Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 3, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1974
Page 12
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12 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tuw,, Sept. 3, 1974 FAYETTIVILII, ARKANSAS New Rules .'LITTLE ROCK AP) - New regulations proposed by the federal Environmental Protcct- tion Agency would force a slate like Arkansas to determine what kind of growth policy it wants. The proposals would define and prevent significant deterioration of air quality in those parts of the country where the air already is cleaner than required by federal standards. ··Assuming growth was desired, then a state like Arkansas 'Would have to determine where and to what degree growth could occur without causing such deterioration. NOW'SHOWING : Open 7:30 Show 8:10 BOY, HAVE WE GOT A VACATION FORYOU_ DAYS ONLY! I 5Z1.7M5- Open 7 p.m Fet. 7:45 SOB. Mat, J p.m. (R) "WALKING TALL! JOE DON BAKER MALL TWIN© Fet. 7:45 Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. "MACON COUNTY LINE" (R) AT STONE MOUNTAIN, GA. ., .Culp, left, and Kiley during filming oj 'Give Me Liberty' HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Widow Holds Back On The 'Little Loving' Dear Helen: 1 am a widower and have a wonderful friend, who is a widow. We have known each other for many, many years. We have been going out and having wonderful times since my wife passed away. But when it comes to a little loving, she holds back. You see, she has r _ _ . a grown daughter, who seems I Involved And Fired l i t was a joy, seeing the miracle. But of course, they became bigger problems for the staff. The upshot was that the owners fired me and wouldn't even give me my back pay. They just put me and my belongings out on the street. I worry about those old people. What can be done? -- Ford To Visit WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres ident Ford plans to be in Phila delphia Thursday for the con vening of the Continental Con gress as part of (he nation's b centennial celebrations. The President plans to fly t Philadelphia for the ceremon Thursday evening and return I Washington that night, a Whit House official said on Monday A presidential spokesma said he did not think B'or would make any statement o amnesty for draft dodgers an deserters while in Philadelphi In 1776 the Continental Co gress met in Philadelphia an declared the 13 American col nies independent. CHARLES » ) · BHONSOP b MKHAU.WIRIIU Urn Open 1 Fet 7:11 Sun. Mat. Z p.m. Southerlatut-GouTd AS S*P'Y'S (PG) to be around most of the time and evidently doesn't want any lianky-panky. What do you suggest ? -Lovable Man Dear Lovable: A marriage license, perhaps? And if that sounds too, too preachy, well, you might invite her on a weekend trip. At least you'll find out this way if it's opportunity -- or desire -that's missing. -- K. Dear Helen: ' ' D e v o u t Bible Student" should have r e a d h i s Bible a little closer. The streaker he referred to (Mark 14:51-52) was a late comer. Please read Isaiah 20:2, who streaked 700 years prior to the Mark happening. However, 300 years before Dear I. And P.: If you can prove that old people are neglected in the nursing home, then make a complaint to the authorities and ask for an investigation. Why not start with a claim for your rightful pay and go on from there? (But prepare for a fight!) -- H. Historical Drama, Starring Robert Gulp, Debuts Tonight By JAY SIiARBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) - "Give e Liberty," the first of seven storical dramas the 3M Co. is ankrplling as part of the nierican bicentennial b i n g e weeping TV, makes its nation 1 debut tonight. A request: Please be patienl ith it, because it's one ol hose maddening shows that retched at the start, hokey nt le ending and reasonably well one midway through its 90 ninules. ' The