Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1952
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2 NOtTIHOtiT/MKAMUIHAW, fry****.*, AriMMM/fcfwrfey, April 2*, 1M2 ·.'*' T.. 1 '^ Church News £i.4^^j!' ''"^^ f|Buchanan To Speak Presbyterian Services he served 30 yeara,* ·· tauf ht hi j t ft Hltf Mf r the mathematics departments ofj 1 ' TM the Universities of Wisconsin a n d j » ri-.» f» i Tennessee. | 10 11056 iCfVICCS The choir will sing Arcadelt's! ,. H .Har'per, Citing .range"Hear My Prayer," and the or- ^ ,,,' AbUmtt Texu w)11 preach ganist will play Bach's: "Fantasia[Saturday-evfrJifij on "God Had A, in C Minor" for the prelude and i Law." Sunday "morning his subject ttijruc In C Minor for lhe»postludc. 1 w i l bl! "Do You Know the Shep-Adagio" by Guilmant will be the herd of the 23rd Psalm? " |Jn«i : ^fe«byterl«n.Church USA, Ml£-oth«? churchea cooperating] vaUi-"lht: · National Council of raurafeiy.will (five recognition tomorrow, to the church colleges, ·lid-: m» . responsibilities of the ihurchtih higher education. The Ce*Wal.Tr«sbyterian Church will ibcttftfthe day by bavin* Dr. H. E. Buch»n»n, aclins president of ia.;rCdllege of the Oznrks at ea«jWffl«, speak. *'liw : resbyfer!in Church USA £«" '*·' colleges In the U. S., with I total enrollment of: some .12,000. The College of the Ozarks, is one of the smaller college; of this group. It is Under the supervision of the Synod of : Oklahoma, of which Arkansas Is one presbytery. The. Central Presbyterian Church li contributing $500 this year from 1 , " regulir budget to the College the Otarks b«yond the eontrl- it(6ri ; given to the work of fh« JSffUonal Board of Chrlitiin Bit ucntion which htlpl ill: H colleges. ·" "r';, 1 : /'.. ··· ,Dr. Buchanan, native of Cane Hill and.reildtnt of Prairie Grove, jfcame acting v pr«ldenl fof the CblJege of tht-Osarki September Ij of '.lajt ear. He Is the ritlred Sad of the Tulant" Uriiftftity offertory. The church Is currently con- Special services will be conducted si 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon in which 20 congregations of the 4-'. ducting a drive for its share of! Churches of Christ in this area $12,GuO,OOu"- National. Building Fund campaign, which is to. go Tor building new churches In un', : j churched commuhidos'and the ex-. ipnnsion and Improvement of the c!\ur?h's nine seminaries. To date about $2,200 .of the church's goal has been raised. Lindloff To Leave For-Washinglpn, D. C.* The National College CommlSr sion nf Ityc Kpiscopal Church will meet nt the Washington Cathedral. Washington, D,' C., Tussday through May 5. The Rev, Mark's J. Lindloff. rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, chairman of the Seventh Province, will make the report lor the Seventh District on . ·'"!·' jCollcire Strategy and present the mathematicg department, scn'InR request Jor grants and aid, the thert for 10 years with the Mile of placement of college' chaplains and '"dlitlnguished nervice professor." financing of college foundations. Dr. Buchanan Is » graduate of the The commission will lay plans University and received . . . . . . . . . 'will participate. Mr. Harper, an authority on the subject, will sneak on "Church Government," In concluding the meeting Mr. Harper will speak Sunday evening on "The Glorious Church, the Bride of Christ." Fred McClung, minister of the church, says the meeting has resulted in 19 baptisms.find !9 rs- 'oratlon. for the college exhibit for the m«.1t«r'« and doctor's degrees from General Convention which will the University of Chicago^ Before meet'In Boston, Mass., in Sep- jolnlnf the staff at Tulanc, where Comber. ' Moody Alumni Fellowship Plans Meet In Kingston · Revival Services Close At First-Baptist The Fir«t Baptiit Church closed its 10-day revival service Wednesday night, conducted by the Rev. Milton DePriest of Fort Worth. Amoni; those coming to unite with the church,'18 came by letter from other Baptist churches am 47 came on i profession of faith lor baptism. Besides these, 78 came for rededication; one called to the foreign mission field) two called to the ministry; live or more have indicated their acceptance of the call to full-time religious work. Select From Hiis List the .Church of Your Choice... Then Attend . f c : ' * - . · , ' · . · : · - ·'· · · - ' . · - · · · - . - - · · . · ' · . · . , . IT BAPTIST L JOHMOJI, Pa m tiijeaf Hiliaal , t , m Meiniliif; Wwihlp 1 1 ."