Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 5, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1974
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

---Believe/tor SBj'; AT LEAST. WHEN I TALK TO. THE SCHOOL BUIUXNS.IT usi TO WHAT I MAVETOSAV! WW?! AT LEAST IT LISTENS! I SURE CAN'T TALK TO THE PRINCIPAL 08. THE PrA OR THE BCARROF EDUCATION; /IF «XJ STANP HERE /.TALKING TO A BUILQIN6, · EVERYONE 15 60ING TO VJ KIP, I'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE OF THE CHURCH OF TKOGK?, HAS BEEN UNDER. CONSTRUCTION FOR i 200 . poor RACES FOR ALL KIPS TODAY '- ITS A C05T-OF-LIVING RAI6E--HAVENT Vvou HEARDABOUT \INF1_ATION? WHAT /AAKES M3U .J 11 THINK SOU'f?E (WORTH THAT MUCH IT TiWS 20* I A\ORE Tt-lAN SOU GET NOW.' DMCA. DONALD, WEWANTOJI? AU-OWANCE INCREASED TO 7O*. CAK) WEAR-A HEADDRESS OF OSTElCfl FEATHERS OWLY IP THEY HAVE KILLED A LION IN A BAMBOO MONEY USED IN THE I9 1h CENTURY By FRANCES DRAKE 14 "·' NorthwM* Arkanttn TIMES, Thura., S»pt. 5, 1974 , FAVKTTKVH.H, ARK«M«»» | iipiiiiiiniwiimiiiHHiiinNiiuniiiNiiiMip LESTER.L COLEMAN, M. D. Pain Killing Drugs Cause Few Addictions Lurking in the minds o f i The American people must b« cause addiction to Ihe drug. ;cency that tuberculosis is a non- It is true, but rare, that inno- cx| slet!, wiped out disease. cent addiction to sometimes occurs. narcotics This is not true. Tuberculosis is a treacherous disease which Recurrent episodes of painful ' DONT WORRY, HCW/ OATS 60T ·i- PULL IN WASHINGTON. HE'tt, 5 GET YOU O YOU -HAVE: RtOTCULEP OUR NATIONAL HERO...IOCK T. APOLOGIZE, VOUR HONOR. T.MEANT j* WSULT BV CLIMBWG.OM THAT WE JUST THOU WT ITOMAKFAOJTE PICTURE KELW DARLING, HELPME! BflLLSO'F/RE// WHAR'S THAT i DODBURM DRflFT COMIN' FROM? SCORti£D-eY-$W\Ne IS I TRY TO £. PALEFACe, 8UT NOT MY PISHOFTSAr I GLAPTOBEWITH . MV RBS FRIENPS AGAIN TTf HOO-HA !T HE f/C7T REAL/Z£ //OW A.RAVEN NUTLEY IS we ws 0a*r/esr ITS PROBABLY A , P5Y£MOL06ICAU THINS! --:TV)ROYV YOIJK SHOUL'DRS 8ACK AMP WALK LIKE M AM'THAT you WHATD THE MEPICIME. MAM SAV Aeour YOUR 50R£ TMUMB, MOTHER ? CAM Ste THAT 60T A BY- THE WAV ' PRO0LEM"- YOU'Rfc-WALKINS.' -ALL SLUMP£P OVER,' I WOMPGK IP rr \WOULP PICK UP PERMANENT R6COPD OP STUFF / BOO-HOO-THEM YOU'RE SITDMS M THAT TUB SIMGIWG LCVE SONGS ASOUT SOME OTHER DASWOOD 8UMSTEAC3, E YOU TRYIMG TO T=LL ME I'M (SETTlsJS GRAY HAIR Your Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and -find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1974 ' ARIES--(Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A mixed sort'of day. You are in the midst of changing situations, some controversy,- some highly interesting opportunities. Work v .matters out with youi usual" foresight. - TAURUS-r-(Apr. 21 to May 21) Avoid tendencies toward restlessness, indecision. Protect yourself and others against dubious schemes, deceiving appearances and lack of restraint. GEMINI--(May Jime 21) You may he up against some unusual competition, in your field, so keep alert. .With', your fine intelligence, you should be able to oulrun'tlie best. '.. CANCER--(June 22 to July. 23) T\yo admonitions for this'day Avoid impetuosity and don' drop a project which, even though slow-moving, is essen tially productive, in favor o one whose outcome is dubious. LEO--(July 24 to Aug. 23) You may feel disturbed a certain reactions to your effort, and fail to understand them Don't' retaliate in anger. Tall things over: You can straighten things out. VIRGO--(Aug. 24 lo Sept. 23) Entrust your affairs only t the trustworthy if you MUS' put' them in other hands but where possible," handle' wha you. can. yourself. Curb emo tions. LIBRA (Sept. M to Oct. 23) If faced with a "sticky problem, don't turn your bac on it. Face it squarely, analyz carefully and you will reach solution more quickly. SCORPIO--(Get, 24 to Nov. 22) The busier the day ,the mor efficient you often become. Bu be careful now not to oyerla yourself by taking on loo mucl on'l waste time on nones- entials. AGITTARIUS-- (Nov. 23 to ec. 21) Don't . split hairs when it omcs to making irraportan roves or decisions. Neither iversify your activities Ilia on accomplish tellingly in one. iAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20 Do not become involved i; matters which 1 do not reallj :oncern you, but DO take nterest in new trends within our own field. \QUARIUS-- (Jan, 21 to Feb 9) A highly favorable A n d t h e r e ' s more sti " hi fi' 1 °" lne list ot kidney stones and gall bladder 'communicable infections. disease need strong medication: It. cannot be denied that there to offer relief. For years, m o r - i h a s been a constant, pro- phine and similar drugs and : gressive decline in the fre- chemiculs have been used to quehcy and severity of tuber- control Ihe acute pain of many iculosis. Belter nutrition, the diseases. · antibiotics and specific anti-Today. relief from pain can'luberculpsis drugs have been be obtained with non-addictive responsible. drugs in order to c l i n v n a ! e i ; . e B ut it must be emphasized hazards of inadvertent addic- tna t chronic coughs must