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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 29, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 14 Read by over 25,000 Daily The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper VOIUME 90, NUMBER 237 Auociatcd Prau Lrated Wire fAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 29, 1952 AP, King and NEA F«atur«l lOCAt FMICAST-- ';';; r«yett*villB ind vicinity: l"Jryj cloudy to c.'oudy with scattered (hun* derihowen late tonflht and tomorrow continued mild HJfh t?mpe73turo yes- t«rday M, noon today 73, low 43 Bun« NM 3:». .urutt J.01. TM MICE FIV§ CENTS Russian Jets Fire On Air France Plane Ridgway Appointment Meets W ith Applause General Clark Faces Criticism From Congress European Nations Expected To Back Moves To Limit Washington-(£?)-Gen. Matthew Kidgway's appointment to succeed Gen. D wight Eisenhower drew mostly applause today, but Gen, Mark Clark, who gets Ridgway's old command, faced criticism in Congress. In the Pentagon, the top-lpyel roassignmcnts -- Ridgway from Far-East command* ' 1o head of AllfKl forces in Europe, and Clark from chief of Army Field Forces to Far East commander -- Injured Springdole Woman Tells Of Kidnap Attempt Arguing Adults Moke Students Late Every Day Sullivan, A young Springdaln woman | was recovering in County Hospital today from injuries she received yesterday afternoon when she leaped from an automobile tn escape an 'armed man she told police forced her to enter his car.'; to New York, was rarryinc Mrs. Lucille Johnson, 25, j passengers and a crew of nine. Pan Springdale waitress, suffered sc- ' ' j vere lacerations of the head and hark, bruises and shook whrn she Missing Over Brazil Jungle 41 Passengers And * N['tie-Crew Members Aboard Big Ship Pori of Spain, Tr.nidad-(/PJ-A j Pan American Stratocruiser w i t h · 50 persons aboard was overdue | here today and v.'as reporlod mips- ing over Bra7ilian jungle territory. I The $1,500,000 Boeing plane, a luxury ship flying the El Presidents route from Rio de Janeiro Claims O/ Unlimited Power' Two-PanengeB' For Truman Are Modified ? ~ ck _____ Near Berlin Lawyer Ford Foundation Experiment Not To Be tween Springdale and Fayetle-' . . . . . Mm K . U l l J l S U n ttllCl SI I I K K W I l C I l S H F over daylight savmg time has put i u m p f d ,, d , car fe the 420 pupils in Sullivan s schools · - · ·'- - - on a perpetually tardy basis. The school buses have continued Iheir rounds on standard time, j , ]o ' h ' n "^ 0 ' n Void Fayetteville" ,.... ,,..though Ihe city and school classes | | icc o f f i c e r s she was waiting for a switched to a daylight time sched- [ ule yesterday. Such A Claim Decision Expected On Steel Seizure By Late Afternoon Washington -IfPh The goveir,- A m e r i t a n Airways reported. | menl's chief atlorney in ths steel The Slratocruiser is the first of i seizure case said today he rirx-s i .... ... ,. . ( h a t lype .,, b. reported missing, not claim I ha. President T r u m a n j *" ?Y TMV " '1TM1 S Junked Yet r Arkansas Leaders Declare DC-4 Lands Safely Despite 89 Bullet Holes Through Cabin Berlin-l/Pl-Two Soviet jet j...,.,,- L i l t l e Rock-l/Pi-Arkansas l e a d - 1 even come- lo lhal eventually, but ers fired on an Air France plane crs of the Ford Foundation's pro- · -- ·· - ·-- ·«-- - · posed teacher education cxpcri- we haven't given up on it." i in the Russian zone of Germany Dr. Kroncnbcrg said t h a t t h e : today; wounding two German , , . , . , , , . s i x - m e m b e r suncnijimilteo has Passenscrs 'and leaving an bullet menl today denied a report thai | ,,,,,.,, ^^ ,,, ,,.,(,, ^ f0n(|nu(i : hn , M ,,, ,,,,, luf ^ ge ? DUUet . the project would be "junked" in ] the s t u d y . I The plane.landed safely at Tem- 'his slate. | The Ford "hold" experiment I Pelhof Air Base. Df. Henry Kroncnbcrg of the ; would give teachers a f o u r - y e a r ! The Air France office In Frank- University of Arkansas and other | general education, then in I h e j ( u r t identified the wounded as members of a sukommittee nn Iho Mm, year they would receive spe- t/ ! ts - 'rmgard