·-·?»»·} ,J*}2s;» Cfc COWARD ~',WUUtai aV, Olawrn, $l:tta,a».Cbu.nai8eit: 'Krmon: "Three Sourcel o( Trulft - «:» p. m. Junior fellowship · - - I:M p. m. Jr.-HI fellowihlp .i.MO p, « WeitJalnner relloyihlp itufeat Ctntar. HiWUt Mapli ftrejt -Dttctn'l Meeting, Tuwday at 7:Jo ,',,Jpittilet Vtoatlon Church School in- ttliutt, Friday. i:!o i. m. ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL MAtuvt i LWDLorr RMIM Second iundty Altar latter "" ~ g:0o a m holy communion .'",-*» a m i family Hrvte* 11.00 a, m Htly etMMniejtttgM , «:SO p. m.:Yennt Churchmen" CENTRAL METHODIST O L DYKX1 JB Pastor , ·:*. I ir. COIiege · student collte ' · · t:to a m. aunart Ib,is a m ttonuna Worihli Anthem: "From · Kfypt'i Bo Come"--P«W '·'..' Solo: "Come Ve Bltlitd"--Scolt-- .Fanny Rlct Sermon: D. L. Dykti, Jr. ~ IM a m weiicy tognoatlon :W p. m Youth ,Oroup 1:90 p m Eveiilnf Mrviet Antium: "crtatt IK Mt a Clean Heart"--Seholln: , . .. , - · Special Muilc: Violin Solo by Mri. "fcnn My Mother Sang"--Dvorak Sermon p. L. Dykes, Jr., Broadctit oytr KGRH / ·*· /, FIRST CHRISTIAN BOBEHT MorriTt. Piator 1:49 a. m. Sundty School 10:00 t. m. Sunday School Cltsiei 10:50 a. m. Morning Worihlp 1:00 p. m D. S. F. «:» p m Chrutian Youlh fellow- ahlp tnd Chi ".no- Fellowihlp ST. JOHN'S LUTHErlAR ^ Arkaiuit and D.cklon T«, ill or I? nilDcSlCK 5tmz. Pallor f:30 t m Sundav School *« t: m. Adult Bible Clau 10 ID t. m Nuriery openi 10:U a m Sunday- worship ·AnUiem: "Praise to (ht Lord, tht Almighty"--Straisuna · sermon: 'The Goodneii and Merc) Which Follow You All the Dtyi o Your LI!e"-Pialrt 21 · · 4. PIRBT CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIENTIST f:M a. m Sunday School 11:09.a m Sunday Service 1:41 p m. KCRH Sunday Radio Program wedneiday. 1:41 p m.. mealing Retalng . Room In church open each day except Sanday and holiday*. GREENLAND CHUhCH OP CHRIST OKIE SALVER. Hlnllttl 10:a0 a m Church sehoeL 1I:W a m Serruat 11 41 a -fn Communion Service 1:30 e m Sona Service and Bible ·tudy. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC rATMTJI EDWARD II MALOY. Pallor Sunaay Maisei 1:00 and 10.00 t m Thtirlday. 7:SO p. m Novtni Miiiee. Devotion* Weekday Mast, Monday through grotty, 7 ~«turdty Mm. 1:00 a m ~ 1 frtdty Matt. 7:gB a as . Saturday Maw. 7 M t. a* , vvmtttlunl: f«0 t6 MM p m and )j»f»ro all Manes .... or CHRIST ._,.._ McCLUNO, Minuiar A tTaal Center and North Locust t*M···. m Blhle ttudr. a. an. Momlni Wonhlp ii.fB p. ill ClaHet tff.'ga · m Worship Sirvlci »:« a a». wadntidiy. Ltditi llblc MOCK STREET N. T. CHURCH (CENTRAL CHRISTIAN) · miU HUCKtLBUIU. 1'iiurf ~ -Ml -watt Hock, r»e ·:u a. m. Bundiy School irt* a. m Slblt Kunooi Iliat a. m W.mhl» ttnrlc* MuiUon , . ComMui t:U p. m.'-Yuuth tteetlnt · T:3t"-Cvenlbrf Cvanue'.ittto Service tM Communion -' f:N -p.- m, Wdtineeday-Prayer .«t»iini · 1:30.- p. m. Wedneiday, Teacher TramiRt Cltaa CHURCH Of THE NAZARENE i. O. COROCLL, I'sltor S*uth Locul! Strtel · aiwO to 1:11 a, .n. Rad'o Program-- :...'t:tt a. m. Sunday School · Hilt a. m Mornlni Wnrihip '. .I:M p n. N. ¥. P. S. Prayer Mnt- IM J:tl p m t. Y. P.'S. Proiram I:U p. tn. Adult Prayer Band 1:N p. m. fjvtnctllittc Service . WedotKUy. T:» p m.. Prayer Meet- THundl)'. 1:00 p. m., Vlitlttlon · · · ' -t- · BaplUI rorrt Co'mmunltT Church " rint Sunday ll:oo t. m. Rev Dean Parker Second Sunday lliM t. m Rev D M tauOrbtck · Third Sunday. 11:00'a. m Rov. Alfred Whiteley Fourth Sunday: 11:00 t. m Rov V. C Irwl* 10:00 a. m lach S'inday, Sunday Sihool TON METHODIST A L RIGOS. I'aitor 10:00, -a m Sunday School : 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p m. Preaching Servlcat on Fourth ana Fttth Bundnyf CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BILL BAHNE8, Pallor M7 Douflai Street f:4 a m Sunday School. . 7:00 i m Kvenlilf Worihlp WEST FORE BAPTIST R K RUED. Caiior ·:4 a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Mornlna Wouhtp ? :9B p m. Baptiit Training Union :M p m evening Worihip BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROV W RCCD. Castor Ml Mlulon Street ' *:|5 a- m Sunday School 11:09 t m Mornlni Worship 1:90 p m Tralnlnl Union 7:10 p m Evtnlnc Service Midweek Pray** Service--Wednesday p. m. - t 7 CENTRAL BAPTISl' JACK DEAN Pastor t:4ft a m ttunday e^hool. I9:0 t m Mornlna Worship. 