Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1952
Page 8
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the gone for medical treatment. She I R r I - _ _ f _ , » . , was born August 6, 1864 at Evans- \\ IffSKJU' vine, Jnd.. and came to Bentonville as a child with her parents. The annual junior-senior ban- to SprinRdale, quel w ju be held Friday night in .vhere she.v.'os married 'o George the school dining room. Green W. Kcnnan who died_in^94L Mrs. | an( , wl)jtc _ tha class color!i| will bc I used in the decorations. A "Southern colonial" theme will b3 usd in the menu, which will bc prepared by women of the P.T.A. Guests will include the /acuity a n d i parents of tre graduates. J. R. Kcnnan, county school supervisor, will be principal speaker. Mrs. R. M. V'dls was hostess to the Boston Mountain Coffee Club Tuesday at her home with an 11 o'clock luncheon. C. A. Riddle recievccl news of the death of hb oldest brother, Connie Riddle, 62, who died in the home of his daughter in Corporal, Texas. He was tne son of the late A. C. Riddle and Mrs. Riddle, who makes her home with her son and daughter-in-law near Winslow. Fred Stauffcr returned Wednesday from California, where he.had visited his son for the past three weeks. Cecil Nelson left via Newfoundland for Drahan, Arabia, where he will be employed by the American-Arabian Oil Company for 18 Cattle 4C.O, calvo.- 500; generally nnd death ot our dear steady an.l moderately active o^ £or '^"ijYbKn' FamU; to makd prico trend; considerable ^U^Ji.'J sprinkling aged sheep- present; | I.POAL NOTICES most slaughter ewes 12.00-14.00; MOW I PONT WANT ANY MOPE OP THAT KIND OP NONSeNSE UNDERSTAND ? BA5WOOR HOW COULD IT WAS THE KIND I OF THING VOU'D J EXPECT A ·*---^ CHILD TO DO/).*?! BUT A MAN -Si**; 0" NODI? AGE: FAMILY ARGUMENTS API: SO SILLY--0.1 BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO AVOID ONE.EVEIT/TIME Henry Barton , Henry Barton, 82, retired contractor of 40IJ Huntsville Street, died yesterday at 5:28 p.m. in his Seventh Day Adventist Church in County, near Harrison, November , , 25, 18G9, the son of Wesley and Kennan of Fort Smith and Audrey Sallic Barton. He was married to Kcnnan of Springdale; one sister, Miss Mary Francis Miller 'Febru- Mrs. Lizzie Robinson 1 of Joplin; ary 25, 1897, -in Faycttcvillc. Ho was a member of the Church of Christ, and had lived in this com- four grandchildren. Funeral services ducted Saturday at munity for 55 .years, moving here from Boonu County. Callison-Sisco Chapel. Burial will He is survived by'his wife, Mrs. Mary Barton, of the home; two the Bluff cemetery under son.",. Lov E. Barton of Princeton, Ihe direction of Callison-Sisco Fu- N. J., and Ralph W. Barton of Little Rock; two daughters, Miss Eunice Barton of the home and Miss Lcla Barton of Ardsley, N. Y.; two sisters, Mrs. Ollie Madison of Tulsa, Okla., and Mrs. Ruth "Now. IF VOU'RE ON THE LEVEL WITH US. TONSILS. SOU CAN PROVE IT BY CMK!G US MISADDRESS." SAYS TRACV. AND BE A ?" ROARS TONSILS AND I DONT NEED AN AGENT I WALKED OUT NOU MEAN SOU TWO MO, WE DIDNT QUARREL. I TIP-TOED OUT WHILE HE WAS TAKING A NAP. WES A KILLER. TONSILS' SOU WERE LUCKY. LOOK. I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT DUDE, 3«TEPT THAT HE WANTED TO BE MY AOENT Today's Marker-- Marrs of Tahlequah, Okla.; one St. Louis Livestock brother, Dcnnic Barton' of, Fay- cltcvlllc; one half-brother, T. J. USDA-Hogs 11,500; active; 180 Ibs Barton of Atoka, grandchildren and grandchildren. Funeral service will Thursday's average; 170 Ibs down strong to 25 higher; sows steady; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs full width ducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the grade 17.10-35; several hundred head mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 220 Ibs under the direction and butchers 17.40; top to packers of Nelson's Funeral Home. 17.10: choice Nos 1. 2 and 3 24015.50-16.00; 150-170 Ibs 16.50-17.