Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

NOMHWttt AKKANS4S TIMtS. F«y«H»vlll», Arkamm, Friday, April 13, 1952 SHE'S BEEM LETTING THANK "iDU AGAIN, ALEXANDER ME DO HER ALGEBRA S Y FOP HER EVEW NIGHT ' IT WAS A REA5UPE LOPETTA THAT WAS MY NAME.' SHE SPOKE My NAMEf r-I HEARD HER.' HEY-DUDE.' AND AT THE TV STATION-SO- IF TONSILS, THE GORGEOUS GURGLERWILL CONTACT WE. HELL. BE 5LAD HE DID.' HEV. TONSILS, ARE VOU LISTENING? DON'T TO WANT TO WORK. AH.' HERE WE ARE. ' DONT " WDSRV. MR. TR/ICV DOT VIEW ALWAYS OETS HER MAN. LETS HOPE TONSILS AND HIS AGENT WERE LISTENING :itt 'I-' · ilS, IM TH' T CASTIMGS WOT BO DISTANT 1ARE 3ET1 i PAST THEY /Til' SAME USEPTO LEAVE IA- FOE6IWS EMOUGH OW A I -- WE'RE FORGIM' FOK A MACHlMiST TD GET A LOT Ci SLEEP DM OKJE YOJ LIVE LOWS NOT BF. VEEV OLP EITHER: GETTIM' TO BE NOTHIM' BUT POLISHERS NOW.' TI-IEV JUST DCWT GIVE US EMOU3H TIME IW THE SHWE THIS MOONIUG --STAY HEC?E IW? MINUTES LONGEI? C'WON, JAKE. I (IVER SEE SUCH f TOUCMY «OW»N IN I GOT RIO Of THEM. YOU CAN COME OUT NOW. YOUR FIRST K»ME IS'BUZ, ISN'T IT? SIT DOWN. I THINK I KNOW H.OW THOSf HANDCUFFS CAN K GOT OFF. MAN-OWIY, AV\ J f YOU SCUM! VOU DEM) BEATS! CUTOUT! YEflH. ttT 1 } FIND SAWYER. \1\N1SHING AMERICA B^licve Jt or Not! MV HORN.' IT'LL ). RUST: A\X I LL BE PROUD )J A\E AND TO SEE VOU UP S1AV H03N' ON IS THE MARRIAGE CERTlFICflTE n the rr OISPLAVS A WAT foldEmlshfcr THE GROOM CLOUTS HIS BRIDE OVER THE HEAD To ACKNOWLEDG HER ft5 HIS WIFE SET FKE ID Ti£ HOMES OF C.N.HOB'JEOM KORTH G RH.HORfiSON SOUTH GREEN STREET Y'MEW TOOL ]YEP.' THEY \I NEVER THOUGHT)OH.HE HADHELR., TUN TMOU3ANiy" ~^S TH'TAXING OF V NOPE.' YOU CAN DOLLARS IN s HOLD ON, \CASI I \ MUST. I HAVE OUST IF WMT. 01OP1 H'\ WHEN WE WOULDX YOU WANT IT.' BALL JONC5./GOT ^M DOWNlOue DOI'fcVOi: /A COUPLE OTHER CAUGHT.^ JAJLHOU5r.!/GEl HIM/ LIFE OF BUCK PUT, EF WC SHARES OUR BRICWL SUITE WlF THI FAMBW, WE'LL SAVE * US ANIGHT. IT'LL COME IN HAWDV IN JtVi OUR OLD AGE.'/ MOV- BILI -O' W[. RUCHES OUR CU.B AGF-, AH WANTS SOME PRlVACY/. r CALL ME A SPENDTHRIFT EF 'WILL-BUT WT.HAMT GONUA SHAnr. OUR . SUITI- Wif NOBODY/?- AH HAD OUR NAMES WRIT DOWN ON THIS CARD.BV EDUCATED JONE5, FO'OIST SECH A EMERENCV. lAKi; MEALI'LWHILE T'COPV 'CM. CAIKTT AFFORD ir. WE AIMS VSPEND OUR TRV OUR RE5TAU- RAMT. HONEYMOON EATIN' IQOGMICH TH' DOGPATCH HAM. SPEMD TO' REST O' OUR LIFM EATIk IT.'. "Th« promOKr WM righi when he billed thil u · grudge f i g h t , the ftiu btvt worked up |~'to Mflir" *"'** of you guyil" By CHARLES E. LVONS (Formal Boyle) New york-f/Pj-Horallo Alpcr should have known (his kid. "One Ihintf I like about myself is I am not nervous," said tousle- hcadcd Voylck Dolinski, 12. The younger was speaking ol his role in the Broadway play, "Flight Into Egypt." He not the part a week after he landed in the United States from England with his f a m i l y last January. Youn Voylck won praise from the critics as one of the best boy actors to iiit H road way in years. He spent his infancy with his mother in a Russian labor camp in Siberia and the next three wartime years traveling over three continents tn safety in England. Voylck was tailor-made for his role as a young refugee I play. the . He takes his success in stride. "I guess I'll have to be an actor " now. I doctor.' had wanted to be a His voice is clear and resonant. Educates in English schools, he speaks the King's English with a nicety and crispness t h a t would do an Oxford man proud. ''The