7:M p m Biphit Tralnlnl Count. 1.00 p m Cvenlni Worihlp t:00 p n Wednesday. Prayer ser- Vlct. FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY UIBUS Pastor 10:00 a' m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Preachma. . 7:15 p m IvanaelliUc service Wednesday. 7:30 p m . Midweek Prayer Service. Friday. 7:30 p m PYPA berv~« BLACK OAE BAPTIST HOWARD PRICHAKD Pastor 10:00 a m Sunday School ll:M t m Preachlnl service atnlni Union. ^ reaching Scrvlofe p m Prayer mcetlni GOSHEN METHODIST S H YANCEY, Ptslor . 10:00 I m Kimday School. 11:00 t m Mornlni Worship Y:00 p m Evenlnl VTorihlp r AYETTEVILLE BIB-E MISSION 100 SLOCK SOUTH COU.EUH, Interdenominational ^ HOMER MOUTTET. Pallor ·:4S a m Sunday bcitool. lj:00 a m Murnlng Worship ? -|5 o m Youni Peoples Services 00 p m Evangelistic Service, Junior Choir will meet Saturday at I n m Wedneiday.-7:30 p m,. Prayer Meet- Inl SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST RE/ E MORUAN. Pastm RLIf: MOSTFLLF.R. Anlitanl Pallor 10.M a m Sunday .School 7:» p m Evtnltllltlc Mtlllge Wednesday prayer mtetlni at 7:30 p m. HIGHLAND COMMVNITT _ Study (or ill tgtt V?^^ 611 "" 011 naxowsHip VMe» 11 a. m. : a m a :00 p m Trat :00 fa m Prt huriday 7:» p 1:00 Th 10:M ^ m Sunday lirhixii 11:11 a m Morning Worihip. W«dneida» «ight 1:io p. m.. Praytr LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH F.ME C COLF.MAN. Pmlor 10:00 i. m. Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Wqrshlp ·M p m. Tralnlnl Union .M p. in. evening Worihlp lEHOVAH'S W.TNCTSES 3rd Floor Red Cross Urue Hide Wedneiday, 7:30 p m Book Ktude. Friday. 7:30 p m alervice meeting Friday. «:» p m.. Theocratic Mm- tltry School Sunday. 3:00 p m., Walchtower Study ·ECONO BUTIST N V DRAKE. Pasldr ·:4S a m Sunday tcnM!. v 10:4} a m Morning Wnrihlp. 7:00 p m Evening Worihlp. Wudneiday. · p rq. Prayer Service WEST FORK ABSEMBLT OF GOD BRJVNHAM and STEELE. Palton 1:45 A. m. Sundny School 11:00 Morning Worship fi:ao p. m. Christ Ambaaiador Service ~ 6:30 p. m. Junior C. A Service 7:30 p. m. fvanfte'liitlc Service Wcdneiday at 7:»l p. m.--Prayer Meeting and Hlble Study RRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH P»luri-Rtv. Olha Tackett and Rev Rex Morgan , 10:00 t. m Sunday School 11:00 a. m Sermon 7:30 p m. Evening Service 6:00 p. m Friday night. Bible Itudy and prayer mectlnl 4- WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON. Pallor South Church and^Tfttrd Streeta 9:45 a m. - Chttrco Acnool il-oo a. m Morning Worihip A:^0 p m. Youth Fellowship 7:30 p m Evening Worihip WEST FORK.CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBELL. Minister 9:15 a. m Church School 1I:OJ a. . n i ' Morning Worship and .'omniunlon Preaching every flrai tnd third 4. .'OHNSON CHURCH Of CHRIST BILL E SMITH. Minister 10:00 n m. Bible Study. 10,50 « m Worship Service 6:30 p m YtiunR People's Classes 7:30 p m Worship Service . Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. SON'S CHAPEL 5 MILES EAST ON HIGHWAY i t):.?0 n. m Sunday School Superintendent--Turner Brown Auxiliary every tourtn Monday 1:00 p, m. FAHMINQTON BAPTIST O M KKE1S. Haiitor IO:dO A m Sumla^ School 11:00 a m Mnrnlni Worship 6:3ti p m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 p m Evpnlcllstlc Service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meet- FAHMINGTON METHODIST \ - R1CGS. Paslor 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m. and 7:30 p. m Preachlni Service on First. Second and Third Sundays NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD S A M U K L E URUCK. Pastor 1000 ft in Sunday School 11'00 n m Sermon 7:,10 n m. Evangelistic Service Tuesday. Vounf People'! C A Her vices. 7:30 n m Friday. Prayer Service. I 4S p m. PAHKSDALE BAPTIST I I K N N K K DAVIS. Pastor A H L K N MOSTCLLAIt. Pastor 10.00 a m Sundfty School 7:30 p m Evangelistic Message Wednesday. 7:30 p m- Prayer Meeting rrldiy. 7:30 f m. Yotng Peoples meeting. ' JOHNSON BAPTIST CHUHCH E M I.OGUK. I'aslor 10 0(1 a m Sunday School 11:1X1 a m Worship Seivlcea 7:00 p m Tralntni: Union 1:00 p m Evening Service Wednesday. