Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1952
Page 13
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS, Fayctttvffl*. ArlauM*. Thursday, April 24, 1952 -13 Making Good Wth Dallas press the other day. He said someone had telephoned him wanting to know wliy. Hoskins hadn't been at a banquet and in a parade. "It is up to you," Burnett told the N(.'gro press, "whether or not he stays with the Dallas .club. It you agitale things like that,, it will mean he'il be sent a\vay." Negro fan's turn out by the thousands when Hoskins plnys. There lias been no perceptible fall-off in attendance of white Jans. Tiiere was speculation over what might happen if Hoskjns hit a batter. He almost hit Jim Kirby of Tulsa but Hoskinc .was thu only nervnus person in the park. ·When Hoskins pitches, the Dallas team appears- to work harder for victory than behind any other hurler. The Eagles Detroit Players Give Roife Vote 01 Confidence} Deny Dislike Tor Pilot Is Popular With Fbns;- First To Play In Texas Loop DalIas-(/P)-Diclc 'Burnett, the oil millionaire who set records lor spending- money and packing in S^sff--ffifswrtMEi negiu (jiaji.1. hiehlv 'vi'h everybody He is Dave Hoskins, 27-year-old j " ' . . . " . . ; _ _ pitcher - outfielder who credits'! Satchel Paige .with teaching .him much, of his baseball. And now hurling .and. batting Dallas to victory to the delirjhts ot the -Negro populace. A n d - he's proving popular with the white fens, too. Major League Leaders By The Associated PIMS National League BATTING -- Sclioendienst. St. houis, .481; Robinson, Brooklyn, 78; Hatton, Cincinnati, .429; B r o o k l y n , .394; 4-2 with an eight-hitler. He got two hits. Burnett said he had gotten 14 letters opposing the use of a Negro, but got many more favoring, it. . ' ' Hoskins is a hustler and fighter. He figures just because, he's a pitcher-is no-reason for him to loaf at bat. He works hard, gets along, with his teammates and says.: "I. don't care what the fans long,as my teammates are for me. And they've been swell." Burnett met, with the Negro For Athlete's Foot !'W«"Ti|.£ 'for '3"4b * iW». If net pleated; your 40c back. Watch ih« old, iainiod skin slough off to fee replaced by heallhr skin- Cel tenant-drying - T.-4-L from any druggist, now at Red Cross Drug Eton. HUNS BATTED IN--Kluszewski, Cincinnati. 13; Campanella, Brooklyn, 12; Saucr, Chicago, 10; Snider, Brooklyn, and Adcock, Cincinnati, 8. HITS--Cox, Brooklyn, 15; Cam- , . . THE GLADIATOR, -Rhlial; arrives in-Home on a secret mission. He is to make contact with the rich and powerful Senator Fabjus for the Emp e r o r Constantinc, who is marching, toward Rome with his Army. .Powerful, Roman politicians are attempting, t» stifle the growing Christian tnti-slavery movement with which Constantino, agrees. and 13; Schoen Furillo, panclla, Brooklyn, diensl, St. Louis, --, Brooklyn, and Hatton, Cincinnati, DOUBLES--Cox, Brooklyn, 5; D. Rice, St. Louis, 4. TRIPLES--Cox, Brooklyn, Addis, Chicago, Kluszewski and Adcock, Cincinnati, Mueller, New York and Del Greco, Pittsburgh, 2. HOME HUNS--Pafko, Brooklyn, 5; Campanella, Brooklyn, 3. STOLEN BASES -- Thompson and Mays, New York, and Slaughter, St. Louis, 2. . PITCHING--Hoe and Van Cuyk, Brooklyn, Raffensberger, Cincinnati Maglie, New York, and Staley, St. Louis, 2-0. STRIKEOUTS -- Van Cuyk, Brooklyn, 17; Maglie, New York, 16- Rush, Chicago, 14; Wilson, Boston, 10; Surkont, Boston, and Haf- fensberger, Cincinnati, 9. American League BATTING--Baker, Washington, 