Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 24, 1952
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W» rtllllC WTEMST · THI PRttT CONCIRN BF THIS NIWSP40H Asioeioted Press Leased Wir* AP, King and NEA Features VOLUME 90, NUMBER 233 FAXEnEVlUE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING. AMlT 24, 195* IOCAI . , Fayettevllle and vicinity'part! v' cloudy and continued cool tonight. Tomorrow clear to partly cloudy and .warmer. T r a c e of rain. High temperature yesterday fifi; low 4P: noon today 51. Sun- riV .1:3.1; sunset (l:,Vt. nricTnvi CENTS Arkansas GOP Session Opens Battle Between * George McConnell Is Police Round Up Michigan Convicts Elsenhower And Taft Men Seen Key Committees To Meet At Capitol Today And Tonight Candidate For Assessor Assessor George McConnoll t , day filed hfa corrupt practices I pledge-as a cartdidatc for re-eler- j lion. To riatfi no other candidate j ha.= announced for the office. | McConnell is * native of Fay- j ffttevil.e and has lived here all his ; life except for the time he spent · in the Army during World War I IT. He was educated in the local schools and is a graduate of the University. Ut.tle Rock - (JPi - Preliminary nestings get under «*ay today in advance for the Arkansas Republican state convenMon, whici: threaten? a battle beiveun Ta'1 · and Eisenhower lorees. A meeting nf \\\t party's 19- j member Executive Committee was j rentduled t h i s c*tc-noon. The l u O - | rrsmber State Republican C j m - j mtttee meets tonight. I Any action taken by the Execu- | five Committee is subject lo ratification by the Slate Committee. Actions or recommendations of either sroup could be overruled by the more than 400 convention delegates when they begin two! days of session tomorrow morn* n £- * ' j Fort Smith. A rk.-(yp) -Striking Supporters of Sen. Robert A. j telegraphers can no longer picke'l Tl f !r' Vh ^^l'.L a . ddr !"u! hfi ^! lhe W«tern Union office here a? a ..._* .- .,,,, * .. ,, 'result of a violent altercation on the picket line. Chancellor C. M. Wofford of Fort Smith yesterday issued a injunction against picketing; the office. His action, sought by the Court Restrains Picketing At For! Smith * i Order Follows Fight Between Striker And Western Union Men vention tomorrow n i g h t -- a n d those of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower for thp Republican presidential nomination are expected tn tangle in the election of four dcfcgaief-at-larjre t.o t.he Kepubli- ·an National Convention in Chi- Steel Firms Ask Court: To Deny Truman Right To Seize Nation's Mills Escaped Python Re-Caplured Al Mulberry iSfiCk Temporary Injunction While Case Is Tried Fort Smith, Ark.-f/P)-An AWO1, Indian python was recaptured today in a ham w i t h i n thrar hlni'K of the carnival from .'.'.Men it "· cp.ped. Buddy K u y k e n d a l i spotted in snake coiled in his '.turn at Mul berry, about -in milw t.orthcasl or Fort SmiH. at JO 4 m. Carnival Owner .1 i; Moor,- nnd five other men made I h e capiure blanket ovrr thr his sndke's , ( ad 2nd fhovins it into a \vooden ,,,· box. The r r p f i l f i h r n was r n - i I turned tn thr ca-se it had escaped! Monday nishl. ] Mor.rc said flip python offered "very l i u l p resistance." j Resident;; nf the- Mi-lherry rom-1 mimily had been uneasy. although i Moore had expressed doubt that Ihe. 22-fool snake which kills II* prey in its rrushin; rolls would Michigan State Police flush prisoners from the mess hall kitchen at Southern Michigan Prison. Jackson. Mich., where rioting convicts loday agreed to end their four-day m u t i n y after most of t h e i r reform demands bad been met. .c\v minuie* later S- t h r o w i n g ' h a r m h u m a n s or livestock. Spokesman Charges U. S. Plans To Raise Union Members' Pay . Reynolds Rejects Short-Term Electric Michigan Convicts Agree To End Four-Day R p C ,, . Power Contract For Proposed Plant Riot After Officials Agree To Demands ! Truman Tells Of Ultimatum iniTtf eago Apparently Taft forces havp the firise amonp the six delegates already chosen at congressional district conventions, although , onlv ?»i two o f . h e six have said They a r e j ^ 5 definitelv for ihe Ohio Senator. 