Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1952
Page 16
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AMCANSAJ TIMES/fayettevllh.|ArlMmai. Ttiumlay, April ?4, 1M? SyHlPtWiUwii' For Occiilon rv{',*-ifort; 'MacArthur, Calif. -UP)-. ·'..»: iitedsl of HqnoY winnfr .Injeph C. necohd lieutenant her«;yi^it«rd«y by Capl. Raymond Harvei.', who also holds this nation's (hlgbiwt . 23. v,'af'»«-nrn in as a military award. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 SMITH RADIO SHOP Hopes For Release Of William Oatis, U.S. Newsman HeldPrisoner By Czechs For Year, Grow As American Embargo Pinches,Reds »» HOWARD T.. BOMAR [ h a l v e d . Thai was alter Ihc Com- WashinKion-f/Pj-One year ago j munist-style trial staged inside yesterday Communist Czecboslo.-: firim Pankranc'Prague, vakla threw William N. Oatis into j The charges were, lhal as a re[ j a j l | porter he engaged in hostile ar- T ), e »TM,I,I.H DTM;« ,nrr.. ! l i v i t i c s ' asainst the Communist [ BECAUSE IT'S NEW -- TECHNICOLOR TOO Come orii"--· Let'i Go Tonight Thru Sot., 7-9 To S«e Tlrjli* Show. Morinee Sot. 2:30 First Time Here, A DO I I O Not Eren Been Neor. MFV/I.I.V/ Newt--"Casper Takei a Bow"---Muiieol too nr S i Hundreds of Patterns of Actually Sls'-lbv/As.... ROLL SPECIAL GROUP OF OVER 100 PATTERNS Special This Week Rtgolor 23e »o 89e Roll ·-OTHER' lOVElY DESIGNS UP TO $6.00 ROU ·SiHOUSE PAINT AND SUPERWHITE MIMIt ARE BALANCED! if BALANCED to GO ON EASIER! . * BALANCED to LOOK BETTER! * BALANCED to WEAR LONGER! ' * BALANCED to STAY WHITER! ^TALL THIS ·! $ s.89 WEEK COOK'S PAIN Use Your Credit at Cook's EAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 526 Associated Press correspondent's name has become a symbol nf free world opposition in Communist fear and oppression. state and spread, secret and malicious information., Throe Czech £,£ W£ ^ M;; iJVTr l i m e ransinB from to cost his ncd captors some two ' ' a ».nrR. million dollars a month in American trade to keep him thrre. Commerce Department reports fihou- t h e economic squeeze which the United Slates imposed in re- iase may go to Princes* Margaret, who as the queen's sister has extra duties to -- - , - - -- - - - perform. At present she geu? employer, of the bureau Oatis | $ , M n n votcd ncr whcn she be _ hfaded were given sentences at |. camR 21 i Almost f-ertain to be missing I from the list i? the duke of Wind- Mother Elizabeth would get $196.-1 slice of hcr salary lor the ;'roy%l 000 If she survived her husband ] bounty." This provides--amon? This is the sarrie ns Queen Mary; other rharitahle payments--for a vvas given when Osorgc V died in j *Lfl of $14 to tne parents of every ,, ,, . 1 set o ( triplets born i n the Com- Cnn prrson almost ceil; in to ^^*^H^M^MM«MMMWMMHHW ·;pt a raise i? the riuke of Fdin- burgh. At the m o m e n t . he gets $28,000 a year, but as the queen's consort, IIP w i l l ' have more to- do --arid prerumably needs more money to do it with. Another monwealth. With what sf* has left,- Elizabeth will have in keep up her estates at Sandrinsham Bal- mnra!, nay for her racing stables, and buy her own clothes. When she travels she will have to pay f u l l rail fare for herself and her staff and a surcharge for a special train. - Charters Falvi He did not figure in the lf)37 The United States government j |is{ g n d thcro wc ^ s , m , e (o SUff . has labeled the charges as trump- r.ri up and said Oatjs was only doing his job of reporting the news. There is no information .on this taliation for Oatis 1 arrest has. re- : E \fa nf t n p T ron Curta[n as to j usl ducfd the vnltime of Czech sales 5 hnw O a ( ( R js f a r j n ,t. No \ m e rican in this country by -probably (10 j nn; . bpen allmvcd to talk w f t h n i m per tent and is RottmR liffhter. sincc nJ5 a r r e s t The squec'/.e started last October, The Czechs had been selling an average of more l h a n two million dollars a month worth of their products in t h i s country. The Commerce Department said that in January, I h n latest, month for which figures am complete, O.cch imports toinleri only $205,622. Included were goods kept in bond for re-export. This contrasted with $3,827,650 worth of shipments for the same month a year earlier, American' export. 