Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 4, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 4, 1974
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

i* Northwert Arkansas TIMES, W*d., Sept. 4, FAYETTIVIL1.K, ARKANSAS 19741 MiiiiMtiiMiKMii! iimnnHtiiiminnwiiiiiiimiiiii! iiNiniiniuii iiiniHiiiinniiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiimiiiiiw HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Frightened Mother Says Needs Help MlillJBBIM^ pattern with her daughters. With the encouragement of her counselor, psychiatric social worker Leonard Licber, she s t a r t e d bringing other disturbed and frightened inolh- group these pro- lliou- bruises on age three. Dear Helen: Yesterday, I left our little Tommy, He hadn't done anything really bad. but the three children were driving me wild, as'usual, and I spanked him too hard. It frightened me, and yet I may do It again. I seem to take my frustrations out on the kids. Today, 1 read your article supermarket screamers _ realized I'm that kind of mother -- always yelling and hitting -- and calling them mean names. Child atuse is an ugly phrase, but if this keeps ers t o g e t h e r f o r reinforcement. From about and I 'ROSS MY HWRTAN' HOPE 13 EATM* WGff M CAO2OTS on, I'll be physically battering my kids, and emotionally. Maybe I "already am! Please, can you help mothers like me who love our children, but can't control ourselves? -Afraid Dear Afraid: There's help for you and others like you in P a r e n t s Anonymous, a non-profit group, vhich 'brings distraught parents ogether for mutual problem- solving. Robert Alda Avoids Issue When Age Question Arises - LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Ac-! tor Robert Alda has a standard reply when asked the age of his son: "Alan is six feet, two inches." This is an actor's whimsical ploy for avoiding reference to his age. The record books show that Alan Alda is 38, and father is 60. But, except some gray at the temples, Robert Alda looks little changed from when he played George Gershwin in the 1945 Warner Brother biography, in Blue." "Rhapsody Bob Alda was back in Hollywood for a "Rhoda," juest appearance on IBS' new situation comedy starring Valerie Har per. Between rehearsals he joked about being known as "Alan Alda's father" since his son's A.A., members meet a week to offer one small gram beginnings, t h e has HOW reached .uccess on the "MASH" tele vision series. Alan Alda is a younger, slim mer version of his father, the resemblance especially noticeable in their smiles. "When I'm on tour, I sometimes introduce myself as 'Hawkeye's father,'" said Bob. "I couldn't be prouder. My boy's a wonderful actor, but then I knew this a long time ago. NOW SHOWING Opeen 7:30 · Starts 8:05 I'm Donna "During the war I used to take him to- the Hollywood Canteen when he was 9 years od, and we did 'Who's on First?" and lots of other Abbott a n d Costello routines. "I've watched him grow. When he graduated from high school, he thought he would go right into the business. He and a couple of friend had put on a show that raised .$3.000 for the school, and he thought show business was easy. READY "I told him it didn't always ork out thai way. and it would e better if he prepared himself y going to college. By the time As once mother support and encouragement. Their ten guidelines for achievement include the two A.A. classics: admission of the problem and determination ta "take one step, one day at a time, to achieve our goals." P.A. members agree they will "set about an immediate rnurse for constructive actions to stop child abuse in our homes" and 'we will follow any constructive