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Matt* SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 31 SOUTH STREET SATURDAY- lo.oo a- m Sanhath School II 00 n m C n u i r h Service TucKdfly, 7JO p m Prayer fneejlnl SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W R SHAFT, Pftlior Kix Milri nnrihwesi 10;0* a, m Sunday School 11:00 i. m, Mornlni Wnrihip 7:30 p m Eveiuni Worship Wednesday, 7:90 p. m.. P r a y · Meetini CHUHCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K D KI.BTClir.n. F.ldtr Sludtnl Union Blut Room 10:30 a m Sundae f«heol WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Sunday School 10:30 a m CALVARY TABERNACLE 3.1 Eut South Street BERYL E BETH. PasMr 10:00 a. m. Mornlni Service 2:30 p m. Deliverance Message ant Praye.- 7:45 p. m. Evangelistic Services 7:30 p. . m Wednesday. Tarrylni Service! 7:30 p m Saturday. Teitlmonla Service WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BREWER. Pallor tint AM T«J|« tiiittfi Sunday School 9:30 a m. Evenlni Wonhlp 7:30 p. m. ·» e«i AM Pant* luiilaii Mornlni Wonhlp »:30 a ta. Sunday School 10:30 a m Cvtnini Worship 7:30 p. m. WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH 10:00 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornlni worihlp Sermoni: Second and Fourth Sun- dayj-Rev. 'John Asbell Third Sunday-- Riv. ViriH Erwln CARL FIEDLER. Pallor I0:0« a:, i,. Sunday School. ll'W a. m Worship Services. 7:30 p m Worship Service*. SYCAMORE BAPTIST CHURCH Wheeler. Art. ' C. M. 1'ElfJI. Ptitor , 10:00 t. m. Sundty School 10:45 a. m. Morning Worihip 7:00 p. m. Baptist Training Union 7:SO p m. Evening Worihlp ^Wfdneadty TM p. m.. Mid-week CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF COD CI3 South College H. L BAYLESS, pallor a:45 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Worship 6:W p. m. Young People'l meellng 7:» p m Evangelistic Service 7:30 p m. Thursday, Prayer netting. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Maple and West Streets ELDER A D. STUCKEY. Pastor 1:45 a. :r..Sundy School 11:00 a. m Mornln'r. Worship 6:30 p. m Training Service 7:30 p m. Evening Worship- Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Prayer Service and Bible Study IMMANOEL BAPTISl CHURCH 0 W MORRISON. Pastor Corner Duncan tnd Stont t:30 a. m. Sunday School ln:.15 Mornlns Worsnlp Sermon: "John's Lasl Testimony 6-li Baptist framing Union 7:30 Evening Worship Sermon: "The Stlrred-Up Spirit" Wedneaday. a p. m.. Pfayei Service FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD WALKER. Pastor 9:45 a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m. Preaching. 6:00 p m Y. P. Clasa. 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Service*. *:30 p m. Friday. Bible study. 7:30 p m. Tuesday. C. A. service + ^ OAKLAND BAPTIST iSix Miles Nortneiall I. S WHITELEY. Pastor 10:00 t. m Sundty School. 11:00 a m Morning Worship. 7:30 p m BYPTC 1:30 p m. Evening Worship Wednesday, 7:30 p. m Pnyer meet- ng 4- PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JCSSER. Pastor iHlfhwky II Witt) 10:00 a. m Sundty School. 11:00 I m Mornlni Worship. 7:30 p. m. Training Union It:l5 p. m. EvtngeTistic Service Wednasdiy. ft p. m.. Prayer Mert Ing Friday, 7:30 p. m., Youth Muslca Profiram Monthly 7 p. m.. Third Friday Fellowship Supper. Brotherhood and W. M. U. Meetings GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOR CORNELIUS. Pastor 9.45 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornlni Worship Tnuriday 7 HO p m., midweek tee ivtt led by the Rev Jack Taylor. APOSTOLIC FAITH CHUHCH NCOLA MOORK. Pnl-or Highway 71 South 10:00 t m Sunday School \ 11:00 a m Mornlni Ssrvict ':* p m Ivangellitlc Servlet Wedneaday, 7:M p m., Mid wtek service ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Neftd J W WIBB Pallor 10 JC a m Sunday uchooi 1I:M a m Morning Worihip ft-00 p m Yrnmi tVople'i mMtlni 1:00 p m Cvanftnitu Aarvicti ST. JAMES METHODIST iNatrro! A I. BUCHANAN Pallor 1:45 a m lusldly Brhool. 11:00 a at Moralni Woriklp 4:41 p m Youlh rtllowlMp. ;:M p m Hllht Senicea. i'A Cpttirrtunlty Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule Wwfeffl Got Co. · Boston Store «Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-BelI ifl* Oriifl Store · Hot field Pont loc Co. · Hunt's · Ozark Cleaners *0zork Grocer Co. . rVtnty Co, t.W. 6. Shipley Baking Co.. Inc. ·Southwestern Gat Electric Co. ·Vicker's, Inc. itM Moidr Ca. ' . Alumni of the "Moody filble in-i atitut*.'in. Washington County will aUaiid'.'