Nebol, Frankfurt, plan were In session here loday. Dr. Krnnonbcrp a d m i t t e d lhal It left Rio at 11:07 p. m. (8:07 ville about $ p. m. From her hospital bed holds unlimited powers. Assistant Attorney p. m. CST) yesterday. _ _ - - , ,, . Mr ,. i It was due here at 8 a. m. (CST) | Holmes Baldririge asserted, in a -'. today. Pan A m e r i c a n said its last statement filed w i t h the Federal radio communication was with District Court here, l h a t if t h a i I n i g h t it was sllERCsled "a couple of limes we m i g h t as ···-II abandoi cializrd work. Opponents of the plan h a v e rnn- lended l h a t this would be "junking a method w have used for 20 city pn- ; in Fayelteville when a middle j apod motorist stopped, forced her He declared t h a t years in favor of one t h a t Is un we mishl I tried." Barreiras, Brazzil, at 12:15 a. m. i court had understood such a claim j CST. ! court nap unnersiooa sucn a cjaim I lo have been made, he desired to ! At New York the company said : correct i'. \ the U. S. Army and Navy and t h e ' Kaldridge represenled I h e irnv- j Brazilian Air Forco were a s s i s t i n g ' e r n m c n t last week in a'-gumonts | were viewed by some officials as: I mental units to stay on standard .Jesse Smith. H a m i l l o n t o w n s h i p ! into his car. and drove toward trustte, who directs Ihe bus oper- ! Sprinedale. She jumped from the ation, said he's bound by a 1349 j car when the driver turned onto slate law l h a t requires Govern- the Zion Road, just south of Lake ! in an allempl lo locate Ihe plane. ] before District Judge David A. | John Kirsch of Fayetleville lo-« John Kirsch Announces As Candidate For Treasurer; Filing Deadline Tomorrow 1. Results of a decision by President Truman to side with Gen. Omar Bradley instead of Eisenhower in choosing the new commander of the North A t l a n t i c Treaty Organization ( N A T O ) forces. 2. Rewards to both liidgway ! and Clark for past jobs well done.; The criticism of Clark came from Senator Long (D-La), a ' member of the Armed Services' Committee. He told a reporter he | wants to review previous congres- 1 sional investigations of Clark's AVorld War II record and may ask for a new inquiry. Clark's crossing of the Rapiclo River during the Italian campaign has b^Bn"unHer""previous congressional fire. Bitter criticism of t ; maneuver was voiced by members of the Texas National Guard, which suffered heavy casualties. "I was in t h a t area with the Navy al the time of the Bapido crossing," Long said, "and I know that many p( the officers with whom I associated riirl not t h i n k ton highly of Clark's ability as a field commando*'. "What, we need in Korea now" is a field commander, not a riiplo- time. Like the City Council, the School _ Board Fayelteville. | A Pan American airliner crashed j Pine 113 the plea of steel compan- j day announced l h a t lie is a candi- j A passing motorist who found j off San J u a n , Fuerto Rico, last | ies Ihai^the court n u l l i f y Ihe pres- ! "I 3 ' 0 /f" .'be Democratic nomina Ihe injured - ' around that by moving .side of the road rushed her to a lying at the i April 11 taking a toll of 52 lives, j iriential seizure of the steel inrius- j J| on '"'' ' re »? urcr "' Washington school hours up an hour, and sup- Springdale physician. A f t e r emergency treatment she was brought to the County Hospital by ambulance. Hospital a t t e n d a n t s said this afternoon that her condition was considered good. Victim Tells Story Mrs. Johnson's story, as she told it to officers: She was returning fo Springdale after visiting a hospitalized relative here. While waiting for a bus on North College opposite the Veterans Hospital, she was approached by a motorist who offered her a ride. : When she refused the offer, the driver--who held a pislol" between his legs while he drove-forced her into the car and headed north on Highway 71. When the man, described as middle aged, over six feet t a l l and erintendenl Phil Eskew said that's the way it. will slay. FPC Approves Power Contract, Rotes Hiked For i Arkansas Plant Washinglon-(XP)-An increase in maximum charges' for government electricity paved the way for Federal Power Commission approval ol a power contract, for a new aluminum plant in Arkansas yes- ierday. The commission approved a 30- weighing about. 