guidance to get' the strength. ;he courage and the control that we must have in order that our children will grow in a loving, healthy home." Formed four years ago in Los Angeles by "Jolly K." (who describes herself as "a former child abuser bent on self-destruction"), Parents Anonymous now has about 100 chapters all over the United States, in Canada, and Australia. Mrs. K., Mrs. K.. a 32-year-old mother of two, says the idea came to her out of desperation. Herself an emotionally and physically abused child ("I'd been in 35 institutions and 37 foster homes by the time I was 18 ), she realized, through therapy, that she was continuing t h e sands of people, many of whom might once have been removed from their children -- and society -- as "unfit." "We tend to think of the child abuse?" "Technically,, w h e n deserves the worst kind of punishment," says one member, known only by her first name. "Actually she could be your next door neighbor -- or even you. If the pressures get unbearable, you lash out, even though you hate yourself foi it." When are sn;mkings "child abse"? "Technically, when they are limb or life-threaten ing," says Jolly K. "But intent is 99 per cent as far as P.A in concerned. A single slap cat be abusive, if Ihe parent i unloading anger with l i t t l e thought of discipline. Chile abuse -- physical or emotional and that includes neglect, i turning your kid into a garbagi can to be Ihe recipient of you negative feelings." For more information n Parents Anonymous, send . ic graduated from Fordham, le was ready." Born Alphonso D'Abruzzo in New York City, Robert Alda las experienced other identities. notably from his two most Rent Me GIRLS FOR RENT --PLUS- WOMEN FOR SALE ng t adu lope to: Parent s Anonymous National Parent Chapter, P.O Box 1173. Retiondo Beach, Cal forma 90278. While House To Abolish Position WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House says it's abolish- ng the position held by the lev. John McLaughlin, the Jesuit priest who was one of former President Richard M. Nixon's most loyal boosters. But If Deen chapter has not alread formed in your area contact a Service Club o women's group, which may he' you get one organized. Mem bership can be voluntary or b agency or counselor refcrra And as the name implies, yo need not reveal your identit -- H. Got a problem? An a d u 1 subject for discussion? You ca talk it over in her column you write to Helen Bo ltd, ca of Northwest Arkansas TIMES HOMING ABILITY GETS DOG HOME ORIENT, Ohio (AP- - Twinkles walked and walked and walked, Eighty days and 200 miles, And then she was home. A I o-n e , the 10 month-old mixed collie found her way .mi Inez. Ky., to Orient, her me. No one is clear how she man- cd to leave the home of her ·ner's relative in Kentucky (I find her house in rural hio. 'There have been many, any reports such as this, bul research has been done thai know of," said Dr. Victoria L oilh, an animal behavioralis Onio Stale University. She said some scientists have (plained away such reports j saying that it doesn't hap en--that the owners are so nxious to find their pets they dopt a look-alike tor their los nimal. But Dr. Voith, who . work ith dogs and horses, said sh elieves there could be severs Lher possibilities. "Perhaps the most reasonabli wild be a sun-compass sort o oming ability," she said. "W now that bees use the sun t ravel to and from their hive nd they do it pretty accurate y." Anoher possibility, she sail vould be a "sort of homing in tinct using the electromagneti ielris of the earth." However Twinkles did it, he amily is delighted. They lost the dog in June o _ visit to Inez. She had bee eft outside