Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 6, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1974
Page 6
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Jforthtnrrt Some Meat Prkes Decrease MEN t · Friday, September 6, 1974 Hints From Heloise--· Rehearsal Bouquet Made From Ribbons Dear Heloise: A hint I picked up at a bridal shower is a darling one! The maid of honor busied herself collecting all the ribbons and bows from the discarded wrappings. Taking one of the small decorated paper plates, she cut a hole in the middle and pulled all the ribbons through so the bows caught on top. All the brightly colored bows resembled flowers, and, by grasping the dangling ribbons, the bride had the perfect bouquet for her rehearsal night. Afterwards she would have a beautiful memory of her shower Wendy Mathews What a sweet hint!" And what Jear Heloise: Just a hint to remedy a spo r stain of vitamins on baby's reepers. Stitch a small daisy or flowe: o cover the spot. No one wil ever detect it and the outfi vill be even prettier. Mrs. James Saul, Sr Shower Honors Miss Springston The home of Mr. and Mrs Allen Shumate of Elkins was the scene for a bridal shower honoring Miss Sandra Springston, bride-elect of Darrell Shumate of Odessa, Tex. A centerpiece of fall flowers in a blue carnival glass basket was the focal point of the gift table. A similar basket was placed on t h e serving table. Other arrangements w e r e placed throughout the home. Co-hostess for the event w a s Mrs. Janet Molt. ' Cake and punch was served to approximately 40 'guests. · The wedding will be an event «f Sept. 13. Dear Heloise: Cut crossword puzzles out o he newspaper and paste them n construction paper and mak an album. They make nice little gifts fo sick or elderly people. Help pass the time and a littl heaper than buying a book o puzzles at a book store. M.A.D Dear Heloise: A hint for those who becom o frustrated when they ar alone in the house, in the tu ir in the shower, and the phon ings then stops before they ca ;et there. Before getting in tub o hower, dial your own number get a busy signal and leave th phone off the hook, with th busy signal buzzing. Then hang it up when yo get out of the tub. That wa f anyone wants to reach yoi hey will get a busy signa know you are home and wi: ·all agai nlater on. Ruth M MARVIN THE APE GOES 'BANANAS' PHILADELPHIA (AP) -Marvin the chimp went ape, putting on a King Kong act that tost television station KYW thousands of dollars. Th« 11-year-old, 100-pound ifcimpanzee went on a rampage during the taping of a Mike Douglas show on Wednesday »nd had to be subdued by a tranquilizer dart. Douglas, who was dressed in fen ape costume for a parody on the "Planet of the Apes,"-said the chimp, who has considerable show business experience began the show with aplomb. However,-Marvin left it two hours later on a stretcher, un iBonscious and in handcuffs. "The trainer (William M Hampton of San Diego, Calif.' lost conlrol," Douglas said "J'm always concerned wilh trained animals. I'm afrai they will revert to their olc habits and, if you'll excuse th expression, go bananas." · Marvin, who was eventuallj »ubdued by a veterinarian from the Philadelphia Zoo, was re ·ported in good condition follow ing the escapade that Hampton said was precipitated by au dience laughter. Pioneer Pilot Dead 'SEATTLE (AP) -- Rea -Adm. Gordon Rowe. 78, a nava aviation pioneer who was a pi lot on the first American air craft carrier, the USS Langley died Tuesday. He commands; :the carrier Ranger in Work War II and was president of the Seattle Port Commission in 1953. thoughtful friend to come up 'ilh such an adorable idea. Helois Dear Heloise: When using an electric appliance on the dining table )lace a few s t r o n g rulteb lands en the table leg an hread the appliance cor :hrough them before pluggin t in. Then if it is tripped over, will be unplugged, but th appliance itself will not b 'ipped over. Mrs. Barbara Brioc Dear Heloise: When I was a little girl m mother taught me-that canne milk straight from the can wi repair ceramics plaster i paris, etc. You just dip your finger :he milk, fit the pieces togeth and let it dry. You can hardly tell it wa broken except if it's chipped. Mrs. Marvin Bagle Dear Helpise: You know how t h e elast edges of toilet-top cove stretch out ' of- 'shape an become too loose for the top? Try using about a IQ-ini piece of elastic (one inch wide Pin an