409' Pier-sail,''Boston, .400; Valo, Philadelphia, .379; Bauer. New York, .367;.V. Stephens,..Boston, RUNS -- Piersall, Boston,- 11; Dimaggio, Boston, 9; Dropo, Bos- 7; Lenhardt, Boston, ana Boone, Cleveland, 6. RUNS BATTED. IN--Lenhardt, Boston, '9;'. Dropo, Boston, 8; V Stephens . and. Throneberry, Boston, and'Fox, Chicago, 7. HITS--liimasgio and · Piersall Boston 14;- Dropo, Boston, 12. · DOUBLES--Piersall, Boston, 5: Lepcio, Boston, 4. TRIPLES--18 players tied with 1 each. HOME RUNS -- Easter and Rosen, Cleveland, 3; Lenhardt Dropo and Lepcio, Boston, Moss St. Louis, and Vernon, Washing ton, 2. STOLEN BASES-- Rizzulo, New York, 3; Valo atid Fain, Phila dclphia, Kivnra, St. Louis; and Mullin. Detroit, 2. PITCHING--Pamell and Henry Boston, Wynn and Lemon, Cleye land, Raschi, New York, Garver I Cain and Byrne, St. Louis, ant ! Moreno, Washington, 2-0. STRIKEOUTS--Pierce, Chicago Feller, Cleveland, Garver;- SI Louis, and Moreno, Washington 11. II y*t mn MrfMf In Vftomim I 1 ...l 2 ...»r Niaelm t$W WONDER CAPSULE:MAYjGHAT : 'THE REAL CAUSF. : OF : YdUR*!lR|fi, NERVOUS FEELING Thtrt !« n* n«d for you to suffer thtct and ethir dietary dcficitncy ·ymptomt lilt* anttipation, in- temnia and IOM of appitrtt which *ccur only whwi your intok* of , i-vifamrni and Niacrn ii IMI than minimum doily rtquir.tmtnU over · pr*|*nged ptriad. Tht» nonspecific »ymplomi do net in thtm- M(vtk.prov* a dittary^ deficiency ·nd may hav* othaf. cpuitl or be However, if that is the reason for your misery nnd ·ufferings, a new wonderworking capsule .. . BEXKL ·PECIAL FORMULA .. i may tnd your complaints in an amazingly short timel CONTAINS ESSENTIAL VITAMINS'and ' MINEMS Scnsitfon^l BEXEL SPE CIAL FORMULA comes to youjn tasy*tn-Ukc, safsl ·ealed capsules thnt con tain the eiienllal B-viln- ·Ink, Iran and other ·Inirali known to bt ·ttentUl In human ·BtrtUon and other. fattori as well, tncluriinff fmpor- ,«MtVUamtnB lfe . i .,,,-« ENERGY, NEW JOY IN LIFE You l a k e j u s t onti B B X E L S P E C I A L FORMULA cnpaulc n day . . . nnd /roin the very firtt one . , . you're on y o u r wny to new cnerpy, new sparkle nnd new zest for living. MONEY BACK GUARANTEED We arc nrt'ccrlnin thnt H K X K L S I ' K f M A L FOK- MUL/\ is Urn rifiht thin K If you need extra H-vitnminn and mincrnlfl csicntlnl io h u m n n nutrition that wt will refund yfiMT money in full If ynii don't feel decidedly better after your very first bottlel Slarf toltlnj BEXEL SPECIAL FORMULA Ml by McKISSON 1 DOMINI Slim Decision Goes To Smith Chicago-(/P)-The Detroit Tigers» are sharpening their claws to climb out of the American League basement after giving rmmagei ed Rolfe a vote ot confidence id shouldering all of the blame j r a disastrous eight-game losing I reak,-. - - - - i .The Bengals hope to get their rst taste oj victory of the season I .night in St. Louis against the A - rowns who have nudged intp the 11 iyPr ague lead. . . · ; . j W w . V I That may be a tougli job for De-1 :. . r · : ' ' - · oi't, whicli has lost its first eight | Washincton-(.1')-Gcnn Smith, a ames But yesterday's published i hot article in the lightweight ·port by a Cleveland sports ranks, still is unbeaten, but ho olumnist that there was "an-anti-I racked up his 31st victory last olfe feeling" among the players I night by the narrowest margin ordering on rebellion has kicked possible--exactly one point. ) the fur. Before yesterday's Unborn Bolivia's Largest : Hewspaper Faces federal Seizure La Fa/,, Holivia-(/P)-Is Bolivia';: br;;e.M