Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 5, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1974
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

v» · rAYITT»VILLi, Arkon«.« TIMES, thur*., Sept. 5, 1974| Ufial Notices-- RK QUEST FOR PROPOSAL TO FURNISH A SOLID WASTE SYSTEM The Cly ol Lincoln, Arkansas .will receive proposal* in writing trom individuals and firm* for Ihe collection end er disposal of solid wast* collected within tfie city of Lincoln until 4:00 ,p.m. Oclo b» r JO, 1 974 - Prospective bidders m ay propOM to furnish collection services only: a disposal service only: or both. G E N E R A L PROVISIONS 1. Person* or firms a'lbmllUng proposals for the collccllon ot solid waste should express their bids Itv terms · ol a minimum fee per month for each of Ihc categories enumerated in paragraph 8 ( f t of this Invllation. Persons or lirms ·uhmlUlng proposnls for Hie furnishing o[ a solid waste disposal site .shoulc lease, the duration of which shall con form to paragraph 9 (e). 1. EncK bidder shall Include In his cost calculations an armiml expense for gene ral and vthJcle liability Insurance nnd th« limits of this Insurance should be *xpressed In the bid proposal. 3. Each bfrfder shall attach to his b!d proposal a Hst of equipment ha proposes to use in connection with the performnn ce of his obligations under any resulting Legal Notice* (b) The' proposal must be iKxwmpanled ty A copy Of written' approval of the lie for the Intended USB by the Arkansns 'Dilution Control Commission or Its duly outhorJied representative: and any other appropriate -'stale or Federal agency (c) Express , a willingness to nbld" by Any -rules established by the city lo govern . lh c . use of th« facility during the t^rm ot, the '.lease: (d) If the blddinc contractor Intend j to operate the disposal site he should submit a proposri p l a n of operation. 11 10 Intends the City (o operate It, the proposal should w state, (e) The length of the contract for furnishing lanii and facilities for the dls- wsfil ol solid waste shall be not less han ten (10) nor more than twenty Boyce R. DavJs, Mayor Cilv ot Lincoln, Arkansas 2TC 5, 19 WARNING ORDER CH-74-733 IN /ra« CTIANCERY Court ·;'* Washington County, Arkansas Frances Pauline Poole, Plaintiff . .-.-.-. -VS."" 1 ' = , Dwlghl M. Poble, Defendant 4. The city will seek to encourage tlie recycling ol paper a n d bidders may consider thai [actor in formulating their base bid; or submit separate handling of paper as an alternative or option to the base bid. 5.-Offers marie in response to this advertisement shall be deemed to Incorporate (g^D the applicable provisions ot this advertisement and shall be En el [eel for period of sixty (60) clays from (he data of opening lo give the City Council or the City of Lincoln, Arkansas sufficient time to negotiate a final contract, and prepare the necessary agreements, ordinances and document, 1 ! lo effectuate the new policies concerning solid waste disposal. 6. This advertisement, is nol an offer but is a request for offers from interest- rd persons and the City reserves the r i ^ h t to accept, reject or require moditi cation of any proposal so submitted. * " City Cou ncil shal I be the sol e judge of f h e merits of each proposal and shal evaluate - - criteria: (n) Cost of the consumer; tb Alternative cost ol collect] disposal by the city; (c Effect on municipal financial can abilities; (ri) Equity of the rate structures pro posed; (e) Responsibility of each bidder nn feasibility of his proposal; tf Other relevant factors. T. Final action will be taken on th · alternative · proposals only alter thei evaluation by the soltd waste advisory committee ( b u t the City Council sha not be bound by Ihe committee's recommendation) and only in a meeting following a public hearing on the matter. PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO Bros FOR COLLECTION ONLY 8. The city proposes to Include In any contractual agreement the following pro- The" defendant D night M. Poote h warned to appear* in this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff In the above titled cause. Wltne ss my hand and se. al of Ihis Court this 22 day ot August, 1974. Soldier's Death In Jail Is Still Unexplained Alma Kollmeyer Chancery Cltrk By Kaye Chappell D.C. 4Tc 29, Sept. 5 12, 19 WARNING ORDER Buttons, right, a 400-poimH hippopotamus at the San ach based on th» following No. CH,74-699 IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS NORV1L YORK. Plaintiff Vs. ALMA JEAN YORK. Defendant The Defendant ALMA JEAN YORK s warned to appear -In this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff · In- the "above entitled cause, . . Witness my hand and seal of this Court this 12th day of August, 1974. ALMA KOLLMEYER. CHANCERY Clerk By KAYE CHAPPELL. D.C. (Seal) We 15. 