end on each side the cover on the under sid Slip cover on the toilet to elastic on the down side. It will hold fine with i slipping around. Mrs. Greta Wa; Mrs. Byrd Dies BOSTON (AP) -- Mar Byrd, 85, widow of famed e plorer Adm. Richard E. Byr Sr. and the woman for who. Marie Byrd Land in Antarctic was named, 'died Wednesda Mrs. Byrd, a member of Bo ton's Beacon Hill society, a lively supported her husbanc explorations and after his dea in 1957 devoted herself to o ganizing his papers and colle lions and opening them to ti public. Daily Calendar of Events Saturday Farmer's Market, Old Post Office Square, 7 a.m. Al-Anor.f Wiggins Methodisl Church, 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Wyman Community Club, Wyman Community Building, 7: p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Toar 2-w«y radl* K. College For Your Prescription Needs QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 442-4244 City Parking Lot Ii Rear FALL SPECIAL PERMANENT WAVE $10 up Your Neighborhood Shop WANDA'S BEAUTY SHOP Kappel Lue -- 1 block off Hwy. 16 West 442-5141 Fres/i Farm Produce Found A t Lower Prices By MESCAL JOHNSTON GOOD BUYS OULTRY -- Fryers, chicken vis. eggs, turkeys, and parts. ORK -- Hams and picnics, usage, shoulder roast, neck- in es EEP -- Ground beef, chuck asts, round steak. THERS -- Milk, cheese, liver, ologna, [ranks, Uma, frozen sh, canned biscuits, frozen pie rusts. EGETABLES -- Potatoes, nions, eaboage, collards, egg- ants, corn, squash, celery, arrots; rice; canned vegeUib- s. RU1TS -- Bananns, grapes, telons, peaches, pears, oran- es, canned and frozen juices. Fall brings additional supplies eggplants, g r e e n peppers, quash, and okra to produce ounters, often at lower prices lan we have paid in summer :onths. In addition, the upsur- e in home gardening has in reased availability of thsse ve etables to home gardeners anc icir neighbors. Some decrease in meat pric s, plus a ne wconcern w i t h teadily-increasing prices of recessed fruits and begetables as caused meat to share its sual limelight of shopper's at- ention. Even so, consumer con ern with safety and quality o meat and poultry products con inues 'to bring about change., n processing and marketini iractices. EGGPLANT SEASON In Ihe late summer, oversup- ilies of eggplants have a way if building up suddenly. When his happens, unndvortiscd bargains sometimes pop up unex- lecledly in retail produce coun- ers. Add to that Ihe occasional quantity gift by friends, or ithe rresistible bushel of eg*olanls spotted in open markets, and nany families find themselves vitli more eggplants on hand han wil be needed within Ihe lormal storage time. USE OF EGGPLANTS Eggplants are less fitted to jreservation than most vegetables but do keys olnger in he refrigerator than some High-quality eggplants are crisp and f i r m with a glossy, smooth skin. Color is most always dark purple, though there is a white variety. At this stage, an eggplant may be sealed in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator at least a week without qua iity loss. Longer holding results in dulling of the glossy surface followed by shriveling and de cay. Early decay spots may be trimmed away, but once decav starts, it progresses rapidlj throughout the vegetable. No satisfactory method ha: been developed for home can ning of eggplants, and the Unit ed Stales Department of Agri culture does not recommend freezing eggplants e x c e p Births REGIONAL MEDICAt CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Danny B. Cener of West Fork, a son, Aug. 0. Mr. and Mrs Charles E. Hopins of Fayetteville, a daughter, Aug. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. 'raylor of Prairie Grove, a son, Aug. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bo- lannon of Springdale, a son, Aug. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. 'ederson of Fayetteville, a' laughter, Aug. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon D. Barles of Fayetteville, a son, Aug. 0. Mr. and Mrs. Jackie L. Jor- imiiii don of F a y e t f e v i l l e , a daughter, Aug. 31 Mr .and Mrs. Clyde R. Mahu rin of Bentonville, a daughter Aug. 31. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sage: of Fayetteville, a daughter Aug. 31. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Cossey of Springdale, a daughler Aug 31. Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Skeltoi of Fayetteville, a son, Aug. 31 Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Jeck of Springdale, a son, Sept. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Em bry of Fayetteville, a daughter Sept. 1 Mr. and Mrs. William T. Rai les of Tulsa, Okla., a daughter Sept. I. FASHION BOUTIQUE HAIRING STYLING WITH FINESSE WANDA ELEVENS, OWNER 238 E. SOUTH 521-4814 DILL/VRD'S fciMWWSfeWM!**^**;*^^!**^^*:^ Sale of Handbags Orig. To $9 Fantastic values! Back to school styles In suedes, fabrics, little swingers. All geared for NOW. Corns in early while the selection is besfl Handbags DILLARD'S--First Floor Now.. .Tfcwe Con venlen t Wfcy« To Ourge Op«n Daily Monday Thru Saturday, JO a.m. '»!! 9 p. p.m. cooked casseroles. Meal-sized alettes of vegetable casseroles ml contain eggplant may be ·ozen in the pans or baking islies in which they are to be cheated. They keep good qua- ly in frozen storage for as long s three months. At s e r v i n g me, eggplant casseroles may e reheated from the frozen .ate in a 350 degree F. oven or 20 to 40 minutes, depending n the size of the frozen dish. Using the defrost cycle of an lectronic range a home-baked, fozen eggplant casserole may e thawed and healed for 'ser- ing in 10 lo 30 minutes, de- ending on the size of the cas- erole. In ranges that do n o t ave a defrost cycle, healing ime should be broken into 3 o 5 minute segments, allowing esting lime between heating leriods. This allows distribution f microwaves throughout the asserole and prevents over- ooking in some areas befor thers are hot. Heat distribution can also be improved by turning tie casserole between heating ntervals. As an alternate method of freezing casseroles, cooked egg-| plant .may ib« frozen for use in casseroles. To do this, peel eggplant tind cut into 'A-inch cubes. Drop cubes into boiling salted water and simmer for about six minutes, unlil crisp- lender. Set the container in cold water until the eggplant is cool. Ladle the eggplant carefully into ajrs or plastic boxes in recipe-size amounts, leaving iiead space. Cover with the water in which the vegetable was cooked, seal, and freeze. To use, thaw eggplant in the refrigerator for several hours, drain, and use in a casserole as you would, freshly cooked eggplant; Use within three months after freezing. RULES FOR OPEN DATING Consumer concerns related to meat and poultry are responsible for continuous change in USDA regulations for ttiese products. One that has been under study for many months is product dating. Product dating is not a new practice, but open datin" has been pracliced on a volunteer basis by a few companies for a relatively short time. This voluntary service made it possible for consumer to read the dates on labels in the same way that processors and retailers have previously been able to read them. However, since some processors used a pack date and others used an expiration date .the ability to read dates only added to consumer confusion. The new amendment to federal meat and'poultry re- gulations'should eliminate some of this confusion. Calendar -dales'^..placed , .on meat and poullry products after Septeniber B .must beridentified as a packing date, a sell by date, or a use before date. This action will eliminate some confusion for shoppers who wish to uso dating codes in buying, but will not assure freshness at purchase time for all dated products. Length of time that a product is held after processing is only one of several factors that determines freshness at the lime of purchase. In many instances, temperatures at' which products are storec and transported have mort to do with freshness at that product than a few dayi or hours of storage time. . To Be Confidentiol WASHINGTON AP - Vice. President-designate,. NMson A. Rockefeller has , been assured by the Senate Rules Committee that his statement of net worth will be kept confidential if ha wishes, Chairman Howard W. Cannon cays. , But, Cannon. D. Nev., added on Wednesday that" the panel will; have to question :th« multimillionaire former Mew York governor about' -seme, of his holdings at public hearings on his nomination, . · · Announcements Miintiiiimnnnnip Retired Senior · Volunteer Booth will be open each day of the Washington County Fair in Thompson Hall on the Fairgrounds. MILLION DOLLAR ANTIQUE SHOW SALE Antique Dealers from all over the United States are present with Mail to Mall Antiques. Rex Shows Are Back! 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