English language is what they speak in England-," said the Polish-born Voytek, "Jn America it's more slang." His success story is in the best Ali?cr tradition. He simply answered a newspaper advertisement for a boy actor who could speak English with a Middle- European accent. lie won out over 300 applicants. The only acting he'd ever done was in a few children's plays in school. America is home to him now. " not one country, it is I ^ next block. In many ways he's pretty much of a paradox. He has a bright- eyed intelligence and a I:ind of u n t h i n k i n g poise and . m a t v r i t y that's startling. He also has a stack of comic books and plays w i t h a mechanical gasoline station toy. * · * Voytek hasn't gotten used some ways of American kid-s yet. Baseball is too slow and he's already tired of playing cowboy. Ice cream and candy are too sweet. He was raised on a sugar- short ration. About girls he said boyishly: -'There's hot much in them. They're OK when they're OK." Then he added quickly: "I'm not a crap who runs around with girls." When the .Russians came into Poi.ind in 1940, five-weeks-olc' Voytek and his mother were sent to Siberia. Mrs. Maria Dolinski's Illinois Winner , . husband, Jersy, had gone to England to f i « h t wih the RAF. When the Russians became Allies the nc\ r t year, the father visa enabling them to come "America-is not one country, it is ^ £ lg ,,, d Thci? flight around all countries. We are not.foreign- TM^* m ^ r 0 , w a r i n c l u d e d no: only Egypt but also Iran, Iraq, Palestine, South Africa, Scotland and finally England. ers in America because al icans are foreigner^" I Ame'r- Voytek is a slcndtjr, good-looking youngster with DIK, deep blue oyrs and a mop of hair that tumbles (fop:n to his eyebrows. Dressed P.S he wns in a striped turl-eneclod sweater and blue jeans, he could b? the kid in the Keep teeth bright » o Chew Wriglcy's Spearmint Gum. Chewing helps keep teeth bright. Freshens taste, sweetens breath. Pleasant aid to popularity. a sparkling smile is important ~ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Today's Market-- St. Louis Livestock National Stockyards, Ml.-W)USDA-Hogs 10,000; active, 180 Ibs up 85 to 35 higher 'than Thursday; lighter weights 25 lo 50 . higher; sows barely steady to -5 lower; choice Nos. 1, 2 and''3 180-220 Ibs 17 25-40; several loads mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 200-2io Ibs 17.50; top to pa?kers 17.2?; 210270 Ibs f u l l v/idth o! choice »r?-'e 16.25-17.15; 280-350 Ibs 15.5016.10; 150-170 Ibs 15.25-1-..75; '!-..140 Ibs 13.00-15.00; 100-110 Ibs 11.50-12.7[; sows 400 Ibs down 14.75-15.50; mostly 15.25 down; heavier sows 13.25-14.25: stags H.5^-13.50; boars 10.00-12*0.. Cattle 00, calves '100; ganerally a cleanup session; s'.ecrs and heifers j confined to few small ;ots, largely commercial to high good at 27.00;12.00; early sales utility and commercial cows steady at 22.00-23.50; canncrs and cutters s'.o-.v; f e w 18.iO-21.00; bulls steady; utility and commercial 23.00-2S.SO; cutter bulls 1D.OO-22.00; vcalcrs steady; good demand all interests; high choice and prime vealers 30.0u-33.00; good and choice 30.0030.00; utility and commercial 21.0328.00; sorting a little less strict j due to active demand. Sheep 400; not enough done to establish market; undertone wea : ; to lower en lambs; no change on aged sheep; few slaughter e w e s 12.00-14.0fi; culls 9.00-11.00. On The Radio