23, 29. Sept. S ' MEDIAN INCOME NOW $10,5 12 WASHINGTON (AP) - The FCC Names Action WASHINGTON ' (AP) -- The Federal Communications Commission Wednesday announced the following actions: ps^ «s? Sugar Lips Jose, Calif., Baby zoo, gets a 'Happy First Birthday' k i s s ' from her roommate Swcetpea. (AP Wirephoto) Austin. Tex.--KVET, KVET Broadcasting Co. Inc., granted acquisition of positive control by Roy A. Butler through transfer of stock from Ann S. Butler. Weatherford. Tex. -- KZEE; Bartlesville Broadcasting ' Go., granted assignment of .license and construction permit to KZ7 Radio Co. for:$250,000. Searcy, . Ark.--KW.CK-FM Home Industries Inc., grantee assignment of license to KVVCK Inc. · WEBB, W. Va. AP) -- Pfc. Roland Salmons was burled with military honors. An Army honor squad fired three volleys and a lone bugler played liips over the flag-drap- id casket before It was lowered nto the ground beside the Community Church of God. Frank Salmons says he is atisfied with the way his son vns buried, but not with the vay he died. "I've, been told so many hings I don't know what to be- icve," he said before the burial on Wednesday. "Some say he yelled, some said he didn't. "But the Army Investigator .old me my boy yelled arid cried and hollered for help and nobody came." Young Salmons was on leave 'rom Ft. Eustis, Va., when he was picked up on a drunk charge early last Sunday 'morn- Ing in the community of Kermit, some 15 miles 1'roni here. He died three hours later in a windowless cell with no - jailer in attendance. ' . . · ' "I asked them why they lefi Him alone," the elder Salmons said. "They told me it was becauS' they were short-handed. Why, don't know yet what killed him I don't even know if he wa alive when they put him in there. I-didn't even find out un 1 eight' hours after his death tat lie was dead. The author- ties never even notified us, it as a man who owns a restau- ant .-In .'Hermit that- came by nd told me." '-. .'·:·!.' ".··· According to State Police Trooper Gene Wh'isman, who investigated Salmons' ' death, lie .25-year-old Vietnam veteran lied' of natural causes, although in autopsy report is still pend- ng. ' ' , , Whisman said he'interviewed hree other men in the cell with Salmons. He said he was told hat Salmons had gone to sleep shortly after being put in the cell at 1 a.m. but had awakened about an hour'later corn- gaining of, stomach pains Whisman said : he was tolc almons-died in agony about ,wb hours later. ' ' Hermit Mayor. Bill. 'Brewer aid the town's long-standinf raclice of leaving 'prisoners nattended during the nhght IRS a simple; matter of ec.o- oinics, · s : · "·'.'· · "We have .only one pollcf of- icer," he said. "And. besides, men 'have died in jails be- ore.... They've died. In this one, in fact: If a mari's.going to die, he's going to die no.matter where he is." Write-In Deadline LITTLE ROCK (AP) --' Oct 6 is the deadline for a write-in candidate to notify his county election commissioner of hi candidacy in Arkansas,. Atty Gen. Jim Guy Tucker sail Wednesday. Write-in candidates, Tucke said, must notify the commis sioners by 8. a.m. that day i order to' get their votes count ed. ' ' . · ' COMPLETE LINE · . ' ' ' O f , ; "·: - ' BUILDING MATERIALS DISCOUNT PRICES BANKAMERICAHO- MASTER CHARGE WELCOME . · · · ' · · PELIVERY SERVICE ALSO NEW HOMES AVAILABLE IM SEVERAL LOCATIONS KELLEY BROTHERS LUMBER iCO. :· · 2401 NORTH GREGG ON West Towmdlp North GUM Phone 442-2351 Visions: (a) Bi-weekly col lectio ·d for residenct vill rettuir- vllhln Die city limits and collection of commercial and Industrial fiollrf waste will be required as «t forth in paragraph 8 (O. .(b) Collection of solid waste within the city wilt be mandalory; and th« city will handle the billing of the service, ·ither as a part-of the water anri sewer Ferviee charge or fay some other appropriate means. (c) The length nf the contract for the collection of solid waste shall be for a term of not less than five (5) years with an option to renegotiate in five (5) year renewal contract. td The City proposes to adopt a permit system under which all haulers of ·olid wastn would be licensed and the successful bidder would be furnished such a license free of charze. The successful bidder will be paid a proportionate part of any monthly service charge fixed by the city and payment will be on a monthly basis. The successful bidder -ould be ·ubject to any other applicable fees now or hereinafter assessed or charged for the privilege of doing business in the city of Lincoln, Arkansas. t ( f Monthly rates would b« established by ordinance, for service on the following calefro- sidenUal the City, tor customers rles holds ros e in 1973 to $10,512, more than $800 above the previous year, but inflation kept the actual gain in purchasing power to a bare '2.1 per cent. The Cen sus Bureau r eported Wednesday that, household income in total dollars rose by 8.4 per cent from the $9,698 median recorded in 1972. The percentage boosts in total dollars and purchasing power were the same as