be in- llon - . . . ,, , vestigaled so that the early In most instances, all drugs recognition of tuberculosis can are used for such a short period ! point the way to active Creator time that the threat of de- ment and rapid recovery. - of a child, adolescent orVduft "mpncauons of can occasionally he responsible for persistent cough. A tiny, .crvo in the outer ear cana! · Dr. Coleman welcomes letters an be stimulated by the wax from readers, and. while ha o produce a complex reflex re- cannot undertake lo answer ponsible for a cough. each one, he will use queslions Doctors have made the obser- in his column whenever possible nation that when they remove and when they are of general vax from the ear canal a interest. Address your letters lo pendence onla^er'amounts'of "'»' ^7he "to* sccrrt! ""-- ^n^T ^^probl^to^atten^ It is a strange but true nhe °^ " lc ' r doctor early and conse- ·udden, result. explosive cough may Dr. Coleman in care of" Northwest Arkansas TIMES. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) day. than "ne avenue by which 'to gain - ·our personality and manner 6 ipproach not the least amonf hem. ' · PISCES-- (Fe.i. 20 to Mar. 20) A partial change of routine · alteration of apce can ener gizc your being now, just a change of scenery or some recreation uplifts. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a bright, quick mind and willingness to put tremendous energy .into any worthwhile endeavor. You are original in your thinking and your ideas are progressive but you are, at times, too self-- :onscious to advance them in :he right places. Try to curb the feelings of self-doubt which assail you and the inhibitions which could slow your progress. Speak up! You will surely be lieard. You are extremely versatile and could acheive outstanding success in the fields of science, the law, medicine, statesmanship. teaching or literature. Commercial design and the theater would he excellent .outlets for your creative talents. Traits to curb: Mood- incss and a tendency to be overexacting with members oi your family as well as business associates. South dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH * 10 9 8 V . Q J 9 » K 10 2 + 8 6 5 4 ' WEST EAST * A K J 7 6 5 2 * Q 4 V 4 - » 7 3 2 Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Donkey 4 Meadow 7 Famous violin maker KChart 13 Fortify 14 Frenzied IS'Pub specialty 18 Pattern 18 Feminine name 19 Auctions SO Goals 22 Snare 23 Bundle '27 Hovel 29 More sacred 31 Salaries 34 Addition to. bill 35 Discharges 37 Dance step '38 Wagers 39 Also 41 Turf squares Shapes 47 Witfy saying 43 Kangaroo, for. one 52 Twilight 53 Pseudonym 54 Lyric poem 55 "Torn to the right" 56 Sloping passages 57 Recent 58 Snake DOWN 1 Astonish 2 Reception hall 3 Dispatch 4 Folds 5 Wandering 6 Soap plant 7 Hebrew prophet 8 Small rug 9 Some 10 Summit 11 Chill 17 Hebrew letter Avg. solution time! 22 min. Arawer to yesterday's prate. 21 Outdoor shelters 23 Ecstasy 24 Assistance 25 Confederate general' 26 Transgress 28 Employ 30 Money of account 31 Involved scheme 32 Woodsman's tool 33 Eviscerate 36 Halt 37 Perfumed ointment 40 Constellation 42 Greek 1 letter 43 Pigeons 44 Precipitous ·15 Commotion 46 Killed 48 Deface «Wing 50 Border 51 Weaken 21 Z7 35 16 28 45 22 3S 4O 14 n- 29 30 3T 34 46 23 41 24 42- 4T 52 5S ?8 25 43 26 -44 » J 8 6 3 * Q 9 4 + Q J 9 7 2 SOUTH *3 » A K 1 0 8 6 5 A 7 5 * A K 1 » nlerihg dummy wilh a trump ncl returning a club. East followed low. and Soulh nserted the t e n , which held. Vith this dangerous hurdle surmounted, South was well on his vay to making the slam. After laying three more rounds of rumps and cashing the A-K of lubs. declarer arrived at Ihia position: North A10 * K 10 + 3 The bidding: .onto West North 3V East Pass Opening Jead - ktng of spades Pake · a tcaspoonful of luck dd a teaspoonful of skill, stii ell. and you can sometime* eate a most delicious concoc on. Declarer, made use of this ex optionally fine recipe ii day's hand and so producei slam that, bordered on thi liraculous. West led the king of spade nd continued with the ace hich declarer ruffed. At thi oint there was not, much hop ir the contract, but Soutl layed for his best chance b; West *J . » J 8 6 South V10 East · Q 9 4 ! *Q ' South led his last trump and West, who could not spare the jack of spades, discarded a diamond. Declarer thereupon discarded his now useless spade from. dummy and East, who could not afford . lo part with tha queen of clubs, also threw a diamond. As a result, South won the last three tricks with the K-A-7 of diamonds and made , the slam. The luck consisted or finding East vyith the Q-J of clubs, the skill consisted of planning and executing a double squeeze. South's careful mixture of these two ingredients produced a souffle par excellence. PONYTAIL *^an you believe it?.. .My parents left the room whea the best entertainmeat of the evening came on!" ' Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than I ] f a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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