Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 3, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1974
Page 5
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On Wilderness Act Anniversary Deadline For Park Review Today not only marks (tie lOlh anniversary of the IBG'I Wilderness Acl bill also the deadline for completing a review of the additional millions of wild federal acres submitted for wilderness protection. With Preident Lyndon Johnson's signing of the 1964 Act the National Wilderness Preservation , System was initialed to govern the designated wilderness areas. The Act itself required a review of all designated national forest primitive areas as well as roadless areas in the national park system and the national wildlife refuge system. From Ihese reviews, more than 100 proposals for wilderness areas have been sub- milcd. Tlie ones selected as such would join Ihe 91 areas a l r e a d y operaling as a part of the wilderness preservation system. The 91 units t h a lhave been approved by Congress over Ihe past decade consist of approximately 11 million acres, ranging in size from the 1,243,659 - acre Selway - Bitlcrroot Wilderness in Idaho and Montana to the three-acre Pelican Island Wilderness off Florida's east coast. The 1964 Acl, often referred lo as a l a n d m a r k law, was the result of a national movement spearheaded by the Wilderness Society. AREAS CONSIDERED Several areas under con- sideration for wilderness preservation are included in an eastern wilderness bill already passed by the Senate. This bill w o u l d designate 13 wilderness units and order a study of about 40 more in national forests east of the Rocky Mountains. The Wilderness Society, in its most recent bulletin, states that "this would help balance the heavily western focus of the wilderness program to dale." With Ihe 1971 Alaska Nalive C l a i m s Settlement Act, Congress laid the groundwork for future wilderness areas in Alaska. More than 80 million acres of federal land in that slate are being considered- as possible addilions to the national park, wildlife, refuge, Society report, Ihe 1961 Acl ] s Gov. Dale Bumpers, ultimately expected to protect about 60 million acres in at casl 42 slates. Wilderness is lefined in the Acl as " vhere the earth and Says Gals Should Be Treated Sweetly Miss Arkansas Gives Women* Libbers Fits an area its cmn- nunity of live are unlrammcled y man. where man himself is visitor who does nol remain." The law specifies lhat lands n the System not have permanent improvements or h u m a n labitation and that Ihe imprint jf past human activities be sub- slantially unnotieeable. Designating a site a wilrler- ness area does not cost Ihe tax- jayer additional money since he lands involved arc already n public ownership. Supervision remains with the Forest Scr- ice. National Park Service or ·ish and Wildlife Service. ATLANTIC CITY, N.. ( A P ) -- Miss Arkansas, Rhonda Kay Pope, is the kind of beauty queen who gives women's libcr- flliom'sls fits. She says things like, "I like beiirg a woman. We should be treated sweetly because we always are sweet." She also laughs a lot. "I always thought that when I was 21 I'd he a mature, sophisticated woman. But I slill feel like a teen-ager," she giggled. Then, she turned lo a 'middle-aged hostess and asked sas, you're so pretty!'" I love had enough marriage proposals to qualify 'icr as one of the last of the Southern belles. "I've been asked at least seven limes," she said, hut that's not counting proposals like the one she got in the 10th grade. All told, the number of times guys have popped the question is "in the teens," she said. I seem to have dated Ihe guys who always wanted to get " seriously, thai?" "Is it always like The frosted blonde stands out in the crowd of Miss America conlcstanls. She's the one whose name the local people . mispronounce. "They call me Miss Our-Kansas." she said. "1 never heard it like that before." A street in this resort Is 'spelled A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S and called Our Kansas. But Miss Pope, a green-eyed ·beauty from Hot Springs, doesn't seem to mind. "The people on the Board walk said, 'Oh, Miss Our-Kan- it," she laughed. Miss Pope has married, explained. , dale 'cm for awhile, and lh,en they say, 'Why can't we get married?' "Maybe it was just teasirrg around. They seemed to have meant it, but 1 don't know.. I'm just a girl." Miss Pope attended the Gulf Coast Bible College in Houston in 1971-72, a school she says was unofficially known as the Gulf Coast Bridal College. "Most of the guys come out preachers. Most, of the girls are in there to snag a husband," she said. She worked as a credit clerk in Houston for a year and has also been a secretary. She is crazy about football in general and the Razorbacks especially, and she gave a "soooceeeey! 