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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 18, 1952
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.·' TM MIIUC INTMKT V THI FIRST CONCERN , Of THIS NIWSPAKt VOLUME 90, NUMBER 22S Associated Pratt UaMd Wir« AP, King and NEA Ftaturtt '·" ' -n ·+, :.^. ,..;i: Prison Riots Spread In Jersey; Hostages Held 232 Convicts Hold Wing 01 Dormitory Fifth Outbreak In Eastern State In Three Weeks Rahway, N. ,J.-m-A rebellion of more than 200 convicts raged at Rahway state prison farm today in sympathy · with a ." four-day . mutiny at Trenton state prison 40 miles cway. . A band of 232 unruly prisoners f rabbed control of a two-stor prmitory wing last nighl and heic nine prison guards as hoslages It was the fifth prison outbreak in New Jersey in three weeks. PrLson guards, reinforced b\ state police, regained control of the ground floor of the wing this morning by a ruse. The convicts yelled down lhat one of their number had served his term and was due to be released today. They asked if he would be released if they let him out of the dormitory Prison officials told the rioters to send the man down to the first floor and remove part of the barricade at the entrance to let hi out. When the rebels did this, lhe guards broke Ihrough the weakened barricade and swarmed into the ground floor of the building. The rioters retreated upstairs and piled up more barricades in the stairways made of broken beds, mattresses and debris. Prison officials were unwilling to use tear gas to quell the mutiny because of the nine hostages. taken Files Pledge As Party Candidate Little .Hock - (/P) - Hep. B o y d Tackett of Nashville today became the first gubernatorial candidate, to file his corrupt'practices pledge and pay the ?7BO filing-lee. O.n the heels of that political development, came the announcement by another candidate, for the Democratic nomination for governor of Arkansas, Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro", that h-2 has engaged the entire second floor of the New C.ipital Holel here as campaign headquarters. The hotel is famed for its production of political winners. TIMES Route Carrier injured In Accident Miami Jeweler Pays $15,200 As "Ransom" For His Son In Phony Kidnaping Racket · -Miami, FIa.-W)-A wealthy Miami jeweler paid $15,200 "ransom" for reurn of his six-year-old son yesterday in what police railed a phony kidnaping. Daniel Richter was duped into paying £15,000 in jewels and S200 cash in what police said was "one of the cleverest and most perfectly' timed" extortions in memorv. The boy, Richard, was never actually kidnaped, police said, although Richtcr was convinced he was buying his son's safe return.. While police and the FBI mar- shalled forces to meet what they thought was a genuine kidnaping, the child was riding in a taxicab from a private school at Miami Beach to Doctor's Hospital in Coral Gables, a distance of about Bentonvllle -(Special)- Victor Orf of Bentonville was -injured early this morning in a two-car collision on Highway 71 at the south city limits. Apparently his injuries'were not serious. Sheriff John Black said Orf, c TIMES rural route carrier, /as driving south on the highway when his car and an automobile driven by Jesse Purdom, also of Bentonville, collided. Purdom suffered cuts and. bruises. His wife, a passenger, escaped injury. Orf suffered lacerations about the head and face and a knee injury. He is a patient at Bates Memorial. Hospilal. Fort Smith Indians Boosters In Town A group of boosters for the Fort Smith Indians baseball team was in Fayetteville and this area today working up interest in the base- Dyess Is Named Vice President Of Power Firm Will Continue As Division Monager In Fayetteville Earl J. Dyess, Fayetteville division manager for Southwestern 3as and Electric Company, has seen named a 'vice president of lhe company, it was announced .oday. Dyess was named vice president at a meeting of the 1 Board of..Directors in Shreveport, _La., oday. Announcement was 'made y Frank M. Wilkes, president. 