.(rie'rspring meeting of the OrarlTMobdy Alumni Fellowship Monday in Kingston, where 'they will be tnterlaincd oy the Rev. Justin Knorr, superintendent of the Kingston Schools. Their semi-annual dinner will be served at 6 p. .m., in the new dining room of the Kingston High School, and the honor guest, Dr. Herbert Lockycr of Chicago, executive secretary ofiMoody Alumni Association, will report on recent developments at the institute. A special feature of the spring meeting will be a community-wide evangelistic rally Rt 8 p. m., in the Kingston High School Auditorium to which the general public has been invited. Moody alumni to l)e featured on the program are the Rev. Paul Cooke; Lurton, song leader; Mrs. Frances West, Ozark, pionist; Lcvine Quartette, Ozark; Miss Marie Olcson,Ha5ty, testimonies. The film, "Hidden Treasures," produced by the Moody Institute of science, will be shown. As a closing and climatic feature of the evening, Dr. Lockyer will present a message on the subject, "Treasurer For Christ." Alumni members U) this county are Mrs. Leon J. Glazier, Jefferson H. Smith and the Rev. Samuel M. Yancey," all of Fayettevillc; Mrs. Russell " Beukema . and the Rev. Olch R. Findley, Lincoln; the Rev. and Mrs. Myron C. Parsons, Prairie Grove; Miss Jewel M. Hortoit and Miss Carol L. McCormlck, Springdale; and the Rev. and Mrs. Floyd W. Parker, winslow. The Executive Committee In charge of arrangements includes: the Rev. Lawrence Mitchell, Al- pcna, president; the Rev. North E. West, Ozazrk. vice-president: and Miss Helen Taylor, Gravette! secretary. All dinner reservations should be sent to Mrs. Taylor. Announcements. St. Paul'a Episcopal Church The Spring Ingathering of the United Thank Offering and a Corporate Communion for the women of St'. Paul's Parish will be held at the 11 o'clock service tomorrow morning. Ste. Mary's Chapter will meet Monday at 2:30 p. m.. with Mrs. C. J. Finger, Gayycta Lodge, Highway 62, west. St. David's Chapter will have a dinner meeting Monday at 6:30 p. m., at the Parish House. Wesley Davis will give the last in a series of lectures on the Holy Scriptures. The General Auxiliary Board, will meet Wednesday at 10:30 a. m.', 1 in the Guild Room. First Baptist Church A general W.M.U, meeting will be held Monday at 12:30 p. m., in the Educational Building. Circle one will be in charge of the program and Circle two will be hostesses. The First Baptist Church will have a baptismal service at the beginning of the evening worship hour Sunday for all those who have joined the church on profession of faith and have not yet been baptized. Candidates for baptism are asked to be in the dressing rooms by 7:15 p. m. St. John Lutheran Church A course in Christian Fundamentals will be offered at St. John's Lutheran.Church, Arkansas and Dickson, beginning April 27. Meetings will be -held on Sunday mornings from 9:30 until 10:30 o'clock, in the pastor's study, first door tp the left as you enter the student center. In this .course Lutheran beliefs will be compared with the teachings of the Bible. Though the course 'is primarily designed as a preparation for church membership, anyone who is interested in investigating the Lutheran position is invited to enroll. Lutherans Plan Bible School At" its'last Wednesday meeting life. Sunday School staff of the Lutheran Church ' resolved to condue't a Vacation Bible School Sessions xvil! begin oh June 2, and will be held from 9:30 to'11:30 o'clock every weedday morning except Saturday tor a. period of two weeks. The curriculum' will include workbook studies of stories from the.Biblc/ Christian music and art, and filmstrip ideograms of fundamental Christian beliefs. Materials will be graded tp reach the level of every child from ages · three through 13. · Facilities for about 50 -children will be provided in'the-BUident Center at Arkansas and Dicjuin. Supervisors will be the following: Bible-study, Harold Tessmann; n.nsic, Mrs.. F. A. Gumz; art and handicraft,"MT». Arthur Pete^m: and audio-visual aids, the-Re". F. A. Gumz pastor. Provision Is being