Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
Page 10
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f, April M, ItM mmillHil AflKAMM 1UMI IBUT-WEWE W I OONTCARC AWFULLV HOWTHlMTy THIRSTY MP )l, you AM-YOJ BUMSYEAP ALL THAT TALK- AND MEPE THE OOCD? WAS UNLOCKED ALL THE TIME AMD A THOUSAND «AV Wf OOMF. ! INDGETAKflNK OF \MATER MC BU^STEAO? ANYWAY WE APJOJED AND SPLIT UR I LEFT KIM? WE'RE THROUGH.' TO HIRE VOU.FOR YES, DOT VIEW. ITS MEf VDU ASKED POP ME, AND MERE I AM. NEED AN ? ^ AGENT.' EXHIBITION OF fVkRACHfJTB JUMPING EXHIBITION OP RM4ACMUTH JUMPING- FIBLD WELL, IT WAS A MISTAKE THAT COULCA HAPPENED TO ANVONC. I POLKED SALT IN THE SUGAR BOWLS ACCIDENT--THEN WHEN I WENT ID PUT BW TH' SALT, I PUT IT IN THE 6UMR SACK,AMD EVBJVTHING GOT-- NOISED MESS. - .jWOMT) ./. o GEE, 1 EXPECTED HIM TO EAT ME OUT--BUT HE JUST 6AT THERE SMILING - - NO, I THINK I'LL IUHT A FM THEN VUNO WILL THE WViNPORT OVW HE UStB TO n«V F0« ME IV THE HOUR The physics class say a film "Light Waves and Their Uses" he 15, in the science room. The icture explained the different ighl waves and their uses. It also explained .Ihc use o! different enses. The class is starting on he study of electro magnets now. The seniors are having their measurements taken for their caps and gowns. Miss Graham, the senior class sponsor, is taking the measurements. EdrtWIy Th« University High Journalism Club Cardinal's Chirps Keith Broccard, a tl.ree year student at University High, received his questionnaire f r o m Uncle Sam, April 17. "GcJod-bye Keith." The senior annual is reported by students in the typing class to be coming along just fine. The cover, class will, and pages for the clubs ar.e almost finished. The junior-senior boys p'iys. ed. class is starting soft ball. The boys have been compaining about the mud. Price of admission to party (25c) will be collected on Thursday. The number for which to plan refreshments will be counted then. Anyone wishing to bring a guest to the party Friday night must see Miss Greene and fill out a guest card not later than Friday morning. The junior class rings arrived April 10, the day before Easter vacation. The girls are so thrilled they're still watching them glitter. The band class is boasting of several new members now. Lee Ward has been enrolled in the class and is playing the baritone. Dave Emmons is playing the bass horn and has recently been trying out the band's new cornet. James Wilson is playing the drums. Univbrsity High F. F. A. Agriculture class placed I3th in the dairy judging contest out of the 63 schools that entered. The contest was held at Russellville, Ark.- Hard-Working Students Express Opinions Everyone has the privilege of expressing his opinion, so four students have given their opinions on "What is the greatest improvement that could be made in U.H.S.-" Tho»'»» Mtlrs: "I would like to have shorter class periods, and more school activities." M»rj HUM: "The greatest improvement would be for the sophomore girls to quit saying 'primarily', 'with reference to' ·basically', and 'for example'". Learthur Fields: "The greatest improvement that-1 can think ol is shorter physics periods, shorter algebra periods, longer phys. cd. periods, very little English, no history, and school dismissed at 3:00 o'clock. Lull Mae iJHVson: "I think the students of U.H.S. need a place to buy hot lunches besides the Student Union, and I'd prefer more time between periods." We appreciate these students giving their opinions, and although some of them could be a little more-- uh--practical, we say again--everyone has the privilege of expressing his opinion. Ah, Spring At Last! Yes, we have a deep sincere feeling that spring is here. At least we.hope it H! As we notice the (love) bugs covering the earth and the green sprouts of grass, we are made to wonder if there are not students of U. H. S. who have symptoms of this glorious season. Let's just pretend that no one is watching, and we are using a mysterious eye to find out some, of the things Lhat are really happening around here. O.K.? First, we find some of the freshman girls eating lunch on the campus Jawn, in front of Peabody. Wanda Speck has just finished eating when a friend walks up and says, "Let's go for a walk." Oh, that is Bob Lewis, isn't il? As they stroll over the campus, we hear the chimes peal out, "Too Young", but for some unknown reason they never seem to hear the beautiful music. Next, we see Braxton Mairs and John Art'erburn who, we suppose, have just fallen in love with newspaper writing. Seemingly, one is staring at an opposite building and is wondering what special interest