'he s w«,,irf_K« irsconhnu.o,- "Hr^fi. Rrap . company followed a fight between I a striker and an employe of the company. Both men were rrrrsted. .Toe R. Vestal, manager of the office here, said the injunction was issued against comment. Chancellor Would-be Eisenhower ·»r.=." led by Jeff Speck of Frenchman's. Bayou, have served notice Ihty will make an nit-out effori tr- elect. Eisenhower supporters as the four delegaies-at-lav-:e. The de1cKales-at.-1ar«e who are expected lo nn named- wi"iout formal instruction, a IT to be elec 4 - cd Saturday morning. District delegate? are uninstr.ucted. The closing: morning session Saturday also, will name an Arkansas GOP national committeeman and' national committeewoman. In all. Arkansas has I I votes al the national convention. . . ...- -- - ,, - - - . district c o n v e n t i o n -- j v o l v e d in yesterday's disturbance. ,, L Commercial Tele., iphers' Union since the strike began April 3. The. union h a d - n o Wofford specifically enjoined Ihe strikers from: ( 1 ) picketing the Western Union office; (2) exhibitinr placards calling non-striking employes "scabs:" {.I) 1 threatening, assaulting "or in any m a n n e r obstructing the plain- Itff Western Union or its em- Washinglon-f/P)- President Truman said loday he oncp Premier Stalin to forced nut of _ .,, Iran by sending him an u l t i m a t u m , Th(S president also told conference that there was new? lime ,, , , , . . , events, mp president, s; , and (4- making telephone | h a s been w h a ( h p cal|ed when Yugoslavia decided to take Trieste, but t h a t he ordered the Mediterranean fleet i n t o that ?r%? and there was no march on Trieste. Truman spoke of thnsn incidents tn discussing his powers generally and specifically his seizure of the steel..industry. He said,..the prcsir dent has very great inherent po\v* ers to meet emergencies dcvcfop- ig t h a t require action. Coming- dou-n tn more recent, events, thp president said there 1 Jackson. Mich.-(/Pl-Tirod a f t e r i their long revolt against prison authorities. Southern Michigan j Prison inmates agreed today to · j rnd their violence-marked fnur- I day riot. The revolt cost nm? l i f e j and approximately $2,000,1100 d n m - 1 Thrir decision g u a r a n t e e d Ihc ] f i n a l safely of nine guards, slill held as hostages by ki ifp-wielriing · convict rioters in the world's larg- J cst walled prison. ! With these hostajrrs in mind, Ihe j s l n f p of Michigan bowed In prison t reform demands by the mutineer"? --and even In row in a steak dinner in the barsain. Escapes Death In Senate Fulbright Heads Fight To Save Big Lending Agency Washincton-Mi-The Recnnstruc- Wash(ngton-{«VAn acceptable* | con.lracl In supply electricity for a proposed a l u m i n u m planl In Arkansas appeared no rlnser i n , reality today despite approval o f ; a pact by the Federal Po-./er Com- \ mission. i ·· Anolher meeting of Ihe parties involved was scheduled today. j The FPC yesterday pproved ! rales and charges for power to be I , purchased from government-own-1 : cd. hydroelectric dams, but Insisted ; ' 11th Jet Ace , cajls to harrass the company. Loral five of thft.CTU and six of its members, wer? named defendants in trie action. One of the defendants v.