Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 2, 1974 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1974
Page 15
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legal Notices -IN T H E C H A N C E R Y COUHT OF a WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS WAUKINO ORIIKR -- Peler G., Estes and William A, Storey CH -74-758 Jint Cole man . -Dotcndanl Tho Defendant Jim Oolcman Is warned ' -to appear In iKIa Court w J L h l n thirty ... days and answer the complaint of tlic ·"PlalTillfl In" the Above etillilcil causo. WJtness my hand anrt sc'nl of Ihls Court this 29 day of August, 1971, Alma KoUincycr Ctinnccry Cicrk By Kayo ChnppcU D.C. ·· OKA1,) 4TC SEPT, 2,0,16,53 W.lRNINn OHDKR IN THE CHANCERY COUtlT OF WASEUNCTON COUNT? AE1KANSAS Robert Baldwin CH.74-TM Jackyo Darlcne Baldwin Defendant ,I~ Tho Defendant Jackye Dnrlcne Baldwin !· warned to appear In this Court wllhln ,1;;'thirty days and answer the complain 1 of the PlalntlK In the above- enlitlec cause. n n Witness my hand and seal of this '-·Court t h i s ISlh day ot August, 1971. Alma Kollmeyor Chancery Clerk By Kaye Chawell D.C (SHAD ' 4TC SEPT. !.»,16,!3.. £ MARTHA ATTENDS ; SON'S WEDDING TYLERTOWN, Miss. (AP) -/^ The whole t o w n was invited · when Martha Mitchell's son --and a former beauty queen ; were married here. Mrs. Mitchell, who was II '"-.minutes late because her ca: '"had a flat tire, appeared lannet ,,,,· and wearing a pink gown. Shi ""'commented on a number of top Ics, including Richard Nixon' .'."resignation as president am ", amnesty for Watergate figures. "It's the greatest thing that' "..happened to this country," sh said of the resignation. "I thin' ' a l l the politicians will be tru blue-again, they're not going t be dishonest." ·-,' Mrs. Mitchell, estranged wif ·of former Atty. Gen. John Mil -'.'ichell, said she was opposed t ··· political amnesty for Nixon .. Mitchell and others. Jay Jennings, 26, who we ··Jam's Crawford, 22, was bor · ' w h e n Mrs. Mitchell was mar -'·Tied to Clyde Jennings Jr. ...Jacksonville, Fla. Jennings graduated from th " : Virginia Military Institute witi a degree in English. He met h bride-to-be when they were sti "..".dents at the University of Mi '-"sissippi's law school. ".'." The couple plans to live i ...·Washington, D.C., where Jen "'nings will work for the Senat "."Armed Services Committee. The entire town of 1,700 ju ". north of New Orleans was i: ,...vited to the ceremony and th " Baptist church, which seats 55 ".was filled. Alexander Wants Equitable Doctor Distribution MOUNTAIN V I E W , Ark. AP) -- Rural areas should get eir fair share of physicians nder any national health in- urance program, Rep. Bill Alxander, D-Ark., said here Sat- Miss Colorado Stuns Pageant Crowd With Cut-Offs, Halter rday. "I believe that no state is nation should be able to arlicipate in u national health nsurance program unless as a ondition for participation is it lows that it has equitable dis- ibution of doctors in the coun- ryside as well as in the cities," \lcxander said. He said that he hoped to ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) --The Miss America Pageant, has had a glimpse of a contemporary American dress. Miss Colorado, Cynthia Staff Hunter, posed for photographers on the 'beach Sunday in a lalter top and cut-off jeans The 23-year-old brunette from Denver said she was wearing customary beach attire. None of the other eight beau- Ly queens on the brief 'beach cut-offs. "Frilly asked. But Marks added, "If a hinks she looks good excursion revealing wore than anything dress. Most make that a part of the law if ;ongress passes a national ealth insurance program. Alexander, who made the remarks at the dedication of a id- acre city park here, said a }ark was a refuge from the apid social changes produced y an industrial society. "By today's standards, a louse will last a generation, nit a park will stand forever as evidence of our stability and a ymbol of America's prior- ties," he said. Also participating in the dedication were Dr. C. E. Bishop. University of Arkansas president; Lewis Johnson, former head of the Arkansas Farmers Jnion; and John Calhoun, a staff assistant to President 'ord and former assistant national director of the federal Green Thumb program. The park was a joint project of the Green Thumb program wore pants. But support for Miss Hunter's cut-offs appearec to be waiting in the wings. Miss Louisiana. Libby