Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1952
Page 16
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NOtTHWtST ARKANSAS T1MIS, feytfttvllr*, ArUm«, Ttiurwlay, April 17, If SI .' IHwt *r ttttuuwM In reducing · l«tt»~Jun«t'i RoiMn Mt«l ormd. ·'·I - - U-U-tl TIME* Go To Seed Brown Bros, Wh»r« You Can Get Fr«h Quality Swd Alio Biby Chicki H«lched Every TuMdir end Frld.T · · · WEST CENTER ST. ' FAYETTEVILLE Phone System To *«_,,* Raise Huge Sum For Facilities lfew..,York-(/P)-The American Telephone, end Telegraph Cou- .pany hai obtained approval of its ! stockholder*' !o- raise more than irnc-half 'billion dollars in new ' f u n d s ' f o r building additional facilities. 1( meet the continuing demand lor le'lcrhoncs. The new issue, Io he in the lorrn ftf .convertible debentures lolalins up Io 550 million dollars, , was approved at yesterday's annual meeting which drew n rec- ! ord allcnduncc of 1,000 of A. T. lit T.'s UOfl.Ono'slbckliolders. The largest private financing operation In history, Ihe new Issue will bring to more ihnn -i'/i billion dollars the amount of new funds raised by the Bell System since lire end of World War, II. A. T. T.'s Bell System jub- sldlarles, which operate four- fifths of Ihc nation's telephones, have added 16 million telephones since the war but still have nearly 800,000 unfilled orders. There arc no itrowlnc plants on sei bottoms below depths where light can penetrate. BRAKES - LIGHTS - STEERING THE BIG THREE OF SAFE DRIVING SM KOHLiR and HALL for a FREE checkup on th«« Important tartly factor! at Whittley't Garage CORNER MOUNTAIN k SCHOOL WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP BUILDING MATERIALS REDUCED Asbestos Siding . $11.25 JXn, 210-lb. Shingles . $6.50 »«»·'· CLOSE-OUT OF EAGLE-PICKER PAINT a--I Gel. Cam Oul.ld. While wel IS.10 « 14.40 gil. Pun Whit* Flint._:. w«« 11.00 »il.__now 1110 »il. QUxi Enimel _,'----_' tl.lfl 4). rUt Will Pilnt... --..,,*! 14.41 9« 19.10 gt], IT'xI'l" Scmn Doori -- I'/i in.--v;hit« pint . 17.00 1'T'xM" Grill Type _ II.7S ,1' MT'.Orlll Type ~. fl.50 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER 3 PC. BATHROOM SET I tt. Heciu tub, 11x17 Lenlory, doe* coupled commode with trim... Pay Caih 150 oo Pay Ltit MORSE MILL CO. HWY 71 SOUTH UNIVERSITY THEATRE Box Office Now Open THE " M E R R Y WIVES OF : WINDSOR Shapespeare's delightful comedy of Falslaff and the ladies ! ! ! ! APRIL 22 through 26 Moke your reservations NOW and avoid the rush Showing Next Week At Payetteville Theatres "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" The Lett Ward in Liughil Abbott and Costcllo, .whose screen anlfcs . have hsd them Inckllng everything from the Invisible man to the Foreign Li-gion, take a page out or an age-old fairy-tale to" star in their own zany version of "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK." Jt b their first film in color and it opens at the Ozark Sunday. · Bud and Lou, whose comedy specialized. In Retting into a lot of trouble and just barely gettin out, stage their newest series of antics high In. the' clouds, site of the giants' castle which they invade to rescue a captive prince and princess. . . .Tarries Alexander, singing star of "Oklahoma" road shows, and Shaye Cngan, former songstress .with Vaughn Monroe 1 , arc the film'* young lovers. Buddy Bacr, prizefighter turned- actor, is the giant, while Dorothy Ford, beau- t i f u l six-foot Glamnzon, plays the giant's housekeeper who hnfps Bud) and Lou outwit the villian in a succession of laugh-provoking situations, it's a gorgeous spectacle filled with gorgeous gals and five gay songs. "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" opens at the OZARK Sunday. ] "CALLAWAY W E N T THAT-1 AWAY." A Picture A! Craiy Ai | III Tiilel Fred McMurray, Dorothy Mc- Cuire and Howard Keel form the, stellar trio .who bring you an 1 ] abundance of laughs, action and j excitement i n " C A L L A W A Y ! WENT TIIATAWAY," a picture that is as f u n n y and unusual as its title. .. ... _ _ . ;-w .^rr-.-r-j -.