- LincoIn-(Spccial)-Era Folcy, 60, 120-140 Ibs 13.25-15.25: sows farmer, died yesterday in|400 Ibs down 14.75-15.25: heavier sows 13.50-14.50: stags 11.50-13.50; a Little Rod: Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Grace Foley; five daughters, Mrs. Hazel Siddlcr of Fayettevillc, and Gladys, Mary, Joan, and Ava, a l l ] all grades; ' of the home; one son, Era Foley, choice hci-nr-. and mixed Butcicr Jr., of the home; and one grand-] yearlings 21.00-24.25; utility and chUri j commercial cows 22.00- M.. ! JU; can- ncrs and cutters 15.50-21.00; utility and commercial bulls 23.50-26.- ducted at 2 )). m. tomorrow st the 50: cutter bulls 20.00-22.00; good ! 5er \t 0 n Nazarcnc Church of Lincoln sorted prime to 37.00; utility and be in Lincoln cemetery by Lugen- commercial vcalers 20.00-27.00. Sheep 100; scattered small lots buel Funeral Home of Lincoln. good and choice old croo woo'c-1 Mrs. Ella Kennan Snringdale-(Spccial)-Mrs. Kcr.;v«n, 87, died yesterday Joplin hospital v.-hcre she choice or prime offered; small lots good and choice fresh s'^orn lambs 25.00; not enough stock culls 9.00-11.00; aged bucks 11.00. Boche Company, Tulsa Third hour averages: Industrials plus .lin; rails plus 1.20; utilities plus .15; third hour volume 760,000 shares. .Clay B. Yoe Local Representative of. Bache Co. pleasant chewing helot '"'keep happy ' Feel satisfied... Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, I kips relieve monotony, boredom. Makes time pass pleasantly You (eel better-do better. WHEN I FOUND \OU UNCONSCIOUS ON THE D6SSRT, I KWIW VOU WEREN'T JUST ANOTHSR MAN. I KNEW VOU'P MAN SOMtTHIN6 MORI TO VIE THMI- THAN-- YOU'RE CRYING! W MUSIC By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY I'VE KNOWM V WELL, IF HE MAWY BOSSES I CAN BU1LP WHO CAKR1EP \O.N!E EMOUGH STUFF V THAW TELL IM THEIR POCKETS WHAT HH · 1 CAM SHOW YOU BETTER. THAN TELL. ,, YOU.' NOW THIS RULE AM' TH 1 BOOK AW MONEY ARE TH' TO RUM A SMOR BUT THIS PACKS ENOUSM TO RUILP A CRANE. AW 50 OM, WE'LL SAX AM' THESE TH' MAIM AW' AUXILIARY HOISTS, AW -- NO"SUrS ¥ ABOUT IT... SE HO*lE By FIVE.' CAN BO TO THE AV3VIES.BUT BE HOME o.wnr / . TH6. HAPPY MEPIUK^ Believe 7t or Mot/ mivn.L PE TH GUY I'M GOING TO HARRY; WHY NOT? I FIGHT -\YEH,MEBBE MEN...MOPTH'aOCHMVOU WILL WinrF-M.TOO.'MAY- I THEN HEAR YOU ·\THATB WHAT I 7'AW.CUT It OUI, MY RIGHT.6IR? DID YOU \ SAID, LOUD AN' / 13OSH, Wl IM'S 1H' SAY I COULDN'T CLEAR.FOR M3IJ I BIG IDEA. 7 " I PON'l WHIP THI9 EK-AH...^!* ALL ABOUND V FIGHI WOMBN SENTLEMAN? --^ 1O HEAR! PE OOMEPAY I'LL MEET ONE I CAN'T LICK! PANCEE, PftUDENCE PIMPUETOJ If-- THERE k MEVER WAS A RULE ' THAT UNMARRIED. PE- TECT1VES WOULD BE FIRED- '- ? 7 MBS. FDSDICK, DEAR--WHERE ARE VOU?- THE DftEADSCOUME THAT CAUSES BLINDNESS AFROS 1100.000 PERSONS IM ftE WE5TERM HEMISPHERE fsiortc^ OF fnt FLUID A 4-STOfiV STRUCTURE BUILT 15 WN THE IN PRESSURE THAT RESULTS N months. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pense of . . Kansas City visited here during the weekend. He remained for a longer visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pense. Card Of Thanks We are t/iankfui wi'.h all our hearts for Ihe · tlioug'ritfuJness and lovins ! kindness shown us throuRh the illness dear mother and r ers. LEGAL NOTICES NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Rate: 3 centi: per word single in · 20.00-35-.00:' I f cents per word Minimum order 42c Clasiififid adi cash in advance--not taken over the telephone Deadline for classified ads: hO:30 a m daily; 9:33 a m Saturday Corrections and rerun cheerfully rrnde after first insertion No. corrections or rerun made- after ad has expired NOTE: Advertising copy fof other pages is* due at 13 noon the day pre-. ceeding publication; 12 noon Saturday lubiication on Monday OrtDlHANCE NO. 1019 ORDINANCE AN 1 . . . _.. STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. :,8 OF THE CJTY OF FAYETTE- ViU.E. ARKANSAS. WHEREAS, parcel claiming to b? the owners of Uvo-;hirds in assessed value of the properly located within the territory hereinafter described, have filed a petition praying that an improvement district be csblished for ihc purpose hereinafter set oui. WHEREAS, after dua nolle? as ra- quired by law, the City Council of the Cit.v of Fayetteville. ArkaiWa^ h 33 heard all parlies desiring to be heard and has a^cerlained' that said petition was signr-d by two-thirds in assessed value of the owners of rpal property within said territory. NOW. THEREFORE. ES IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS: SECTION I. Th-rc is hereby established an improvement diairicl embracing [he followinr described T-.?.