Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 1, 1974 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 1, 1974
Page 18
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·· MerlhwM* ArkoitMi TIMES, Sun., Sept. T, 1974 FAYHTTIV1LLI. ARK»N«*« Aubrey Shepherd MR. BASS VISITS BEAVER LAKE MunniiniM^^ Mr. Bass of Arkansas is the title to be awarded to the fisherman (or fisherwoman) who wins the October Arkansas Championship tournament to be held on an as yet unspecified lake. The fifth and final qualifying round for the Mr. Bass finals is to he held September 15 at Prairie Creek on Beaver Lake. A person who finishes in the top ten in any one of the five bass buddy tournaments for 1974 will be admitted as a contestant in the finals for Mr. Bass. Other qualifying tournaments have been held at such popular Arkansas fishing spots as Lake DeGray and the Arkansas River. The qualifying tournaments are called Bass Buddy Tournaments and two men pay only $25 to enter and fish as partners. Scoring is based on the total weight of the two men's combined catch of black bass. They may weigh in no more than a limit for two men for one day -- ten each. All fish counted must be at least 12 inches long- Twelve men representing three Northwest Arkansas area bass clubs -- Fayetteville Bass Club, Washington County Bassmasters and the Northwest Arkansas Bassmasters ·-- and the Northwest Arkansas TIMES entered the fourth Bass Buddy Tournament at North Little Rock. Only one pair -- Bob Carnes and Roger Mhoon -- scored high enough to qualify for the Mr. Bass finals. But having a turnout of six lioats from the area convinced tournament director Porter Everett that the Beaver Lake Region would likely provide a lot of candidates for Mr. Bass honors if a Beaver Lake Bass Buddy Tournament were held. TEN QUALIFY So far, Porter's faith has been justified, for many people have expressed interest in the event. Bass Buddy contests pay $250 to the winning pair of anglers. Prize money is paid to the top five pairs of fishermen. But more important, each of the top ten men is qualified to compete in the October finals. Presently, cash and prizes totaling about $4,600 in value are slated to be presented to the person who wins the Mr. Bass title. A bass boat, dozens of lures and $1,000 cash -- (he list of prizes has grown all summer. Winners of the $1,800 Miller Downtown Classic held in July on the Arkansas River, Roger Mhoon and Bob Carnes found it easy to take third place and $75 In Bass Buddy Tournament Number Three. They did not have anything to compare with the enormous string of fish they took in July. Buddy tournaments suffer from a bad reputation because of the threat of cheating by the partners. But Porter Everett and his Bass Line Pro Shop crew made an effort to see that no suspicion attached to the results of this tourney. Boats were searched before the blastoff and fish weighed in were checked by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologists to see that they were freshly caught. The eight fish weighed in by Mhoon of Fayetteville and Carnes of Springdale totaled 18 pounds two ounces, giving the Northwest Arkansas pair third place behind Hyde and Blaylock with 18 pounds five ounces and Sullivan and Whittecar with 32 pounds eight ounces. Sullivan and Whittecar claimed to have caught mojt of their fish on spinner baits. Mhoon and Carnes caught theirs on crank baits and worms. Arkie jigs -- manufactured in Springdale by Carnes and partner Murray Lewis -- were very effective in the Miller Tournament a few weeks ago. But since that time, the Arkansas River has become somewhat muddy, and the jig did not work as well for Carnes as it usually does. Roger Mhoon displayed a large selection of colorful crank baits which produced in this tournament. He does a lot of painting to enhance the attractiveness of his lures. The new crank baits with rattles are very effective in muddy water, especially if given a bright paint job. WOMEN ELIGIBLE Will Be On Point System Duck Season Adds 70 Days LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas' duck season this year will be 50 days. Lasl year it was only 40 days, For the [irsl time Arkansas duck hunting will be on the point system. The seasn will be s p l i t , opening at noon November 20 and going