-^:.i Actually, the stellar trio of the new offering, opening "Thursday at the Ozark Theatre, might be termed a "quartette," since Mr. Kcoi is employed in a dual role. He is seen first as "Smoky" Callaway, a ham Western movie actor of the "he went thataway" school, who for some years has disappeared from the Hollywood scene and now is a broken-down alcoholic barroom crooner in a South American banana republic. Keel then appears as 'Stretch" Barnes, a clcancut, idealistic, bronco-roping cowboy of the wide-open ranges. How'"Stretch" takes over the identity of the broken-down cowboy that he resembles so much, and becomes the idol of a million kids makes for both the plot complications and the laughs of "CALLAWAY WENT THATAWAY." Fred MuMurray and Dorothy McGuire are the !v:o schemsters behind the whole thing and it takes plenty of twists before they can get things straightened out, but it ail turns out happily and hilariously in a climax which takes place amid a rousing rodeo spectacle. "CALLAWAY WENT THATAWAY" opens at the OZARK Thursday. "AT SWORDS POINT." Bold Love . . . Brare Deedtl The glamour of seventh-century France will] its swashbuckling cavaliers and Its lovely ladies is captured in a thrilling drama f brave deeds and romantic situations in "AT SWO.PDS POINT." The picture, in color by tcchnicol^ or, slars Cornell Wilde and Maureen O'Hars as, respectively, .the dauntless. D'Artagnan and the lovely Claire, son, and daughter of the fumous-mutketcers. It. «H" starts': when the aging Queen of Fraiice, faced with treachery in. the court and her own fulling health, sends for those faithful musketeers who, many years previously had fought valiantly to defend the throne. But they -arc no longer brilliant young guardsmen, but the fathers of grown children. The three sons .__ . volunteer as well as a daughter who is also a brilliant swordswoman. . The traitor, Due de Lavallc, hears of this and tries to stop them before they can aid their queen. There follow a series of thrilling situations in which advantage on the side of the defenders and the traitors see-saw u n t i l the adventurous musketeers finally complete their dangerous mission. "AT SWORDS POINT" opens at the UARK Saturday. "BITTER RICE." An Earthy Drama of Hu- I man Pasiioni. There is a region in the Toe Vallej' where, every year in June thousands of women of all ages and all walks of life go to the rice fields to cultivate the crop. For forty. days these rice workers or "mondinc" as they are called, work standing deep in water, beneath the scorching sun, and live together under almost military discipline in nearby dormitories. Most care only for the money and rice" which they will earn, but a few are interested in the adventures which may come with the experience. In the film "BITTER "RICE," a fictional story is related to the reality of the hitherto unfilmed world of the North tlalian rice fields. The story concerns a glamour-mad, unsettled "mondina" who becomes infatuated with a glib, handsome crook and travels a confused path to a tragic end... The friction and situations t h a t arise when thousands of women work and liVe together makes for an earthy drama of human passions. "BITTER RICE" stars Doris Downing of the memorable "Lost Weekend," Victor Gassman and introducing the new sensation Silvana Mangano. "BITTER RICE" opens at the UARK.Wednesday. SUNDAY-MONDAYrTUESDAY; Glorious as the grand guy it glorifies , . . Everyone's hero and one woman's Idol. A rousing and heart warming story, "JIM THORPE ALL AMERICAN," starring Burt Lancaster. WEDNESDAY 4 THURSDAY: From Samuel Goldwyn comes the most moving story of our day, "I WANT YOU,"'and no three'words ever meant so much to so many people. Starring Dana Andrews -- Dorthy McGuire. MIDNITE SHOW EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Ken · irttfe tk* ±nm ree* ' le» T Announcing... ' THE RE-OPENING OF THE VENESIANINN TONTITOWN, ARK. Serving Italian Dinners, Chicken Barbecue and Steaks EARL and ADA HENRY Church Building Campaign Over J/5,OflOGoal Bentonville Victory Dinner Plans Made By Methodists Bent6nviHe-(Special)-The Ben- tonvilJe Methodist'Church buiid-'j ing campaign went over the $75,000 eoal last night. Workers'from the Big and Special Gifts Committee reported an additional $8,564 in subscriptions. This added to t h e ' $66.578 of Tuesday brought the total up to. $75,152. Fund raisins workers sensed j victory as Carl McKinncy. com-! miftce chairman, posted the division tptals on the Scoreboard. The. group in charge ,.p.f special gifts reported $5.638. boosting the grand, total to $72,216. Then Fred Douglas, chairman of the Big Gifts Committee announced that an additional $2:936 