Love joy, 21, of Sulphur, sa/d she brought her cut-offs along with a bikini, but didn't know wheth er she would get a chance to wear either. Miss New Jersey, Elizabeth Ann Bracken, 21, says she brought a pair of her jeans. Albert A. Marks runs the pageant, Jr., was whi sur irised when informed about Miss Colorado's appearance In threads and all?"he girl and Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Man., Sepf. 2, 1974 · rAVETTIVILLE, ARKANSAS irescntable in cut-off jeans, she can wear them. How a girl dresses is up to her, not' us.' ' Marks sparked a controversy at tlie 1972 pageant when he banned hot pants. After some lowls of protest, lhat fashion flash-in-the-pan was allowed again. The week-long pageant officially gets under way Labor Day. Three nighls of preliminaries begin Wednesday in Convention Hall, and Ihe finals will be staged Saturday night. The 50 slate queens, who began trickling in Friday, arrived Thursday anc in a torrent Saturday and Sunday. Miss Michigan, Susan Lillian Short of Kalamazoo, was the last to reach town Sunday evening. and the state's program. Older Worker Family Affair Professional Hotel Burglars Blend Well Into Background SAN B'RANOISCO, Calif. (AP) -- Most of San Francisco's summer visitors come to see the Golden Gate Bridge, tour Fisherman's Wharf and visit other famous landmarks. But a few spend their time indoors, dollars stealing in cash thousands of and other be- Elonolulu, says police inspector Robert Kane. They are believed responsible for about 150 burglaries in the last three months in this city's 25 largest hotels, Kane said. Losses, mostly in jewelry, travelers checks atid cash, average about $2,000 for each burglary, longings from the tourits. They are well-dressed, professional burglars who frequent major hotels in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Vegas, Los Angeles and PRAGUE (AP) -- An elderly man disregarded the red signal and rushed across the street. A car braked to avoid knocking him down, skidded, the back door opened and a shopping bag followed by a young girl spilled out. A spectator cried out and rushed towards the car which landed undamaged at the curb. An old woman was crying in the car. T h e careless pedestrian turned out to be the father, the driver son, the girl who fell out daughter, the spectator and her son and the lamenting woman inside mother of one and the same family. All ended well. The car was unscathed, the girl got up on her own, they picked up the spilled purchases piled into the car. and or;: WOMAN'S WORLD A Convenient Sewing and Shopping Guide for Today's Gal on the Go. You'll treasure this lacy cape ' for late-day elegance. '."- So feminine, soft, light Crochet scalloped, pineapple cape with shawl collar of 3-plj ·lingering yarn. Lovely gift Pattern 729: Sizes 36-46 in "eluded. '·' 75 CENTS each pattern ,'add 25 cents each pattern fo -first-class mail and specia -·handling. Send to Laur ""Wheeler, Northwest Arkansa " TIMES, 450, Needlecraft Dept -- Box 161, Old Chelsea Station ··^New York, N.Y., 10011. Prin -Pattern Number, Name, Ad ·"dress. Zip. : The source of inspiration -- oil --new 1975 Needlecraft Catalog 180 designs. 3 printed inside "Send 75 cents now. -J'New! Nifty Fifty Quilts ...$1.0 -New! Ripple Crochet Sl.C -Sew plus Knit Book $1.2 ' Needlepoint Book $!.( - Flower Crochet Sl.O Hairpin Crochet Book $1.0 Instant Crochet Book ·$!.( Instant Money Book -- $1.0 Instant Macrame Book --Sl.O ·.Complete Gift Book S "Complete Afghans No. 14 . .$1.0 · 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cent, .Book of 16 Quilts No. 1 .50 cent "Museum Quilt Book No. 2 .. cents IS Quilt! for Today No. 3 .. cents Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs ..50 cen he said. "They're pretty cool," Kane To Attempt Speed Record Tills Is an Air Force SK-71 aircraft, one of which will attempt an u n o f f i c i a l world speed record for a trans-Al- lanfic flight between New York ami London Saturday. The crossing will begin from (he New York "gate" at an al- fltude above 80,000 feet a n d at supersonic speeds in excess of 2,000 raph or Mach 3. Mach 3 is about 3,100 feet traveled each second. The muzzle velocity of a 30.06 rifle bullet is 3,000 feet-per-second. (AP Wirephoto) Looting Serious On Cyprus K Y R E N I A , Cyprus (AP) - them "Unless something is done soon telly, about looting, they're going to -- rderfwam *£ ~ wanting a radio or a but what makes them