is going on there. The other, usually half asleep, is walking up and down the halls just hoping that "The Traveler" is finished before the deadline. As we wander into a country section near Winslow, whom do we find but Alice liasmussen and Doris Campbell. What are they doing? Well, well, they are enthusiastically catching butterflies and -beetle bugs which will be used as specimens in'biology class the next day. All the while, breezes through the trees whisper. "Spring is here, Spring is here." Presently, everyone disappears from sight, and as we once again enter our regular routine, still there is a sensation down deep inside that reminds us that spring is wonclerful and even I must surely have a mild case of "Spring Fever." »_____ What's Wrong Girls What seems to be wrong with the junior-senior girls lately? They come limping W the ha "' carrying^5 With their left arm. £l» ·* ·» EMms to be out «···** ·'"« the physical education, classes h a v e been taking up bowling. Some very amusing incidents have taken .place down at the bowling alley the last few weeks. Patsy Fincher and Nita Faye Tate decided they would tr.v sliding down the alley on their noses. They never seem to rer.-.ember to turn loose of the ball at the right time. Maybe the girls will get back to normal since we have finished the activity. The girls seem to enjoy bowling, and I'm sure they learned a great deal about it. Meet Me Spring April At The Frolic 25 H You Ask M e . . . Do .you plan to attend »he University of Arkansas? It's about Lime for seniors to begin thinking about it. We have but 29 more days-of school. Those who plan to increase their knowledge should start planning their future schooling now. There is very little use of going on to school if you are undecided aboui what to do. It would be a waste of time and money. However, today the.person with a college education has the brightest future. He can get jobs where others cannot, just because he has more schooling. People with a college education, are in demand all over the world. If you have not as yet decided what you plan to major in when you attend the University, you' can get any member of the school faculty to help you. Remember, your future depends upon your knowledge. As Ben Franklin said, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Senior Scrapbook Two seniors who step into the spotlight are Lula Mae Lawson and Alice Rasmussen. Lula Mae is a two-year student in U.H.S. She transferred from Kansas City Central High. She has been In the University High mixed chorus both years she hts been here. Lula is a hard worker and a very good student which is proven by. the fact that she won the D.A.H, American History Award last year. Lula Mae's plans after graduation are · incomplete as yet. Alice Ann Rasmussen, a transfer student from Greenland High, is a one-year student of U.H.S. Alice is very artistic and has lakin one semester of art this year. She also shows skill in the sports played in physical education. Alice plans In go to college in Texas after graduation. Traveler's Tracks "If the gravitational forces of the earth were to cease, the earth and all that is on the earth would be thrown out into space and destroyed,' said Mr. Lee, the physics teacher. "My goodness!" exclaimed Dallas Hale, wonderingly, "probably be a dust storm, too, wouldn't there!" ! * * * And speaking of physics class, we're glaw there's ONE student in there with intellectual curiosity. Dean ffisdale is still wondering where the west and east poles of a magnet are! * * * In Mixed Chorus, Miss McHugh announced that each person would have to bring 25 cents to cover all expenses for the music clinic to be held at West Fork. Quickly, Freddie Blackwell held out a nickel and replied, "I'll pay mine on the installment plan, a nickel now and a nickel a month till school's out." Oh, year? Be at the party. Meet me at the Spring Frolic A p r i l . 25. . DM Partfcipafes In Phys. Ed, Clinic The boys and girls physical education classes of University High participated in I physical .education . clinic Friday, April IB, held in the V. of A. fieldhouse. , The clinic was attended by physical . education · 'teacher*;;; arid coaches from high school! and colleges all over Arkansai, The purpose of the clinic was to demonstrate · · physical exercises that could be used for ball teams in training and show games that can . be played without the buying of expensive equipment. · ''' Bob Lewis, sophomore . from IT. H.. S., demonstrated- the physical exercises. The junior-senior boys and girls physical education classes were divided into groups and demonstrated