-as H. H. Gtindell, the striker allegedly in- seizure of the presf hooey and radio as a result of his last ne\\-s conference. Tells Of Power On last Thursday Yruman was asked t h i s question: Even then the List Ifif) desperate holdout? in the prison's isolation Cell P.lock 15 delayed f i n a l surrender. They demanded confirmation in today's newspapers of the stale's agreement. Thus their actual surrender of with ils solitary confinement holes, was not expected before tomorrow morning. Gov. G. M e n n a n W i l l i a m s Finance Corporation RFC ' t h a t its approval or limited to five was sentenced to death In the;years. Reynolds Metals Comoanv S e n a t e yesterday and then · · · ' ' promptly reprieved. A bill to abolish the bis government lending agency, offered by Senator Byrd D-Vr.' but .supported mostly by Republicans. was accepted on the first go around 42 to 37. to the astonishment'of the'Democratic leadership. Allowed another chance under parliamentary rules, the adminis- · (ration scrambled frantically for | strstion, which proposes to build the p l a n t near Arkadelphln. promptly rejected the Commission's order as "wholly unacceptable." A contract setting forth rates: to he paid for federal power was agreed to by Reynolds, the A r k a n - sas Power and Light Company and thr Southwestern Power Adminl- Jnterlor Department Votes · and finally were able . to I«(en«'. Until:last.night, however, switch enough senators to send | FPC had withheld .Approval of the ' the measure back tn the Banking | r a t w Bs ,,,,, , o , v . Co/nmittce. 39 to 36. The successful effort ! Byrd abolution measure tn send hack lo . , ,. . . . ! » v i u d U U I U U l i n I l l f f r l S U r p O3CK IO in to ihe mutineers demands, he i ..mmiilee was made by Sen..!. W. said, "lo effect the release nf the | Fulbriaht iD-Arki. who headed an hostages and the cessation of re-.[.investigation last year into charges sistance." The com-iclr' complaints alleged b r u t a l i l y , overcrowding of t h e prison, lack of proper segrc- nf "favoritism and influence RFC loans. In -this case. ,he contended, the tmestlon involved was not c o r r u t i o n in RFC hut ·forms The Commission said yesterday In Its order approving the rales that nothing in the order should be construed as confirming or approving rates proposed after five years. Walter Rice, vice president Reynolds, commented: "This would be wholly uni of note speaker has no apparent. con- . nection with the contest for dele- president of the United States has Washington-uTV The steel 'ri- di.stry a«ked the federal courts., again today to deny President. Trrman the right to -seize the notion'.' steel mills. An attorney for U.S, Ste«J,Cor- poration, biggest of the panies, accused the government of trying to "foist M management" wage Increases for the CIO Steelworkers Union. the attorney, Theodrre Kiendt, said Ihe government' Is not "trying to preserve production of steel," He. asked U.S. District -'judgi-- David A. Pine to issue a tempo-" | rary injunction that would forbid (Secretary of Commerce Sawyer.' | from taking any steps to'carry out ·Truman's selntiVe order. " Kiendl told th« court the* darn-' ngc would be. "almost Incalcu!- able" If Sawyer put into' effect'.. the wagr «nrl union shop' recommendations made, by the "Wage. Stabilization Board.- .'.- '. -.'. i In the Industry's first eouit ii- doclsre the jejiure 11- .legal, .fudge Alcjcande* 1 'Hojtzotf .··' said, there bud been ho shbwirif '. of' ; 'irr«BarBblf'd«m«f«,"",.,'· , ' ; . ' . Kiendl said tixjay the .situation:- ti "drastically changed.", ' ·Mean^hlle^a..eerie*'of·eongrejj'-'". ' ..^rtijlr'BtudJti .of/the itizirre' pic** Itirt.were joint. And an imp«acli- meht 1 move.