1 ! to Czechoslovakia--controlled 4jy the t.ifiht. U. S. government liccnsinR system --ho? almost vanished. Communist secret agents seized Oatis April 23, 1951, as he was putting away his car lor. the night In his Prague garage. Stale Department officials said today they are. si ill pressing for his release. The evidence that the near-boycott is pinching the C z e c h s ' p a i n f u l l y , plus other developments, has led to hopr for a break-in the case, The Prague regime has hinted it might consider freeing Oatis-now 38--although at a price the [State Department, has f i r m l y ruled out. Some authorities believe the (Communists 'have decided they have nothing more to gain, in propaganda or. any-other ways, by holding him longer. -A possible straw in the wind is the recent release of two ^American soldiers lonjK held in Czechoslovakia. » The lanky former Marion, Ind., reporter was told that with "good behavior" the 10-yetr sentence inpo«id,on him -Inly 4 would he The Czech government announced t h a t he" - had been brought into court again last month to testify at the t r i a l of 12 "agents of the U. 5. espionage service." The Prague radio broadcast his recorder! testimony. The retaliatory trade squeeze on Czechoslovakia began to show results' la?t f a l l -after a slow start, The Treasury 'announced October ·1 t h a t since the Communists months earlier had drastically reduced the s t a f f of the American Kinbassy at Prague, the r e m a i n i n g ! American consular officers were ' too fe i .v and too busy to make nut the routine invoices of shipments to thi? country. Lacking these documents, most Czech goods arriving in the 'U. S. nrc subject to extra customs assessments of 100 per cent of their value. This has tended lo price Czech goods out nf the American m a r k et and thus serves as a partial embargo. In October, im- pirts from Czechoslovakia, which had been r u n n i n g at an average over two million a month,- were valued at $1.148,574. Included-were a portion later re-exported. In November the receipts sank to | $570,005,. in December to $501,426 and in .January to $20;),622. Tor the entire year imports from Czechoslovakia were valued at $22,304,21)2, off about four million 'dollars from previous years. Meantime U. S. exports io Czechoslovakia were fQfiO in October, $4,051 in November, $16,- 70J jn December and 510,001 in January. The 1951 total was $1,- iwn.m. f?cst that he will be included this time. Like hcr father, the new queen probably will f i n d at least three- quarters of her income rar- marked for housekeeping. Tt. cost | George VI $427,340 a year to run the state-household? at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle Salaries of secretaries and court officials swallowed another $375,200. In sddition lo Ihesr, Elizabeth will have to set nride a LIMA BEANS'N HAM British Parliament Faced With Decision On Salaries For Members Of Royal Family London -f/P)- Some time soon] The committee's job won't be Parliament will 1 h a v r lo decide 1 an easy one. The chill wind of PLAN TO BUILD Sit Our MttMlil. Gtt Our PricM. Try Our Strrlct. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 Si, ChatlM Goodbp Heartburn -Hello TUMS! Quick relief for sour stomach. *». nod indir-"'-- Still only tOc. TUMS FOR THE TUMMY each how much to pay Queen Eihabcth II unit hcr family. rising prices whistles through the royal corridors of Buckingham Royalty's a n n u a l , WBRP bill, the Palace lust as uncomfortably as ..M , =_. ,- .