Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 3, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1974
Page 8
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JUST THINK OF ALL THE CONSCIENCE BOTHER WHY AREN'T YOU HLJNGIVlJ HENRY ? ITHADTOCCAAE WAS BLOCKING THE APPROACH TO J W-WHAT HAVE t DONE»-?IDIONT KNOW I HAD SUCH POWER. HOW/CLIMB Up OH THAT HORSE, SEHINP THAT GUY. CHINS MANDUL MA.LVA, CAPITAL OF OWE OP THOSE'LlTTLt MOUNTAIN KINGDOMS BETWEEN INPIA AND TIBET, WHERE 1HEVGET WTO TROUFLE, CltY MCGEE, ON A EOUND- , FALLS ; |H IOVE tftTHMk AMERICA!^ 6B8. HC MEET* W KA^MK. ( SHORE-l WHAT IS IT, \ HE\L err woss TH" NEXT TIME HE STflVS OUT CflRD-PLAWJ'flLL NK5HTL' SNOFFV-IF4E \ % SEEMVMflN LUK6V7OOAV WOULD WE GIVE HIM A MESSflSE FBI ME? OOAWAY/' N IVE STRUGGLE A LIFETIME / TO FORGET MAKE WAR DANCE .'MAKE HIM RED BLOOD BOIL AGAIN , r /- FKATHERS.1' WITH INDIANS DANGLING FROM THEM !f HAVE COWSTD I CLAIM YOU.'.' J How PO you feu, WHICH IS TWE FRONT END Of A WORM f- THAT'S ASV! CTUST ROLL. HIM isl FLOUR,THEN WAIT fOR HIM 10 WHISTLE I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT'S THATf TELl Ate TJg P1KTV PARTS CONGRATUi.ATKDtstS-1'M CALLJklSTOS^YVDUARETHe WINNER OF six FREE CWJCE LESSONS AT THE MffCRY WIDOW OVvlCE STUDIO TO BUMSTEAD, PLEASE? Believe n orlfot/ to. r STANlEY (1845-1939) INVENTOR Of THE STAMLEV STEAMER, GIVEN A FEW MONtHS TO LIVE AT 51 AFTER CONTRACTING TUBERCULOSIS, MOVED TO COLOKADO TO THE AGE Of 91 ^SfflR GARAGE IN SEYMOOR, /AUSTRALIA-. AfV S£WED FOffft YfAKS AS A CWffCft THE , SkTKtEBlU. HAS A TOWGUE SO MUCH SHORTER THAN ITS BILL,THAT TO EAT, IT MUST TOSS ITS FOOD HlfiH .IN THE AtiZ SO fTMLL DROP INTO FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Northwwt Arkonwi TIMES, TUM., Sept. 3, 1974 pinimMHHM^^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. 'Cured' Syphillis Is Non-Transmittable I was treated for syphilis when I was 19. After two years [ was told that I was complexly cured. Now I want to get married. [ am 31 years old. I am afraid lhat they will find signs of it in my blood. I have never told my family or my fiancee about it. I live in a new town and even my doctor knows nothing about it. How should I go about straightening this mess out? Mr. M.L.J., Mich. Dear Mr. J.: Your sense of responsibility to your fiancee is confusing a problem that can be readily solved. Since you have been actively treated and pronounced Only after thorough exami-t nation, If there is no residual; evidence of syphilis will your, doctor recommend that you; continue with your marriage* plans. ' This is the reason that allj states require positive proof- t h a t blood is free from syphilis* before a marriage license ist issued. While I am on the subject' I must add lhat venereal: disease now exists in epidemic; form among teenagers and' young adults. The ravages of; untreated syphilis are devastate ing. : Syphilis is probably one of Ih9* most destructive diseases that; man is heir to. The late effects' "cured" of syphilis you need rnan is h have no fear of transmitting!°f "'is disease can involve; Look in the section in which i your birthday conies and f i n d ' What your outlook is, according, to the stars. F O R WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1974 ARIES--(Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Mixed influences. Carelessness in "minor", matters could cause a series of undesir ble situations. Use your wits to hold thB line. TAURUS--(Apr. 21 to May 21) Events may place you in con- lict with those in authority. Arguments will get you nowhere, however. 'Be discreet and amiable. GEMINI--(May 22 to June 20 Mercury influences fair. But do not jump to conclusions or eap before you look thoroughly. You could get ahead of yourself: perhaps promise more :han you can perform. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Concentrate on this day's needs, not interrupting your program to engage in fruitless outside activities or flighty whims. Especially favored: family matters, educational and cultural interests. LEO--(July 24 to Aug. 23) Solar influences now fan Ihe fires of enthusiasm for ded icated purpose, popular enter prises, sociability. This should be a day to remember. VIRGO--(Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) A day for watching and waiting, yet it calls for action sufficient enough to keep-you from getting bogged . down with d o u h t s or indecisiveness Routine matters will fare best. LIBRA--(Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) If the game is not worth the candle, drop out immediately If what you planned has merit however, back it up staunchly Wisely separate the significan from the trifling. SCORPIO--(Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) niiinniiiiiii Avoid extremes. Hold the line gainst confusion and chaos, eek experienced counsel, if tymied in any undertaking. AG1TTARIUS--(Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) In dealing with superiors, as- ociates- especially members of he opposite sex: Patience and act! An excellent period for capitalizing on your ability to make smart moves. 'APRICORN--(Dec. 22 ta Jan. You may be surprised at the ack of opposition in areas vhere you had expected it. Usa his advantage to achieve in iome special way that will itrengthen your hand. AQUARIUS--(Jan. 21 to Feb. 9) Tendencies to avoid n o w : restlessness and scattering energies. Don't make agreements impulsively but, on the other hand, remember that 'little ventured, little gained." Jood judgment needed. 