-:«fjlnrt Truiriifi.;. V»-" on In the House./ -' v v ' ? · ' gates. He accepted an Invitation to appear · several months ago at a time when the "draft Eisen- ivemunt had not at- proportion. hower" mn lained its-present Tad. is to arrive in Little Dock: He will be accompanied fleece of Tennessee, publican n a t i o n a l chairman. Three national Eisenhower prs also are to be here fop the convention. Wednesday Deadline For Filing Pledges" to act for whatever is /or the best --,- - -- · ^of the country. That's the a n s w e r ! Tri .e governor's capitulation lo your question, he added. Told his news conference t'ay: That in 1!)45 he had iltimatum to the head | (Iran). . I They sol out. Ihe president said bv air early tonight. by Rep. Carroll! former R e - ' Next Wednesday noon is the [deadline for candidates to file both - l e a d - j their party loyalty pledges aod crs nlso are to be here ton the| lr "!ir "corrupt practices" pledges i i ' the Russians, berause we were T n e v are former! f° r offices other than, municipal |' n a position then lo meet Heps."Joseph L. Heifer of New! offices. York Gerald W. Landis of I n - 1 An article in the TIMER Tnes- Hyde of Ihe day was in error in stating t h a t i came after tense hours when the t 0 _ i guards' lives h u n g in slender balance against the m o u n t i n g rage send an : a n d frenzy of the convicts barri- of | ne l e a d e d in Cell Block 15. . · . M M K I I U I I I ... ...e i.enu "i me -- i io ine Senate bv .June 2 But some Soviet. Union to Ret out of Persia I The m u t i n y began Sunday n i c h l | n f j (s hackers said this was rriean- inR agency. He added t h a t the RFC has been r e f o r m e d , a n d strengthened through Truman's action in abolishing the five-man Board of Directors in favor of a single head. The committee was instructed to bring the RFC measure back ; lo the Senate by June 2. But some j some of ihls power from government dams through .the SPA. Lt. H. R. Peterson Dies Here From Heart Attack .. Ow of Sun Ber-. nardino, Calif.,' bfcamr" America's I l l h Jet ncc when he shot down I two.RusMon-buill M1CS In a bat- t l e over Korea April 21 between 50 MIGS and 2(1 lj: S. SabrCs. ( A P Wirepholo). Flood Waters Cover Sherman Air Field. Kansn.' City-l/l'l-Thc Army lost hea rt 1 the situation in that area. riiana. and Herbert. .... Washington Eisenhower h e a d- quarters, Parole Reforms Hinted By Governor McMalh Little Rock-(/P)-Govcrnor Me- election Jaws, upon-'v ath said today he had ordered a .Tuesday story~was has imnrehcnsive survey of parole Clerk Roy A. Scott, i Ma pomprehcnsive survey the deadline for corrupt - practices pledges is 60 d'ays. later t h a n for party pledges. They are the',same --SO days before the preferential primary, making the deadline A p r i l 30. The error arose from a misprint in Ihe Democratic Slate Committee's printed digest of/Arkansas upon ''which t h e ied. County Milder Winters Bring Armadillos To Slate IJttle armadillo? are invading A r k a n s a s in vast numbers according 10 Raymond Gray, Little Rock 7.00 director. He atlribules the movement to mild winters since the a n i m a l is a I hy t h a t t i m e and tied up with ' other business. These senators said the measure was dead this isession. ITICM -. - ··.