200 pounds, start- year power contract for the S3S,- orl '° t u r n into thn Zion' Road. nnO.finO p l a n t that Heynolds Metals Mrs - Johnson opened the door and approve' ,,,.., i T L /. : rates lo be charged for govern-! mat, and I have some reservations ! ' about the Clark appointment.". However, Senator McKarlanri of Arizona, the Democratic leader, said he does not look for any serious Senate attempt, lo block Company plans to build A r k a d e l p h i a . c _ i roadbed ind slid. The driver did -,() I not slnp. .. ' ' The victim told police the kid- ment power used by the plant, but i n a P car was orobablv a pre-war limited approval to fiv? years. | Plymouth, painted blue or gray. The pilot, Capt. John C. Burn husband of singer Jane Froman, was among Ihe 17 survivors. The flight from Rio de Janeiro lo Port of Spain covers 2.000 miles. It is about 700 miles from Rio to .the radio station at Barreiras in Bahia Stale, Brazil. The Straloc'ruiser is a double deck plane, with a lounge nn the try.. Baldridge argued before Judge Pine t h a i Truman had acted properly to protect Ihe public w e l f a r e County..He.filed his party loyalty pledge and corrupt practices pledge yesterday. Kirsch, a naiive of Arkansas, has been a farmer and stockman under -"inherent powers" held by all his life. For the past the chief .executive. He said then has been livestock that the conslitution limits Ihe leg- 'i lhe WaVilnglon County Sales Com- iBlalive and judicial branches, but j "£"' ^has"lived m^lh^muntv years. He farmed not the executive authority. Tuck BishopTo Face Hearing t ' w Utah Deaths Tooele, Utah - f/P| - A (our-li::'c , , hit in abdomen, and Waller Kurth. Bad Homburg, wounded In the arm and thigh. They were taken to hospitals. Allied officials In Bonn at once Icrnsorarily canceled all flights ol Allied civil aircraft into Berlin. The (J. S. High Commission said an .official protest also had been made to the Russians at the four- newer air traffic control center in Berlin. Air France salH there wai a tola!. of ' I I passengers on the plane, none of. them American. The nlrcrsft, a four-engine DC-4, was nn its regular run from Frankfurt to Berlin through the air corridor established by four- power 'a ?ri!cment. ' Air France said the 'attack occurred shout nine miles southw«rt of Berlin, over the village of Koennern, near'Eisleban In the Russian Kone. The Russians m»ln- lain a jet. fighter base In lhat area and hold dally training IlijhU ' ' " This argument drew a storm of the'u.A. Farm for 1.1 years, before lower deck. II offers a l u x u r v protests from steel company lav:- I moving lo Fayotteville over a vea service a t a n extra fare, with I y e : " ' ~ , , . - . . . . . _ - . · · berths available for 'hose who later--and Baldridge was subject- want them. as well as many in Congress ! ago. He now lives at 32.1 South - Oegg 'Street. meeting of I h c "group 1 ' near I -lumped. Her injuries were suf- | [j on a j i fercri as she struck ' t h e gravel i i. rf _ i » u i . ,, ,," "· "^',"'".'''\ The dec,su,n reversed its pre- | TM«b,d TMd slid. The driver did | £' ^ s ^TnvlnKlTM" of I vious order which had Reynolds had- rejected the five- year clause as "wholly unacceptable.'' l An increase in maximum rates was the compromise that S»» d .rT£ Army^lie^ b ''TM* hl ^out final ^greementV" no Congress action is needed for the shift, Texans Silent Neither Texas' senator, Democrats Tom Connally or Lyndon Johnson, wcfuld comment on ° re k nera? P B, nt S| ent ' h · , i wl " ro TM f n the University late t h ? H S nin P ' Vl r AT?," "' Frida ' v for t h e i r f i r s l visj l ° 'h= norlS?,; fT !I Jl ' "" cam P us !inre the recent s e l*'i°n SrA^ ch^rtsen^ot; 35 ' wh" $ n %^* « '^ ° ^ boom d (°«r n M b ° M '" m , e ' a m i n " Dr ' Ca'^" is TM m W '" 'he pubncn^candiSre'To^prSde^ C " mPUS '" « Mrie ' " f ^"^ Dr. (aldwell To Visit Universiiy Friday Dr. and Mrs. John T. Caldwell The driver wore khaki