series, transmitted na- lonally by the Hughes Tele ision Network, stars Robert jUlp as a sort of American ryrnan participating in major urning points in this nation's istory, from 1774 to the late 9th century. In tonight's show, he's Rober: 'reeborn, an itinerant peddle] making his rounds in valleys o V i r g i n i a i n the turbulenl Telethon Results NEW YORK (AP) -- Thi erry Lewis Labor Day Tele hon has received more than $16 million in pledges to figh muscular dystrophy. Lewis, national chairman q he Muscular Dystrophy Associ itions of America, said peopl gnored their own economi problems to help fight th neuromuscular disease. "When other people a r e i jouble, they don't look at the: own problems," he said, When the 20-hour-long teli Ihon, broadcast from La Vegas to 174 stations throug out the country, went off tf air at 6:30 p.m. Monday,-a tot of $16,129,213 had been pledge which beat last year's record $13.7 million. onths preceding the first lots for freedom from British ule. While packing his kit bag full ribbons British-made needles nd seditious ballads, he tells ic audience he supports no ause except selling his wares. Then he boards his horse ant 5 off. He's promptly attacket marauding Indians, one o vhom hangs onto his neck evei s he gallops to the safety of n og fort inhabited by Scottisl etllers^ Richard Kilcy is on hand a* he chief Scot, muttering in hi: card against the King. There's a shocking scene in -hich the Indian is slain tryin o escape. But the show doesn' nove from awful pageantry I easonahle drama 1 until Cul hecks in with George Washing on at Mount Vernon. The Washington role is ban [led well by Frit/ Weaver an lie scenes at Mount Vernon -- nvolving slaves, discourses o edition and the Continents longress -- are fairly inter esting and entertaining. Alas, the show slips back int ageantry when Gulp late meets with two of the nation' ounding fathers -- Samu' Adams and John Hancock -arid warns of British troo movements in Boston. The British do come, there brief skirmish at Lexingto which Gulp watches "but doesn participate in. He finally d cidcs to cast his lot with tl rebels regrouping for the f mous fight at Concord, Mass. The show, beautifully phot graphed by Peter Eco, cou have been infinitely better ha scriptwriter Ernest. Konoy chewed bad history book di logue that even a second-grad might chuckle at. Maybe the next show will improved. DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketchom 'MY FOtKS /WE THE SAME WAY... WHEN THEY START REAltf UP.' Results Sought CORNING, Ark. (AP) -- Rep. Bill Alexander, D-Ark., told two ,abor Day gatherings that lie vquld call for a congressional nvestigation of possible results of foreign investments' in Amcr- can land and business firms. Alexander said lie would call for the creation of a select congressional committee to study all aspects of investments in the United States by any foreign nation. Such a study, he 'said, might indicate that Congress needs to restrict these investments. "Because of the recently ex panded purchasing power of the oil rich Arab nations, there is a fear in this country that these Ironside To End , · TEL AVIV (AP) -- Raymond Burr, star of the television mystery program "Ironside," says the series end its eight-year run this January. Burr and co-star Don Gallo; way were in Israel to attend he opening of the Israel Film Festival on Monday. Burr will spend six days tour; ing Israel where "Ironside," :ias a large television audience; nations may have an unhealthy adverse impact on some of the major concerns In the United States," Alexander explained. .' He spoke at a breakfast at Corning and at a Labor Day picnic at Rector. that, some of King David's men were embarrassed by King Hanon the Ammonite, who cut off half their beards and half their robes, exposing their buttocks. (2 Samuel 10:4). Of-/these three events, only Isaiah streaked voluntarily, i.e., upon the order of God. -- Mr. W.W.H. Dear Mr. H.: You might say King David's men were the first to "moon it.". Thanks to my correspondents, I'm becoming a veritable ont of fascinating trivia...But '11 bet you don't know the answer to this next question: Dear Helen: A TV nature program with. 