to play and when came time to leave, sh ·oiildn't be found. Last week, 80 days later, 'otilsore Twinkles showed up he Ronald Short's house in Or ent. Mrs. Short said she is sui the dog is Twinkles because th collie has very distinct! markings, and "she answers her name." Aide Promoted WASHINGTON (AP) - Pre ident Ford's chief militar aide, Richard Lawson, has bei promoted to major general b his boss. Lawson, a 44-year-old nati of Fairfield, Iowa, has be military assistant at the Wh House for the past year. Thafs My Mama' Premiers Tonight Long Summer Re-Run Season Hears An End By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) - No fool- g, gang. The long summer re- n season is almost over. EC's "That's My Mama," a ack situation comedy center- g around a barbershop in ashingUm, D.C., premieres might. The 23 other new. week- series scheduled this fall will art rolling out Monday. Here's a brief rundown of pening plots, networks and arlhig times. Shows begin an our earlier in central times ones. Maddox Continues Quest For Office By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Two former governors try for J.S. Senate nominations and a liird, Georgia's Lester Mad dox continues his quest for an sther term as the, state's chie ixecutive in primary election oday. Maddox, now Georgia's lieu enant governor, ran first in a icld of 12 in the Democrat! primary last month but fel short- of the .50 per cent vot leeded tor nomination. H aces the No. 2 finisher, stat Rep, George Busbee. in a run off. Former Gov. William Guy North Dakota is opposed b businessman Robert McCarne of Bismarck tor the Democrat! nomination and a chance to un seat Sen. Milton R. Young, Republican, in Novembe Young is unopposed for renom nation. And in Nevada, former Gov Paul Laxalt is locked up in three-way race for the GO nomination to succeed retirin Democratic Sen. Alan Bible. The Maddox-Busbee runo was the Democratic highligl in Georgia, but the state's R publicans also went to the pol to pick their choice for gove nor. The candidates were M con's controversial mayor, Ho nie Thompson, and retin Army officer Harold Dye. MONDAY -- "Born Free," BC, 8 p.m. Elsa, the lioness, wounded by poachers, which r two human friends track ,wn. "Rhoda." CBS. 9:30 p.m. hoda vacations in New York, Us for the head of building Tnolition firm; true love at ost crumbles. TUESDAY -- All Ihe scries e returnees from last season. WEDNESDAY -- CBS: "Sons id Daughters." 8 p.m. Two 50-vinlage high school sweet earls start their TV romance. The Manhunter," 10 p.m. A JSOs-vintage detective tries to op vicious train robberies. NBC--"Little House on the rairie." 8 p.m. Recollections Ingalls family's move to him Creek, Minn., farm in )7fl. "Lucas Tanner." 9 p.m eacher learns female h i g h chool student decides agains ·aving school because she's in ive. with him. "Petrocelli," 1 .m. Big city lawyer resettlpr Southwest defends million ire's wife, charged with hub ·ie's business partner. ABC -- "That's My Mama. p.m. (tonight). Question c laternity raises one of mal imony. "Gel Christie Love. 0 p.m. Black lady undercove op, recognized by member cw'el robbery ring, loses cover Imost life. T H U R S D A Y -- N B C "Sierra." 