New York-(/P)-For tonight: NBC--7 Hoy Rogers; 7:30 Martin and Lewis; 8 Mario Lanza; 8:30 Short Slory; 9 Night Bea'. CBS--7 Musicland USA; 7:30 Big Time: 8 Doris Day; 8:30 Waxworks; 9:05 Capitol Cloakroom. Sen. Wayne Morris; 9:30 Talk, Ellis Arnall. ABC--7 Dick Powell Mystery; 7:30 This is FBI; 8 a n d Harriel; 8:30 District Attorney. MBS--7 Maisie; 7:30 G r a c j c Fields; 8:05 Magazine Theater; 8:30 Armed Forces Review. A pretty "F.isenhower for President" worker strikes a vote-getting pose as she holds an "Jke" sticker in front of a portrait of the general during the New Jersey presidential preferential primaries, won by Eisenhower. School Exercises Are Held At Keep op with tut timn the TIMES, dailt- -re»d News In Women's Styles Bruboker 'Addresses Seniors; Diplomas Awarded To 16 Farmington-(Special)Commcno6- ment exercises were held at Farmington High School last night, with the Rev. Edward Brubaker of Fayettcville. giving the principal address. Diplomas were presented by Superintendent Fred Kerr, and the Massey Family provided music. Charlene Holland was valedictorian and Harold Jones salutatorian. ^ Those receiving diplomas were: Cleve Billing, Gerald Dene Chessar. Billy Lou Clevenger, Preston Crawford, Ralph Edwards, Charlene Holland, Yvonne Hutchinson; Harold Jones, James Knight, Lula Mae Newport, Donald Facks, Jerry Swift. Barbara Jean Toney; Victor Williams, Billy Wilson and Judy Johnson. Scholarships from the School of Commerce in Springfield, Mo., went to Miss Holland and Miss Clevenger. FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 Dinner Music . 6:15 Starlight Time ..:-/ 5:30 News 6;45 Ozark Sport! Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8817 32-46 by Sue Burnett A beautifully cut classic frock designed especially to flatter n woman's figure. And as new as tomorrow with soft .scallops to outline collar and sleeves, narrow ruffling to trim bodice. Pattern No. 8817 is a scw-ritc perforated pattern In sizes 32, .14, 3(1, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46. Size 34, 4 yards of 39-inch. For these pnlterns, send 30c for F.ACH, In COINS, your name, address, sizes dwlrcd, «nd the PAT- TF.IW NUMBER lo Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, 11.10 Avc. Americas, New York 36, N. Y. Bnslc FASHION for '52 Is filled with Ideas to mnkc your clothM budget uo further -- tlrne-savlnR iind economical desluns (hut Kto MS.V tn sew. Olfl pattern printed Ittlde. 2* cenu. fcOO Bill Henry 8:05 Magazine Theatre 8:30 Armed Forces Beview 9:00-News · .»,. 9:00 Grade Ficlda 9:35 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 Platter Party 10:30 Platter Party * 10:45 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign OH SATURDAY HOENINO 5:30 Rise.'N" Shine 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6-35 Rise -1' Shine 7-00 Minutes by Music 7:15. Jordanaires 7:30 Olasco News Sfj 7:45 Organ Reveries 8:00 After. Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary 9:00 Kiddies Hit Farad* 9:30 News jft 9:45 Serenade in Blue 10:00 New Record-Releases 10:15 New Record Releases 10 .I' Here'.. To Vcti 10:45 Guest Star ll:00,Proudly We Hall 11:30 Church of Chrlit 11:45 News at Noon SATURDAY AFmLNOON 12:00 Man on The Farm 12:30 Dunn on Discs 1:00 BASEBALL Chicago White Sox Vs. SI, Louis Browni 4:30 Swing Session 5:00 Smiley Whiliejp 5:15 Know Your S:43 Preston Scll«i« 5:55 New*

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