3 ISCES^(Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You may run into some opposition and ill will, but don't 'fight back." Counteract by being your most ingratiating self. It will work wonders! YOU BORN TODAY a r e a logical thinker and a confirmed believer in direct action as the best means of getting things done. And. where there is no rule, you will set one, often changing to your liking a longstanding method. Virgo is a zodiacal area of great activity, will power and a high regard for the truly beautiful. You could succeed as an artist, in almost any medium; - a s a singer, writer or designer. You have keen insight into the ways and means to success and know how to control the reins. Master yourself and you can attain really lofty heights. Birthdate of Henry Ford II, Amer. industrialist. this disease to your wife, .especially If immediate blood studies are negative. It is essential that you see your new. doctor and honestly present the entire history of your exposure to syphilis and your treatment so that he can thoroughly evaluate your present condition. Besides the Wasserman test there are other highly sensitive tests and so- called "provocative" tests that can free you from the bondage of fear. every organ of the body and- leave devastation in its path. '. Sexual promiscuity is respon-j sible for the current expansion', of the ravages of venereal disease. Just two irresponsible" carriers of venereal disease,: gonorrhea or syphilis, can. in; a matter of months be responsi-; ble for mass infections number^ ing in the thousands. * This should give readers; some idea of the magnitude oE the problem, and how important rear - it is for parents, doctors and The confidentiality between health authorities to continue you and your doctor will he the educational campaigns strictly observed. against this problem. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Marten' Individual Championship Play) dealer. Neither side vulnerable. , NORTH * Q M 7 J ¥ 8 * Q J 7 6 * A . K 7 5 WEST ' EAST * K 8 . A A 9 2 V 9 7 4 V 10 6 5 4 A 9 S 2 * K » 5 4 * J 6 3 2 *QHt8 SOUTH 4 J 6 5 4 V A K Q J 3 2 · 3 *94 The bidding: North East Sooth West 1* Pass V Pass Pass Opening lead -- king ol spades. Defense is usually either passive defense or active, consists of Passive making leads or plays that have very little chance of handing decla rer a trick he's not entitled tc make. Active defense consist: of making leads, or plays tha run the risk of losing a tricl at the same time as they at tempt to gain one. It is not always clear which 'orm of defense to adopt. Bu Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 After Davis or America's t Camper's need 12 Miscellany 13 Diva's forte 14 Hasty pudding 15 Sport 17 Girl's name 18 Troubles 19 Weather word 20 Scheme 22 Sport 24 Arrow poison K Mended 23 Weight unit 30 Heavenly body ' »1 Chalice 32 Fainted XEEtrance 35 Russian city 38 Inscribe 37 County in Ireland 40 Military abbr. 41 Andean country 42 Sport 46 Dye indigo 47 Roue 48 Card game 49 Throw 50 Biblical , name 51 Adage DOWN 1 Vehicle 2'Miss Merkel 3 Rose Bowl site 4 Household item 5 Epochs 6 Nothing 7 Dancer's cymbals 8 Italian seaport Average solution time: 23 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9 Hawk's leash 10 Serf 11 Converse 16 Ireland 19 Lath 20 Quote 21 Soon 22 Twin 23 Disclosed (poetic) 25 Part 26 Basic principles 27 Discharge 28 Fruit 30 Food fish 33 Autocrats 34 Semite 36 Irrigate 37 Gaiter 38 Fabric- 39 Rainbow 40 Housed 42 Brother 43 Cereal grain U Worm larva 45 Base n a particular case the circimU lances \yill sometimes indicalS ^aL active defense is more iromising than passive defense, Consider this hand from a earn of four match. The bid". ing went as shown at the first able and it seemed. to West hat a passive lead -- a club a trump -- was extremely unlikely to produce four defen- ;ive tricks. Z Accordingly, West led the sing of spades. He was hoping to find partner with the a c« of spades, perhaps the queen or Q-J. and thus get the ball rolling in the right direction. In the actual case, the lead .urned out to be perfect. When he king held. West continued with a spade. East took the ace. returned a spade, which was ruffed, and West then cashed the ace of diamonds to put the contract down one. West's aggressive lead was not duplicated at the second table, where the bidding followed an entirely different course. It went: North East Sooth West 1* Pass 1¥ Pass I!* Pass 4* Four spades was Indefensible . and North made the contract easily. The only tricks he lost were a diamond and two spades. PONYTAIL 37 4 13 "Donald and I had a big fight; but I know he'll come begging me-to make up... I took his car keys!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BK CLEAR. Reeden ncpond more quickly and favorably fiven complete, or definite information. MAX! IT EASY for the reader-proipect to reach you. AVwaye insert your telephone number or your name and addr«M. If you t do not have regular noun, clve a preferred time to have proepectl" eall you. PLACE YOURSELF In the reader's petition and a«k yountlf what you would like to know (about your offer). The answer you" five will make a food Clamfjed ad. « WANT ADS THAT TAH. to brlni a»tlef«ctlon Aa ao, not through; any lack ol readership, but because they do not contain enough information to get prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION cm be iecured for your; advertlaement by orderlnf consecutive Insertion!,. You can stop your ·d In the event of result! and then pay only (or the dayi It waa published. Tirre are alao vtry special ratee for those who are-

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