said. "They don't use violence. They're usually well-dressed and sort of blend into the background. Honduras Braces For Carmen MIAMI (AP) -- Residents of British Honduras braced today 'or the onslaught of Hurricane barmen, bearing down on the Yucatan Peninsula with winds of 175 miles per hour. The worst of the storm was expected to strike land later today just north of Belize City, the country's largest population center with 40,0(10 persons, and weathermen warned that escape routes would soon be cut "The sad fact is that marks identify themselves the thief by flashing too much jewelry or displaying too much money, Some he added, hotel burglars read off by rising water. At midnight EDT Sunday, Carmen's center was 115 miles northeast of Belize City, moving westward at 15 miles per hour. The movement was pected to slow slightly the storm moved shoreward. Carmen had already begun pelting coastal areas with winds and rain. Hurricane force winds of I5( miles per hour extended 50 miles to the north and 25 miles to the south of the storm cen'.er society and gossip columns religiously to keep track of the travels of rich and prominent persons. Others are skilled locksmiths vho sometimes rent a room, emove their own lock, replace t with a dummy lock, then disassemble the lock to fashion a pass key. "If the thief doen't have a ass key which he has made limself or perhaps bought from ·mother thief, lie sometimes simply walks up to -the hotel desk and asks for the key by he room number," Kane says. 'Key control is a built in hazard of the hotel business, "Forced entries with a pry jar are a thing of the past. So are hot prowls," or burglaries which occur as the victim sleeps. Arrests are infrequent, police say, because the burglar is al- nost impossible to identify unless caught red-handed. But hotel security officers and exeutives say tourists should place valuables in the hotel safe, never invite stran- Jers to their room and always lock the hotel door and latch it while,sleeping. lave to rent this island unfurnished," said a former British civil servant, trying to keep a stiff upper lip about the ransacking of his retirement home. The young English girl working as a researcher at the Ky- renia Folk Museum [ought back .ears as she asked, ".Why do they have to destroy what they can't carry o f f ? The pictures on :hc walls, my dresses, the drapes--you could understand doll's head to powder with a rifle butt?" Everywhere you go in this lovely port occupied by the Turks you hear tales of pillage and destruction by the invaders, of cars being loaded aboard ships and taken to the Turkish mainland, of hotels being dismantled room by room and carried down to the docks, of donkey caravans winding up the hills to Turkish villages, aden with refrigerators, bedding, bicycles. r Sut drive to Paphos, another picturesque post card port on the Greek-held southern side of the island, and you hear stories of carpets and grandfather clocks carted off from the mosque, of Greeks loading up their cars and trucks with television sets from and the washing hundreds machines of abandoned Turkish homes along the green line that separates the two warring communities, of unarmed Turks being ordered to the iootball field for mass or by Sniper Had History Of Drug Addiction sniper desert Franco Recovers LA CORUNA, Spain (AP) - Ariz., said Richard Hicks, 34, voluntarily , of Buena Park, the most se- INDIO, Calif. (AP) -- Author-1 Herman Ronald Edge. 27, of ities say a history of drug ad- Long Beach. Dorothy Furguson, diction and sporadic violence haunted the man charged in connection with three deaths that turned a highway into a corridor of ler- r. Dr. Thomas Cox, former di rector of the Hope Center drug rehabilitation clinic iu Tucson, Harold sought aid there nine months ago for his addiction -to heroin. Cox said Sunday that Hicks was dropped from a methadone program after wielding a gun riously hurt of was reported in at a Palm Springs hospital. the wounded, fair condition a waiting room. Cox said that Hicks returned the next day heavily · armed, was arrested, released on bail, then failed to appear in court after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Authorities said Mexican President Wants To To End Sex Discrimination MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Pres-jdeclared that women "must en ident Luis Echeverria of M'wi-j joy absolute equality with men co, where male dominance has;in