clothes, but apparently was not a soldier. Police reported at noon today lliat no trace of the automobile or driver had . been sheriff's office was found. The tary not immediately informed of the incident, which delayed a police broadcast of the suspect's description. For the largest, prettiest selec- The Boeing Strafocruiser is .a civilian passenger version of the Air' Force B-29 Superfortress. ' Courtney Crouch Heads Courtly Bar Association Courtney Crouch of Springdale w a s elected president o f t h e , . , . . , . Washington County Bar Associa- I by ' rcsldent T r u m a n lo a Pennsyl" ' ' "ania citi/.en-in which he said: "The powers oi the president re derived from the Constilu- lion, and they 'are limited, 'of ed In close questioning on the point by Judge Pine. Court attaches, said "an announcement" in the steel case could be.expected'-thln afternoon. Arguments In the case Just Friday and Baldridge's remarks of today were in the form of a "supplemental memorandum." Letter Made Public Over thc : weekend, the . While House made public a letter written He has bean b a i l i f f of the county courts and a deputy sheriff here for Ihe past five, years. Aged 61, he has been a Democrat all his adult life. _ who is seeking re-election as treasurer. Kirsch was Ihe only new candidate lo file or announce today for a major office. Other candidates who filed corrupt practice pledges yesterday and today w i t h County Clerk Roy A. Scott are Odis Card- wel ! Prairie township, W. O Da » . Brush Creek, Kldo Cole, Prairie, and n. P. Jackson, i'.'aiiie, all for justice nf the peace. Candidates not previously reported who filed with the Demo- Arkansas killer lomorrow will re- along 'the Elbe Valley, Fayetteville. Other officers elected al meeting were: James H. Hale u i - - -- j ,..".-.-, ,,,,,,,,, ~ ,,. ,, _ .,, . - - · - . - FayetteviHe, vice president, and lhat protect the'rights of individ- , ^'i^°^. ^ n '^ d ; \ coive preliminary he ing here nn a chnrge of slaying Iwn-men. Tuck Bishop, 87,, escapee from the Arkansas slate . p r i s o n ' f a r m , is accused ^f murder In the nhoftt- Ing nf James Dougherty and Ben Thomas Douglas a t - O p h l r , Utah. April 5. He Is charged here under the name 'nf 'Carl-Br Anderson.« But P. L. Do*,, director of the Utah Bunau of Criminal Identification, raid the ma'ri was IhS Tuck Bishop who failed fo report hnck to the Arkansas penitentiary livsl J a n u a r y 1 from a Christmas furlough. ' Bishop vvas serving ' concurrent l i f e sentences in Arkansas for slaying two of Ihc four men he shot riown nn a Springdale street on J a n u a r y 1 t n c j course, by the provisions of the I cratlc county secretary, Thurman i e o f ! Constitution, particularly those ! Parsons - l n c l u d ! Richard A r d e - ! C * . . ' . J i. » · | f y . - -- -- ! T--.) l l _ i « t , _ . rri m · I i r _ : _ T ; , i I r v i n g Kills nf Springdale, secretary. Crouch served as vice president last year, and A. D. McAllister Jr., is the outgoing secre- A feature of the meeting was a discussion by Robert A. Lcflar, dean of the law school, concern- meanwhile.' met uals." . . , Dr. G. W. Wilson, Greenland, all I Echoing this. Baldridge lold the f o r . j u s t i c e - o f -the court today t h a t "at no time have j Mllchell Crider, Greenland; -for a peace; a we urged, any. view that,t.he . idenl possesses powers outside the constitution." . . The House Judiciary Committee, to consider place on the party's County Ccn- IfarCbmmillceT all ... , nd I hlCfl A charge of Involuntary man- · slaughter was filed yesterday aft-* The deadline for f i l i n g w i t h ' . Scott and with Parsons as r a n d i - ' c r n o n n '" Circuit Court against - · · · i s ; George B. Disney, 27, Springdale, dales '- Fllthts The Russian Air Stteiy . C«B- tcr. .schedule posted.this morniafc : IIMed training flights from the jit base,.at Knelhen, .from 7 a, m. to : S'p. m. The Weather was bright' and sunny.. · . " · · · . Spylot..planM have Ir,«iuentjy sallied into the 20-mile wide air' corridors reserved for Berlin- \Vest~Oermany flights.but have not been regarded lately as a nuisance. . ; Shortly