--".' -·"·.r 'TM MO.ICU. v-uuui.v miin winters since the a n i m a l is a 1 parole | Clerk Roy A. Scott, with whom j native of tropical Ameyca. Gray systems in other states wilh a view corrupt practices pledges must be toward Improving 'Arkansas' sys- fi tern. · f i He said Stale Parole filed for county a n d . t o w n s h i p of- iccs. pointed out the error today. Director! A corrupt·· practices pledge is V-'. P. Ball and C h a i r m a n Frank'ione slating t h a t the candidate is I Springs, Camdcn, F,l Dorado "and j w a s l n c l a s l ' r e a l hastior Ray of the State Board .of Re-1 f a m i l i a r with Ihc requirements i other points. istrcnulh. in Cell Block 15, where the worst desperadoes io the fi,;in()-rnan prison were serving isolation terms for defiance of prison rules. The r e b e l s seized 12 guards.. hut in the next five rinys they let ' lour of them so--.because of ape | or illness or in deals for con- ' cessions from officials. ' On Monday, i h e isolated rioting ! _ , ,_ . , i spread throughout Ihe big red Rock-f/Pi-Armor-plateri ; p r i s n n like , , ,,,.,,,, f j r ( , Thl , ,,,,,. , victs fired recrenlion biiildinirs. | ripped a p a r t the insides of t h e i r , f THi OlSMtVEt eell hlorks and spread s m o k i n g ; debris across lawns. I Somebody in Springdale is , i an ,,, r .', ,«., One convict was killed. II in- : TM rr .V'ng a counterfeit quarter in ; In ·""""·· '·'"· jured. Four state troopers suffer- \ ^!, ^^H rVrlngdale «1 minor wounds. ^ nm n n i i f l c r i Sheri ' ff £ rupc I G r a d u a l l y , the n o t i n g ".-as put : Cririer's office t h a t six shiny new i Mown in one cell block a f t e r an- ; fake 2S-cent pieces had turned I other u n t i l oy yesterday Block la was the last.real bastion of rebel hrad of · President frumajv told a news conference ttidaj he seized the steel Industry beciuiu .thU country l» In ·thVrnldst of the""ir»test ' emergency It has ever-trad. . .:' The WSB has recommended iii- ' rest wage Increases of I" 'A cents . ar. hour, fringe benefits amounting to K% cents plus a union shop. Thf Industry claims jt needs to increase steel prices about $12 a ton to meet the demands.. - ' The.jiovernment yesterday took first step toward granting the Industry a I.T.prlce Increase on a ton of steel. . ' · ' :"· The union'·.membership total* a b o u t 850,000. . CIO Chieftain . Philip Murray called off hU threatened strike after the steel.'' breaking battle against the i m " le ve ' f seized April 8. swirling Missouri River al Sher-' -T he . U - S ,- Chamber of Com,, , . - . , ,,. , , _ , i-mwce. declaring Truman violated man Air Force Held .war Fo r t ; , hr(!e ^parate articles of the Con-- Lesvenworth last night. Istitutlon I,i seiiinR the steel For 10-days troops, aided a t ' Piints. said the president may be times by civilians. - fought the |" river, raising the dikes ahead of i means the surging water. Then t h e rh-cr ; forc(! '' 'commander - In - chief." but this, command of the armed ·"not the command of the | people of the United States. "If that were not true," said .the Arkansas State Police and veteran Arkansas ' peace officer, died at 10:25 this morning in Ihc Counlv Hospital, where he had been a patient since suffering a heart attack here Tuesday n i g h t . The Little Rock officer was stricken while en route to .loplin, j Mo., where he was to have at- i 'ended a law enforcement con- if p r r n ee "i il.'","",^", "" , ', ·".'"""'"'i oeromc a dictator overnight and "'pcTc'rs.o served more , h a n ,, £ 'J7 '^"^'X^ I ^ A £^W£s* years on t h e l.i.tle Rork Police! foot w a l l of ..,,,,, had swept over ' goose step" * '° U^'He^neX'st^o^l^a^^d:^ ""^ "*""" ' · ^^ ·**»*»** *» levelled off at. Us record crest. It looked like t h r . w o r s t - w a s over. L night the Missouri pounded a hoicl m j l tee. "then. lnrpr«Ydenr«uW ' ,h ! *L , t h e , so "' h " s '; '""icr; become a dictator overnight and inf* HP n. II wirionpn r a n i n l v anri A.