3yess will continue to-serve in his capacity as Fayetteville division manager for the electric company. The new company vice president has completed 27 years of service with the company. He was first employed by a predecessor company in East Texas, moving lo Fayetteville in 1938 as division engineer for Southwestern Gas and Electric Company which ·'good people" of the state. He cited as an instance: A high school sends a candidate several tickets to some entertainment, says it expects the candidate will be too busy lo attend, but that it feels sure lhe candidate will want to buy some tickets which he will find enclosed at $5 each. Gordon said this kind of thing occurs over and over during a political campaign, and is nothing more nor less than blackmail. ,, - -- "Boodlers and blood suckers" u miles. Police said the plotlers also plague a candidale, he told use_d the school, the taxi comoany i a crowd composed of I'niversiU hospital as unwilling faculty members, students, and a few townspeople. These, he said offer to sell their voter, and he termed them "lhe lowest form of the human race." He discounted the need to advertise widely in a political campaign, saying "the people won't read it and can't understand it if you use over three-lctler words.' H proposed as lhe mosl satisfactory way to campaign in Arkansas, according to his experience, publication of a color portfolio containing pictures of I h e candidale, which is sent lo rural fAYrntVlUE, ARKANSAS, MIDAY EVENING, APRIL 18, 1951 "BlackmaiPF Stale Campaigns Said Practiced Gordon Speaks Before Group At University; Defends "Politicians" "Mild blackmail" of candidates for offices in Arkansas got a rough going over last night by Lieutenant Governor Nathan Gordon who rpoke at the University Student Union under sponsonhip of the Forensb Society. He was introduced by DuVal Fagan, son of si.-te Sen. Ellis Fagan of Little Rock. The blackmail Gordon con- " « C-124 transport plane to Eng- demned is practiced, he said, by lanrl last Dcccmbc ''. He said he IOCAI FOMCAJT-- . . ' . . . * ' . . . FayettevilU and vidntty mostly cloudy .with scattered showers tonight and tomorrow. Continued niild. Rainfall .61. High - tempera- lure yesterday 72; low 51; noon today 66. Sunrvi 5:43; sunset 6:53. MICE FIVI CtttTS Another Suit Is Filed As Result Of Highway Probe Controversy Spreads Over Case Of Balky Air Force Pilots Recovery Of |$1l,fil Sought; Fraud Charged El Paso, Texas-(fl)-Spreading controversy marked the case of the balky Air Force pilots tndav. although Gen. Hoyl S. Vandcnbere called it a "tempest in a teapot." Relatives of Lt. Verne Goodwin, Air Force co-pilot sentenced to prisgri for refusal to fly, said they planned to carry his case to the president if necessary. j Goodwin was sentenced to t w o ' years in prison for refusing to fly His Case To Be Appealed the I and thi dupes in their shakedown. Reconstruct Crime As police reconstructed crime, it happened this way: A man who said he was "Dr Henderson" called the Yellow Cab Company at Miami Beach and asked them lo pic* up Ricky Richter jl Coburn School and drive him lo the hospital, p u r - portedly to be with his "gravely ill" mother. Almost simultaneously, a woman's voice called the school authorities and said a taxi would arrive soon to pick up the boy. Cab driver Bert Walowjtz. 24. was sent to the school and picked up the boy. One member of the gang must, have watched him because a telephone call then went lo the father's office in downtown Miami. The caller told Daniel Richter he had Ricky in his custody and box holders. People who get their mail in rural'boxes don't get much mail, he said, and read thoroughly what they do get. He said people vote with their hearts not their heads,-and "they care-little lor issues. They either like 'a man or don't like him, and vote accordingly." .mi. u i . i _ i [ j_ v^iiiiijjanj w i i i u i l t n i - f ,, ~ --,, . ""-it bought the Fayetteville properties i ;" nolr '. v police. While detectives in 1928. In Oc'otber, 1943, he was M ' H - Wl Sgins and'E. A. Taunton promoted to the position of division manager in which capacity that no harm would come to the Defen(| s Government Service child.if the father co-operated. |- Gordon delivered,.;!.de.f,ense..for '·He said, "This is purely a b u s i - I l n e Politician, and called upon ness deal and will require $50 000 University students ' to consider in diamonds and $5,000 in cash for " ' " you to get your boy back,' " Hich- ter reported. Receives Threat The caller warned Richter the i.v's life would be in danger if police were notified, and gave him five minutes to verify the story Hichter called the school, learned his son was gone, then decided he has served since thai lime.. Dyess is one of five vice presidents of the company, two of whom are in the company's general office in Shreveport, one in the Louisiana division and one in T e x a s . Southwestern supplies electric service to 150 communities in Northwest Louisiana, Northeast Texas and