b e f o r e the 1848-49 lilockt'dc nf Berlin, Russian fighters were more dating and, a scries of "buzzing" I n c i d e n t s was climaxed by a Yak fighter ram- mln; into a British liner, killing i l occupants.. U. S. airmen said .Soviet air patrols in the Russian ^one are well-briefed on Allied rights in the thrpe 20-mile ' air corridors' be- · Iwocn Berlin .and Western Germany. * .They said the approach of a M1G fighter to inspect a foreign aircraft is a frequent occurrence,, but Ihe a "pass" by two fighters at TM« «·"« w« ' "criminally naies in me summer primary js'" 1 -'"^ ". uiomv, n, apnnKUBie, -- - . -- a .| lomorrow at 12 noon. Parsons an- j '" 'be death nf John Yount, 33, ] ' 001 ' 5n «'«" « tn «« was no TMbS"t""M:*^ who"TMU"nf-e. to the Arkansas B'ar! p n s a l s for Truman's impeachment Association convention at Hot lion of dresses, sh"p Hunt's. (Adv.) I Springs, May 15-16. or censure for the seizure action. CONTINUED ON PAGF THREF. is known to have · wanted his chief of staff. Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther, as h i s with Prnvost Joe E. Covington. the acting president of the University, and with other members Gruenther wil, s l a v ,,,, TS"^ ° f "" ' aCUlt ' V *"« «*"· way's chief of staff. In announcing plans for the The-idea that Truman was rewarding Ridgway and Clark was explained in military circles this way: Ridgway's handling of. the Korean War helped quiet the storm, kicked up by the dismissal of Gen. Douglas MacArthur a;. Far East chief, which Ihreatcncri to drive the administration, into serious political trouble. Clark's adroit withdrawal as Vatican ambassador-nominee did much lo I quiet the ruckus .over . proposed i W h e n R n n r O v p r r i i r n c creation of t h a t post. | W r t e n DOQr WeiTUmS trip, Dr. Caldwell said the stay on Ihe campus .will have to be brief, as he must he back in Montevallo. Ala., where he is president of Alabama College, Monday. Dr. Caldwell will return here early in June In deliver the commencement address, and then he will assume his official duties as president on July Dardanelle Man Dies c m NATn n f P "r roJTM,,nf ' « « S ' '" ?r/n^ M PW F a n c e called Ridg^ " a r f a r " anri Tn "" an '' i ! Dardanelle, Ark -MVThe swift'" n l h o r I "'-nnins Arkansas rivor-swoilen ?' ""' t h p ' b :' TMTM' rains-swamport a small ' Ri '' RWay '"«" .vralcrdny drowning a Dar- ur0pp ' Rcds in irf»nelle construction worker. the man I Tho h n H v nf . Inhn pieman. ap- ahnl ,t SB. had not. been recovered . . I' mjmii . i l l , j pnlntment was "a h r u l a l defy to ! last nighl European public opinion.". N'o strong objection - to Ridgway's a p p o i n t m e n t was voiced in Congress. Generally it was ap- plaurled, a l t h o u g h some l a w m a k - ers--like Senator Wiley (R-Wis) -- jccmed disappointed t h a t Gruenthcr did nnt get the job. Gruenther favorably Impressed Congress members when he testl- fiofl on forelgr. aid. Wiley, senior Renuhllcnn nn the Foreign Relations Committee, said: Favors fln.fnthcr. "Wilh his i n l i m a l e controls at Lisbon «nd other NATO conferences and n« an understudy for Eisenhower, General Gruenther filled Into the pnsllion Ideally." Heprrsontallvo Shafer ( R - M l e h ) , CONTINUED ON PAGE THREE Colcman's .two companions, Roy Darter, Jr., and Jim Kills, swam to safety. Poultry Market -- The poultry market lodny an reported by the University ol Arkansas Institute of Science »nd Technology and the Dairy and Pouitry Market News Service ol the U, SV Department ol Agriculture. Norlhwesl A r k a n s a s : M a r k e t w e a k ; d e m a n d f a i r ; slight improve- I menl in t r a d i n g a c t i v i t y reported i at come points; offerings con-; tinned heavy; prices '. n. h. f a r m · repnrled lo 2 p. m.