the exercise of their rights been the rule for centuries, has and obligations." called for the enactment ofj He said his government has moved to the Los Angeles sub- laws eliminating "any vestigate of discrimination against women." "It is necessary to Dreak the barriers that impede women from achieving their total development within political, economic and social life," he de- urb of Santa Fe Springs, and clared in ,, is {ourtl] sl ' ale o[ the got a job as a foreman with gales as far as 100 miles away. Forecasters at the Nationa Hurricane Center in Miami la oeled Carmen "an extremely dangerous hurricane" and com pared it w i t h Hattie, which tilled 25 persons and caused $150 million property damage when it struck British Hon duras on Oct. 31, 1961. That storm prompted officials to move the capital from Belize to Belmopan 50 miles inland. Gen. Francisco Franco is ready to resume a normal life after an extended illness, his doctors say. The doctors issued a medical s t a t e m e n t Sunday saying Franco was fully recovered from the illness that confined him to a hospital for 19 days in July. The 81-year-old Spanish ruler suffered from thrombophlebitis, or inflamed veins, and intestinal bleeding. FOR SALE OR . COLLEGE PLACE OFFICE BDG. WILL B U I L D TO SUIT «« ea gQLD ^° ?T 120 Feet on Hiway 68 Wast in Kansas. S ° 1 ^^ ufc- ' springdale, One Biock from SchuHz Taylor Inc Hiway 71. Schultz Taylor, Inc y^ fvjggp NEW NEW TRUCK GARAGE COMMERCIAL LISTINGS Two overhead doors, wash- Please contact us if you have rooms heat AC. Balance of commercial property for sale. Bid finished for living. 2 cer- Our Irnck record speaks for it- amic baths, rock front, local- self. Professional service on a ed in Springdale statewide basis 13 always found Schultz Taylor. Inc at ^^ ^^ ^ HOWARD'S DISCOUNT CTR. QR S A , E QR , E A S E 33,500 Sq. Ft. heat air-condi- , ^" K SA J; t UK . Lt A ,, . tioncrl ii -- . _ Colleee 83x325 on Green Acres noad llonco If f*/**\| I-N l-flln-ge. . p . r ^ K^hi.H-r alastics plant. A sheriff's spokesman s a i d Hicks was fired from that job last Friday, but he declined to say why. Hicks was booked Saturday for investigation of murder and attempted murder in connection with a shooting spree earlier that day that left three motorists dead and seven injured along a 105-mile stretch of Interstate 10. Hicks surrendered a r .iout 25 miles from the Arizona border after a truck driver trailed his car for nearly an hour, relaying information to police on a citizens band radio, authorities said. Authorities said they knew of no motive for the killings. Killed by the roving sniper, each shot once in the left side of the head as they drove, were Jose Borjan Romero. 50, of Pasadena; Billy Gene Tegarden, 41, of Bell Gardens; and Nation's School In Cong callei nomi ated with that m i n grow TIM at f ismo \ union addreS 5 Sunday. In the televised speech before for Echeverria an end to the also nomic blockade of Cuba, reiter- his refusal to negotiate kidnapers and assured inflation will not unrler- Mexico's economic The president look direct aim Mexico's traditional mach- prepared legislation necessary for a "complete revision ot the federal laws" to eliminate sex discrimination. But he soic Mexican men and women mus also "shake off the old menta strictures that have caused the current unjustified situation." Echeverria reference to n aping of made only brio the guerrilla kic his father-in-law Jose Guadalupe Zuno Hernan dez, declaring t h a t terrorism will not destroy Mexican in stitutions. He stood firm on hi policy of not negotiating wit kidnapers. Zuno was abducted by fou armed men believed fo b members of the leftist People' Armed Revolutionary Fron questioning while platoons [Jreek looters move block alock through the Turkish quarter. MASS THB1V1NG All wars have been a holiday for looters. But mass thievery is strange to Cyprus, where until the war many people left their keys in their cars and never bothered to lock their doors at night. Now, the estimated 50.000 homes and thousands of shops and factories abandoned on Cyprus provide ripe pickings or looters on both sides of the Utila line dividing the Turkish. lid Greek areas. A spokesman for the Cyprus overnment estimated that loijt- ng and destruction of Ky- enia's shops and homes--aside rom direct war damage--has assed $5 million. A government press release ays "fiOO cars belonging to for- ign residents and Greek Cy- riots