newspaper, La ICuzon, go- | tiit; -\vyy uf Argentina's La game with White Sox at Comiskoy Park postponed by inclement The 20-year-old Smith, rated f i r t h nrr^ng the world's lipht- w^ights by the National Boxin.y went into the ring a -eather, the players called ti SP- 1 4 to 1 favorite over Fabcln Chavez ·et meeting and gave Rolfe nanimous vote of confidence. "We wanted Red to know we re back of him 100 per cent," said, pokesman Freddie Hutchinson. "We want to refute the story Dout dissension. Such -a story omes at a bad time. It is ab- olutcly untrue. The fact that we aven't won a game is our fault, ot the manager's." Bolfe is not a mother-hen type f iboss and is a contrast to the an he succeeded as Tiger manger, Steve O'Neill. Many of the layers have been with the team nder both regimes. Rolfe has long been recognized s one of the most intelligent and ffable men in baseball. He is a isciple of Joe McCarthy under horn he'played and later coached ith the New York Yankees. Like McCarthy,' Rolfe has a ertain aloofness. He believes that is station engenders respect rath- r than familiarity where his layers are concerned. He is not a alsy-walsy guy with them. fowling NWA T.sdfes Ihe L. P. Gas Company relflined ts lead with a 4-0 win over Licb- yters. Meadowsweet Dairy heid econd place with a 3-1 win over Jarracks. Henderson Coffee took 3-1 decision over Tysons with he. Arkansas Western Gas win- ng 3-1 over Pasteurized Milk Co. cam honors w.ith 916-2541 and Alice Ludwick took individual The L. P. Gas Company took lonors with 206-535. Standings: j . P. Gas Company ..,,._._95 tfedosweet Dairy 81 "ysons ; ^-' Arkansas Western Gas 64 Tenderson. Coffee __'_, lichlytcrs i fiB 1 Barracks 55 'a.steurized Milk Company 51 NWA Men The Bill Hodges Liquor team took he league leading Springdale Smoke Jliop.' 4-0, a n d ' won Icmri lionors by mocking down 941 pins-high single nd 2,705 pins high series. Dick Trcw- hitt took 4-0 win over Clark nnd Eoff. t* Coffee' pained a H-l win over rravens and Company. Hcekin C a n Company won over Purdy Supply 3-1 vith Farmers Market knocking Kin:aid and Company into fourth place vUH n 3-1. win. Vircil Jac-kson of the Smoke Shop was hifih series mnn wi|:n 3G and Nat Richmond nf ihc Cravens cam look high single of 210 pins. Leagu* Standings Springdalc Smoke Shop *' Cravens and Company _ _ _ _.7 Hoag Coffee Company ___ -- 70 Kinctllrt and Company 6! Dick TrewhlU _ --67 Clark and Eoff Furniture 63 'urdy Supply Company 63 Bill HodEes Liquor Store S3 -leekin Om Company' 39 Farmers Marki-t -..-- i- 29 AT Y A N K E E STADiL'M. New Yr,r!r, Joe JiJT.l^t'.i'iio t u r n s UVLT his iVr- fatnod Mo. fi uniform IMK! j-]uvc tn Rolan Sprakcn. vk-e-pi-tr.itlcnt n f the B a s e b a l l H a l l cl t'o:ii« i-') CnopGretotvn. N.Y. The Y;ml;cG Clipper retired f i u m b:iEcb::U Inrt year and now is a sporlr. coin;;u::i- tntor. ('/nicriidfioiifil F.TC.IVS'WC) Tigers To Ogfe§id of Hollywood. After 10 fast rounds, here's how he came out of :it:Judge Charley Buck thought | Imith won by 08 points to 92. j Referee Han-y Volkrnan pointed to i Chavez, .97 to 90. Judge .Harry ' Childs kept Smith's record safo but shaky, 97-to 96. Many of the customers booed he decision, and there were yelps hat Smith, a Washington boy, was the beneficiary of Washington officiating. But it was a tough one to call. There were no knockdowns, and n no round did either fighter roll up much of an advantage. .Smith had to work under one remendous handicap. In the third round Chavez belted him