through December 7 (18 days) and the second season will open at noon December 18 and go through January 18 (32 days). After the first day, the shooting hours will be from ! /4-hour before sunrise to sunset each day. On Game and Fish Vj-day (morning) shooting areas, the season will not open until the second day of each season, According to Game and Fish Commission Chairman Joe D. 20 with four ducks, but only two could have been mallards; (2) a 45-day season of four with two mallards but til eopontng day had to be a Wednesday with shooting hours 'beginning at noon, or if a split season, both seasons to open at noon on a Wednesday; (3) Under the point system 45 continuous days was offered with no restrictions on Is generally according to their [value of the other birds already abundance or scarcity in the taken during the day causes the f l y w a y . A hunter is allowed 100 total to reach or exceed points per day. POINT VALUES Point values Include: 100 poinls, For example, a hunter could inn kill 3 mallard drakes -- 105 ' · - - - ' - - -·-" kill two points for each canvasbnck and, poinls, or he could each redhead (if a h u n t e r drakes for 7 points plus oiie should kill one cf either spe- mallard hen (90 points) for 160 the opening day; (4) Fifty days,black ducks and hooded mer opening on a Wednesday at noon, or if split, both seasons to start Wednesday at noon. The Commission chose the latter, since on a mathematical cally be possible for a hunter to bag 150 mallards as opposed to 80 under the conventional 40 cies, he is through for the day), points total. If, however, he - " · · . . . !k i| lcd t n e i ien fj r s t | ne wou i,i have 00 points and could only kill one drake ,35 points) for Mallard hens, wood ducks, gansers are 90 poinls each, Mallard drakes, ring-necked ducks and mot lied ducks assigned 35 points each. a total of 125 points. Scott of Nashville "The point days and 2 mallards. arc | Seven 15-poinl ducks could b» I bugged, but since over 90 per . ... ., . , , . .. .... -- or.o. including cent of the ducks in Arkansas basis, it would at least theoreti- pintails gad walls scaup bald At" milliards, in most cases it """" K :U1 " '-- " ' "" pates or widgeons, leal etc. will be a matter of shooting drakes or deciding if the hen was killed first or last. ;rhis Horseshoe Bend Bass K e n n e t h Clark of Rogers proudly displays the seven- pound, two-ounce bass he caught with worms at Horseshoe Bend Marina. Two-Day Deer Hunt Set LITTLE ROCK -- A special two-day gun dear hunt will be held on the Game and Fish Commission's Wattensaw Wildlife management Area October 26 and 27, 1974. This is a $5.00 permit hunt with 625 permits to be issued. (Permits are not transferable). The limit will be one deer which could he of either sex. Deer killed during this hunt are bonus deer and do not count against the regular two deer annual limit. Last year during a similar hunt 2003 deer were killed in t h e area. Anyone itnerested in more details may write the Game and Fish Commission, Game and Fish Building, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, and ask for an in- formaton sheet for the Wattensaw special deer hunt. Two areas will be open again this year for special Muzzle- Loadirtg Rifle deer hunting. From October 12 through October 20, 1974. The Sylamore Wildlife Management Area and the Trust en Holden Wildlife Management Area will be open for a Muzzle-loading rifle deer hunting. Permits are $5.00 and are not transferable. However there is no limit on the number to be issued. The deer limit is one which could be of either sex. Deer will be a bonus deer and vill not count against the re- jular two deer per year limit. 