Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 2, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1974
Page 11
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· The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week! NOW SHOWING OPEN 7:30 -- STARTS 8:10 They gave their all for the team! t l«* .% · I nW% Wkvrk'iKlercJ -PLUS- HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Sex Therapy For Pair Might Prove Hopeful M ..·.STUDENT TEACHERS HWY, 62 W, * F \YETT Fvi LI F + NOW SHOWING Open 7:30 Show 8:10 BOY.HAVE WEGOTA VACATION FOR YOU... IN/BLUE 3 DAYS ONLY 11 FOOD FOR THOUGHT Dear Helen: My wife and I fight about almost everything. We don't get along in bed or out of it. But -- When I'm away from her I'm not happy and she feels the same. We still love each other, but we need lessons in how to get with it. Would sex therapy help? Please convince my wife it isn't just a bunch of sex orgies with Jiily pictures. -- Steve And Virginia Dear Steve: . No, Virginia, sex therapy -the legitimate kind -- is not a bunch of orgies with dirty pictures. But because anyone can become a "sex doctor" (the profession is so new there are no licensing procedures as yet), watch out for the zanies, the kinkies and the price-gou- gcrs. Ask your local family service agency or Mental Health Association for a referral, and be sure the counselor you choose has qualified pro fessional background. Would ' sex therapy help? Probably, but your letter indicates you also need a tola: marriage appraisal. Constant fighting produces poor sex, no matter how great, the techniques, for you're bound to carry resentments with you into the bedroom. These days, many marriage counselors offer a sex course as part of the package. Others refer their clients to trained local therapists, and still others recommend sex education classs at nearby colleges, 01 ooks, such as "The Joy o ex" by Alex Comfort, or th everal discussions of the Mas ers and Johnson treatment fo exual dysfunction. What does a sex therapy curse offer? 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Phone 443-Z68S D E N N I S THE MENACE By Ketcftom lot of private homework, ouplcs learn to communicate eir feelings and desires to one nother; to view sex as good, appy sharing, which needn'l ways end with intercourse; to jrrcct faults or failures and crease enjoyment -- and that e only four-letter word in sex elationships is "fast." Sex therapy usually lasts 10 12 sessions, although inten- ve weekend encounters are ecomin g popular, costs vary n different areas, but average round $25 to $30 per hour. My advice, Steve and Virnia: find a well-recommended arriage - and - sex counselor, ood luck! -- H. iear Helen: I'm 82 and have never been married. Several months ago, met a wonderful man three ears my senior. We love each ther very much. He, too, has ever been married. He thinks we should have a w h i t e wedding," because every woman deserves the rill oi her beautiful bridal own." But, Helen, I am not virgin and I'm afraid he links I am. Years ago, I had brief affair I don't regret. Should I confess I'm not pure, r just go ahead with the white ress and be a liar? I'm afraid o risk our love with the truth --Late In Love )ear L.ate: (Now I've heard everything!) I doubt that a 65 year-old man /ould be very shocked to learn is 62-year bride isn't a virgin, ut if he's not curious, why mention the subject? For your information, white Joes not signify virginity. I'd say you were 93.44 per cent urer than most other women ·our age, so stop worrying. -H. SMIUN'.HEMUSW HADA SOFTQAYATTHE office. 1 Philippine Troops Recapture Balabagan KAUSWAGAN, The Philip-, pines (AP) -- Philippine troops on the island of Mindanao today recaptured the coastal town of Balabagan from Moslem rebels who had held it for nine days, military sources reported. In driving off the rebels, the government troops freed about 1,500 civilians from a farm near the town where they had taken refuge, the sources said. There was no immediate report of casualties. Brig. Gen. Pedro F. Zafra, military commander in the area, said an estimated 70' Moslems s e i z e d the towi Aug. 24. Derailment Cause MARION, Ark. (AP) -- Au :hqrities say the cause of Frisco Co. freight train derai ment here Saturday has m been determined. Deputy Sheriff Roy Akers the Crittenden County sheriff office said three cars, whic were carrying canned good overturned early Saturday. 