8 p.m., park rangei have trouble with elusive, rov. dy bear. "MovirT On," 10 p.rr Two starring truckers sera vith troubled young trucker. ABC -- "Paper Moon." p.m. Young girl convinces he :on-man partner to raise $1.00 buy a house and settle dowi 'Harry 0," 10 p.m. Girl sel urniturc, hire private eye : ind and get her brother out a stolen -diamond jam. ' FRIDAY--"Planet of th Apes," CBS. 8 p.m. Two astr nauts break time barrier an crash-land in world where e eryone's gone ape. NBC--"Chico and the Man p.m. Old garage owne young Chiciano youth, jo forces. "The Rockford Files." p.m. Private eye is hired find who murdered a wealtl heir's parents. "Police Wol an." 10 p.m. Police pose nk employes to slop . A B C-- "Kodiak." * p.m aska state patrolman seek*. Her. aided by old Eskimo 'wh«/ w the murder. "Texas Wheel; s," 9:30 p.m. Motherless'kid*; ipe with return of father Iron! ur-month absence. "Kolchak:, he Night Stalker," 10 p.m. Re ; orter covering gangland war, eels mad zombie. · ·" SATURDAY - "Paul .Saflf}" how, CBS -- 7:30 p.m. .Shy., trnphony bass- player falls M ve with prima ballerina. ABC -- "The New' Land," !t m. Scandanavian imrniitra«t imily moves to Minnesota, has, roblems. "Kakia," , (d · h u'if. ·pt. 21). 10 p.m.. Indian : depu-' sheriff faces tribal problem*' rying help clear young Indian " murder charge. SUNDAY--"The Sonny Comei y -Revue," (premieres Sept. 2). 8 p.m., Sony Bono,. Sally Irulhers, Jackson Five versui toward Cosell. . . " · " · ' ' Appeal Made For Executive's Release MEXICO CITY (AP) --,Th«V vidow of President Salvador Allcnde of Chile has appealed Ihe kidnapers of Mexicart. resident Luis Echeverria!sl;fa her-in-law to release him yfl- larmed. . ' . · . - · '." Speaking on television Monday night. Horlensia .Bussi. d* husband made in 1972 in Gua ; ; dalapara, where the missing' man. 83-year-od Jose. Guad» upe Zuno Hernandez, was -fl.9? dueled Wednesday. . .^ "I make niy exhortation m the memory of my husband* Salvador Allende, who in Guit dalajara reaffirmed .his faith in youth . and rejected terrorist methods," she declared. .. ; Mrs. Allende has been living in Mexico since her husband's death last September during a military coup. Her appeal waj obviously directed to young leftists, indicating that the "gay- ernment now believes Zuno-wai kidnaped by Ihe People's Revolutionary Armed Front, of FRAP. DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tuba, Channel 2 (Channel t M eiM* In F*y«t*v!ll*) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUl, Tulsa, Channels - - (Chaniwr Ml «M* M F«y««U»IIUI · · KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODf, JopEn, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 IChMMl * MI e«MD !· Open 7 p.m. Fet. 7:45 son. Mat. t p.m.. "WALKING TALU^ JOE DON BAKER j MALLTWIN@ Open 7 p-ni, Fel. 7:15 Sun. Mai. 2 p.m. "MACON COUNTY LINE" (R) noted roles. For years he was known the actor who played George Gershwin. Then, after he origi nated the role on Broadway in "Guys and Dolls," he was linked to Sky Masterson. "Do I mind? Of course not," said Alda. "If I can leave behind two such memorable roles, I guess I've done a good job." Alda studied to be an archi- ,ect at New York University, e aving school in the middle of the Depression. "I got started in show business by winning an amateur night singing contest," he recalled. "The prize was $25, and my friends were on W.P.A. at $24.75 a week. I figured I had really found something." He worked in radio, vaudeville, burlesque and theater he- fore signing with Warner Brothers in 1943. "Rhapsody in Blue" made him a star. Alda has made his home in Rome for the past four years, making Italian films and commuting to the U.S. for TV and stage work. He warned that he has another son coming along: "His name is Antony, as in Mark Antony. He's 1 Sand a fabulous musician as well as an actor. He may have the most falent of us all." McLaughlin says he knows nothing about it. Jerald F. terHorst, President Ford's press secretary, told newsmen on Tuesday that he h a d d i s c o v e r e d that McLaughlin was on the press office payroll. "I have no slot