--broilers and j fryers all weights, 19-22, mostly 20-21. I Time To Draw Straws Again -STRAW HAT ^ DflV ~ MAY 4tb Scott's office in Ihe courthouse i f a t a l l y injured 'Sunday mornins : Fortunately, none of the 89'bul- hcre tomorrow from in to 12 a.m. J i n a collision three miles north ' ' cts wn 'ch hit the fuselage struck for the-convenience of candidates ; of here. · ! a vital spot of the airliner, who wish lo file and pay fees. N o ; Disney, who was injured in the ' The Tiilot of the'attacked plans 12 wreck, is in Veterans jlospi'al. I * a ' t ' "" ' wo J et 'Ujhters made Sheriff Bruce Cririer's o f f i c e has : (our "passes" at his ship as Be asked Ihe hosnital to hold him ; was (| yi"« precisely in the center for arrest wheS he Is released. | of the air corridor.' The figrtters Disney was driver of one of the j unloaded bursts of machinegun two autos involved in the head-nn' and cannon fire, he laid. noon .tomorrow. [alum Buick Co. Sold lo Harold A. Hatley crash on Highway 71. Three occupants of the other car were injured. Yount was Sale of the Talum Buick Com- · j n | n e other car pany nf Fayo.ttcville to Harold A. Hatley, formerly w i t h the Buick ; Prosecuting Attorney Peter Estcs, division of General Mi tors, was alleged l h a t Disney was under Ihe The co-pilot and steward were nicked by bullets and their cloth- The charge, filed by Deputy i passenger \ ing was torn, but their injuries were only superficial. announced today. The company has been owned for many years by Ed Talum. Hatley came here from Okla- i horns City, Okla., where he was; Oklahoma service m a n a g e r for the Buick division. Previously he was · stationed at Memphis, Tcnn.. cov- ' ering much of A r k a n s a s in his duties. ; The now owner said l h a l t h e ! organization w i l l be left u n r h a n c - ' ed. Homer Fry '."ill serve as sales manager. The company, renamed Hatley Biuck Company, "'ill specialize in service. | Hatley, who w i l l m a k e his home here, plans to bring his w i f e and Four Arkansas Men highway when the crash occurred. ' LOSl ADOflrd nODSOll influence of intoxicating liquor i and was on Ihe wrong side of the '. Early Cancer Drive Response Said Poor Thr ranrrr funds drive went i n t o il-. yecnnd day today as mem- bf-rf nf flnU Sigma Phi, business Girls' sorniity, canvassed Fayrttr- v i l l f businfr-ros fnr contributions. Thn ririvr nppnert last night with the Washington-Wi-The Navy ha; listed as missing f o u r ' A r k a n s a s sailors who were aboard the sunkr en USS Hobson. All rescue, actions ceased yesterday following an air search for survivors of the mid-Atlantic collision of the Hobson and an aircraft carrier. The Arkansans are: John Brax- tnn Slater, 26. Pine Bluff native; Aaron Francis Crammer of near Hughes; and two.brothers, Robert ' Edward, 26, and Richard Elvin 19, formerly oj Blythe' ' 4-H Clubs Of County To Hold Annual Rally canvas nf homos here by volunteer workers. Officials said Willis, Iwo d a u g h t e r s lo Fayollovi'lc from lnda - v '« : ! P n «- w ' was disappointing ' ville.' Oklahoma C'ity alior the spring lilsl n 'Kbl, bill more cars will be I The Willis brothers lived «t school semester ends a v a i l a b l e tonight for the volun- Tipton, Mo.,, w i t h , an uncle, and leers. Persons who !o con- j aunt, Mr ; and Mrs, Jacob Aulauf. t r i b u t e nre asked tn leave their , Their parents were the late Mr. porch l i g h t s on. Contributions of and Mrs. .Roy Willis, ol Blythe- any size nre solicited. \ ville. ' ' The workers will moot at For-1 »- day and wiMjhen canvass the city j JwO More E n t e r RoCC. For .Attorney General Mttle Rock -(A 1 ). Two mort candidates have announced tor the'atlorney KoneraTs Jon, to b* vacated by gubernatorial candidate Ike Murry. Paul Johnson of Momlccllo »nd Bernard J. Bun Re«d of Lonokt ·aid yesterday that they would «e«k the poll In thli iumm»j;'» Democratic prlmarlts. ' . . Cllb Barton o! Fort ftnith bat filed for tha offlc* On Ibe program are election of i-niinl.v 1-11 Council officers; a dross review; n heel r h l f feeding and J h n w l n g demonstration; n dairy f i t t i n g and showing demon- strillon; trick «vrnls Including tho »hot ihrow, Ifin and 50 yard tomorrow'; scattered t h u n d e r ^ dashes, nnd sack races; nncl ball show»r» In thf northwest und ex- R nmC! ' ' trom« v,tt\ portloBi tomorrow. tit W«oHi*r-- A r k a n s a s - - P a r t l y cloudy and mild this afternoon, tonight and

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