made tc' supply at least one lEcicher for every 10 pupils. May Fellowship Luncheon-Program Scheduled Here The May Fellowwship luncheon sponsored by the Fayetteville Council of Church Women will be held Friday at 12:30 p. m., at the First Christian Church, with Mrs. P. T. Verhbeff as chairman. Special guests, will be ministers of the participating churches, foreign students on the campus, and offjfers of the United Christian Youth Council. Mrs. J. R. Boston will lead the prayer service as part of the Fellowship program, to begin at 2 o'clock that .afternoon in the church. Miss Lola Mae Carr of St. James Methodist Church will read the scriptures and Dr. Joe Bill Hall will speak on "Spiritual Security," in- keeping with the National Family Week, May 4 through May 11. Mrs. -Verhocff will expplain the 'ppurposes of the. nationwide May Fellowship Program. Hillside Adventures · Br FRED 8TARR Unitarian Fellowship Professor Boyd C. Shafer will be the speaker tomorrow at* the | meeting of the Unitarian Fellow-' ship at 11 a. m., in the Game Room of the Student Union. Shnf- er, who is professor ot history at the University, has for his topic, "Can There 3e a Peace Settlement in Korea?" He has just returned from a week's conference in San Antonio, sponsored by the Brooking* Institution, attended by members of the defense and state departments " ntl representatives of southern universities. The usual question and answer discussion will follow the talk. Church school will be held nt the same hour. . Central Christian Church Tomorrow will be Family Day at Central Christian Church with a pot luck dinner to be served 1 following the service. There will be recognition 01 the largest family attending-. Osark Firat Baptiit Church Evangelist A. L. Lcako of Fay- cttevllle Ig conducting a revivn. at the First Baptist Church of Ozark, with meetings iont,puing this Sunday. Choir Given Proiram * Rogers, Ark.-(Speclal)-The Col- leie of the Ozarks chnpcl choir presented their sixth annual program Thursday night at tin First prcjbyterlan Church In Rogers, under direction of Nell Zumwalt. The choir'* spring tour /opened April 2!) and will close Mry 4. . Becau/e of coal mine mcchsnl- zatlnn, an American miner can produce about ait much coal In a day «i J.ipanrtA mirier produces la i month. Time is a strange element. Constantly we complain about not having enough of it, and in the same breath we talk, about killing it. We ougM'er be powerful careful about how we throw it around for it is -the very stuff of which life is made. What we're really trying to get at is that, lack of time has prevented us answering a stack of mail. There's Oscar Taylor, over in the Sooner state. Oscar has sent along an accoun} of how happy he was to return from a recent vacation. You know mostly the nicest part about-a vacation is getting back home. Oscar says it's a mighty fine thing to get back home after seeing a few deserts and a little cobblcwork mankind has thrown up and called it by some big name. From his argument about cities, I gather he had the same opinion of them that the old boy did who tried to dig his toe into the concrete and remarked that it was no wonder they built a town there; the soit was not fitten for nothin' else. This Oscar feller who has gadded about quite a spell says it's good to get back to do a few chores, drive a fow. nails, paint a screen door, and chop some firewood, and at the same time listen to the birds sing and the ducks and geese fly over.' He says you can't beat the Ozarks, no matter what the name of your range of hills. Don Tanner .over at Stillwater, writes in to assure trs the latch- siring is always out'at his house. He had just received . word his boy was corqing home from Korea, and he was walking on air. Talked to one woman yesterday whose boy came home from Korea all right, hut not before a sniper's bullet got him. To her the war will never end, and she was very bitter. It's all very confusing. Sonic say we want to keep the fire from spreading. Others say, "Baloney" to that. Of course it is much easier for those of us who haven't burned to thinlc our intervention might have Its merits. You'd have a hard time making the mothers who have lost sons see that. Mrs. Clyde Barry of Nowata, writes to extol the