for that position . .. The way we have restructured the press offics here is no place for Father McLaughlin or anyone else in that spot . the job is going to abolished." But McLaughlin said later: "To this very hour, I've had no discussion with any White House official on the duration of my stay." He added: "I do not believe President Ford is laying a cole and clammy hand on my back ... and easing me nut the front door." WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-7730 Complete Home Entertainment Cable Service All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Time -Weather -Special Events Starchannel - PHONE 521-1730 Petit Cleared NEW YORK (AP) -High wire artist Phillipe Petit, whose feats have dazzled residents of the New York area for the past month, has been officially cleared of any wrongdoing. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Haft quashed on Tuesday charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass brought against Petit for his Aug. 7 tightrope walk between the 1,353-foot-high towers of the World Trade Center. HEARING AIDS SALES SERVICE Raflioear, Electone and Acousticon Cords, Batteries and Accessories M. WARD HEARING AID DEPT. Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Fayelteville, Ark. Phone 443-4591 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College 14S-SETI Buy Yeur Carpet Direct Front The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Most. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. SPRINGDALE, ARK. HIGHWAY «g WEST T51-TM1 fll'en 7 p.m. IVI. 1:15 I'rl-Sun. 7:30-9:20 Sun. Mai CHARLES * BRONSOP DEAT^WISir! WHATEVER HAPPENEDTOl S-P-E-C-1- A-L Dm of the classiest flicks to comi along quite whiln. CONTINUOUS HOM DARK RI-CITY *^7 . 7S1.*724 GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory Creek Rec. Area and dine at THE BARN 264 East off Hwy, 71 Steaks and shrimp, homemade cinnamon r»l», relishes, and salads. Family «tyi« fish fry Friday. Bar BQ nibs Saturday. Open 5-10 p.m. ·at. and Sun. 12 noon-10 p.m. Closed Men. and Tu.. emit «ee u at beautiful Beaver Lake, MOVIES ON TV Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 12 -- "Trapped" (1973) James Brolin, Susan Clark, Earl Holliman 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "The Disorderly Orderly" (1964) Glenda Forrell, Susan Oliver, Everett Sloane Thursday Night 8:00 p.m. C.h. 16 -- "Villain" (1971) fliehard Burton, Ion McShane, Nigel Davenporl 10:30 p.m. Ch. 16 -- "Hook, Line and Sinker" (1969) Peter Lowford, Anne Francis, Jimmy Miller 11:30 p.m. Ch. 6 -- "Weekend at Dunkirk" (1964) Jean-Paul Belmendo, Catherine Spaak, Pierre Mondy OZARK HOME AND GARDEN CENTER · Shrubs · SeecU · Insecticide! . ' · House Plants · Landscaping Service! 20 E. Township Rd. % Mile West ·'·· Whit Chevrolet . "We Give Your Green Thumb A : Helping Hand" MALCD 1 Open 7 p.m. Fet. 7:IJ Sun. Mai. 3 p.m. South erl and-Gould AS S*P'Y'S (PG) WEDNESDAY EVENING * 5:00 Sesame Street Twilight Zone Andy Griffith Truth or Consequences New» ........................ To Tell The Truth * 5:39 Newt .......... 2, 3. 6 6. 7. Truth or Consequences Showing Thru Saturday Open 7:30 · Starts 8:05 THAT NEW BREED OF CAT IS ON A WHOLE NEW TRIP! ... From junk pile to jet set THE NINE IIVES OF FRITZ THE CAT ". . ueul I ^IB^^^WW MEN'S MOVIE BONUS: Glllttti TRAC S 0«mon«lr»tof fl»ior While Supply LJtl* W « 7 5. 8 3 12, 1G 8 Inside Oklahoma Education 11 News 2, 3. S, 6. T, 8, 12 16 *· 6:30 Dragnet 5 Green Acres 2 Hogan's Heroes 16 Felony Squad * Grand Master Chess 11 Hollywood Squares 3, 12 Wait Til Your Father Gets Home . .. ' if 7:00 Fools, Females and Fun . . 2 3. 7 ~""]y Graham Crusade 5 Cannon - 6. lf That's My Mama 8. 