Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 4, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1974
Page 23
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TIMES, W»d., Sept. 4, 1974 Questions About Social Security .^JEdi tor's Note: This column H a joint effort of public jervice by the TIMES and the Fayetteville Social Security Administration office. Mrs. Rose Newsome, district man- ·ger. e Anyone having a question about social security is invit- «d to send it to the Northwest ··Arkansas TIMES, 72701. All 'inquiries must be signed and should include address of sender. Names will not be published. ·'.Q. I've heard I should cal the social security office about six months before my retire ment. Why? A. So that the social securilj office representative can dis cuss with you what proofs you heed for your clai mand advise you as to how to obtain these proofs. It could mean your check will be paid mori promptly upon retirement. Q. Exactly what proofs are needed to prove my birthday? 'A. If there is a brith certificate or church record of your birth made before your fifth birthday, this one record is sufficient and must be presented. Otherwise, there are a variety of proofs which can be used, the older they are, the better. A. Can I file my claim by telephone? A. Most social security claims can be filed by telephone. Q. I receive disability payments under social security. How much can I work and still get these payments. A. Your responsibility is to notify the social security office if you go b a c k to work. A decision must be made about your ability to do substantial gainful work. This decision cannot be made until all the facts are known. Q. I am a disabled widow with no children. I am 48 years old. Can I receive social security now on my deceased h 1 " band's record? A. A disabled widow without children can getObenefils -early as age 50. Q. I receive supplemental income payments. Do I have to notify the social security office if I move, even though my post office box address will be the same? A. Yes. Persons getting supplemental security income payments should always notify social security if they move. 5. I'm a high school student and plan to work" this summer Can I drop by the social secur tty office and pick up my soeis security number since I've never had one before? A. The numbers are now sen out by Baltimore after you apply for the card at your social security office. You should apply several weeks before you need it. Building Still Trending Down The total number of buil permits issued in Fayettevill for new one-family structure continued its downward trein for the month of August. Onl four permits were issued, com pared to nine in July and 1 in-August of 1573. .For the tenth consecutiv month, no permits were issue by the city for constructon o duplexes or apartment builc ings. Total construction cost, pe one-family home, however, wa up almost $2,000 per unit, whe compared to cost one year age An average one-family res dence in August. 1973 cost abou $21.981, while the cost rose t S23.5B7 in August of 1974, ind eating a continued upwar trend in the cost of materials. For the year, to date 74 pe mils have been issued for on family residences, compared t 81 a year ago. Total construction costs fo all permits issued for the yea to date are $8,155.154, up $923 351 from last year's $7,231,803 State Collects, Spends $1 Billion LITTLE ROCK (AP 1 - Th state government collected an spent more than $1 billion fo the first time during the 19 fiscal year, which ended Jun 30, according to figures in th state treasurer's office. The figures indicate that II riate received $1,118,481,769 an spent $1,035,107,421 during Vr year. These figures incluc general and special revenue, f e d e r a l aid, nonreveni receipts and trust funds. They do not include the cas funds that state colleges an universities and a number other agencies and institution receive but do not chann through the state treasury. Ti cash funds probably exceede $50 million last year. The largest source of sta funds is general revenue which came to a gross of $455 775.231 in fiscal 1974. The figures indicated that t ·tate began fiscal 1974 with ba ances of $264;622,570. Allhoug the treasurer's books showe that -1,118,491,769 was collecle during the following year, a most $7 million was subtractc for checks that were charge off. After spending $1,035,107,4 during the year, the state en ·d up with a year-end balanc «ff $341,179,170. Almost all of th balance U committed REMEMBER! Each Package Contains: ·3 Breast Quarters with back ·3 Leg Quarters with Back *2Pkgs. of Giblets · 3 Wings Serving Suggestion EVERYDAY £ LOW PRICE!?! Mixed Parts, Economy Pack Cut from USD A Grade'A' Whole Meaty Fryers Always a Family Favorite! «t«8*»..M«»»..«.Lb. [Northwest Arkansas TIMES, - ' Wed., Sep. 4, 1974 + 23 STONEWARE SOUP/CEREAL BOWL IT'S OVENPROCfrvr DISHWASHER SAFE AND FADE PROOF! FEATURE Of With Each $3 Purchase, Less Tobacco Products. START WUR SET TODAY! and Freshness Regular Grind... Any Size Package Ib. FullCenterCuts USDA Choice Beef ...... Ib. 