1 said several more cars were o the tracks. The derailment occurred h hind the Crittenden County ja here. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Mon., Sept. 2, 1974 FAYETTCVILLC, ARKANSAS Memphis Appears To Reclaim 1930's Title MEMPHIS, Term. (AP) -- crnphis, known in the '3fls as .he murder capital of the orld," may be headed for an- her record year for homi- cles, despite earlier optimism y police that the trend was doming. "The last two weeks, they murders) have been going ba- anas," said Police Director ay W. Hubbard. "It's the cus- omary pattern for the most art -- people who know each ther killing each other.' ' Memphis counted a record 67 homicides in 1973. As of unday. there have been 102 his year. ' On the basis of figures Tor the arly months, police had predicted a 1974 downturn in tbe umber of murders. They are eassessinR the position after eing barragcd by 20 slayings n August. "They rere down." said Hublard. "and where we had a omfortable decline before, ooks like somebody is racing o catch up now. * It's pre Actable to the extent that yol mo wyou always are going to iave unexplained surges lomicides that bear no appar ·nt relationship to national fac ors, such as thsj weather, Uy discomfort ind£'.\, any economi conditions." Hubbard said police have no determined a way to proven murders. "Homicides that are con nected with armed robberj burglary, assaults -- those think are the kind of killing's \v can help deter," he said. "Bu if you locked every family u securely in their homes, you' still have some homicides That's the nature ot that typ of crime. It's very frustrating. Capt. Tommy Smith, \v heads the 15-member Homicic Bureau, said his men are work ing to capacity. He said In has been the second highest Ai gust for murders in the city story. One of the latest slayings re- uiring an extensive investiga- on is that of William F. Un- erhill, 48, a Louisville, Ky., usinessman who was missing ir five days and whose bound nd gagged body was dis- overed last week in a vacant ot at Senalobia, Miss. ' Smith said Memphis police re working with Mississippi uthorities to determine where nderhill was slain and the cir- umstances of his death, which o far has not been added to lie Memphis statistics. Underbill, a representative ol grocery 'Brokerage, was last ieen at his job assisting a demphis supermarket in pre iaring for a grand opening. An autopsy showed Underbill. /ho had heart and respiratory ilments, died of strangulatior aused by the gag. which hat been looped around his head nd tied under his chin. His cai nd some other belongings iave not 'been found. "The only thing I feel woulc r aq pjnoM apioruiou, luaAai guaranteed death penalty to killing somebody," Hubbard laid. "If someone thought Look, if I kill somebody. I'rr going to end up dead,' it migh slow it down." Hubbard also deplored th availability of guns. "Everybody who wants a gu las one and we deal with th ·esults of that wide open uncor ;rolled distribution." he said. Hubbard said Memphis ha always had a high murder rate dating hack to the days when · was a brawling river town. Smith, who has spent 1 years investigating homicide said one of the record year -as 1935, when Memphis le the nation in murders an gained the title "murder cap tal of the world." Smith said the title was u; fair, since at that time Mem phis received numbers of vi ns from adjoining countiei nd states who died in Merri- lls'hospitals and were counted the Memphis murder toll, le system has changed. "I'd hate to count the ones om out of state who come ere no\y and die," Smith said. He said while August was a eavy month, it still did not qual May of 1973, when there re 24 homicides. Smith said was in that month that six ayings were recorded in a ngle day when a man becama razed, shot four persons on the ,reet and a policeman answer- ng the shooting call, then was lain himself by other police, deling six deaths to the count n a single day. To Be Arraigned Tuesday For Murder LONOKE. Ark. (AP) -- Essie ,Iae Willock. 