'How many feathers in a male leacock's tail curious. The supposed to at the end was called to the phone and didn't hear it and it's been bugging me ever since. I buzzed the station and no one there could remember, either. Since you're the woman with the answers, lay one on me. -- Betcha Can't Dear Bclcha: Betcha I can! A male pea No Red Robe For Miss America ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- The young woman who walks down the Convention Hall ramp as the new Miss America on Saturday night won't have a robe to wear. The new queen will still get a crown and scepter but the traditional red velvet DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulso, Channel 2 ICHlnnel 8 «n cable In Fayenevitlel KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, PiHsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on cable In FayeHevllle) , KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, JopGn, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 (Channel » art cam* In Fayetteville) · trimmed in white fur is robe being fan?" 'got us speaker was give the number of the show, .but cock than FOOD FOR THOUGHT BY Suzie We kn«w gaipacho n » cold spicy vegetaol* «oiip. How maKe it with gelatin and mold It for a great »l«d. Horn* b«ad-m»klnf; ha« Uke; tuch · «urg« forward that ycail ule. ace if 40%. Ifl the fa- voril* creative hobby of many, inctudln* m»U executive!. Raw veietabfc* are a natural *umm«T fco" d'oeucre. Inttead of potato cMp«, JCOOB up dip* withcarrat tticki, caul if tower- els, rad«*«i. cucumber, i_uc- chinl or «r««n pepper ilnpi. can boast slightly more 200 feathers in his tai fan... Not that he cares a squawk one way or the other. O · H. Dear Helen: I was hired to work in a nursing home, where I would receive room and hoard as part elderly people and think they are something more ' l i e i n b e d payment. I love dispensed sviih m an effort to keep pace with Ihe times, said Albert A, Marks Jr., the pageant's head. "We're eliminating the robe to tell America we are net crowning Queen Elizabeth in the middle of the 18th Century," Marks told the 50 state queens 1 at the pageant's official opening Monday. He said the pageant is "a means of promoting some of he better things in the Ameri- can.way of life," He likened it o "the Cincerella story, born and reborn again." S o m e critics claim the )ageant casts the contestants as 'sex objects" but Marks told the contestants: "If you kids who are articulate, "intelligent, ively and good citizens are sex objects, then something is wrong somewhere." A feminist group, the National Organization for Women (NOW), has timed its eastern regional convention to coincide with the pageant this weekend. Without referring to NOW by name, Marks said, "They can clo their thing. We will do our thing and never the twain shall meet." All the pageant's competition takes place in Convention Hall, where three nights of preliminaries begin Wednesday. The contestants are divided into three groups and compete in talent, swimsuit and evening Epwn events on alternate nights. WXRNER CABLE of Fayetteville 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-7730 Complete Home Entertainment Cable Service - V- - . ! . - . - · All Area Television and · . . . FM Radio Time -Weather -Special Events TODAY ON . . . Starehannel - PHONE 521-7730 HEARING AIDS SALES SERVICE Kadioear, Electone and Acouslicon Cords, Batteries and Accessories M. WARD HEARING AID DEPT. Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Fayetteville, Ark. Phone 443-4591 If you Ual $300,000 from Uw meg, H'» not rottery. It's uikMe. ANTHONY QUINN YAPHETKOTTO A HIOVIE FOR $1,00 AND THE WHOLE FAMILY WATCH 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College 44Z-8575 than just lumps to and wait for death. While I was there, I had the patients walking and talking and laughing. They came to life with a little help, I found, and t. n «*T* .+ FATETTP NOW SHOWING .OPEN 7:30 -- STARTS 8:10 They gave their an for the team I .TV Each contestant meet privately with the eight judges for a seven-minute interview during the week. The judges will give a point score to the interviews for the first t i m e this year. The reigning Miss America is Rebecca Ann King of Colorado. -plUS- ,,,, STUDENT MLUH1HS Ouiek WMimter deoert: one cup applesaoce, on* cup light cream, ane-thirtf eup fugar and one- ajuarter cup lemon juice, stir, IMfie H, beat it, and freeze ·*·'"· . Loti of wonderful diinet at SUIIS WONG'S RICE BOWL. Dont feat like cookinxt Join ui -- we'll treat you like com- face BOWL 44J-2ZU Highway 112 North C!o*«d Sunday 4 Monday 5 to 9:30 p.m. Campers Routed LAKE HENSHAW. Calif. (AP) --. A fast-moving brush fire that routed I.ODD holiday campers south of Mt. Palomar was touched off accidetally by a target shooter's ricocheting bullet, officials say. About 2,000 acres had been blackened, part of it in Cleveland National Forest. The fire remained out of control early today. Officials credited the target shooter, who was using a .357- magnum pistol, with sounding the alert. But they said the flames, touched off by the glancing bullet's sparking effect, moved quickly. OZARK HOME AND GARDEN CENTER · Shrubs · Seeds · Insecticides · House Plants · Landscaping Service 20 E. Township Rd. Vi Mile West Whit Chevrolet "We Give Your Green Thumb A Helping Hand" , MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 12 -- 'Mrs. Sundance' (1974) Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth, L. Q. Jones 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 --r "Sailor Beware" (1952) Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marion Marshall Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 12 -- "Trapped" (1973) James Brolin, Susan Clark, Earl Holliman 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "The Disorderly Orderly" (1964) Glenda Farrell, Susan Oliver, Everett Sloane Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Most. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. SPRINGDALE, ARK. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7W1 BR'ER FRAN'S "For A Coed Time Tonight" HEW SUMMER HOURS: OPEN 7 P.M. to MIDNIGHT MOM. thru SAT. ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT. CRAWDAD from Joplin EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER FAXETTEVnXE 521-9303 ' TUESDAY EVENING* 5:00 -Truth or Consequences 1 To Tel! The Truth 3 News 5, 8 Andy Griffith '.- 6 Sesame Street 11 Twilight Zone 16 * 5:30 -News 2. 3 5, 6, 7, 16, 12 Truth or Consequences t if 6:00 Making Things Grow . . . . . . . . . . II News 2, 3. 5, 6. 7. 8. 12, 16 * 6:30 Green Acres ....Ozzie's Girls Felony Squad 8 You Owe It To YourselE ' 11 Wild Kingdom 5 Let's Make A Deal 3 Hogan's Heroes 18 Dusty's Trail , 12 * 7:00 Maude 6 Arkansas High School Football 16 Ha ppy Days 5 12 A dam-12 2. 3, 7 Man Builds,* Man Destroys 11 * 7:30 Eye to Eye 11 From tfea to Shining Sea .... 2, 3 Bernard Franklin 5 Hawaii Five-O 6, 16 Banacek 7 GET Out OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory creek Rec. Ana and dine at THE BARN 264 East Off Hwy. 71 Sleaki and shrimp, homemade elnnamM rolfi. relishes, and saladf, · · Family style fish fry Friday. Bar BQ Ribs Saturday. . Open 5-10 p.m. nd Sun. 12 noon-U Sat and Sun. 12 noon-U p.m. Cloted Man. and Tli^ Come jee us at beautiful Beaver Lake, Thousands of Folks... check the TV directory every day . . . . a n d they'll read your ad in this space. H's priced at a special low monthly rate. For information call Ihe Northwest Arkansas T(M«]S, display advertising department, 442-6242. [[WHATEVER HAPPENED TO! S-P-E-C-I- A-L | One of the classiest Nicks to come along quite i while. I STARRING TINA RUSSELL Wild. Wild World of Animals s Movie 12 if 8:00 Razorback '74 5 Billy Graham Crusade fc The Kilters II * 8:30 Hawkins 6, 16 * 9:00 Billy Graham Crusade t Marcus Wnlhy s, In All Things Love 12 Police Story 2, 3 1 9:30 Today's Yog* 11 ·*· 10:00 -Washington Week In Review .. n News 2, 3, 5, 6, ;, 8. 