beauty of her recently acquired farm, and how she loves the lovclipesj of nil blooming things. The day her letter came there blew in a couple from Denver who · want a farm hereabouts He can stand lots" of beauty, but the chiggers he can't take. My pa used to say you Just plain can't get all the squirrels up one tree. If you could there'd be a heap of people there wtlh guns and you still would be at a disadvantage.'If a body Is going to live in thene hllli, he'll have to learn to enjoy) scratching. When you take the hill* there i* folng to be a lot of chlgscrs, tlckf,' files, measure. Every place has Its measure. Every placet ** "* drawbacks, but most people think these hills have fewer than mom place. That'i a matter of opinion, of course. The npnt that Itches can get to bn mighty big sometimes In iplte of all the placet that don't. i » About one person out of every CO In the United Statei completed a Red Crosi health, Mfely or other courie provided by th«. Red Crou In 1131. Newest III Submarine, Shorter Fister Than Others^ Goes On Display Washington-(/Pi-The submarine Trigger--new, compact and full of gadgets--was moored here today to shpw defense officials and Congress members the long strides being made in undersea warfare. Tne Trigger, powered with the ne-.v radial-type diesel engines, has a higher speed submerged 'than on the-surface, due primarily to-the lear-drop streamlining of her hull. The speeds attained are secret. Shorter than present fleet submarines., including the Guppy class boats, and v.-ith a different hull design, the Trigger can r.aneuver better than the long, narro'.v-hull- ed craft. A small turning circle is highly important to a submarine in both offensive and-£vaslvc operation. Skipper of the Trigger, which was commissioned at New London, Conn., last month, is Comdr. Edward L. Beach. He was executive officer of tne former Trigger which sank 27 enemy ships and damaged 13 others in Pacific operations in World War II. The old Trigger was lost after Beach was assigned to another sub. Topside, the new Trigger looks much like the Guppy boats except for a wider beam and shorter length. But below, the fact that she is an entirely new type, instead of converted, is noticeable immediately. The engine room is a marvel of compactness, even for submarines. Thfe fact that the four radial engines stand' vertically, instead of horizontally, maket^t -passible to house the power plant in substantially less spacj than in other fleet submersible*. Eaaler For Skipper Although she has a «up»rttruc- lure like the Guppy class and the older submarines, the conning tower no longer exists' at a tower. Now the. skipper doe» not have to scramble up a ladder to reach the conning tower when the submarines surfaces, and leap down when it is ready to dive. The surfaced and submerged command post, including the periscope's, is located on the main deck. Hard by that nerve center are diving controls, the helmsman and planesmen. All ihli meant the Trigger can execute- 1 diving or surfacing operation just a little faster than other lubmersibles. Although substantially shorter than tne approximate 300 feet of other fleet submarines, the Trigger displaces 1,600 tons, about the same as the others, accountable in part to a width severcl- feet greater than other craft. She also carries about the same'complement of men and officers. Better and roomier crew accommodations are provided. The main crew quarters, located aft, have bunks, fitted with new sponge- rubber mattresses, for 5Z men. The Trigger will remain at the naval gun factory here until May 2. From Washington, the Trigger will go to Annapolis for a brief call,- then return to Now London. Korean Refugees Pray For Peace, But Expect Worst Br BILL 8HINN , « SeoUl-(/P)-Mild spring weather finds the nearly one miflion South and North Korean war refugees bustling uut of their underground shelters to tents and straw huts, miserable but hopeful. To get three square meals daily rather than two bowls of porridge is their immediate hope. The doctrines of democracy ard communism do not concern too much the -refugees who hay« patiently endured cold, hunger, poverty and disease. ' ^ Col. Charles R. Munske. of Brooklyn, N. Y., chief of the United Nations. Civil Assistance