Western Arkansas. Since coming to Fayelteville Dyess has been active in many civic and church projects. He is vice president of the Fayetteville Chamber of .Commerce and a member of the Board of Stewards of the Methodist Church, and active in many community projects. He and Mrs. Dyess have one daughter. Mrs. Herman Williamson on Shrevcport. Game Unit Enjoined From Placing Furniture L i t t l e Rock -(/ft- Chancellor Frank II. Dodge has temporarily enjoined the stale, from inslalling furnishings in the new Game and ernment service,as a means of livelihood. "The most faithful public servants have in mind trying^ to do something for the pub- v., I i c '" tne 'ieutenant governor said. boy's life would be in danger if [ H e cited the fact/ t h a t public jobs 1 Pay-sless than private industry position?, and said a sincere public servant Iruly h.-.s it in mind to serve the people. "We should (rain our y o u n g people lo take an interest in pub- I lie affairs," he asserted. "We i should emphasize thai lhe welfare of thc counlry calls for young people to. take up government service." If the government fails, so does private industry, he pointed out, saying that he hoped some of the young men and women present would "consider the possibility of entering government service." He paid tribtiie to Sen. J. ball season at Fort Smith. Seventy Fish Commission Building on the g a m e s ' w i l l be played, the f i r s t l C a p i t o l grounds. The temporary scheduled for April 30. | order is effective until a suit in- C. B. Jackson of Fort Smith volving contracts for the furnish- said, "There is a new team this year and a new manager and we Dailey's United Supply hope to go places." Those here in addition to Jacksfln were Grady Remley, S. S. Kellogg and Wcldon Stamps. · ; ings is decided. pany. Little Rock, contend: Corn- it was low bidder to supply some furnishings, but that contracts .were awarded to other bidders. were en route to Kichter's Jewelry Slore. his phone rang again. "He gave me instructions to take the jewels and money to a phone booth in the Ponce de Leon Hotel." Hichter related. "I told him the most I could raise was about $15,000 in jewels and $200 in cash He said that would do." Richter went to the hotel and waited in the booth. A bellboy told him he was wanted on the phone at the desk and the same man who had called earlier told him to put the jewels and cash in a bag in a coin locker at the Greyhound bus station, place the key with a wad of chewing cum of feared it would have caused his wife to lose their unborn child Mrs. Goodwin was joined bj friends and relatives in protesting the prison sentence. But at Birmingham, Adjt. Gen Walter J. Crack Hanna of Alabama said Goodwin's sentence was too light. "If those old, worn out, gold brick pilots in Texas . . . had Lhe proper leadership," he said, ".. . they would never have puller] their so-called sitdown strike." Vandenberg. Air Force chief of staff, commented on a more general situation. He said a "small" number of airmen "is not indicative of any thing as great as it seems to appear on the surface." He added that, the Air Force stopped calling reservists involuntarily five months ago and' expected the situation to ease. In Merced, Calif., Frank C. Hilton of Reading. Pa., national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said punishment of such men was tragic. Hilton blamed the country's state of unprepared- ness after World War III and told a public meeting: "We have had to call back men who flew and served their country and were just getting themselves t established in normal civilian life. It is those men who are objecting to flying duty and its hazards for a second time." Bulletins Omaha - (/P) - The Mlsanurl River S4ueer.ed Its flimd-swollen crest Into ; the narrow Omaha- Couhcll Bluffi levee thaniiel to- ,,*»»· uid workim b»tU«* 4« h*14 the «re«l river la.'jti'dlkn.-The critical hour* bejan before dawn. The next 48 hoUrs may determine whether the water pressure will burst thrnuch levees. . .. Fulbright of Arkansas, during the course of his remarks; saying that "in his (Fulbrighl's) present position the call on his time is great- Cr t h a n if he v '' ere in Dr 'vale life, . he cnu!d m a k c more money in under the counter of a certain . telephone booth, and leave. : pnval ° life, but he has Ihe desire Richler was still a step ahead of '' to serve lhe public." detectives, who were being briefed at the store by his brother Alvin Richter. The father rushed to the bus station, placed the bag in a locker, and since the designated phone booth was being used, placed the key in another booth. Detectives reached the bus station as Richter left. While Notes "Contributions" In his discussion of the need for spending freely to be elected to office in Arkansas, he recalled that a number of persons always seem ready lo help contribute money to a governors campaign These want their money back, he explained, "with a high rate of " that the ^le^h^^^^1=" "- U-, t h e store to find the f a t h e . Appa eniiy ^an thTM" fnr .,"PTM"«= "'"or while the-detective, watched one i ^"Jt .