the following games: paddle tennis, deck tennis, table tennis, shuffle board, hand ball, and tether ball. The sophomore-freshman boys' and girls' physical education ' classes combined to demonstrate square dancing. After the demonstration, everyone present was invited to dance. University High's entire student body was dismissed for tha- c''nic. Mixed Chorus Joins In Vocal Clinic The University High mixed chorus is participating in the Northwest Arkansas Vocal Clinic held in West Fork on Thursday, April 24. The clinic is a part oj the state . vocal plan. Seven schools will be participating this year, and Mr. Headley will be the guest conductor. Mr. Headley is the conductor of the vocal groups in the University. Each group will sing two numbers. The groups will sing individually and in a combined group under Mer. Headley. The U. H. S. mixed chorus will sing "Water Boy," a Negro work song arranged by Gladys Pitcher, and "Down South," arranged by Myddleton. The group will be under the direction of Miss Catherine McHugh, supervisor, and Misses Ruth Moss, Ida Weir, and Janet Lester, student teachers. Transportation will be in private cars. Junior-Senior C ; ' Banquet Planned ·- The committee for the Junior- senior banquet has held a number of meetings this past week to plan, the banquet which is to be given' June 3. Miss Greene, the junior class sponsor, is supervisinf,.th« committee. Plans concerning the special speaker and the place the banquet is to be given are almost complete. Most of the planning- is incomplete as yet; however. Members of the committee ar« the junior and senior class presidents, Don Barret and Braxton Mairs respectively. D a r 1 i e n « Steele and Peggy Smith from the senior class, and Bobbie Eldredge and Cliffie McCurley from . the junior class. Each of these members was appointed as chairman of a committee to plan a specific part of the banquet. Bobbie Eld-ridge was appointed head of the dinner committee; Braxton Mairs, decorations and menus; Cliffie- McCurley, entertainment at the banquet; Darliene Steele, entertainment after the banquet; and Don Barret and Peggy Smith, special activities. Students from the junior and senior classes, chosen by these chairmen and approved by Miss Greene will serve on these committees also. Kilroy will be there. Will you? Farmington R. C. Lee, who was in Baptist Hospital, L i t t l e Rock, for two weeks, has been returned to his home. His condition is improved. Yearbooks for Farmington High School arrived Monday. They will be dislributed from the high school building Friday from R to 12 p. m. A two-week vacation Bible school for children aged four through 15 is being conducted at the Methidsl Church every morn- AWRK3HT NOW.GENrLEMEN.HAVE AN INVITE TO NV PLACE AND LET'S GET ACQUAINTED.' TREAT'S ON TH' HOUSE.' AM DON'T RESENT FEARLESS FOSDICK ff ASUOKS-BUTAH ^OUGHTNTI I AH'M WADTSI.ICEAFEW ^ T'WASTE I I TARD- ·juicv CHUMS ) IT. HIKE'S] k, ...r* ,. 7 , TH' 4w\wm,,7 \ IF HE DIDN'T GIT ' MARRIED-LI 'U ABNER WOUUDKfT IS IN IT- EXCOOZE ME DA1SV MAE--AH'U. ing at 8:30 o'clock. Teachers are Mrs. Nell Riggs, Mrs. Tro_ Toney, Mrs. Irene Lewis, Mrs. H - 1 Be- quettu and Mrs. Rose Kchn. The Rev. A. L. Riggs conducts devotionals each mornirj. All children are invited. Water passes easily into a living ceil, but chemical substances in the cell body, although dissolved in water, pass out of the cell only with great difficulty. Water is essential for all life processes. Cop. I?!!, Kin; Fnbiifi Sjndmlf, Inc.. Wotld tight) mnvei "We don't have a bank account, but my husband ha* « ·ecret compartment in his wallet" Farmers Sign For Cucumber Acreage Rogers-(Special)-So far farmers in the Benlon and Washington county area have signed' up for approximately 1,200 acres of cucumbers with the Green Bay Food Company of Green Bay, Wis. The :ompany has asked for 1,800 acres to make its operations successful. Chambers of commerce in the area have sponsored the project, which will utilize a large acreage with farmers realizing as high as $300 per acre for Grade A cucumbers. Kiwanions See Film On Highway Problem "Let's G«t Out of the Muddle," a 20-minute film on the critical condition of America's highways, was shown before the Fayeuevllle Kiwanis Ciuo at Its regular noon luncheon yesterday. The movie is a presentation of the General Motors Corporation. Herbert Hatfleld was in cnarge of the program. H has been estimated that in 1800 England had ont criminal for every 22 cltizeni. Keep teeth bright ^ · Chew Wri|lcy'i Spearmint Gum. Chtwini heip« keep te«lh b''l^-

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