-n^., A -._: A · *«_ .. said armadillos usually travel n't night but are shy and harmless. The a n i m a l s reportedly have been seen al Mabclvalc, !of Act 30R of 1U1.1 and Act 1091 view will make the .,-jrvey. . The release of at least three !of 1951 regarding elections, killers from Arkansas' · prison farms came to light in recent months. One of Ihem--Tuck Bishop, who shot to death 'our men In Springdale in 1943--is charged H'ilh murdering two U t a h miners overstaying a Christmai Reservists Inspected By Adm. Powell Rhea Guardsmen Protect Non-Striking Workers up in his cash register d u r i n g Ihe (lay's trading. He said he must have given one of them to a customer in change, because now he has only five. The sheriff noli- fled U.S. Treasury agents .who presumably will w a n t to know where the coin? came from. 50 Oklahoma Students Hurt AJ Bleachers Fall t.-iking it.« time about "ordering pay raises in the seized Industry. ' The latest word was that this won't com? until next week. Members of Organized Kler , Ironies Company 8-8. Fayetleville!'or the first r u r a l furlough. McMalh claimed t h a t ' N a v a l Reserve u n i t , were inspect- Ihcse coj.f'S did nol prompt his ... :islon to sci'k improvement of the clemency procedures. · Poultry Market -- cd-last night hy Rear Adm. Powell M. Rhea, retired, in preparation for next week's a n n i u l federal inspection. Admiral Rhea. in civilian l i f e | j mayor of Fayetteville, Inspected t h e reservists, informally. N e x t Th» poiiltr.i mni'ltet today as re-1 Tuesday's Inspection, however,! First Rurol Telephone Co-op In State Formed Little Rock-l/Tl-The C e n t r a l Ar- Paseagoula, Miss.-l/P)-Protrclcri · Coronation Sri kansas Rural Telephone C'o-oper-j h ' n a t i o n a l guardsmen, about ^Ofl I l.onrton-i/Pi-The Daily Kxpress 'Ive Board has signed a contract garment workers peacefully cross- I reported today the British cabinet ,_ erl a picket line, lo work today : has advised Queen K l h a b e t h II a f t e r reported t h r e a t s ' o f violence j l h a t June 2, IDSS, would be a suit.. r ere completed . failed lo materialize. · - I able day for her coronation, here yesterday w i l h o f f i c i a l s o f , The guardsmen circled Ihe p l a n t ' ··· - -the Rural Electrification A d m i n - : wilh orderr to prevent clashes he- istratfon. j l w e e n opposing factions of work- The telephone system w i l l verve j ers. Ciuard. o f f i c i a l s sa'd the Donaldson. Friendship and B i s - : g u a r d s m e n "-ould r e m a i n on duly marck in Hot Spring County. . t h r o u g h tomorrow. - - telephone operative in Ihe state. Negotiations In a reorganisation of the d e - ' partmeut, he was named head o f : the newly created criminal in- vcstixalion division. The veteran detective was credited wilh "cracking" ihe rase of the three children found locked! Oklahoma Citv - r/Ii.' Portable- in an lee box near W a l n u t Ridge. bleachers holding 423 Capitol Hill i a few years ago and the famous i -Junior High School students /or 1 w »shlngton-i/P)-A proposal for .lames "Red" Hall case of 194S.!» clajf picture collapsed todav. extra combat pay of $45 a month Under ouesiioning bv Peterson r i n j u r i n g about .50 members of ihe i lnr mnst Korean War veteriniji' H a l l , a l.iltlc Roek 'taxi driver] | Srartiialing rla.«. "-admitted six murders. H a l l l a t e r ] Imogene White. was convicied and put to d e a t h ' ° ' n n r s P S al Capiloi M I I I i e n e r a t ' 3nH 7 n ' ' "iiVi" Hospital, said between 45 and SO · * . , , , . , ! ., youngsters hid hern evamined by i ,"' ,? ,,V ln(! ,,,, pa v this T 10 "* i t a m v.r^,.. i,,,i i .