\ es'-ite situa'.ed in l"he City of Fayetteville. Washington Couniy, Arkan-ns. to-wit Beginning nt the intersection of . the south line of Wall Street and the went line of Hill Avenue and running thcncs west 87 foot, thence South to the North line of Section 21, Township 16 Norf", Range r0 West, thence West along the North line of said Section £1. lo the right of wpy of Ihe main line of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, thence in a Southwesterly direction with the Easterly line of the right of way of the main line of the St. Louis- San Francisco Railway Company 10 the right of way of the St. Paul Branch of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. C o m p a n y , Ihcnce curving in an eagerly di- K-clion with the easterly nnd northerly line of the right of way of the said St. Paul branch to the East line of the Southwest Quarter of th? Southwest Quarter of ?nid Section 21. thence North along Ihc Eart Fides of Lots 11, 10, 9. R; 7 .and fi. B'ock 7 of Park«;dale Ad- riitfon toJhe Southwvit corner of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 21. Township 16 North, Range 30 West thence North 18 rods along tnc East eide of Lot* 1. 2. 3, 4 and 5. Block 7. Parksdal* Addit : on, thence North 72 degrees East along th Northern'boundary line of the Vr. A. Easterling property to ft point 02.9 feet North and li!. feel West of tha Southeast corner of tha Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 21. thence' North three' rods, Ihence East to the East line * of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quar'si ot said Section · 21. thence North along the East line of said last mentioned 40 acre tract to l l t h Street, thence North ' across nth Street and continuing North on the East lino of the : Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 21 to n point due East of the North line of Lot 8, Block 6 of Wilson-Dunn Addition, thence West to the Northeast corner of said Lot 8, thence continuing West along the North line of Lot fi and Lot 1. Block 6 of said Wilson-Dunn Addition to the East line of University ' Avenue, thence North along the East line of University Avenue to the Northwest corner of the Nation.:)! Cemetery, thence East to B point 153 feet East of the East lino of Tlill Avenue, thence North 433 feet East of and parallel to the East line .of Hill Avenue to a point 210 feet South of the South line of Wall Street, thence West 3;t.1 feet, thence North 210 feet-to the South line of Wall Street, 'thence West 120 feet along the Sou'.h line of Wall Street to the ; East line ot Hill Avenue, thence West across Hill Avenue to the . point of hcginning. * for the purpose oi grading, draining, paving =rH otherwise improving Hill Avenue from the South line of Wall Street to 7th Street, Seventh Street from Hill Avenue to Duncan Avenue. Duncan Avenue from Seventh Street to l l t h Street to Garland Avenue, Garland Avenue South from its intersection with Brooks Avenue to Ihe North line of the right of way of the St. Paul Branch of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company. Said District nhall be known as reet Improvement District No. 58. ayetteville. Arkansas, and Roy Guinn. E. Johnson and M. W. Slusher' e hereby named commissioners who all compose the Board of Improve- ent for said District. SECTION 2. This ordinance thall ke effect and be in force from and ter its nassage. PASSED and APPROVED thfi 24th ay of April, 1952. TTEST: J. W. McGchu Tcwcll M. Hhea City Clerk Mayor 25-lt-e News In Women's Sue Burnett Just the way you like aftcrnoo frocks for summer to look -- sof graceful, feminine. This charmer in n wide size range, Is dcftl draped ftt the neckline,. has Ih neat gored skirt women find i flattering. Pattern No. 8823 Is a sew-ril perforated pattern in sixes 34, 36 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48. Size 3flT shor sleeves, 4H yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30c fo EACH, in COINS, your nnmo, nd dress, sizes desired, nnd the PAT TERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 Avc, Americas, New York 36, N. Y, Bnslc FASHION for '52 is filled with Ideas tc mako your clothe* budget RO further -- time-saving and economical designs that are taw to sew. Gift pattern printed iMidt. 