those-reported by the Census in July [or family income, which rose to a median $12,051 in 1973. The median is the point at which half of the .incomes are above the figure and half below. Family income encompasses the 55 million units of related persons, while the nearly 700 million households, include families, .unrelated persons sharing a home .and persons, living alone. . The Census figures showed that the highest average incomes were in households in non-farm areas and headed by T. T 11. Commercial - 1 III. Commercial - 2 IV. Industrial and Institutional The categories listed above relate to Uia use of the property served. Customers in tbe Commercial - 1 category would be cfaurches or those businesses whfch deal primarily wEth Ihe general consumer and whose generation of solid waste requires collection no .more lhan twice weekly. Customers in the Commercial - 2 category woul d be churches or Ihose businesses which deal primarily wllh the general consumer and whose generation of solid waste requires collection mre than twice per week. Customers withtn the Industrial anrf Institutional Category would be those who deal primarily with other businesses and K-haols. £ The city proposes to assign each customer to ona of the above categories end to establish a procedure tinder which any customer could appeal his classification before a permanent solid waste advisory commiEfee. PROPOSALS APPLTCABI.K TO BIDS FOK DISPOSAL ONLY 9. Persons submitting a proposal to far- nfsh land for use as a solid waste dispo- Ml site shall, in addition to other genera! jWDvJaiur.i which are applicable: (a) Furnish simple drawings showtnz the location of the tract to be furnished ·ny access roads and the location of the site; men 45 to 54 years old. Jones Reports Campaign Spending LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- John Harris Jones of Pine BlufF, the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, said in a report Wednesday that he had spent $8,709 in his campaign tor the United States Senate. Jones, a lawyer and banker, indicated that all of the money came from his own .funds.. He will oppose Gov.. Dale Bumpers, the Democratic nominee, i n November. . . . Jones filed a copy of his campaign collections. and expenditures with Secretary of State Kelly Bryant. More than $6,000 of the expenditures was paid to Concept III, a Little Rock public relations and advertising firm. -4M3 FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE HAS MANY WAYS TO DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE Many fields welcome you, if you have training. Fayetteville Business College is the ideal place to train. Pick a career now. Enrollment Starting Aug. 26th through Sept. 6th Accounting the demand grows every year. Salaries at all-time high. General Office Clenr Learn the basics of Office Procedures for a .successful future. executive Secretary Mtuter basic* office skills, then specialize In business procedures, No better way to become an executive than learning up with one. Bookkeeping Expanding business means tens of thousands of new bookkeepers will be needed. Acounting, Secretarial be a top'notch Secretary and know the Company bookj too.' More and tnore women proving they can run business as well as they run homes. Barriers coming down. Salaries going up. Income Tax Special HI Butinesi Admini it ration and Accounting Part-time, ; full-llme, needed everywhere "and -the " neejl . : WHI grow. - ' ' . - * ' "·" Key Punch Learn to Key Punch the jnput computers and fill one or me 115.000 new Jobs In the next decade. FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 221 South Locust -- FayetteviUe PHONE 442-2241 Licensed by H« Sfai« of Arkansas · Department of Education VA Approved THIS COUPON WORTH $2.00 OFF the price ot Austria enffail 1QT. COVERED SAUCEPAN 55.99 Pare . YOD.S2.CO COUPON VALUE PM 53.9} WITH COUPON 9-5 thru 9-11 pasSi ! y«S'ffl^K vvwiMs.'i ',*?a$ THIS COUPON WORTH $2.00 OFF th« price of Austria email 3 QT. WHISTLING TEAKETTLE $11.1! PRICE' vnil niil)cmiPO»VM.UE P»Y S 3.59 wmtCOllHM 9-5 thru 9-11 PORCELAIN ENAMEL \ COOKWARE Fresh as spring beauty in butterfly colors to brighten your kitchen · Heavy gauge steel for even cooking · Smooth, seamless, non-porous surface resists stains...chipping · Detergent and dishwasher safe · Stay bright finish cleans like fine china · Chip proof, stainless steel beaded rims · Snug fitting lids seal in moisture- Makes a perfect gift,too. litre 30.t.wmslllng'TeAKellls . 1 Of. CVB^ed Saucepan £01. Covered Ca2ero!a a' Of en Fry Pan' 2 Qt. Covered Saucepan SOLCov. Deep Stew Pot 354 at. Coveied Cas«ro!« 10' Covered Fiy Pan Week* Cctprnd 1-S 1-8 2-9 . 3-10 4-11 5-17 6-13 7-1* Regular Price S11.93 S 5.99 $ 7.99 SS-49 S 8.99 $10.39* S 9.39 $11.99 Pike W/Coupon S 9.99 S3.99 S5.99 S7.49 S6.99 S8.99 S7.99 : $9.99 THRIRWAY 405 N, COLLEGE SOUTHS ATE EVELYN HILLS 0 WESTGATE

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