-I._L for all .Tr^ million persons in t th§ upcrintcnden! Combat Pay Proposal Stalled In Congress . was snagged today in" a' eongrej. [ sional dispute and may die there. in the electric c h a i r i The Weather-! Arkansas -- Parily j mild this afternoon, ' InmoriOH', cloudy tnnljhl Dorted by the University of Af kanilf I n s t i h i l e of Science nrirt Technolbgy and the Dairy and Poultry Market New? Service of Ihe 0. S. Department of Adrlcul- lurc. Northwest Arkansas urea: Market weak: dcmnnd llffhl; trading CflT nlow: offrrings heavy ' point*, nvrr vlth hrollrrs and fi.vers Mipi:i:iM)ii, nnwcvcr, will be Ihr real thing with Navy I officers coming here from New Orleans, La,, headquarters of the Eighth Naval District. Constable Seek* OHIer Renlonvlllc-(Spcclal)-W. .1, R n l - slnn, the present constable al Cave Springs, has filed hl corrupt prac- lire* pledge wilh Counlv Clerk pounds burftfn«nmf;JMrs, R u l h Wharlnn and annnuncrrt jrlcej f.o.b. Inrm--22-21, mostly t h a t he Is a candidate for re-elco Seizure Of Steel Mills Censured By Stale Medical Society l.itllc Rork-l/Pi-Sciziirr nf the U. S. steel Industry hy President Truman has been censured ly Ihr Arkansas Medical Society. A resolution adopter; by the ,*M- rlely yesterday at the closing'ses- sion of Its 7ftth u n n u d l here staled: Iry, he can hy Ihe 5nme stroke of his pen seize a n y Industry business nr profession." I). illon. I .lift .Simrfa'y » resolution npk ( for » enngression»l investlta. j l l n n of the president's action wn* m e e t i n g ' a d o p t e d h.v the Ark.infas Aendrmv of fieneral Merilral Prartier. 1 If he, Mr, Trum.'in. can w i t h o u t Endorsement of n rcsnliitlnn for supplies fnr belter denial hfdlth nl.-,o was nriopled by tlw AMR. Hi. S. A. Drennen nf Stuttgart, named president-cleft nl thp ID5I convention, succeeded Dr. Charles Argentina Tightens Grip On Newspapers Buenos Aires, Argnnlina-f/f*). Federal police are p u t t i n g all news a-encies and foreign correspondents In A r g e n t i n a through an unexplained Investigation. In a surprise move, agent* from thr labor section nf Ihe Nitlonal Police railed on newsmen lest night »nd demanded written lists of employes, nrws sources, and (el- low correspondent* elsewhere In thr Americas. They Inld them also to name t h r f r hanks and describe Ihrlr methods of sending «nd receiving nrws, I I a.m. X-rays had been taken of .10. Mrs W h i t e «aid the Iniurles included fractures, cuts and bruises but none was believed serious. Hospital corridor.* were crowded w i t h parent.'. Five ambulances ,ind two nolice scout cars carried Injured to the hospitals and to s nearbv clinic. uniformed services also appeared doomed. However, eventual passage appeared bright for a bill to make those benefits available in future months. ( Educator! Agret l.itlle Rock-l/r|.Arkansas Edu , auihnhty of law rei/.r one indus- Henry nf M t t l e Rock /is active fMldont nf the Society. fir R. C. nirklnsnn of Horatio! Police agents said t b r v did nol ·a.« chosen president-elect tn t a k e i k n n w (ho reasoi for the'Invest!- .. . ; ' ·" " MH'.-M.n-M.-i-irri HI i«Kr | KflnW \ fluorlrtnUon n/ public water, office nl Ihr 1BS.1 convention. ,gation. Nlnr Rrd. .... . Seoul-W-Nlnc RecVn'ere killed in the biggest fljht reported today on Ihe Korean battlefronts.' Air , ,, . . - - F"f«. Navy nd Marine planes ,~L U ( "" nlm ' s '' r!n! . r A . B. Bonds ganged up on Commurviit rail Itnei p,a?, ffia,,rs t .rh,j | ss s?s£-«!S as" cut " Negro pupils should be equaliwri. . »i-^B» rmtnu. "The only problem Is how to do." he added. "In plncr worrls mtmti ·---- · ivhere to gel the money." t iVii t ^ · / . . _ Bonds made the stslpment In ,, .L· . · "'?, ' " "" advance of a special mretlni nf "**"' ·"t'n'lon Mlryman at .,,* ihe SlAtr Re,»rel of Rducntlon. University of ArkuniM .for the 1 · p»sl five yean, his accepted fc ., ..... . pmltlorr as Held r«prei«nlatlvS Ko! ihf l.rjesi, pretiiesl sclee-1 for th« American Jerte/ Ca"^ llonnf dre«es.ih/p Hunt's. (AdV,) I Cluk . . · ' £$

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