one under the left eye. It swelled so rapidly that it looked as if he literally wouldn't see the linish. And since Chaveg diligently applied himself -to closing it altogether, the eye was in sorry shape indeed by the time the bout ended. In general, Smith punched larder, but Chavez had the best of it in the in-fighting.' Probably Smith's best round was the sixth, when he seemed In have Chavez wobbly as the bell rang. Fowler Resigns Post As Pocahonfas Coach Pocahontas, Ark. - (/P) - Aubrey Fowler has resigned as football coach at Pocahontas High Srhgol Mclvin James, high j ump much (is .inn I"). Peron in Ai /;. n',i:rj orMorcd thy Inking over n,' 1 La rrt';i:i;i of Buenos Aires. "I ho newspaper is ownacl by Victor Animayo, one of the top t h r c f ! i:n pnir'.uuors in 13nJivia. It Ins bitlorly upposoil thn N n t U m n l ; ]J[".(jlir,ioiirjry Party ( M N I I J , now I b.'id-: in power afU'r a revolution. I Prcsiuunt Viirtor I'aa Eslens-j roro 1ms siiitl LSI Ra/on ' Reason j can JTiuimu public;)tion "at its own risk." But he I'dtU'd lie wouid not urt; noviirninunt torfcs to pro- (t'ri iiit n(jv::;p:ipc'r the v/raih of the siill-;irmocl populace ]:-r^c]y rn:«!t; up or minttrs--many nf whom h:ile Lu Razon- nnd tiivcnlen to prevent Us publication. hi rTfcrt, scholarrly P;i7, Estens- sord i? rniiKht in a dilemma. He '.ijis :issuvcd foreign newsmen his rcvolutioiwry government will not L-iir;;iil Uie freedom of the press. Al the prime lime he is loath to r.invo against the tinned populace v.'ho hnuifjht Iiim to power. He 'nos urgctl a cooling off preiod , hefnrp J,:i ftnitrn's owners attempt j to publish the newspaper again. demagogues Threaten Ubsriy, Says Bishop .,. i ' · , ··--., Kan Fr;mclsco-(/P)-The quadrennial General Contcrcnce ot the Mctliuriist Church began legislative sessions today after hearing a leading bisiiop assert "reckless ti'irualen America's | to he brought Before the confer- jcncc. · ""CS ···'·· ··»·--'· i Not white, not wMat, not- frt, \ but a flavor blenst·«{ all threfr-- Junge'n Human MeatBrMd. fr- Bl- Trsck, rlek! liiie Bentonvillc-(SpccinM-Tlic Ecn- tonville Tiger (rack Ir-am w i l l b«.' short tlirec top hritid^: \vhrn Ux'y Ro tOjKayettevillc Sauird;iy lo il(fend their district Ivnci; crtiwn. Tlie Tiger's Hill, Clinton, MV! Stamper all top point niters, jjracluated last sprinR. Of las; year's first place winin.'i:;, iiuly civil liberties." Ronald Diesel, junior sprint m n n , The warning came from Bishop will return. Diesel bro!ie the t - i p e Tatil 15. Iscrn of Nashville, Tcnn., on both the 220 nnrt century dn:lirs | last night. He snid "concerted last year and placed srconrt In the | nnd nflrn victorious efforts to broad jump. ! rofiimunl thought and curb frce- i Cinder coach .1. D. Yr.rliroii.';h I lom of speech" were being made has indicated that he will laltc an I eight-man squad Siilurday. Squad, members are: Edv.ard While,' discus; Donald Dicsul, dashes; I | · Mclvin lUsing, dashes nnd Hurt Like Ji»i! But Now I Inn nit Itom' after four years on the job. Fowler was an outstanding back i University of Arkansas football teams in 1946-1947. He did not disclose his future, plans. '· j . / '' * ' ~~ Fights Last NSoht (By The Associated Press) ; Washington--Gene Smith, 120, Washington, outpointed Fabela Chavez, 127, Hollywood, Calif., 10. Miami Beach, Fla.--C I a u d e Hammond, 142, North Bcrgcii, N. J., outpointed Bill Neri, 142, Bridgeport, Conn., 10.