had been nipdeed to the big gift total of $39,553. Amid cheers the over-th;-top figure was posted on the board. John H. Massie, general chairman, said in referencfe to the short time required to raise the figure: "This Is' no time to let down our effort. We still have many loyal church members and friends who want to be a part of this Christian enterprise. In fairness to JhOTi and to those who have already subscribed we must finish our job. Everyone must be given an opportunity to particinaje." Terry Peel, general vice" chairman, paid tribute to the camnaign workers and the response of the congregation. Another . r e n o r I meeting is scheduled for Fridav evening and plans have been laid for a victory dinner at the high school at 7 p. m.. April 21. For Athlete's Foot Uit T-4-L for S to S d»»«..If not plaited, your 40c back. WMch Ihe old. tainted skin slouah off to be reolAced far healthy, ikln.. Get inilint dniotj T-4-L from «ny druggiil. Now at Red Croei Drug Blare. PLAN TO BUILD SM Our MsttriiL G»t Our Prlcti. Try Our Strrie*. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 Bl. ChulH EVERYTHING IN PLUMBING and SUPPLIH FAYETTEYILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVHNMENT AVI. At The 71 Drive-In Theatre TONITE: Tyron Power , Susan Hay ward in "RAWHIDE." FRIDAY SATURDAY: When Henegadc bul- weapon that won the day , . . John Ford presents lets periled the pioneers and courage was the "WAGONMASTER." starring Ben Johnson -Joanne Dru -- Harry Carey, Jr. -- Ward Bond. MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL 'A6W6T THE as. I ATTLE APACHE PASS |^4na» , JOHN LUND · JEFF CtUNDtER NEWS -- -SCEHT-IMENTAL HOMED" I NOW II A B If PLAYING V M l\ l\ A DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY1 "WILD HORSE · CARTOON SERIAL · YOUR MOST ECONOMICAL FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT! Treat the Whole Family To A Drive-In Movie Tonight TONITE 7:15-9:30 Cariboo'--_Newi ^- Sporlt Starts Friday "II DRIVE IH L ALL ^'-every drop! Extra Smooth! Extra Satisfying! Seagram's and be Sttte of the FINEST ever bottled! Seagram's 7 Crown. Blended Whiskey. 86.8 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Scagrwn-Distilfere Corp., N. Y. Th*t« lyrtiplamj may b« du* to dittory d«ficientit» occur only when thi daily intake of B-vifamini and Ntacin it Im Hi on minimum rtetdi over a prorongtd period. Thtu non-tpitcfic symptom* in fhemierv*! d* net provi a ditto ry dtftcitncy and may hovt othtr cauiei, or bt dutt*functional condition!. Don't let these symptoms rob you of AN ACTIVE HAPPY LIFE! Amazing new mwfical formula etiCTtiil B-vitMwts, iron, Md trice mimrais kntwn to be Ktential in hiMun twtritiwi! BEXEL SPECIAL FORMULA, the wonderful ( new vitamin compound, may be exactly what you mfcd to put you on your feet again if you . . . like so many, many others . . . «re suffering from common symptoms of vitamin deficiencies. With all the medical knowledge of vitamins now made available by science and health research, it is senseless for you to continue feeling excessively weak and over- fitigued. Where such conditions are due to lack of -B-vitamins, iron, and trace minerals needed for human nutrition, Bexel may be the "miracle drug" you are looking for to put you in tip-top shape again! PROTECT YOURSELF You takt juat ONE easy-to-swallow capsule * day, any time of the day , , , and that'i all! It costs you only about 64 a day ... a tiny price to pay to protect yourself againd symptoms which may occur an a result of dietary deficiencies. Icxtl IMps You MU Jticfc IM Mood Everybody knows the importance ftf Iron In your diet to help you build rich, red blood. Well, just one capsule of TJexel Special Formula a day contains five times the daily requirement* of Iron dec tori lay la needed by tha body. HONE 717 Gam New Vta, Sparkle.. * New Joy HI life! If you've resigned younelf to a life without companionship . .-. without fun, parties or other normal social activities . ... simply because you haven't the strength, thp necessary physical power and energy... B E X E L i S P E C I A L FOR- SIUJjA may be just what you need to up ... to give you new vim, sparkle ... new joy in life. It'doein't matter who you are or how old you may be-start taking Bexel torlay and lee how much It may help you. FAST StDI SOUAM

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