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Gold Medal Flour Tomato Cat sup Cheeu Spread Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns /Ars.Wrighl's , - ,. la , *jf .Cinnamon '. tonf // Prices Effective Thru Sept. 8, 1974 «t Tear Fiyett* Till* fiprtnjdile Siloam Springs Stores. MILWAUKEE, \Via. (Af." -"It feels like a cap shrinking.on my head." . .', i\ yoiniH woman spoke drov'E- ily to n psychiatrist as she foil asleep with electrodes attached IQ her forehead and behind -her pars while low-level electria current passed through h'er head. -. . A patient at St. Mary's Hill Hospital, the young woman \ygs undergoing a treatment caUad elcclrosleep therapy. Jackie Swenby, a nursing -assistant at the hospital who was experiencing the technique 7or the first time, said: "It feels wonderful. "t feel like I could sleep," she said, as she Jay hack in a reclining chair and did appear to fall asleep. A reporter trying it felt tingly sensations in his scalp and cheekbones, then in his linger!?. Progressively his entire body felt relaxed. A persistent pain in his left shoulder disappearetl and did not return until the next day. . . . Tiio. term "elcclrosleep" is a )it misleading because tho eb- ect is not to make patients sleepy. Some do fall asleep as he result of the mental and physical relaxation the treat- nent induces, , . Eleclroslecp therapy was developed in tho Soviet Union and las been used there for more :han 25 years, but only recently has it been introduced in tha United States. A .few tlo/.an. U.S. hospitals now cffer electrosleep. general- l y , in .conjunction with other forms of psychiatric treatment such as medication and psychotherapy. A typical pationt may have 10 to 15 electrosleep sessions. At St. Mary's Hill, a private psychiatric hospital that began using elecfrosleep in March 1973, about 20 patients a day receive the (herapy. Sessions last JO to 45 minutes. : Dr. Charles W. Landis, a psychiatrist who is medical director and chief of staff at the hospital, expresses guarded enthusiasm about the treatment for certain problems. "We are impressed with some therapeutic responses that have been dramatic," he said, but some patients do not respond at all. "We have eorv- corn that a thing like this CBD. he a faddish thing." - - - : Eleetrosleep "has an extremely enhancing effect , on psychotherapy," Landis saic), explaining that it seems Ic r-e- lieve palients' inhibitions so they can more easily talk about their problems. --The -psychiatrist said especially good results have been obtained in treating patients suffering from neurotic depression accompanied by anxiety and tension. It also has been useful in treating alcoholism, and some hospitals have found that it relieves migraine headache. Landis said about 80 per cent of the patients treated for depression are helped by elec- trosieep. After about five treatments psychiatrists can tell whether or not a patient will benefit from it. Bumpers Favors .; Presideniial Primaries; .L1TTLK ROCK (AP) -- Govv Dale Bumpers said Tuesday he favored a suggestion that Arv kansas .hold presidential prj; maries to elect its delegates .to national political conventions. "I think the people would, prefer a primary," Bumpers said noting that the people would like to have "a direct franchise" in the selection of presidential nominating deter gates. ' " . ·-'" He said, however, that there- was less need for a presidential primary now t h a n there was six to if) years ago because, he said, the Democratic party bad been doing a good job of select-, ins delegates who were repre- s e n t a t i v e rF the slate. ' · If A r k a n s a s enacted a presidential p r i m a r y law, Bumpers said, it should be an open primary like those primaries in abniit 21 states. Ho also said there should be some proportional rcpresenta- ion in any such p r i m a r y . He noted th:\t Gov. George Wallace of Alabama received a substan- iiil vote in Tennessee in 1972 jut had no delegate. Stale Rep. Frank llenslee 6( Pine B l u f f , a Wallace supporter, is f r y i n g to develop support, for a presidential primary bill hat he plans to introduce in, thD 1!)7T legislature. . ... Officials.To Attend'-. Whife River Fish Fry'-' ST. CHARLES, Ark. (AP) -- . Mrmfocra (if Ihe state con'grcs- s i o n a l dclc«ntion and other officials w i l l attend a fish fry Fri-. d;iy niiht at Ihc White R i v e f ; Wi'ldlil'c R e f u s e headquarters.- The f i s h fry is sponsored by . t h e St. Charles-White River y^riclsio Association to o m p h a - - SKO i h c need for a bridge ovfil 1 (ho While River at. St. Charles..-, Association president Elmer: Ferguson of DeWitt said that f o r 'hi past two years, the. slrUo f e r r y had been closed;. more than h a l f of the time. . .-Hop, Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark.,-.; is In he the m a i n speaker. ','.· O t h e r s - i n v i t e d are Gov. D,1le Bumpers! David H, Pryor, thfl · Deniocr.ilic Rnhernatorial n p m » : ince; Henry Gray, slate. HighV w a y - d i r e c t n r , and Southeast Aril V.nnsas officials.

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