1 call to prove it. Lest anyone be lempted to make serious proposal No. Miss Pope said she is in love now. Although it's not official yet, she said she may be engaged by Christmas time to a young construction company owner in her hometown. "I think I've found the right one," she, laughed, "If he play; his cards right." When Miss Arkansas isn'i being interviewed by reporters this week, she's often rehearsing for the pageant which wil he climaxed with the crowning of a new Miss America Salur day night. She spent most of Monday practicing on the Saturday [light production iti which she and the other contestants wil sing "Our Song Is a Coot Song" and "The House I Livi In." orcst and wild river systems Eventually, "much of this la n . ould become a parl ol (he Vilderncss System. According lo Ihe Wilderness Northwest Arkansas TIMES, TUM., Sept. 3, A R K A N S A S . 1974 · 5 Tyger Faces Procedural Hurdles In Battle LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Alvin Tyger, who escaped trom Cummins Prison Farm six years ago, will face two procedural hurdles before his appeal for i clemency can he considered by (CONTINUED FROM PAE FOUR; to till yet more acreage to feed hungry world. Bui even Hie governmenl cannot reckon with Ihe weather In the words of Addeka Boer ma. director general of t h e UN. Food Organization, and "the Agriculture chances o , enough decent food tor millions of human beings may simplj depend the whims of one year's weather." Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz contends thai the drought has not drastically reduced the world's tood reserves. His view is not universally sliared by world food experts. But whether he is right or wrong, Lhis year's lesson of weather and crops stands as a warning of what may follow ...... and man is still powerless to d o anything about. The triumphs of modern technology have not extended to changing the weather In any significant way. The weather's ultimate effect on the food supply is a humble reminder that nature has not yet been conquered. Go'v. Jack Williams of Arizona signed an extradition ordered to return Tyger to Arkansas Friday despite the contention of Tyger and his friends hat he had been rehabilitated iince he fled the prison in 1968. A screening committee al Ihe irisons first would consider Tyler's request for clemency and nake its recommendations to he slate Board of Pardons and ^aroles. Unless a majority of he five-member board recom- ·nends that the governor commute Tyger's sentence, he can- lot be considered for clemency by Ihe governor. Robert L. Brown, Bumpers' legal assislant and adviser on extradition and clemency, saic that was the interpretation of \rkansas statutes followed in the past. Tyger, 25, was serving thre years for a clothing store rob 3cry, plus seven years for an other robbery, and a con current three-year term for i previous escape when he es caped, authorities said. He look the name of Bobb; O'Brien, worked as a true! driver in Tucson, Ariz., mar ried and fathered a child. Tyger's friends at Tucspi continued a petition drive Mo'n day lo ask Bumpers lo order a pardon for Tyger. Spokcsmei for the petition drives sail more than 2,500 signatures hai been gathered by Monday. John Aboud Sr., Tyger's at nder Arizona's parole system, i Brown said Tyger could not e considered for clemency un- I he was returned to Aransas. Presumably, Tyger would ask lat his sentences be commuted o a term of years that would make him immediately eligible torney, said Monday the Ia\ used by Gqv. Williams could b unconstitutional because it lef the governor little choice in th matter. He said the law coiili he a usurpation of the gover nor's powers by the legislature Aboud said Williams shoul have been able to place Tyge Summit- Meet WASHINGTON dent Ford and Icheverria of (AP) - Pros- President Mexico Luis may meet very soon at the border ol he two countries, a White House official says. Presidential spokesman Je ·aid F. IcrHorst told reporters m Monday lhat "a very earlj meeting on the border" is ex peeled, but gave no date or lo cation. Echeverria has been quoted as saying the meeting was upcoming. or parole. The governor has he power lo reduce his sen- ence and the Board of Pardons .nd Paroles then could grant arole. Brown observed that if parole vere granted, an interstate pa- ole agreement could be pie- ared lo allow Tyger to serve ris parole in Arizona. The Board of Pardons anti 5 aroles can recommend cle- nency regardless of the screen- ng commitlee's recommendation. Brown said Bumpers was f a - miliar with the case, but thai lie had not given his views on it other t h a n to say clemenc could not be considered unti' Arkansas had jurisdiction. The TIMES li On Top of Th* N«wt Seven Days a Week mm Thruif-Back Cellar* TOILET TANK BALL America's Largest 5aff*r TFi# tflkitnl Wafer Mailer frulanlly irop; 1fie Mow of woler nfler each fluihi/it $1" AT HARDWARE STORES LEARN BASIC OR ADVANCED INCOME TAX PREPARATION EXKOQDLOCK B Thousand? are earning good ; money ag tax preparers. Enrollment open to men and women of all ages. Job interviews available for best students* Send for free information and class schedules. Classes Start: SEPTEHMER 12 C O N T A C T THF ETC3BLOCK I OFFICE NEAREST YOU: ] 2 Offices to Serve You '. 1204 South Scfaoal. Fnyellerille Phone 5*1-1753 208 S. Thompson, SprlncduSe | Phone 7H-S00 ·· Sip it slow... Kentucky Beau We'vebeen making genllemen's whiskey In Kentucky since 1800. And everything we know has gone into Kentucky Beau. 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