£*"· , phone booth, one of the extortion- ··· C pasl ists slipped into the other, around a corner, and took the key. When police reinforcements arrived. the key was gone, the locker was open and the key was in it still sticky with chewing gum. ' About the time Richter return- man,'' and ciled in- of delegations calling on gubernatorial candi- CONTINUED - - - .ake Charles, La. .(/P). M»n- Editor Kenneth Dixon of the I.ske Charles American Press, wis acquitted today on charges of defaming the C«l- casieu Parish district attorney, assistant district attorney and 13 members of the parish police iury. .ludre Bernard Cockr concluded that Dixon had the right to criticize the officials during his editorial campaign against gambling. Kerr's Parity Proposal Hit Kline Declares "It's A Trap" Washington-(/P)-Allan B. Kline, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, said today a proposal by Sen. Robert S. Kerr Lieut. Verne 1. Goodwin, 20, Air Force reserve pilot,'IVsh(hvn here with, his'Wife. Lieutenant-Goodwin has been sentenced'by a Bifits A i r . F o r c e , base, court marlial lo two years in prison and dismissed from the Air Force on a charge.of refusing In fly. Members-of'his family may appeal'-the case to. President Truman. Four Escape Serious Injury When Truck Overturns Three' teenage youths .and a*- (D-Okla) to support at 100 per cent of "trap." Such farm prices parity a program. Kline said in H In the h the h a stalemont prepared for a Senate Agriculture Subcommittee, "would mean complete government control of farm production, including the matter of who would grow what and how much." He said it also would lead to government price fixing and to the end of private trading. I Kcrr's bill, one of three before . , , I the subcommittee, would repeal ,, ""·'·ed doctor at the flexible price provisions of thc called and asked if he | farm law and guarantee farmers cuts', bruises and shock this morning when the pickup truck in which they were riding skidded 200 feet, hit a culvert and overturned, on Highway 02 west as the driver attempted lo dodge a turning Iruck. Deputy Sheriff Adrian Cooper charged the pickup driver, Victor Williams, 18. of Fnrmington, with speeding. Williams' three passengers, all treated ct City Hospital, were Nolan Hums, four; Bill Beojuett, 14, and Dnnald Williams, 15, all of Farmington. Cooper said Williams was driving toward Fayetteville about 9:20 a. m,. following a large truck driven by A. G. Holland, 3(i. of near Fayetteville. The deputy said Hol"and turned left into a side road. Williams, he said, lost conlrol of his machine which lurned over, anding on its top in a ditch. : Williams told Cooper that Holand cut across inlo thc*icft t r a f - ic Jane in making his t u r n , and ailed to give a hand signal. Louisiana Delegates Named; Go Uninslfucled Baton House, La, - I/Pi Democratic State Central Double Takes The Bows For Wife Of. Ike Pnris-M'j-Mrs. Dwlght D. Efc- Mrs. Gordon Moore of Denver, confused a celebrity-conscious audience at a fashion show which opened tsday, Mrs. Moore, who has been visiting the Eisenhowers here, arrived early and was given the place of honor..Sooii whispert went round among French and foreign guests that 'the woman in the little yellow hat and grey suit is Mrs. Eisenhower." Then, when the fas'.ilon parade was more t h a n half over, Mrs. Eisenhower hurried In. nnd modestly took a scat in the back row. Bennett Foundation To Aid Foreign Students Stillwater, OkIa.-(yPj-The first resigned to become president group of between 500 and 1.0001 the University of Arkansas, foreign Transaction On Road Project Under Fire : Littl» Rock-(/P)-Atty. Gen. Ilti Murry today filed i second civi i lawsuit an a result of the reccn' I Investigation r,f Arkansas High' way Department operations. This action in Pulaskl Countj Circuit Court seeks to recover foi thc state $10.850 -and accuses th defendants of conspiracy 'anc I fraud In connection with a crushed j stone transaction on a road projcci 1 near Atkins in 1050. . ' Defendants are John K. Brown former highway purchasing agent Conway County Sheriff Marlir Hawkins and Monroe Treadwell Morrilton automobile dealer. Murry.