25 cents. ORDINANCE NO. 1020 N ORDINANCE LEVYING T H E SSESSMENTS OF BENEFITS IN TREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT O. 57 OF THE CITY OF FAYETTE- ILLE. WASHINGTON COUNTY. ARANSAS. PROVIDING FOR THE ANUAL LEVY OF ASSESSMENTS. AND HE COLLECTION THEREOF. AND OR UTKER PURPOSES: /HEREAS. more than two-thirds in aluo of the properly holders owning ropcriy adjoining the. locality to be ffcctcd, and situated in Street Im- "ovcmant District No. 57 of the City ! 'Fayetleville, Arkansas, organized or the purpose of grading, draining, aving," curbing and guttering Lindcll treet from a point 234 feet North f the North line of Douglas Street o the South line of York Stre9l. hays etitioncd the Council of the City of ayetteville. Arkansas for the conduction of said improvement and hat the costs thereof shall be a5sess- d upon the real property of said istrict according to th« benefits rc- eived; and HEREAS. said benefits received by ich and every -block, lot and parcel f real property situated in said dis- riet equals or exceeds the l o c a l sscsament thereon; and VHEREAS. the estimated cost of said mprovemcnt to said district is $3,- 5U 00; HEREFORE. IT IS NOW ORDAINED 3Y THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE ITY OF FAYETTEVILLE, ARKAN- That said several blocks, lots and arccls nf real property in said dis- rict tfir assessed according to t h e saessincnt list for said improvement istrict as the same now remains n the office of the City Clerk and hat ten per centum of the assess- nent of each of the said blocks, lots nd parcels shall be collected by the 'ounty Collector of Washington Coun- y. Arkansas on or before the 1st ay of September, -1952 and ten per en turn of the assessment shall be ollccted with the first installment of eneral taxes becomhiR due on the hird Monday in February, 1953 and nnually thereafter with the first in- tallmcnt of general taxes until the whole of said local assessment shall c, paid. This Ordinance shall be in full force nd effect from and after its passage ind approval. »as5ed and approved, this 24th diy of April. 1952. J. W. McGehee Powell M. Rh« City Clerk Mayor 25-lt-e NOTICE In The Probate Court Of Washington County, Arkansas ' IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF J O. iJoe) Wilson, deceased. No. or.i-A. _,ast known address of decedent: Lincoln. Arkansas. 3ale of death: August 23, 1950. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above- named decedent on the 20th day of February, 1952. All persons havin#»claims against e estate must exhibit them, duly verified to the undersigned within ix months from the date of the first lublication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and pre- rludcd from any benefit in the es- ' This notice first published 18th day of April. 1952. w. T. Shannon «",.\Vitrie McAllister Attorneys nt Lnw. Fayetteville, Ark. 18-25-c NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control 'of he State of Arkansas for a permit to fell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 602 S. School St.. Fayettevillc. Washington County. The undersigned states that she is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that she has never been convicted nf a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the under- · signed has been revoked within five years last past: and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale o f ' alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be Is- ' sued for operation beginning on thfc 1st clay of July. 1952, and to expire on the "Oth day of June, 1953. nillyc A. Fletcher Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 241h riny of April. 1952. Ethel M. Smith Notary Public (SEAL) My Commission expires: March 20, 1954. 25-U-X RADIO TV SERVICE latest TV Test Equipment 24-Hour Service TRI-STATE SALES CO. 120 W. Dlckion Phone Sll MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL

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