- G l a s g o w , Scotland -- Danny "Bang Bang" Womber, Chicago, outpointed Bob Frost, London, 8. Welterweights. Bill. McKcnn'a, Brandcis University end, has gained 20 pounds in the off-season by lifting weights and barbells. If a lump of potassium is thrown into water,, the- metal will start lo burn. hurdles: Barrel! Hnrclcll, polo vault; Billy ' Head, bread JUMP and relays; Milton Head, USD; and Ward Hancock, relays. (li't wcxily rrllW Ito Ai.«r.lni; formula Jcvrloprf by f«mm» 18- i.l yrar-ol.l Il.rt.l Clinic l,rln» f.r.t pnlllntlvt C irlirf f r n m n=ni,(nif imln, lt;hl»s, .orc- ncs-. H.-!n» naltirt ^hrll1k iwclllnli, «onn lini.l jinrla. filnkc life worth ll\ln« *xm\* A fungus disease has destroyed · h'! practically nil native thus' trees in the United Slate:;. ,·· ith 70,000 clinic jinllenU. Gfl ThomUR Minor-- In ointment r.r nuppniilory form-- ilruraht lodny.- You'll JUeovCT 1 rdii-f nt Dncc--or yoHr mnn«y rt- i. Auk for it by nnmc--Trior«l«i _ 1t ^ drus , lorc , mrnrhw". MICROSCOPIC B E A U TV- One .thousand t l m c » smaller than a rose, the "Flamy Pink Spot" bloom.1 in the Arizona desert. Cno-fifth Inch ' across at Its widest point, beauty at tbo flower is brought out by micro- photogrnphy, The tiny, practically Invisible blossom is one of the "stars" in Moody Bible Institute's religious-sclenco film, "Hidden Treasure!." . the political, educational and ^liifjous fields. Delegates e!ectcd officers yesterday for the committees which will report on ,wme 1.500 petitions POWER CHAIN SAWS *285^ f. O. I, Po'lHANO. Ol'lOON ittltrt Wtittl! WOODBOSS, INC. 1HO » «. U' ' roiTUNO "njoy dcpindaUr:, '-lou-coit protection '-- · f »sf, Jfriendlj 1 i c r v i c e w i t h Hardwire Muruals Automobifc Insurance that meets ·; iinanciil " " responsibility laifi everywhere. Write or p$ou« foe full details! ' ' : W. C. (Bill) -- ' * ' · · ' S'l . . . 421 North Ollv*. , : ^hotw 704 KENTUfCKY'S FAVORITE STRAIGHT BOURBON . Every ounce a Man* whisht! ·MLT TIMI* DISTIUlilT COMlfAHT · !**««.»; lf«««.y sellon as OF 26 IN 1952 MOBIL6JIS Traversing highways of four states-7-fcali- forni.i, Arizona, Utah and Idaho-ithe 1952 Mobilgai Economy. Run cqvfred 1,415 jnilot, cncompaising almost every condition of altitude, weather and Urfain. THE RUNl A fruflinc 1 , 4 I S mil* count ffohi Lot Anielei (o Sun Valley, chown to reprnont every kind of driving condition the «ver«(e motorist ei- periencci in n year of trcvel. Thii prMtlcul teit of 1952 model cnr wai deiigned to demomtrnte their mileaga potential when properly maintained, driven and fueled. IVERY D R I V I N G CONDITION: Route iclected inchide nil types of driving throunh cltie^i and over desert and mountain roxls. Altitude from 70 ftet ; below tc.-i level to 8,010 fefit abovft. Tcmpcrntur^^ ti'om hclow zero to more thnn 100 degree* were encountered. Curs were driven nt maximum legal tpeeds nnd hnd not been over the course prior to the run. M O I I L O A S OR M O t l L O A S SPECIAL USIDl Etch driver w.i given · choice of Mobilgns or Mobilgii Spccinl nt designited stops for service en route, Ench, CAfiU^el Mobiloil and Mobilgrenses. Cnrt nnd drivers wer* tupervised by Contest Bonrd of American Automobile. Association with an AAA observer In each car. WINNIRS: Selected from 11 different price classes. Measure of j performance uwd in determining th» winneri ·Mured every ear annual chanc* r»t«'dleii 9! liie, WcMtt «T. prke.. , - · . ^T.-*,'. MAONCHIA MTMXMM COWANVi All th« Gas Mileage Your Car Can DelSvctir - Wse America's Laraest-Sellin^ Caiii.jii|fe m.

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