-who said he filed thi -suit on the basis of findings of thi Highway Audit Commission, alleged lhat the defendants me- their influence with office em- ployes and friends of Governoi McMath in suppressing competl. live bidding on .th« contract tpi supplying the stone. The attorney general alleged it | his complaint that: 1. Hawkins, on behalf of him. self and Treadwell, got' thi Frcshour Brother«, a contracting firm, to join TreadwcU In biddlnl on the contract. "' 2. Treadwell agreed with thi Freshours to use his Influenct with office employes and frlendi of the governor and the Highway. Department to obtain the contract for the Freshours. 3. In consideration for gettliij the ' contract - for '· the' Fre»houri, Treadwell required that 70 cenji per cubic yard of itone.b'e »dded to 'the' Freshours contemplated bid price'of M.80 a yard.-The additional sum was to be paid to Treadwell. The complaint says Brown, hav. Ing knowledge of a conspiracy, falsely advertised* th«t the quantity,, of.jtone needed for the job wlf 8,000. tons, although he knew U wit three times as much. · '... "By .reason of the conspiracy," -She-'-complaint, adds "the bid of Freshour Brothers was the only one received." Murry said the $10,850 asked in the · suit represents the total of three checks given Treadwell by the Freshours. The attorney general previously iited suit for nearly $3.000 against Henry Woods. Governor McMath.'s executive secretary and former campaign "mariager, and Highway Commissioner Charley Adams. Successor To Caldwell Named '.Alabama College Prexy Selected Montgomery, AIa.-(/P)-Dr. Frahi Edward Lund, 42, Florencs State Twchers College dean, has been named president of Alabama College at Montevallo, effective Ouly 1. -..He was chosen by the school's Board of Trustees yesterday to succeed Dr. John T. Caldwell, who of students to study under j The 'ho scholarship program of the j n A i |n U ( CajrkaillTc' Com-i Henry G. Bennett Foundation is I ""UyiOJ roll HOUR) mittce approved 24 National Con-1 expected at Oklahoma A. and M. i vention delegates yesterday and ! voled to rend them lo Chicago with no Instructions lor their 20 . r aw an g u a r a n e e armers nati a son, Ricky. The boy was at i 100 per cent of parity for their the hospital and the cab driver was waiting for his fare. County Candidate Files Loyalty Pledge; Only 13 Days lo Go By FRED COGER i Democrats in lhe November gen- With the deadline only 13 days cr;1 election, away, only one candidate for a !. . Tcn TM u n t Y offices and two dis- Washinglon County public office haj filed « party loyalty pledge to enter the Democratic parly primaries this summer. However, eight persons have announced that they are candidates. Democratic committee secretary Thurman Parsons, Springdale, revealed yesterday that Sheriff Bruce Cridcr is the only candidate In the cnunly whn has filed his party pledge. Cridor Is seeking reelection. Thc deadline for filing Is noon, April 30. State, district, county and local officials will be nominated in the primaries, which will be held July 29 and August 12. Winners of the primaries will seek election as Irict offices" are among those which will be filled. According to Democratic party rules, stale, district, county and township candidates must file loyalty pledges by the 90lh day before the preferential primary. Municipal candidates must file by the 30th day before lhe preferential primary. In aridilion to the parly loyalty pledge, thc law candidate lo file a requires each "corrupt prac llcos" plcdfrc 30 days before the ·Jr.. James M. Ka vs, G. Harlan. ported that 17 candidates have filed corrupt praclices pledges William C. Whilfield; Jr^Maurin with him--five county candidates Renner, and Floyd Carl ,Ir and 12 township candidates. " ··· · - ' products. . Those who have filed with Scott T . , pledge^, ,,,v,u,u- John William Murphy, seeking of Lincoln whf second lerm as Washington for county ju. Dunty rcpresenlallve No. 1 in seeking rcelct Candldales w h n h a v e nounccd, bill whn have not filed Scolt More Floods A Threat As Result Of Snows Washington - I/P) - The Agriculture Dcpartmcnl reporled (oday thai record-breaking snow packs in the western half of the continent threaten .to flood streams other t h a n the already rampaging Missouri River. College next September. J. n. VandeRrift, foundation di- j rector, said thc students' will spend an orientation period of one sc- A resolution was adopted to uscimesler to determine their educa- Ihe u n i t rule, delegation will jority decision and vote a unil. S3.