-,--. L - «.,,,= , it .docs through any" other British hp plenty of "argu- Civil Lint. If voted by Parliament al the beginning of each reign -within six months nf (he last sov- ernipn's dcnth-r-'.o m a i n t a i n "Ihn honor and dignity of thr crown and royal family." It cost Britain $1.625.600 a year to do this properly during the lite- time of George VI. George himself ROl $1,148,000 of this. The rest was divided among his mother, daughters and other close relatives. In each case, ' t h e money was tax free. But allhoug-h George didn't have to bother vyilh income t a x , he wasn't a rich man: By the lime he had paid the wag;es and salaries of his roynl households, he was left with only SMfl.OOO to call his own, which isn't much for a monarch, considering his other expenses and the importance of the lob. The task nf working out how much Ell/.abeth will EC! will f a l l to an all-pHrty committee of 21 members of Parliament. CHICK SPECIAL 8c HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery P. O. Itax Ml «r s*n$r*eiro*. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Just us« and enjoy Itiii new Norge wmher all yt)v wont. If at th» end of 30 dayi you don't agree that it's the finest, most eff/cinnf automatic washer on the market -regardless of price-- we'll pick it up and return your full payment.* But wait! We'll even go farther than that! We'll give yoifa big. generous supply of ALL plus a new lightweight metal clothes carrier FREE of extra cost/And if you decide to return your Norge, you k«ep 'em . . . a_t no cost to you/ Don't wosle a minute. Come in today-- we'll tend your Norgf. out quick! 'This, of course, does not include any special plumbing charge; 1 cone IK nor IHO sec wtst ooTsmmtHt DUGGAR- FURNITURE CO. 120 SOUTH EAST STREET ITAKI ADVANTAGE OF EARLY BIRD SHOW AT PALACE-- 5 to 6:30 -ENTIRE FAMILY, 75c OPEN t:4S SHOWS 7:00 k 1:00 Mingtna U NOTHING SHORT M « SEN- WTtON . . . II U .''Mt M« «»CH«|T« In d«irrlht h«r «i Ann* Mnaninl llfltm T«I». Ingrld Birjmin with · Lilin and Rllii Hirworlh plu« lw«nlr-llTi BOS1.EY CROWTHER, N. V. Tlmw SHORT SUBJECTS home. There wil ments in favor of giving K l i z n - j wage hike, and in Ihesr clays of aus'.ufpy, thsm could also be plenty of tii^iinif it.', in :';ivor of leavin? ;lif u,ist as il is-or even of reducing ii. Whatever the committee decides, there are hound to he I changes in the new Civil "List j One new name--Queen M o t h e r ' Elizabeth--will appear. A n o t h e r , name--the heir to the throne-will disappear. ' I When .Elizabeth was heiress| .presumptive. Parliament voted j her $16,000 a year. This was raised to $42.000 when she became i'i. and to $112,000 when she m-.r- j i c d the Huke of Edinburgh in 1047, Prince. Charles, t h e three and one-half-yoar.T . old .heir apparent won't pot nny of this. Tn theory he's a rich youngster in his own riRht. ns riuke of Cornwall. He automatically became duke as the sovereign's eldest snn and is heir to the revenues of the rlueh When t h e , last Civil List was passed in ' 11)37, these revenues hroupht in a net of $291.000 a year. Thr old list provided t h a t Quoon Phone TONITE 7:30-9:54 WYMAN THE BLUE V E I L TM CARTOON_fc_NEWS "STARTS" FRIDAY Fret Miniature Pony 4 Golf Ride* Course ttt£ to be welcome his birthday, on his anniversary, .rnnvcr YOU vn?\\ to show how m u c h his f r i e n d s h i p m e a n ? to you .. . give Seagram's a n d h e s r R E . F a r b e t t o r t h a n a t h o u s a n d uonK a gift of 7 Crown tells your f r i e n d - "Only the finest is fine enough for you." ScaRtam's 7 Crown. Blended Whiskey, 86,8 Proof. 65% Gfain Neutral 1 Spirits. Scagram-DistiHcts Corpoialion, Chrysler Building, New York

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