3 ermii requests will be accepted from August 15. through September 15, 1974. Those interested in moi'e details may contact the Commission and a'sk for an information sheet on Muzzle-Loading Deer Hunts. Fifth place in ihe Bass Buddy Tournament number four was won by a married couple named Masscy. This was not their first time to score high in a bass buddy tournament. It seems a bit easier for a woman to compete in a buddy tournament with her husband than for her to compete in a conventional bass tourney with a drawing for partners. Most tournaments have rules that forbid partners leaving one another's sight all day, thus making it awkward for most women comfortably to fish. Many excellent women bass catchers are around waiting for an opportunity to compete against the men who have been dominating the sport fnr years. Nothing keeps them from entering and winning a lot of tournaments except a lot of ill-planned tournament rules. A bit of thought could take care of the problems involved it seems. Fourth place was won by Blacklock and Hodge, with 17 pounds six ounces. Following the Masseys' 14 pound stringer came a 13 pound effort by Fisher and Weatherford. But most of the 102 contestants in Bass Buddy Tournament Number Four caught few or no fish. 'Harry Richey and J. W. Cheatham, however, found a few fish but did not weigh in any. They were seen releasing a bass of four-or five pounds and some small ones. By blastoff time their entry form had not been received by Tournament Director Porter Everett and although he told them to go ahead and fish, they feared that should they score high in the tournament they might be disqualified because their form arrived late. ENTRY BLANK An entry form for Bass Buddy Tournament Mum" her Five -- the last chance to qualify for this year's 'Mr. Bass of Arkansas finals'-- appears on page 7B of'today's TIMES. If you already have your partner selected for . Bass Buddy Number Five, you may wish to have him clin one of these forms and mail your entries together. If you have to substitute a fascimile for the official entry blank, be sure ,to include all information for each partner. One $25 check covers both partners' entries, but to avoid any chance of confusion, the check should specify both partners' names. Young Hunters Attend Clinic UTTLE ROCK -- The Stale Game and Fish Commission and local volunteers conducted a Young Hunter Safety Clinic Saturday, August 24, 1974 at Camp Robinson and the quail Restoration Area east of Mayflower, according to Nathan larrett of Little Rock, Volunteer Administrator for the clinic. The clinic was limited to 500 and registrants were accepted on a first come, first served basis. The clinic taught b o y s and girls, aged II through 18, the basic rules of safe and effective gun handling. Topics covered at the clinic included knowledge of guns and ammunition, p o s i t i o n s a n d shooting procedures, the hunter and game conservation, game laws, proper gun handling a field, transportation, home, safe hunting, sighting in rifle, chery safety, survival and hunter's responsibility. Each youngster had an oppor tunity to handle and fire a gun a safe, controlled situtatioi at a firing range under trained supervision. 911 Arrests Made UTTLE ROCK -- During tin month of June. Arkansas Wild life Officers made a 911 arrests -- of that number 003 were convicted and fined SIS,598. They issued 86 warning tickets. Wildlife Huiin McKim's district led the number of arrests with 217. Dates Set For Hunts On White River Retuge DEWITT -- Gun deer hunts lis year on the White River iefuge will be November 2-33 and November 29-30, 1974. pecial permits for the hunts re required. Three thousand ree permits will be issued Eor each of the hunts. The limit s one deer which could be either sex and it is not a bonus deer and will count against the hunter's limit of two per year; Applications for the WhiteRi- ver Refuge Deer Hunts and additional information may be obtained in person or by writing Refuge Manager, P.O. Box 308. DeWitt. Arkansas 72042. Appli-l cations will be accepted through other ducks are 15 points each. The way the point system works, the hunter's daily bag puts the hunter on his honor system is the best for Arkansas duck hunters this year because under it we will have 50 days of hunting and can kill three mallards a day." (Three drakes or two drakes and one mallard hen, killed in that order). The Arkansas Wildlife Agency had four options: (1) A conventional season of 40 days between October 1 and January Duck Population To Remain Same "Hunters can expect a'3oul the same number of ducks and geese as last fall." U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Lynn Greenwalt announced, "but. hunting will probably be better because the f a l l Uigh will include more young birds." He explained that the (breeding population of mallards was down · last spring, but good brood success made up for the deficiency. Director - Greenwalt made these observations following the annual meeting of the Waterfowl Advisiory Commitlee hek in Washington, D.C., on Augus 6. The public meeting was attended by representatives o the four 'Ilyway councils, the National Waterfowl Council, the Canadian; Wildlife Service, and a number 'of national conservation organizations includin the Auduborii Society, Wildlife Management · Institute. International Association uf Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners, the Wildlife Society, Ducks Unlimited; and others. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for those interested in waterfowl management^ to expres their views on hunting regu lations for th* 1 upcoming season The regulations proposed b the Fish and Wildlife Servic are based upon exhaustive sur veys of the breeding ground plus information from band re 5 coveries, harvest surveys ant r other sources of statistical data -- . ' 1 V U I I X O , U l k T [ J U I L I U 1 a U t l l l J »«S p l . v o v..*- .. - - - Under the point system ducks limit is reached when the point unless there is a warden watch- t various species are assigned value of the last bird take ad- ing, and then there won t oa certain point value -- this ded to Ihe sum of the point any debate. FAYETTEVILLE SPEEDWAY LABOR DAY INVITATIONAL THREE FEATURE EVENTS $1500 MINIMUM PURSE ADULTS $3.00 --CHILDREN $1.00 HEAT RACES BEGIN AT 6:30 LATE MODEL AND STREET CLASSES Pennlngton Construction Co. DRAWING IN STANDS American Air Tech, Inc. 2401 Gregg St. c no em 1 nu/iMi- DDITEC 18 E - Township Rd. Fayetteville FOR FOLLOWING PRIZES F aye (teville Model 1 200 · 20 ga. Shot Gun Duncan Liquor Store Hawkins Body Shop Highway I f i E . presented by: Highway S2W. Fayetteville Wal-Mart Fayetteville Highway 71 S. Cordes- Brown Motors . Fayetteville Marsh Racing Tires Springdale Highway 71 N. Fayeitevllle midway transmission B W Portable Television FayetteviUe Mack's Auto Parts presented by: yt. smith Dennis Home Furnishings Marvin Fortes u;nViu»u 71 « Pump Station Rd. nignway / i a. 62 Aulo Salvage Fayettevitle ' Fayetteville Fayetteville Jack's Motor Sales Bob's Body Shop J B Anto Service Highway 71 S. Highway 62 W. Highway 71 S. Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Speedway is located 1/2 Mile East of Highway 71 South on Will-aby Road directly Across from Dennis Home Furnishings OPEN DA11Y 9-10; CLOSED SUNDAY SUN. MON. TUES. WED. awtwt' September 6, 1974. AUTO DISCOUNTS Kennedy Named To Commission UTTLE ROCK -- Brad Kennedy, 25, has been named Information Specialist for the Arkan- 4-FULL-PLY NYLON CORD BIACKWALLS Reg. 17.94-5.60x13 16 s8 sas Game sion. ' Kennedy took over the position August 16 and will be responsible for editing the Commission's weekly newsletter af- Plus F.B.T. ].53£a. NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED MOUNTED FREE ter an indoctrination period. He came to the Commission from . the Arkansas Democrat where he was a Copy Editor and part-time Assistant News Editor. He worked at the De- TM. AMH *0 OA« Wt unirr * OCIKTIVZ YOU ONI1 ft* ThC ««OO O* OWN** I IHC KGUl*l ICUMd mci AT n* n-* c* f(nxn rto- uno ovii n* NUHHt o* MONTHS mocrat from December, 1971 to July, 1573. 4 PLIES POLYESTER COflD + ?, FIBERGLASS BELTS WHIIfWAUS Reg. 34.97-E78x14 29 88 48-MONTH AUTO BATTERY 26 PluiF.t.T. 2,24 Co. NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED MOUNTED FREE Dehx» ri«mi»»« 400 for years at dependable SBnrice. Poryptapylene cose far added power. FM most U.S. Me Exchange Ne*«sofy OIL AND LUBE SPECIAL labor Included l« prfae, With K mart Air FHt*r, 7.M Pounds-Plus Fred Roloff of Rogers. He used n Surefire lar«. Guarcmf«frf Ai Long As You Own Your Car FRONT DISC BRAKE SPECIAL g. 5l.n-4Doyl 48.88 kxpert wxk by trained ·**· ebonies. For most U.S. con. HEAVY-DUTY MUFFLER Cor FRONT END ALIGNMENT H.D. SHOCKS INSTALLED Kej. 10.74-lnttotM Ow*»s. 94.Sa-4Days Sites for most U.S. sJaorfard/eotnpactears. Largtcors, $2 morn. K, conditioned cars, $2.00 mofe Torsion bcrs extra, mwt l i e ,,,,, fe. Deluxe heovy-dwty shock* to ffl most U.S. cars. This sl.v - and - one - quarter pound hass was taken at Horseshoe Bend Marina by Hwy. 71 B, North at ta^ng Hi"s Drive in FayelteviHe, Ark.

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