Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 31, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1974
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

/ THIS VEAR / I'M GOWA BRING /OU TO V f O U R KNEES! " c RESTTM NOU.WP (XAV.SGOX, SUMMER IS JUST BOTER WATCH OUT.' 7/T^TT -J IT'S CALLEO'LUDWIG VON DRAKE, WALKING ENCYCLOPEDIA"/ SHOW I 1TTO (YOU. W ALREADY WAVE ONE.' BCrVSMDUNEEOAN ENC1CUOPEOIA.5IB/ INPEEOKOTiVOU'RCj TAKING IT TO THE BANK, AUNT MINNIE THINK OF IT, CLARA BELLE ,'XOUFOUHD MV GREAT, GREAT GRAMPPA FR1LWS HIPPEN TREASURE. IT'S BEEN HERE AILTHE TIME ANP X- DIDN'T KMOW IT. WUERF SHALL WEI NOT HIDE. HIDE IT IT, MISS TWS / FRILW */»**£, KtKHA 1HNK BURIED IT OUT IN TH' BACKVARD, I RECKON MAW--I J£ST GIVE BULLET A HRM BOWE fWGUE9SWHflTHE POWEWIFJT - IGNORAMUS NO SPEAK AMERICAN-ASK IN HIS LANGUAGE.-- WHERE IS HOME OF A. RAVEN NUTLEY ? OH, WEIL.Y EASY COME- WHERE WIGWAM OF »SCORNED- . ey- WE TAKE (JM NEW YORK CUV AWAY FROM you'/' tu IU o Ul tf \tt'S All (SET RBAPY FOR THE WHAT'S THE AAAtteR/ PEAR? foteo ^£55 I've- eor -rue ONLY BRAVES IN THE WiDRUP WHO PO THE POLKA ZERO, THE CAPTAIN'S VVASTEBA5KET 15 FULU § S Mjiunui|| - AN'T ) Guess WHAT m -f THINKING j_/ ··§ ^~. Believe/tortfot/ ROCK. WITH A PERFECT OUTLINE OP THE (1767- IBAB) THE oth PRESIDENT OF THE US, SERVED AS SECRETARY TO FRANCIS Submitted by MIKE THOMPSON AMERICAN MINISi'ER. TO RUSSIA, M YEARS OFAGE 8 · Northwtfit Arlramo* TIMES, Sal., Aug. 31, 1974 [.England, -- UWS BUILT ON PUBLICLY OVMEO LAUD . _ -TAKIUG ADVANTAGE OF AM ftMCIEMT UW THAT PERMITTED A MAN TO SO LOCATE HIS HOME PROVIDING HE COMPIETIED IT HO ONE Nt6HT-vM/» THE CHIMUEV WAS SMOKJUG 8/MORU1U FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope ininiiinmiinn^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Vitam'in Disorder Found Before Child Was Born i inn mi in inn iiiiiinini iiininiiii inn nni iiiiMiiiiiiiifflniiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii miiiiBiiilliraimiiiijinfiiiiiiiii puter system, in an effort lo control some difficult problems )f diabetes. Dr. Bernard Leibel, of Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, lias used this device n some patients whose blood sugar levels could not be constantly maintained. The so-called "artificial pancreas" is at the present time large and cumbersome. With 'urther modifications it is hoped :hat it can be made smaller, so that it can be used more easily for diabetics whose sugar balance is diffucult to control. A unique television system is now in use at Case Western Reserve University. It allows anesthesiologists to supervise procedures in other hospital operating rooms. Physicians at both end serf the television camera can be in constant contact with each other and observe the other's activity in distant operating rooms. It is expected that fins technique may later be extended for monitoring infants and adults in far-removed hospitals where fewer doctors are available. An unborn, 19-week-old baby was found to have a type of vitamin B-12 disorder. The concept that such a diagnosis could be made is almost like science-fiction. But Dr. Mary G. Ampola, at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, diagnosed the condition and gave massive doses of a vitamin B-12 substitute to shift the balance of this metabolic disorder. Another child born to the same mother died of this same strange condition before methods of recognition and treatment were available. When the mother again became pregnant, extensive studies were made and tiny amounts of amniotic fluid were remoced from the sac that housed the fetus. It was found that there was a congenital error in B-12 metabolism. It is now six months since the child was born. Dr. Ampola land her co-workers report: Her height, weight and heac ircumferance are normal ,anc he same is true of her physical nd mental development." An artificial pancras is being poked up to a complex com Look in the section in which 'our birthday comes and find vhat your outlook is, according 0 the stars. FOR SUN., SEPT. 1 ARIES (Mar. 21 lo Apr. 20) Neither look for trouble nor eiieve it won't come, if you ust look the other way. Face ip t situations and you won't 001 yourself or find problems as difficult to solve. TAURUS (Apr. 21 lo May 21) Planetary influences good! Without too much trouble, you hould ue able to breeze hrough the day - with fine ·esults. Aids: Good timing in .'our approach and practical execution of plans. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Avoid a tendency toward un- :onventionality. Don't join those vho are indiscreet or who are icedlessly taking reckless chances. Think! CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Be cautious now -- ready for :n unexpected hurdle, a sharp :urve one way or the other, lius you can prevent, errors, :eep to your path in spite of ittle stellar backing. EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Curb a tendency toward xjssimism. No matter what dis- .ppointments you may encoun- ,er, keep on plugging. Try to jaltern your day after previous successful ones. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Prevailing influences indicate he possibility of some decep- ion in your area. Be alert and ·eady to counteract with firm- less. Above all, avoid those vho have deceived you before. IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Some unusual development In he making will affect yon plea- iantly. Especially favored now: ravel, domestic interests, new Viendships. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) There will be more to think about than the immediale moment. And, possiby, more lersons involved with your jlans and activities than you realize. So? Improvise as you ;o along. IAGITTAR1US (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) This day will be a far 'better one than you may anticipate at first. Be enthusiastic, but not reckless; resolute, not obsti nate. You have much to gain. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Don't be overly aggressive, of course, but you may have to peak up firmly now, especially in support of worthwhile causes Don't hesitate. Your reputation for integrity will make others listen. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 Carry on with matters already "in the works," anc don't delay your progress by going off on tangents. You may liave a tendency toward rest lesshess now, but try to curb it. PISCES (Feb. 2(1 to Mar. 20) Some planetary ' restrictions. But this does not mean that the day is "lost." With your innate poise, you can hurdle most obstacles. Make con cessions where it seems the best thing to do. YOU BORN TODAY: Though enthusiastic and swift in action you always use your fine intern' gence and work hard at being accurate. In fact, it's a blessinj to have you around in emergen cies, - since you always "conn through" -- practically as wel as imaginatively. You are unusually devoted to family am friends and are a generous host Children take to you and yot would make an outstanding teacher, if you can curb a ten dency toward impatience when youthful charges fail to live up to your expectations. The same goes in business: You coul succeed in an executive job, bu must -be less critical of those under your supervision. You: integrity is unquestionable am your memory remarkable Fields in which you could maki a notable success: the law, th stage, politics, science, litera ture and medicine. Crossword By Eugene She/far ACROSS 1 Exchange S Pull 8 House (Sp.) 12 Leander loved her 13 Goddess of infatuation M First man 15 God of war 16 Cavern 17 Widespread' 18 Mean · (slang) 20 Blackboard!; 22 The Orient 24 Conjunction 25 Folds over 28 Conquered 33. Mature 31 Mimic 35 Personality 36 Pardoned 39 Mark 40 Printer's measure 41 Father 43 Ornament 47 Declared for score SI One time 5Z Salutation 54 Spanish peso 55 Play the lead 56 Transgress 57 Migratory worker 58 Dispatched 59-Headwear 60 Muddle DOWN 1 Counterfeit 2 Existed 3 Region 4 Armed bands 5 Women like him S Shoshonean Indian 7 Tribe or clan 8 Beverage bottle 9 Mine entrance 10 Secure 11 City in Iowa 19 Note in scale Avg. solution time: 22 mJn. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 21 Ignited 23 Records 25 Resinous substance · 26 Past 27 Female swan 29 Lees 30 Biblical name 31 Ovum , 32 Spanish title 37 Abandon 38 Undivided 39 Harely 42 Note in scale 43 Throw 44 Poker stake 45 Scrutinize 46 Beat 48 Royal title « Sister of Ares 50 Female deer 53 By way of 2S 26 40 14 57 3S 10 u fi-H B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Master* 1 Individual Championship Play) uniiiniH^^ Jouth dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4 8 4 · Q J U 8 I + E 7 6 S WEST EAST * K 6 S 4 1 0 9 7 2 V 9 6 V K Q J I 0 8 5 3 4 9 7 4 2 4 6 + J1095 4.4 SOUTH * A Q J 3 ¥ 7 4 * A K 5 + A Q 8 2 The bidding: SonUi. West North East I* Bass I* SV 3* Pass 4V Pass 54 Pass 6* Opening lead - nine of hearts. It is one thing to lose a contract when the cards are stacked against you, but it is different matter when there s a way of overcoming the unlucky distribution. South got to six clubs and West led a heart. Declarer took the ace and played the A-K of clubs, learning that West had a surt t r u m p trick coming. Attempting to recover, South' cashed four rounds of. diamonds, discarding a heart, and continued with the fifth diamond, discarding a spade. West trumped and returned a heart. South ruffed, entered lummy with a trump, and tried :he spade inesse. But the queen .ost to the king and South wnet down one. Declarer was unquestionably unlucky, but should have made the slam anyhow. There was a sound way of coping with the situation and he failed to spot it. It was surely right to assume from the bidding that East had seven hearts. Whether East had the king of spades was unclear, but South shouldn't have staked his all on finding East with the king, which in effect was what he did. Ater cashing two trumps and four diamonds, he should r u f f the deuce of hearts. This would remove a highly important exit card from West's hand and reduce his holding 'to three spades and two clubs. West would then be an easy target for an endplay. South plays a trump to the king and leads the fifth diamond. If West r u f f s he has to return a spade, while if he doesn't r u f f he still has lo return a spade after South puts him on lead with a trump. PONYTAIL ·'Good news, .Daddy! Donald and I have decided we i your car we just " WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give full description aM start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results are obtained. You'll only be charged for th» sc'owl number of days the «d ran.

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