have disappeared from {yrenia. "Thirty-one of those cars be- onged to me--they have been taken to Turkey on a ship," bays Chris, the new doorman at he Cyprus Hilton. Last month he ran a big travel agency and car rental company near \'~\- cosia's Turkish quarter. Now :iis business has gone bust like the windows and doors of his shop. Employes living in the Amer- can compound of the big copper mines at Xeros, near the western end of the Turkish held area, had their houses looted by the Turks. Greek Cypriots fleeing the Turkish advance looted shops and homes in the nearby Turkish villages and, Turkish reports said, carried away 381 men from the villages. Driving out of Lefka, east ot the copper works, A P corre- ismo - male superiority - and last Wednesday in Guadalajara spondent David Lancashire reported "dozens of Turks were driving in what appeared to ba abandoned Greek Cypriot cars, their license plates ripped off.- One enterprising peasant family had three donkeys piled high, with stolen chairs, mattresses and even a pair of underwater swimming fins." opers- uon ot ( -- ~ · dale lease, 5275,000.00. Schultz Taylor. Inc Taylor Inc. Prime location for Dr., Dentist, or Restaurant. Soli u Hz Taylor. Inc S T OHULTZ AYLOR 1J ealtors 1785 N. College S, T, Property Management Specialist* 521-2717 Hwy 71 and Green Acres Road FayetleviLle. Ark. lOHULTZ Realtors .AYLOR Property Management Specialists 521-2717 Hwy 71 and Green Acres ltd. Fayetteville, Arrk. It's a DREAM' TEAM -- shirt-jac tops pants or skirt! 5ew day dress and long version, .00 for a lively social season. It's all Sew-Easy in knits. Printed Pattern 4706: Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 12 (bust 34) shirt 3% yds. 35"; pants Ws yds. 45". Send $1.00 for each apttern. Add 25 cents for eacn patten: ror first-class mail and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, Northwest Arkansas T1MF-S, 438. Pattern Dcpt., 243 West 17th St. New York, N.Y. 1001. Print NAME, ADDRESS. ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. MORE FOR YOUR MONEY in NEW FALL-WINTER PATTERN CATALOG! 100 best school, career, casual, city fashions. Free pattern coupon. Send 75 cents. Sew plus Knit Book -- has basic tissue pattern $1.25 Instant Sewing Book $1.00 Instant Fashion Book $1.00 HERE; Thousands of homenutfcera rct^ this fMtvr* dillT . . . and they* win ·«· your This plus a 2 bsdiocm and bath with connecting brcozcway. A folnl of 4300 square feet of lovely llvine, each room with Its own special individuality. More than 12 rooms with large sarage. On 15 acres or special land located on White Klver with a "Park-like" Setting. Swimming fishing and Irrigation for the special landscaping that would go with Hie immense lawn. City Water. Natural gas. Truly the spot that you and yours can 'enjoy the rest or your life. It's priced below martet ot only $70,000. By appointment only. Newlin West Fork, Ark. Really Enrollment Down WASHINGTON (AP) -- Enrollments in the nation's schools and colleges will hit a 'our-year low this fall, but the costs of education are expected to reach a record $108 billion, the government says. U.S. Education Commissioner Terrel H. Bell, in a back-t school forecast Sunday, said 1974-75 enrollment would dip by seven-tenths of one per cent below the previous year, continuing a trend begun in 1971. He said 58.6 million students would go to schools and colleges this fall. Despite that drop. Bell said, education expenditures are expected to rise by $11 billion, or about 11 per cent, over last year's $97-billion cost. "Education will he the princi pal occupation of 29 per cent of our population," Bell said. Education expenses will account for nearly 8 per cent of the gross national product and directly involve almost 62 million Americans. The enrollment drop is conc e n t r a t e d through the where attendance is expected to decline by 2.1 per cent to 34.4 million. Puolic schools will lose 600,000 pupils and private and parochial schools will lose 100,000. Junior and senior high schools will see an enrollment gain of 1.5 per cent, to 15.5 mil lion pupils in kindergarlcn eighth grade. oct* fnm W47KWUU. WMTWM unvKt, Weather Forecast A hand of showers Is forecast Monday from the Southwest (o the Northeast. W a r m wcalher Is forecast for t h e Southwest atid Southeast, hut cooler weather is expected for most of Ihe counlry. Wlrephoto Map) (AP

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