Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1952
Page 5
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Matte* . By JOSEPH and 'STEW ART ALSOP Washington - I/P| - Secretary of ing word Irwl the elections would State Dean G. Acheson has just (really only be ''free" in the Rus- told an astonishingly interested [sian sense. country about' one of tjie major choices in America^ post-war diplomacy. To be sure, he did not indicate this was what he was doing. But this was what he did, none the less, when he dismissed the whole so-called Soviet ."peace offensive" as mere malicious trouble-making, in his speech before the American Society of .Newspaper Editors. Beyond much .doubt, the fact t h a t this jjrcat American choice centered around Germany was the major influence in the final decision. * , ; Almosl since taking office. Secretary Acheson * has Jaborcd to integrate Western Germany into, the European community, first v-ith the economic instrument of the European arrny. A Germaij "contribution to Western defense has been one of Acheson's primary objectives since the outbreak of the Korean war;'And in theory at least. Acheson's months i and years of painful and toilsome; negotiations are now about 1o bear . fruit, in thp form,of agreement on { all these projects and on West ! Germany's substantive independence. I Precisely because Ihr e n d ' n f I Acheson's efforts seemed so near, i the Kremlin tried to nip the fruit j In the bud, by suggesting t h a i Eastern Germany and Western Germany might after all be reunited. The price, " t h e Kremlin! Raid, wa? simply abandonment o f : ' all the arrangements already, made, .especially including the ] West German contribution " t o i Western defense.. But if this price was paid, the Kremlin added. Germany might be u n i f i e d by tnie, free election?, and might also have her national army if she so de- «ired. . j This alleged bargain served, so! to speak, a? the Soviet- peace o f - I fcnslve's spearhead. Frnm the j first. Iherp w?re plain si^ns t h a i this K r e m l i n bargain was probably as phony 35 most of the others, j The Communist Quisling in East ! Germany Otlo GrolewohJ, war Ihe mouthpiece of the fir.n o f f e r ' of German unity nnd. free clcc-j lions. So : jrreat was the irvir n f j rupercutfions* in t h e Sov'et-Gci- i man province t h a t no one sharer! ! - in the proi?ct e-cfpt Orotewohl himserf and General Chuikov, · Snvie* c-i-unation ·.'·· rrnander. ivho gave Grotewohl his orders. When Grotewohl announced the offer, consterpafion at, thn4hnught of free elections spread among t h e . German Communists. And the Kremlin thrn passed (he r^assur-- Such background facts- obviously diminished the attractiveness of the Kremlin bargain, c.'en when it was offered to Britain, France and this country in a formal diplomatic note. Meanwhile, Secretary Acheson, French Foreign Minister Schuman and- German Chancellor Adenauer n a l u r a t l y hated the very notion of any further delay in the completion of their long effort. In Britain., it may be presumed that Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden's response was less decisive. At any rate, he told at least one ambassador t h a t the Soviet note on German unity was 3 rn"Uer of the greatest importance whu^ firs later, said it WHS not .vrry important after all.a. * * * In the nut come, however, the decision., was taken which Secretary Acheson has now revealed. The whole process of diplomacy with the Kremlin, at the off- chance gamble that the Kremlin may really have been willing to re-unite Germany,- are now to be subordinated. The plans to establish German independence, to create a German army, and to obtain a German defense contribution to the West, are now to have absolute first prfbrity. In the Stale Department it i s - sairV thai the agreement gn these projects may well be signed by May 20. The story cannot end there. i however. In the first place, the signing of the agreement must be followed by their ratification, by the German and French parlia- mcnts among other law-making bodies. Already there are hints, from- the Kast German , again received, and then, three Mays| stooges who generally telegraph. ' the Kremlin's German moves, that the present phase of'sweet peacefulness may be succeeded by a phase pf- naked- terrorizalion. (The Kremlin line will b« that a peice offer has been rejected by the Western powers, and that arming the West Germans is a war-like act. Every effort will he! made to exploit the German disappointment at t' -· lost hope o f | i unity, nnd to play on the fears of j j a i l Europe of a Soviet attack. Un- j I d-er these circumstances, French j i and German ratification of the i i German agreements will he f a r ! j from certain. j ! In the second place, Acheson's i su m m a ry d i sin i.ssa I of t h e $nvi-M j peace offensive probably means j the end, for the time-being, of t h e j recently raised hopes of a settle-! j ment in Korea. For v.'hy should | Ihe Kremlin approve ilv w i n d - u p ; of the Korean hostiliries, rxrept as .bait for broader negotiation of East-West problems'. 1 Finally, there is the central question. If it is useless to negotiate now (as ii. may well be), when Vill East-West negotiations ever be worth the bother? In many ways, the raisins of this question is the most troubling as- pect of this choice revealed, by secretary Acheson, the wisdom of gloomy forebodings lor the future, high taxes increasing cost of living and a million other worries, anyone who can create laughter is a welcome addition to n group. DOROTHY DIX -- CONTINUED FROM PACE FOUR now by attracting attention? He was in Korea for some time, and perhaps he is just h a v i n g a reaction. I'd like to know how to brrak this habit, as 1 j'ear if 1 marry him I'm always going to avoid company and Catherine,*, knowing w h a t to expect. Eva G. Answer: From your description I'd say your fiance is just an exuberant young man htcssorl with a sense of humor, and completely an p.Mrovert. His jokes don't seem to be obnoxious to you in any way except in the mere fact t h a t they are-·jokes! W i l h a \Vorlr! so f u l l of comedy or poke? fun at things t h a t are held (by some present, at ' l - a s t ) as sacred. Howrver, I l a k e ! off my, and put on a Rrin, for In^ed on« as he 1* or break th* A Lunch Always llrlp* |a true comedian who ran unfreeze enitagement. Nagging may accom- I thoroughly disapprove of the j a group w i t h a laugh, bringing plish your purpose, but it wilt sort of fun t h a t ridicules or h u - : everyone out of thr doldrums. 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