Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 5
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ARKANSAS riMIS, Foyttttvill*. ArkvntM, Friday, April II, 1952' Editors Surprised To Learn Truman Thinks Seizure Of Newspapers And Radios Possible If He Considered It Would Best Serve Nation Washington -IIP}- Editors today hoped for White House clarifica- 4ion of. President Truman's news conference remark which implied he felt he had the right to seize newspapers and radio stations, as he did the steel industry, if it would best serve the country. Some of the editors who were among the 520 newsmen' present at the.conference yesterday pro- tested afterward that such The HUFFY MOWER is Really FUN to RUN I. Easy. No effori. The light weight Huffy Mower wheeli over the grass like · baby carriage. 16-IN. $C0.25 18-IN. S*g 25 Starts at the touch o! a button POWER LAWN MOWERS For RENT or SALE A SIZE FOR ANY LAWN B4UBY ANY MOWER »· S U T T L E ' i ESSO STATION Cor. W. Mountain k School Sis. PHONE 12 lower exists the nation Is close to dictatorship. The issue was touched off when lie president was asked this quesion: If it is proper to seize the steel mills, can you in your opinion, seize, the newspapers and radio stations?" Truman replied that under sim- lar circumstances, the president of the United States has to act for whatever is for the best of the country. That is the answer, he idded. Many editors promptly interacted this as implying, if not specifically claiming, the power to ;eizc newspapers and radio stations as he .seized the strike- hreatened steel industry last week. In the noise of the crowded conference room, some reporters understood Truman .to say definitely that he has such power, but a re-check indicated his reply was noi that direct. Say Answer Unfortunate Reactions of ortillors here attending the annual meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors Asne, many of whom were al Ihe news conference, ranged from cries o£ distilorship to belief Ihc answer was merely unfortunate. Sample comments: E: K. Gaylord of the Daily Oklahoman · and Oklahoma City Times: "If the president could do t h a t (seize newspapers), we're pretty close to dictatorship." Alexander F. Jones, ASNE president and editor of the Syracuse, N. Y., Herald-Journal: "If he has the power to seize sleel mills, newspapers and radio, I see no reason why he does not have Ihe right to seize farms on the basis that the cost of food it too high." Lester Markel, Sunday editor, New York Times: "The steel mills are not orjrans of public opinion, but the newspapers are." Norman E. Isaacs, Louisville Times: "As between sleel and may h»vt bttn phr«»*4 uiJertu- nately, but th* presidiHt «niwtrt* in an tvtn mort unfortunate manlier." CUulfr Order RetilM The incident recalled the reaction that followed Truman's order to government ajencies to "classify" information available for publication. He nave elvlllin agencies--outside thi Defense Department and the Statf Department, which already had trie poxver--right to withhold from publication my information they sercftt" or "confi* consider "top dcntial." Newspaper editors at that time attacked the move as « blow to freedom of thi prest, ityirig it could lead to covering up of mistakes by classifying Information about such things as "top secret." Yesterday's news conference, the 300th sine* Truman beciime president, was on the.whole j(ood- natured, with frequent Uughter. Atomic Energy Sponges May Help Fight Cancer While Sulphur Springs, W. Va.(/Pj-Science is tnvtttif(ting the possibility of mopping up elusive brain cancers with atomic energy "sponges," two Chicago surgeons reported today. The doctors s«id animal experiments hid suggested the possibility that special sponges, filled with radioactive materials and inserted into the human br»in, might kill off possible remnants of malignant tissue after all visible cancer was removed by surgery. Dr. Loyal Davis and Dr. Stanion L. Goldstein said trials in h"'"-' i i patients were under way fnd that results would bi reported ai a l?ter date." Sentenced For Passing Secrets To Russians . Vienna-W)-A 30-year-old Austrian employe of the U. S. Army's Counter Intelligence agency was sentenced to eight years imprisonment today for passing American secrets to the Russians. Alfred Wistawel, who worked for the agency intermittently from 1947 until his arrest list February 15 Has Close Call With S e r v i c e As A Deputy Oklahoma City -(/Vj- A sovcn- year-olci Kl lU'no l)n- was almost a permiincnt deputy sheriff. He swallowed a toy bailee \vhiic playing with his friends. The youngster, Jr.mcs Ilussell Harder, didn't sny anything about by the city. The rules were d r a f t - j his experience tn his pnronts r i p h l td by a joint meeting of the Park ; away, hut complained nf a sore and Finance Committees of the | throat early yesterday morning. City Council Friday night. I A f t e r she learned the stm-y, his Williams pointed out that the anxious mother, Mrs. R. C. Harner, Regulations Set Out For Pirk At Benfonville .Bcnto'nvlUMSpeciiD-CIty At- tornty. Lylc . Willi»ms has released *·· tentative set of rules and regulations for the operation of Komark Park, recently purchased Highway Department Bond Raised By Court ii $3.000 bond be posted tn Tivrr ' any rlamace t h a t might occur to : the property of C. E, and Brjsl? f We:t.' and m d r m l a $1,500 b o n d : | he pusled for W. C. and Lillian ' I.ittlc Rock--Shel i White. i Vew Orleans, has. Sheldon Barre Named /:-: Brown-Forman Manager,; Barre, -'! as rhnmTllor in nn exchange il "ricinally posted circuits, ordered the stale H i g h - ; bond to cover daman? to tnc prop way Department to pcwl J2.JOO ; Tl.v. ^ additional bond to uuaramnr pay- ! mrnt of flamai;es which m i n h t bn su.vt'iined by t\vn f a r m e r s by t h « const