilize 3 Produce 4 Military students caliph 6 Agreement 7 An upright. 8 Made guttural sound 9 Single 10 -- Ludwig 11 Seines 16 -- Le Gallienne 20 Negative particle Avg. solution time: 27 min. . Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 21 Former · First Lady 22 And others (abbr.) 23 Auditory .organ 27 Deface" 29 Voters .leitof center 30: Indo- chinese country 31 Opening 33 Tomb inscription 35 Hawaiian food 38 Tiny child 40 Introduce 43 At no time 45 Suitable 46 Droops 47 Exhaust 48 Redact 49 Attica township 53 Card game 54 Digit 55 Female sheep Z 18 26 38 25 5Z 6 27 20 28 B 14 17 36 58 II 31 55 i which case you are certain i make the contract b; ucking. Whatever North plays next, raw trumps ending in dumniy and lead the king of diamonds hrough South's ace. This allows ou to discard a club on one I dummy's high diamonds. At vorst you lose a diamond, :a club and a heart, ruffing your ourth heart in dummy if the suit is not divided 3-3. If.South decides to overtake ;he jack of diamonds with- the ace, after you duck, it does not lelp him a bit. I n . t h a t case, dummy's K-Q become tricks oh which you discard two hearts. 2. To try to ruff your hearts in dummy would result in exposing yourself to an unnecessary risk, as South might overruff. The best line of play is to cash the K-Q of spades, lead a heart to the king, and run dummy's spades. If South ruffs at any point, you overruff, draw trumps, and claim the rest of the tricks. If South discards as you run the spades, you take a trump finesse to make the slam. Of course, South may trump the king or queen of spades, in which case your -goose is cooked, but that is much less of a threat than trying to ruff your hearts in dummy. PONYTAIL "I knew Timmy was the boy for me the moment we met...he'd just gotten his.DRIVER'S LICENSE 1" Complete news coverage, (local, area, national, international), intensive sports and women's- interest reports, top features. . . .six afternoons a week and Sunday morning. .. .delivered to your door for less than 11 £ a day. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242

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