19, of Louisville, Cy., will be arraigned here _'uesday on a charge of felony murder in the April 29 slaying if a Hazcn policeman. While Circuit Court Judge Villiam Lee presided, attorneys or Miss Willock and the state conferred for about two hours lere Saturday before the arraignment was postponed until Tuesday. Miss Willock and two female companions were charged in the death of Morris Greenwalt, who was shot seven times while investigating a crime spree that included robbery and kid- naping. The two companions. Lucille Oaks Shanks Smith, 24, of Dry Ridge, Ky., and Brenda Kay Spencer. 23, of Jackson, Ky., have been convicted . and sentenced to life in prison. Tha three were escapees from a Kentucky women's prison when Greenwalt was slain. IBEW Rejects LITTLE KCCK (AP) -- Local members of the International J r o t h e r h o o d of Electrical Workers, who have been on strike since Aug. 17, have voted iSl-100 to reject a proposed contract with the Teletype !orp. Details about the proposed contract were not released. Ray Rohlman of Little Rock, president of the local union, said Sunday night he thought voting by other locals throughout the country would be completed Monday. He did not know If the Little Rock vote, was indicative of a national trend. Of the rejection in Little Rock, he said, "I really didn't know what to expect." 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' " All My Children * i«:je- Hollywood Squares 2, 3, 5. 1 Love of Life 6. 16 Brady Bunch 8. 12 /. 10:55 Coffee Break ( News 16 * !!:»»- All My Children ............... f News .............. 2. 6. 7. 12. 16 Phil Donahue .................. 3 Tabletalk ....................... 5 I 2 : I 5 Leave It to Carol .......... . - · · I» 12:30 -Let's Make a Deal ........ 5, 8. 12 Jeopardy ...................... '*, · As The World Turns ...... 6 10 * 12:35 Melody Matlne« ................. * 1:»- Guiding Light .............. . «. 16 Daya of Our LlveJ . . . . 2, 3. 5, 7 Newlywed O»m« ............ '. Password Mike D*u#lu JacXpot Young and the Restles* *. 12 J 5, 1 e u Celebrity Sweepstakes ..... 3, 5, . Search for Tomorrow 6. 16 Split Second : ». U *· 11:55 News ». *. T TUESDAY AFTERNOON * U:»- * 1: Doctors ................. . 2 Jeopardy Mayberry. R.F.D ,, ': 4:00 -- erv G r i f f i n Winning Streak Wild, Wild West Bonanza I Dream of Jeannie :-omer Pylc, USMC Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Hipper Fugitive * 4:M- Electric Company Daniel Boone Beat the Clock Beverly Hillbillies Lucv Show 3, S. 7 Edge of Night «. 16 Girl In My Lite 8, 12 * Z:H- Price is Right 6. 16 General Hospital 8. 12 Another World 2, 3, 5. 7 Today's Yoga -Match Game 8. 16 How to Survive a Marriage 2. 3 S, 1 One Life to LIT* ·* H * J:*Sesame Street ... $10,ftOO Pyramid .. Cartoons , Tatlletales *· 16 Somerset ., 2, 3, 5, Petticoat Junction * Name That Tune Joker's Wild 6 Uncle Zeb Dick Van Dyke TUESDAY EVENING * 5:M Sesame Street Twilight Zone News Andy G r i f f i t h . To Tell The Truth Truth of Consequences 7 * »:»»- News 2 3, 5, 6, 7, i, 12. IS Truth or Consequences * I: It- Making Thlnei Grow News 2 3, S, 6. 7, 8, I! * 6:30 Green Acres Ozzie's Girls Felony Squad You Owe It To Yourself .... II Wild Kingdom Let's Make a DsaJ - Hotfan'i Heroes 19 rusty» Trail 1' 12 * 7:W Happy DAys Attam-12 2. 3 T Man Builds. Man Destroys 11 M a u d e 8 Arkansas High School Football 18 * 7:30 From Kea to Shining 2 3 Bernard Franklin 5 Hawaii Five-O 6, 18 Banacek 7 Wide World of Animals '... X Movie 12 Eye to Eye 11 * 8:00 - Razortock '7-1 5 Billy. Graham Crusade S The Killers 11 * 8:30 - 6 18 Hawkin . 0:00 Billy Graham Crusade Marcus Welby. M.D. ... In All Things Love .... Police Story . 5 . X 12 2, 3, 7 Indians for Indians 11 * 9:SO Today's Yoga U * 1I:H- Washtnglon Week in Review .. tl News 2. 3. 5. 6, 7. S, 12, IS * 10:30 Perry Mason 8 ABC Caplloned News 11 Wide World Mystery 12 Johnny Carson 2, 3. 5, 7 Movie 8 1» * 11:30 Wide World Mystery « * 12:00 Tomorrow if 12:40 Project * 1:00 Oklahoma Forum 2 5, 5, 7

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