- Mr. to ciclcrmine their educa- and Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks. This means I h c . t i o n a l needs. Mosl will remain night and the film star irwnediate- ahide by a m a ; here for four years, but some v.-illiiy went to worth with police to ieport Jewel Theft ·London-(/P)-Burglars stole 040 worth of jewelry from and Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks, last s a single i go to other colleges, for training j l y u.,»n Ho" work with police to I best suited to their need. solvMhe crime. The thieves climb'- Whispers Of "Draft Truman" Heard After Democratic Dinner; County Chairmen Meet for i treasurer; and Faul C. Davis Fay- thc state legislature; county judge; Crlder for sheriff; | ctieviHc^for'coimTv'cler'k Counly Collcclor Ralph Taylor for Dislrlcl Prosccu'line A reelection; Lloyd McConncll, opposing Taylor for collector; G. W. Wilson for justice of lhe peace in Greenland; J. F.d Rogers include Lt. Col. Bill Bush ho is opposing Scot! dge; Clinl Shook, reelection as county rOU try M a r k e t -- Ted Coxsey of g Atlorney Berryvlllc and primary. Slate and district candi- j for juslice In Prairie Grove; D. H. dates file such a pledge with t h e i Ijuderback iuMlrc in !nrin»J secretary of s.a.e; county and; dale; Leonard sianberry fo? "rli for'^epresenia.^ "my township candidates file wllh the stable In Prairie township; and tax Stale Senator John W. Cloer of Springrtalc have filed for reelection with ths secretary of stale in Utllo Rock. No one has filed or announced flic and with the city clerk. assessor counlv ' candidates! eight candidates for Justice In I circuit clerk .'county I Prairie township--Charles E. Bux-! various Ideal' offices. '\ The poullrj market today as reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science »nd Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of thc U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas arc.'.: Market steady; demand f a i r ; trading light; prices f .n. b. f a r m reported lo 2 p. m.--broilers and fryer* all weights, 24-25, mostly 25. New York-WVDemocrats .trotted out their presidential aspirants at a $100-a-p]ate dinner lint night and found thc Mar of their show was a man who said he couldn't lake lhe nominal!TM--Gov. Adlal F.. Stevenson of Illinois. the nominee for Senate In ojppOM This Icfl in a polilical swivel i Republican Sen. Irving M. Ives New York organlzallon lenders | in lhe November election who called county chairmen to- j The upshot of the meeting was gelhcr loday for a meeting ric- j talk-though mostly In whispi-rs- s gned lo endorse W. Avcrell Hnr- that lhe president could be drafted rimnn as thc statc'h favorile son.jlo run again, even th'oush he says The expected H a r n m n n endorse-;he won't respond to such a move menl would make (he m u t u a l f.e-jA.i some Democrats n u t ' I t "Why r u n t y - sdmlniBlrator a holding idon'l we Just nomin.te.'hi'm »nd candidate who would keep N e w j t h e n see what happens?" York's (M-vote convention dele- Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr K»t!«n Inlact for the July Chicajo convention. balcony of Fairbanks' walled Lon- dnn home'and entered a bedroom next to the one In'which the actor and his wife were sitting, talking. "We .heard something," Fairbanks told police. "I said to my wife 'I expect it's those people , . I you have been worrying about-- srion of a wealthy railroad f a m i l y «,,,. burglars. 1 and Ihen went into would go anywhere on a national her room. I was right." , ·.. . ,, The thieves had fled with their In the view of many party poll- j loot,, he would be lucky to ' a modest-talking fellow ";ho dWn'l _ . . . mention his Illustrious father, I ! y .°1? h .",!' lh u rc r 15 lmlc i"" v 'd M to.itm.ster and Intro' e x p c t a t f o n (hit the 60-year-old duced the prHIdentl.l.tplr.nts. land on .the Democratic ticket as Locust Swarm AtUcki · " ' Addis, Ethiopia - (VP) - A dense locust swarm yesterday covered nn ar,ea two by four rnUet In the southern outskirts of A|dU Ababa. Th« insects were so thick they bent .the branches .ottrctt. T h t ' * " Ark»ns»s -- Cloudy . tni m!V4 scattered thundenkewtri tomorrow and m tht northwMt pcrtid this afternoon and tonlfht. For the lariMt, pnttMrt Mlw tlon of draaM*, ihcp Hvurtt. (Mr.)

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