Command, Korea (UNCACK) in Seoul and Kyonggi Province, says there are at least 964,000 persons in this area. He said 95 per cent of them receive relief from the U.N. and the Republic of Korea government. Many of them fled to the south from North Korea last summer. Others remained in the backwash of bitter battles in which Seoul changed hands four times in nine months. Although nourishing a spark of hope for. a bolter life, the refugees still express lingering fears that a» remorseless fate may drive the devastated nation again into all- out fighting. South Korean refugees, who number about dne-th^rd of those from the north, seem anxious to return to their farms even if their homes have been destroyed. The North Koreans say they would rather remain in South Korea than face. an uncertain future in the north. Seoul is emerging slowly from the ashes. Colonel Munske said about 98 per cent of the water works and 75 per cent of the power plants had been restored: Mayor Kim Ta Sun said the city will rebuild and even expand. Although the street cars again are runnifig there are nm many passengers to ride them. The streets seem cleaner but there are not as many people to make them dirty. Some factories are in operation. Compared with Pusan and Tae- gu, in South Central Korea, there are few- luxury items in Seoul. But, despite all of this, spring has brought reneiytd hope. Seoul's residents are praying that when the cold of winter once again descends on the capital they will have peace. Prairie Grove Mrs. J. Frank Holmes. Mrs. Clyde.Sone, MrF. Martha Weaver, Miss Martha Elizabeth Moore of Cane Hill, and Miss Marie Brown of Farmington were hostesses to Delta Kappa Gamma sorority Monday night. Twenty-iix attended the meeting in the Home EC Cottage. * · « Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Blfgall, Mrs. · Robert Bogart. Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bogart, Jr., returned Wednesday from a fishing trip en Lake Nprfofk. Douglas Cummings left Wednei- day for'Monroe, La., to visit his wife, who. has spent the winter with her son-in-law and' daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Harrell Webster. . The Cummings and Webfters will go to Houston, Tenai, to visit another daughter before returning home. * · · Mrs. E. C. Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Magruder attended the play, "Merry Wives of Windsor," in the University Art Center Tuesday night. ' Sgt. Leroy Thurman li being transferred from Fort Sam H6us- ton, Texas, to Camp Chaffee. Ht and Mrs. Thurman art spending . a leave in Brairle Grove. » » · · · ' Sgt. Buddy Horah, who i«rved for a.year in Korea, has been discharged from Camp Chaffee and ' is at home with his parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Horah. * · * Two ball gamei were played under the lights Thursday night. The girls Softball team defeated the Lincoln team 39-3 and the boys wop their game 10-0. * · * Mrs. Ivy Tate spent Thursday In Springdale with her titter, Mrs. Hugh Tolson, who hat Ijeen ill. Walter Lark returned Wednes- · day from a three-day Scottish Rite reunion in Fort Smith. * * * Mrs. Ken Marvin and imall son, Kenny, returned Tuesday from Marshall, Texas, where they visited her brother, Kenall Mall, and Mrs. Mall. * · · Miss .Winifre Barbee and Dan Pyeatt, both of Siloam Springs, were married Sunday evening at ^ the home of " the bride's sister. Only the immediate families wfre present. * *. · Fourteen girls from the .Rainbow Assembly, accompanied by Mrs. Joe Parks, worthy matrtn of the Eastern Star, met at the home of Mrs. R. C. Lane, their mother advisor, Monday night for a «ur- · prise party in honor of Mrs. Lane s birthday. The girls gave her several pieces 6f crystal. A plant uses much more water in the daytime than at qight.' JESUS E N T E R E D J E R U S A L E M Bjut the Real Triumph is When Jesus Enters the Human Heart. HE CAN HIM YOU \ \ VICTORIOUS LIVING FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. WaHir 1. Jehnten, Prnur "AFTER THE REVIVAL" Morning Wcrthlp Hour 10:St (BiMdcail e»tr Slttleii KORH) Sunday School titO "FORGIVEN AND CLEANSED" Eranlnt y^erghlp Hour TiJO Tialnlni Union till The Nursery is' open or all servlcM WELCOME

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