12 Zoom 11 if 7:30 Wild. Wild World of Animals .. 8 Doctor, Lawyer Indian Chief .. 11 Movie 12 * 8:00 Just far Laughs Billy Graham Crusade The Killers if 8:30 Henry Fonda as Clarence Darrow 2, 3, 5, 7 * 9:00 Oral Roberts at Expo '71 fl Emmy Awards for News and Documentaries 8, 12 Kojak it 9:30 -Today's Yoi!« * 10:N News 2 s. S. «, 7, 16 Preview of Applied Management II *· 10:3(1 -News ABC Captioned News Movie Johnny Carson 11:00 Perry Mason Wide World Special * 13:00 -Wide World Special Tomorrow 2. 3 S. 1 i 2 3. 5. 7 Project 6 * 1:00 -Today's World t THURSDAY MORNING-* 6:30- Farm/Ranch Report if 6:35 Inspiration * · t * 6:40-News * 6:50 Light of Life 6 Today in Agriculture 7 if fi:55 -Harvest Time Tabernacle 5 Project * Moments of Meditation 8 * 7 : Q O Timmy and Lassie 12 CBS News 6. 16 Country Music Tim* * Today 2, 3, I, 7 * 7:.10 Dennis the M«nact 12 Captain Kangaroo t- 16 Sesame Street · U Cartoon Circus * if 8:30 Oklahoma: Thursday ...· * (1:00 Name That Tune · · Sesame'Street !) A.M Joker's Wild It's Your Bet ....-, Movie «, S, 7 3 6 '.'.'.'.'. 12 I * 9:36 Gambit ». 1* Winning Streak 2, 5. 7 To Tell The Truth 12 * 10:00 Now You See It «. 16 High Rollers 2. 3. 5. 7 All My Children 12 [0:3* Brady Bunch 8. \Z Love of Life S, 1« Hollyw«xi Square* 2. 3, 5. 1 10:55 Coffee Break K CBS News IS 11:00 -Jackpot 3 5, 7 Password 8. 12 Mike Douelal 2 Young and Restless , 16 * 11:30 Celebrity Sweepstake.* . . 3 5. 7 Search for Tomorrow 6, 16 Split Second .. -- 8, 12 if 11:55 -News 3. 5. ^ THURSDAY AFTERNOON* 12:00 -News J. ». 7. 12 u Phil Donahue 3 Table Talk 5 All My Children 1 * 12:15 -Leave it to Carol U * 11:31 Jeopardy .. Let's Make A Deal 2. 3 ! 12 h I* A* The World Turni if 12:35 Melody Mjitlnea 7 if 1:00 Guiding Light «, 16 Days Of Our Llvei 1, 3. S, 7 Newlywed Gam a * 1:30 Ed tie o[ Night ... Doctors Girl In My Lit* if 2:00 Price T* Rlfht . 12 «. IB Another World t. 1. S. J General Hospital I, 12 * 2:30 Today's Yoga 11 Match Game ft IB How To Survive Marriage 2. 3, 5, 7 One Life To Uv« 8 12 3:00 Sesame Street II Tatlletalea «. IS Cartoons 9 Somerset 2 3, fi, 7 JIO.OOO Pyramid 12 * 3:30 -- Mayherry. R.F.D. 12 Jeopardy 5, 7 Joker's Wild 6 Name That Tune - 3 Uncle Zeb B Dick Van Dyke 1« Petticoat Junction 2 * 4:00 Dragnet Winning Streak 3 Flipper . . . . : 12 Misler Rogers H Fugitive 1* Mcrv GrifJin 2 1 Dream of Je-lnnte Corner Pyle U9MC 8 Bonanza *4:30 High School Football Lucy Show Electric Company 11 Daniel Boone 12 Beverly HillbllllM 7 Beat the Clock I fH'JKSDA* EYWttNO- Sesame Street H Twilight Zone IS News S. I To Tell The Tnl* 3 Andy Griffith J Truth of Con*«quene«» 7 News * . " . . . . . 2, 3 5.8,7, 12, 1« Truth or CoM*qu«nce« t f I:M New* Z 3, I «. T, «, tt 1» Video'VUiontriM ,..*.', U *«··!· - . ' ' ; : : Green Acre* -. f Felony Squad 4......'.';· Temperatures HUInj -..-.'.''5 Police Snjrffeon ;.,.. -T Buck Owens .,^13 Hogan's Herow ,.......;,-;Ij Newsmakers ...* "11 Slim Wilson .............:·. I *7:H - -,"' ; Peggy Fleming Visit* th* 8mri«t' Union J, I Billy Graham Crujidc .-. . S Oral Roberta »t Expo 'It ... r.:V. T Evel Knievel: One Man, One Canyon The Wallons F.vening At Pops * S:W NFL Football 2. i Billy Graham Crusade The Killers Streets or San Francisco Movie WFL Football *»:H Toma Billy Graham Crufiadt Today's Yofa , it 10:90 News ·. », 1 Book Beat * 10:30 Movie ··-·· ABC Captioned Nem Wide World Special .:....;... Perry Maxon ......'. * 11:90 -Newt I. 3, * 11=30 Tomorrow I · 3. Movie Wide World Special ·* 1Z:39 -Source * 1:30 Project 8, If . « II .....11 .i ". i. 7 ..:· a .. ,, 11 .'t 12 . :u . f' t ..-.. ·»,

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