12. 18 10:30 Perry Mason ABC Captioned News Wide World Mystery 12 Johnny Carson 2, 3, 5, 7 Movie 6, 16 11:39 -Wide World Mystery * 12:09 Tomorrow '. 2, J, 5 12:40 -Project 1:00 -- ^.Jahoma Forum WEDNESDAY MORNING.. 6:30 Farm-Ranch Report *.6:35 Inspiration ., *.6:40 News if 6:50 Light of Life Today In Agriculture Harvest Time Tabernacle Moments ol Meditation ... Project · - . * 7:09 -- . TImmy and Lassie News Today Country Music Time ... * 7:30 Dennis the Menace * 8:00 Captain Kangaroo Sesame Street Cartoon circuj Oklahoma: Wednesday if 9:00 Sesame Street 3 A.M. Jokers Wild It's Your Bet Movie .. Name That Tune * 9:30 Gambit To Tell The Truth Winning Streak * 10:00 High Hollers Now You See It Ail My Children * 10:30 - , , , , Hollywood Sjuare» .... 2, *'» s ',i Brady Bunch J' ;: Love of Llf« ·· 18 * 10:55 - , Coffee Break ,£ News ' * 1I:M Jackpot * *· Mike Douglas .- i". The Young «nd Re«tles» .... «, 1 Password ·· " if 11:30 - ... 6,' 18 ,2,3,1 7 «, II . 2. 5, 7 .. 6, 16 5 7 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON-it 12:00 -All My Children » Phil Donahoe S News Z, 6, 7, 12, 19 Tabletalk ... 12:15 - 2, 3 5, 7 Celebrity Sweepstakes 3 , 5 . 7 Search £0* Tomorrow 6, Ifl ; p lit Second «. 12 if 11:55- Leave it to Carol * 12:30 -Let's Make A Deal Jeopardy! ~ World Turna .. eopard s The 18 5, 8 12 _. i, II 12:35 Melody Matinee ................. 7 * l:M Newlywed Game GuildinR Light inff Llg... Days ol Our Livei * 1:30 Girl In My Life Edge of Night Doctors 2. * 2:90 Price is Right Another World .... General Hospital ... * 2:30 How To Survive A Marriag 8 12 6, 16 1. , 5, J . . . . 8. 12 ... 8, 16 3, S, 7 Today's Yoga .... One Life To Live . Match Gama * 3:IW Sesame Street .... Tnlt!ctalc« Cartoons S10.000 Pyramid .. Somerset * 3:3* - 2, 3, 5, 7 ..... I, 12 . ». 12 A IS «. .... 8 2, X 5, 7 5, 7 Jeopardy Maybcrry H.F.D, . . Uncle Zeb Joker's Wild Dick Van Dyke i'etllcoat Junction ,. Name That Tune .... * 4:08 Dragnet Winning Streak .... Gomcr Pyle. USMC . Fugitive . - . . ., Dream of Jeannls Mister Rogers Flipper Merv Griffin 2 * 4:30 -. Electric Company 11 Lucy Show ..'.....'... S Beverly Hillblllie 7 Beat the Clock 3 Daniel Boone 12 5:00 Andy Griffith 6 Truth or Consequences 7 To Tell The Truth ... Crusade .... ' ' 5 6, 19 Wait Till Your Father Gets : Home * Hollywood Squares '.'.'.'.'.'."s",'j» Fools, Females and Fun . . 2 3 7 Billy Graham " '- Cannon That's My Mama g' 12 Zoom · ' n * 7:30 - '. Wild, Wild World of Animals . 9 Doctor, Lawyer. Indian Chief .. 11 Movie ...,, i* 8 : D f l - : · S 5 . Sesame Street 5, 8 Twilight Zone 16 *S:30- Nera 2. 3, 5. I, 7, 12 Truth or Consequences WEDNESDAY EVENING* 6:00- News 2. S, 5. «. 7, t, 12. 16 Inside Oklahoma Education * 6:20 Dragnet Grctn Acre* , Felony Sqund Grand Master Cheas Hogan'a Hero** 11 Just For Laugh.1 Billy Graham Crusade .... The Killers ; 8:30- Henry Fonda as Clarence Darrow 2 3 5 7 * J:00 - ' ' ' Oral Roberts at Expo '74 8 Emmy Aawards for Newa Documentaries , 12 KojaJc 19 Todny's Yoga U * 1U:0» -News 2 3. 5, 6, 7, l4 Preview of Applied Management 11- if 10:30- : News 8, 12 Movie 6. 18 Johnny Carson 2, 3, 5 7 ABC Captioned News l( if 11:00 -Perry Mason 8 Wide World Special 12 ·tV 12:00 -Tomorrow '..... 2, 3, 1 Wide World Special 8 if 12:20-Project 9 if 1:00 -Today's World 2

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