ruction of Slste HiBhWH.v tllO. .fudge Cummmps ordered t h a t rules drafted are just a starting point and that suggestions, alterations, and deletions passed on by the City Council will be made. The Park Is being renamed Bfntonville Municipal Park Groups planning events lor a charitable purpose will be alluw- rushect him to a doctor for X-rays. The badge wa« lodged in ins throal, causing it to swell. Stale troopers brnushl him to an Oklahoma City hospital where physicians removed the badge without surgery. applies t o h i g h schoo, acetic All other activities will be charged 75 per cent of the light and water bill and be required to Not u-hltc. nm wnrai. not rye. hut a flavor blonr 1 nf all three-.lunge's Roman Meal Bread. ',1-19-lf for Brown-Fcirman Distillers Ccrpori- :ion. The appointment, eflectivi , April 1, was announced by J. Got- · lion Baqule, company vice preii- ; n c n l and director. Previously ,Fi8rr? hid been a Louisiana salei i representative for thi Loultvilb di-iillery. won't you pay the city 25 pe.- cent o! take at the gate. No norm may be quartered at the park except in times when events in which they are used are taking place. No horse races will spapers, the cases simply are[p|«aded guilty to a charge of ipy- not parallel. 1 t h i n k the question Announcing . . . THE RE-OPENING OF THE VENESIAN INN TONT1TOWN, ARK. Serving Italian Dinners, Chicken Barbecue and Staaks EARL and ADA HENRY ing for Russia when he appeared before a Vienna. U. S. tivil court in be allowed on Sunday but horse races will be permitted two Saturdays a month. x No gambling will be allowed. The city plans to make numerous repairs at the park. Would Have South Fight Higher Freight Rales A t l a n t a - ( f f - G e n r g i a Public Service Commissioner Walter R. McDonald Is trying to r a l l y Southern states in «n effort to have the Interstate Commerce Commission set aside its recent order to allow higher railroad freight rates. McDonald said yesterday he will appeal to the Southeastern Association of Railroad and Utility Commissioners and to all Southern governors to join in a "vigorous petition for a rehearing." 716,000 Servicemen Back In Civilian Life The annual inspection nf the Air Force HOTC Detachment at j if the i t n c University was concluded yesterday by Col. Harry D. Copcland and his F t a f f fro-n M t h Air Fnrcr Headquarters, Robins Air Force Bnsc. Ga. Thr Air Force Cnriot Wing un! d o r w n n t i n d i v i d u a l inspection Tuesday morninp. Following the inspection, Ihc wine passrd in review for the vi«iting officials and townspeople of Faycttevilln. Included in Ihc inspection team w o r e Colonel Copland, Maj. Charles Cook, JVlaj. John McCannon, and Capt. Charles Hillman. The inspection team made visits to Ihc Air Force elapses nnd all Air Force installations on t h e campus. Followinc the inspection a critique was held with members of the Air Force ROTC s t a f f . Col. Copland and his team departed today for the University of Tulsn. DOROTHY DIX -- CONTINUED mOM PAOl TOUR "work," rather th«n the mere passing of » social evening or afternoon, your means of re-entry into the world. This system gives you less chance to worry over the impression you are making, c.nd willing worker* »re so in demand by the various agencies T hive suggested that you'll b« welcomed with open arms. Above all, remember . it's only the that's difficult. Washington-(/P)-The Veterans Administration estimated today that 711,000 members of the armed services have returned to civilian life since the outbreak of the Korean war. It noted, loo. that "more and more veterans disabled sine? the beginning of the Korean conflict" are turning to the VA for medical car? end other dica:i'ily benefits. At the end of February, JS52, VA said, there were in civilian first step life an overall lolsl of 19,179,000 [ former se.rvic*men. 1 Our sincere thanks ... to the public for their patience and understanding during the recent telephone walkout. ... to telephone people who worked long hours around the clock to keep the service going. Thanks to you--our friends ?nd neighbors--for your patience ?nd understanding during the recent work stoppage. Your willingness to co-operate helped--more than you know. The tone of your voice was friendly, your requests were reasonable. You gave your numbers clearly and distinctly, and when we made mistakes you were patient. In the busy hours, when we- asked you--unless it. was urgent--to postpone your call to a less busy time, yon comnlied graciously. For all of this we s'ay, "Thanks a lot." Our thanks go also to supervisors and employees who stayed on the job. They worked long hours around the clock to maintain service and handle calls. They prevented a breakdown of · service to the fire and police departments, to hospitals, to doctors, to all the agencies which protect the health and welfare of the public. Frankly, we're proud of the telephone people who served you during t h e recent walkout . . . . proud of the way they lived up to the traditional telephone spirit of service . . . proud of the job they did. And to you, our customers, we are deeply grateful for the big boost you jfave them with your cheerful patience and friendly support Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Lodge In Oklahoma To Seek Eisenhower Voles Ardnmrc, Okljj.-l/Pj-Scn. Henry Tabot LuclKc, Jr., (, president in 1 riinipnign mfinaRpr for en. Dwiglit D. Kiscnhowrr, Wednesday night Kpokn a} n rally here n nn effort to aUrjirt some Oklahoma national convention delegates now pledged to Sen. Robert A. Taft. The delegation is ( o n - sidered to be split, seven for Taft, seven for Eisenhower and two for Gen. Douglas MacArlhur. Lodge said Eisenhower would get rid of Communism, corruption and waste in America. 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